25 Things Served At Fast Food Restaurants That Have No Business Calling Themselves Food

Fast food places are always pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity with their food. Sometimes this is out of necessity to provide food that can be produced quicker to cater to customer's busy lives or provide healthier alternatives to long-time favorites.

The most interesting inventions come when the company wants to try something new. It could be to draw in a different type of customer, to bring back customers who’ve left for other restaurants, or to do something so bold and so daring that it brings a lot of attention.

Sometimes they can be revolutionary food products that become fan favorites, like the Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell or the Popcorn Chicken at KFC. Other times they’re things that they hope we’ll all forget and forgive them for.

Over the years fast food places have produced such disturbing monstrosities that you wonder if they had anyone sample the product before they put it out. We also wonder if some of these creations might be the food equivalent of clickbait, meant to draw attention and trick people to buying it only to regret having fell for it.

On this list we’re exploring 25 things served at various fast food restaurants around the world that have no business calling themselves food.

25 Unicorn Frappuccino

via UPBeacon.com

Try as they might, fans of the unicorn food faze never brought it to the heights that the bacon craze reached. The Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks is a good example of why the craze never caught steam. With a stomach churning array of colors, an explosion of sweetness and so many flavors, even the most hardcore Brony members were having trouble finishing the Unicorn Frappucino.

Supposedly this item exists on Starbuck’s secret menu, but we cant imagine being able to walk out of the café without some raised eyebrows and concerned looks. If you do ever try this, please consult your doctor before, during, and after consumption.

24 Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Burger

via Nerdist.com

Peanut butter cups taste good on lots of things; ice cream, frozen yogurt, cookies, smores, but there’s no way it would taste good on a chunk of beef. The Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed Burger from Canadian fast food restaurant The Work Kanata comes with actual Reese’s peanut butter cups, a beef patty, bacon, bread buns, and onion rings.

It’s unsettling enough that they thought peanut butter cups would be complemented by the presence of deep-fried onions, but some burgers included peanut butter and chocolate sauce inside the beef patty.

23 Fire Cracker Burrito

via Food Beast.com

If you were going off just the name then Taco Bell’s inventive product might sound really good. It could be a spicy burrito with pork or chicken that comes with a spicy kick. Honestly that’s a pretty close assessment, it is a burrito, it comes with cheese, beef, red tortilla strips, and rice with an optional drizzle of Chipotle sauce, but the kick comes from an entirely different source, Pop Rocks.

That’s right, while you’re diving into your cheesy burrito you also have to contend with miniature shards of sugar sparking and flying around in your mouth. Is it creative? Absolutely. Do we want chunks of beef and cheese flying around in our mouth because they hitched a ride on Pop Rock candy? Absolutely not.

22 Buffalo Flavored Latte

via Chicago Tribune

Tim Horton's was definitely trying something new with this latte when they released it to a few locations in New York. According to the owner Tim Horton’s was founded in 1964 the same year that Buffalo sauce was discovered in New York.

To commemorate the special event they decided to release the buffalo flavored latte that was a genuine mocha espresso mixed with buffalo seasoning and then had buffalo dust sprinkled on the whip cream. It goes without saying the drink wasn’t very popular and the company suffered mocking and ridicule on Twitter.

21 Hula Burger

via Walk Memory Lane - WordPress.com

Fast food has a bad rap for being very unhealthy and not caring about the health of their customers. Some fast food joints have merely shrugged and kept producing their products, while others have looked into providing healthy alternatives.

The Hula Burger was one of McDonald’s first attempts at being healthier, it’s a thick slice of pineapple between two buns, cheese, with some condiments, and that’s it. The Hula burger didn’t last very long and the fillet-o-fish released at the same time quickly made everyone forget it ever existed.

20 Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza

via Eater.com

Like the donut entry included before there’s something about China’s titles for their inventive food that let you know exactly what you’re eating and wish you didn’t. Pizza Hut in Hong Kong decided to release a Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza and it’s every bit as terrible as it sounds.

It’s a pizza topped with scallops, clams, crayfish, and shrimp. As bad as that sounds the stuffed crust is so much worse, because instead of cheese the gooey thing sliding out of the breaded crust is fish eggs.

19 Black Burger

via USA Today's FTW

No this isn’t the Halloween Burger released by Burger King in the United States where the buns were turned black by baking them with A1 sauce. These are the black burgers made by Burger King in Japan where the buns and the cheese are made black using squid ink and bamboo charcoal.

The black burgers look bizarre and the presence of squid ink and charcoal make this a decidedly unappealing dish that can’t be considered food. If you disagree please keep in mind that the buns and cheese were colored using a substance that a squid only uses when it basically wets itself.

18 Pumpkin Spice French Fries

via 1061 The Corner.com

Yet another food craze that thankfully is only released once a year to torture mankind, pumpkin spice flavored things. Following the hype over their chocolate drizzled French fries McDonalds in Japan decided to release the seasonal Pumpkin Spice French Fries. It’s a basket of golden, crispy, salty French fries drizzled with chocolate and pumpkin spice sauce.

