5-Tier Wedding Cheese "Cake" Available At Costco

Costco is selling this huge, 5-tier cheese “cake” for weddings or any other grand occasion. For those who want to have a fancy cake but don’t have a sweet tooth, this could be the perfect choice.

People tend to go really extra for their weddings, and rightfully so; it’s the one of the few times a little bit of excess is welcomed. From crazy designs to huge sizes, wedding cakes are quite the special kind of pastry. Each one is made-to-order, so customization and designs are always a feature of wedding cakes. With Costco’s new item, the personalization of the cake has gone one step further: it doesn’t even have to be a traditional, baked cake.

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Costco is selling their new Sid Wainer & Son Cheese Lover Artisan Wedding Cake on their website for $440 ($18.33 per pound). The “cake” is made of different layers of cheese, and there’s no hint of sweet frosting on it at all. The gourmet cheeses included in the cake are about 8 pounds of Red Leicester, 7 pounds of Danish Blue, and 5 pounds of Murica al Vino—totalling about 24 pounds of cheese that can serve up to 150 people. To order the “cake,” you have to do so online, and Costco will ship you the layers within two to three days. Once they arrive, simply stack them on each other when you’re ready to serve the cheese tower.

While the idea may seem ludicrous, Costco isn’t the only one who thought of selling cakes made of cheese. Other companies, especially cheese retailers, offer the chance to have a cheese cake instead of a baked cheesecake for a special occasion. For example, the West Country Cheese Co. in the UK sell cheese cakes, platters, and baskets for any event you desire. They suggest that the proper cake serving would be around 100 grams per person, so Costco’s 24-pound cheese cake (around 11 kilograms) is actually a good size.

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Costco doesn’t offer pre-decorated cheese cakes, but that leaves the décor completely up to the customer; the design of the tower of cheese doesn’t have to be floral like traditional wedding cakes. With 24 pounds of cheesy-goodness, this stack of cheese wheels really does take the cake in unique wedding cakes.

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