Costco Continues Its Trend Of Buckets Of Food With This 27-Pound Tub Of Mac And Cheese

The “Tub-O-Food” news continues for Costco, following the unveiling of its seven pound tub of Nutella. As it turns out, the company sells another savory bulk-product for those who love - and we mean REALLY love - macaroni and cheese.

The Chef's Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket is available now for $89.99 USD, providing buyers with 27-pounds of humankind’s favorite cheesy pasta dish. The product has actually been around for a few years, but has seen a recent resurgence in attention thanks to its sweeter bulk-tubbed counterpart.

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The 27-pound tub comes with its cheese and elbow macaroni packaged in separate Metalite pouches with oxygen absorbers designed to protect the quality of the product and ensure a long shelf life. How long, you ask? The tub boasts an unfathomable shelf life of 20 years!

The tub itself looks like something you might see at a hardware store or construction site. It is listed as a “Heavy Duty 6-gallon bucket with gamma lid,” while mentioning that the bucket is also stackable - apparently, for convenient, easy storage of the other 27-pound tubs of macaroni and cheese you’ve bought.

via Costco

For what it worth, the product is technically listed under the “Emergency Kits & Supplies” category of Costco’s website, which makes the shelf life duration a bit more reasonable. The 27-pounds of mac and cheese equates to 180 servings, so an emergency were to arise, you would be set for a while.

But how does it taste? After all, emergency food products aren’t exactly known for their flavor.

According to its three reviews, it isn’t too terrible and comes as a recommended product.

One reviewer notes that the pasta “cooks quickly [and] tastes really good.”

“I was surprised,” another reviewer writes. “Honestly, I was expecting something that tasted horrible. I was surprised to find out that it was very good.” The review also includes a cooking tip: “Don't pack the cheese sauce powder.”

Three reviews is not exactly a statistically significant source for knowing how good a product is, but with the tub of mac and cheese in the headlines, we are sure to see an uptick in reviews as more people learn about the pasta and give it a taste (possibly paired with a Nutella-based dessert).

Have you tried the Chef's Banquet Macaroni & Cheese Storage Bucket? Let us know!

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