We can understand the confusion, pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes taste great around thanksgiving so let’s find a way to combine the two basic ingredients, pumpkin and potato, in the same dish. But just like no one ladles a gob of mashed potatoes on their pumpkin pie, no one wants their French fries to taste like pumpkin spice.

17 McLobster

via Business Insider

It’s hard to understand what McDonalds was trying to do when they released the McLobster, but whatever it was they completely failed at it. The McLobster is a hot dug bun sandwich served with tomatoes, lettuce, and chopped pieces of lobster. It’s still around and available in Canada during the summer when Lobster harvest is in full swing.

Maybe it was meant to be a healthy alternative to the burgers, maybe it was an effort to use their fillet-o-fish as a spring board into other fishy sandwiches, or maybe they thought people would find it fancy. In any case it’s a McDonald’s sandwich that doesn’t look very appetizing and sounds worse.

16 Kit-Kat Pops

via Pinterest

We’re not sure what convinced Kit-Kat and Pizza Hut to collaborate and release creative new products, but it’s definitely resulted in some weird ideas. Kit-Kat pops which were released exclusively in the Middle East look essentially like pigs in blanket, but with Kit-Kat bars instead of hot dogs.

The results have been polarizing with some saying it revolutionizes the dessert industry and others questioning their sanity. It’s possible these might be good, but it would take the right kind of stomach and a high tolerance for sweet.

15 Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich

via Brandeating.com

Released at Carls Jr. in the United States these ice cream sandwiches have vanilla ice cream packed between two strawberry pop-tarts. Inherently there’s nothing too weird about this sandwich, it just doesn’t sound like something that would qualify as food. It looks just a little too sweet and quirky to be appetizing.

Besides, Pop-Tarts taste their best when popped in the toaster so they come out all warm and the insides a little gooey. We can’t imagine putting this in the toaster would be a great idea and who honestly wants to eat a cold Pop-Tart?

14 BK Pumpkin

via Gigazine.com

In Japan, Burger King tested the waters by releasing a pumpkin burger in the fall. The burger was made with a beef patty, slices of pumpkin and a nut sauce made with hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, and cashews. They also made the buns with two slits down the sides to resemble the side of a pumpkin.

On paper this might sound ok, but when looking at the burger it’s hard to imagine it tasting good. The pumpkin slices just look sad on a beef patty, or any meat for that matter. There’s a reason everyone eats a BLT and not a BPT. The nut sauce also seems like a really odd choice for a burger. Burger King even floated the idea of doing a pumpkin spice version of this in the US on Twitter and the answer was overwhelmingly no.

13 Pickle-O’s

via Flickr

Just because you can buy something at a carnival, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Sonic decided to create their own take on deep fried pickles with Pickle-O’s. Well the product wasn’t very successful, can’t imagine why, and they were promptly removed from the menu.

Supposedly Sonic never learned their lesson and you can still order Pickle-O’s off the secret menu at some locations. Is this a conspiracy to slowly and subtly bring them back? Or is this Sonic simply acknowledging that some of their customer base have strange tastes and wants to accommodate them?

12 Slim Jim Jerky Shake

via Plant City Observer

It’s rare you find someone wanting meat in their smoothies, but Wayback Burgers thought it would be a good idea nonetheless to release a Slim Jim Jerky Smoothie to its customers in the US.

Advertised as a shake with lots of protein it was released alongside the Oreo Mud Pie Shake with Peruvian Chocolate Crickets which could be a whole other discussion in and of itself. Thankfully the shake didn’t actually include chunks of Slim Jim, but it’s bad enough that they tried to make it taste like it did. The shake also came with a side of two Slim Jims in case you really did want your shake to have jerky chunks.

11 Mountain Dew Wing Sauce

via NY Daily News

Mountain Dew teamed up with Buffalo Wild Wings to release a Mountain Dew Wing Sauce in their restaurants. While it didn’t make the wings look green or anything, the citrusy wing sauce was described by a lot of people like they had spilled their drink on the wings and chose to eat them anyway.

It didn’t last very long and wasn’t terribly popular, but that hasn’t stopped some people from taking to the internet and handing out their DIY recipe to anyone who's interested. We can’t imagine there are too many that are interested.

10 Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza

via Lifehacker Australia

Admittedly we can see how they thought this would be a good idea, I mean Doritos Locos Tacos are amazing after all, but this fail seems to be the result of poor execution or even outright laziness. Pizza Hut released the Doritos Crunchy Crust Pizza, which is essentially a pepperoni pizza with shards of Dorito chips sprinkled into the crust.

Flavoring aside, we can’t imagine biting into a crust made up of Dorito chip shards to be a good idea. If they had gone for a crust that tasted like cheesy Doritos then maybe, but this is just too weird.

9 Lucky Charms Shake

via Food Beast.com

We imagine this product was mostly popular with kids and despised by their parents and the other adults in the room. The Lucky Charms Shake was a treat released for a limited time by Burger King in the US. Not only was the ice cream swirled with Lucky Charm flavor, but they also included actual cereal pieces.

It wasn’t terribly popular and this was probably a version of Lucky Charms that had even Lucky the Leprechaun backing away slowly with his hands up.

8 Lobster and Caviar Burger

via Eater.com

Honestly the burgers look good, but we can’t imagine biting into one of these would taste all that great. We’re not sure if Wendy’s released these after being inspired by the McLobster or if they were trying to go fancy with their gourmet burgers, but this just seemed like a bad idea.

With chunks of lobster or gobs of caviar on a beef patty these burgers were a swing and a miss for Wendy’s when they released it in the United States. It’s hard enough to convince people to try sea food at a fast food restaurant not known for their sea food, but it’s even harder when the sea food in question is fish eggs.

7 Creamed Corn Chicken Sandwich

via Bloomberg.com

This might be an unfair inclusion on the list considering it was released in Brazil and creamed corn is very popular in Brazil, but this seemed like such a weird method of serving it that we decided to include it. The Creamed Corn Chicken Sandwich at KFC in Brazil serves a regular chicken sandwich with a few spoonful’s of creamed corn on the chicken patty.

Apart from looking like an absolute mess waiting to happen, we just don’t understand how mostly liquid corn would taste good on a breaded piece of chicken.

6 Bacon Sundae

via Strike Magazine

Ah yes, another wonderful dessert corrupted by the bacon craze that swept the US a few years ago. Burger King bought into the insanity by releasing their Bacon Sundae. With creamy vanilla ice cream, drizzles of smooth caramel and rich chocolate, followed by a greasy slice of bacon jammed into the side and crunchy meaty crumbles sprinkled on top, this was definitely a product of its time.

Fortunately it was only part of their summer menu and everyone came to their senses about the bacon craze shortly after. It was a bizarre treat that probably had more than one person use the slice of bacon as a spoon.

5 Chocoladilla Kit-Kat

via The Daily Meal

Once again Kit-Kat partnered up with fast food to release another terrible product. The Chocoladilla Kit-Kat was a collaboration between the candy company and Taco-Bell. While Taco Bell is known for producing some creative foods that taste great, this wasn’t one of them.

The Chocoladilla Kit-Kat is essentially a tortilla wrapped around a layer of Kit-Kat bars pretending to be a quesadilla. Thankfully there’s no cheese, but a cheeseless quesadilla doesn’t make a lot of sense and social media promptly gave this item a thumbs down when it was released.

4 Dried Pork Seaweed Donut

via RADII China.com

Not bothering to call it something a little more appetizing or to hide the monstrous nature of this product, Dunkin Donuts in China cursed humanity when they released this product for public consumption.

It’s your standard glazed donut, topped by green seaweed barely hidden by pork crumbles. There’s no telling why they thought this would be a good idea, the glazed donut makes it unhealthy, the seaweed adds saltiness, and the pork brings a meaty savoriness. Considering none of those things could possibly taste good together, it looks less than appetizing and it has a name that’s less than desirable, this can’t be considered food.

3 Berry Burgers

via Gigazine

Nothing says merry Christmas like the Berry Burger released by Burger King in Japan and that's a good thing. The Berry burger is essentially a regular burger but with a berry sauce that includes blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries. The sauce sounds great on its own or drizzled over ice cream, but not a beef patty that also has mayo.

They also released the Mush N’ Cheese burger, which sounds bad but actually looks good with mushrooms and cheese. We’re not sure the Berry Burger screams Merry Christmas, but to Burger King's credit they were trying to wish everyone a Berry Kristmush.

2 Bacon Shake

via Brand Eating.com

Yep, another fast food company fell victim to the bacon craze and released a terrible product. Jack in the Box in the US decided to give their take on a bacon-based dessert by releasing the Bacon Shake. To their credit this one doesn’t have any chunks of bacon or a slice of bacon on the side, but the vanilla ice cream was corrupted by a swirl of bacon flavor.

Look we get that it’s good for companies to jump on viral bandwagons and generate a little buzz for themselves, but do it by making a bacon-based sandwich or burger that people will like and want for years to come, not bacon flavored ice cream.

1 Kit-Kat Sandwich

via Kotaku

Yes Kit-Kat appears yet again on this list as a terrible product that shouldn’t be considered food. You may have thought that the Kit-Kat Pops might be fun to try or the Chocoladilla Kit-Kat might have tasted alright as a one time thing, but we’re confident you’ll be disgusted by the Kit-Kat Sandwiches the fast food chain First Kitchen released in Japan.

The Kit-Kat bars are served on a pillow of whip cream mixed with orange peels and surrounded by white bread. It’s like a fluffernutter sandwich that thought the peanut butter made it too healthy so they put in candy instead.

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