A Flavor A Day: Ranking All 31 Of Baskin Robbins Iconic Ice Creams From Worst To Best

Everyone has fond memories of grabbing a cone or a cup of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. Whether you went all the time as a kid or it was an occasional treat, there's no question that this ice cream shop holds a special place in your heart.

The Baskin Robbins website describes its ice cream as "scoops of joy" and we would definitely have to agree. There is something about ice cream that makes us all so happy. It cools us down in the heat of summer, it gives us something to look forward to when we need a treat after a long day at work, and it's always there for us.

Just like any other kind of dessert, some ice cream flavors are better than others. Whether they are too sweet or just not memorable enough, there are always going to be some types of ice cream that you're going to take a pass on. At the same time, there are flavors of ice cream that make you jump for joy.

We're getting serious about our love of this frozen dessert and tackling 31 of the most well-known flavors at Baskin Robbins. Here is our official ranking of 31 of this shop's most iconic flavors from worst to best.

31 Vanilla

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Sorry to all the lovers of vanilla ice cream out there but it's just not memorable enough to be the best ice cream flavor ever. Vanilla is number 31 on our list (aka the worst flavor of ice cream) because we have honestly eaten it a million times.

When we're craving ice cream, we definitely want a more interesting and exciting flavor. Vanilla just isn't it, and we want a scoop of something else (or two... two ice cream scoops are always better than one).

30 Very Berry Strawberry

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Another iconic flavor at Baskin Robbins, Very Berry Strawberry is number 30 on our list. Some people love strawberry ice cream and feel very (berry) strongly about that love.

The rest of us are over here shaking our heads because strawberry ice cream is just as boring and bland as vanilla. With so many other delicious flavors to choose from, who could choose strawberry? It honestly boggles the ice-cream loving mind. If we're going to order a scoop in a cone or in a cup, we want something else for sure.

29 Old Fashioned Butter Pecan

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The problem with this particular flavor is that it's super sweet. You know that you're officially an adult and out of the kid stage forever when you try a dessert and think that it has way too much sugar in it.

There are definitely many kids who would say that this flavor is too much for them, and you may think the same way even though you're older now. Butter pecan just isn't the most appealing ice cream flavor, let's be real here.

28 Mango Tango

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Mango ice cream is slightly better than the flavors above (after all, it's fruity and probably pretty refreshing on a hot day)... but it's not really that much better, which is why it snagged the number 28 spot on our 31 flavor list.

Do we ever crave mango ice cream? That would most likely be a no. You crave chocolate. You crave other flavors. You don't crave mango. It's also true that not everyone even loves eating mango in fruit form.

27 Pistachio Almond

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Pistachio Almond ice cream honestly seems like a strange combination. If it was just pistachio, it would be much better. That is elegant and sophisticated and we would be down with ordering a scoop of that on a waffle cone.

But the combo of these two nuts isn't something that we're super psyched about, which is why this flavor is number 27. It's not the worst by far but it's not anywhere close to the best flavors, so that's why it's taken this spot on the list.

26 Strawberry Cheesecake

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Strawberry Cheesecake is delicious in its actual form. How do we feel about it when it's an ice cream flavor?

We're not that enthused, mostly because if we want cheesecake, then we want to eat an actual cheesecake. We really don't need to eat it as an ice cream flavor. This one is number 26 because there are many flavors that we enjoy a lot more, and we know that if we ordered it, we would be disappointed that it's not a real cheesecake.

25 Oreo Cheesecake

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If we're going to have ice cream that tastes like cheesecake, then we would rather have oreo as the flavor than strawberry or another fruit. But we're still not super sold on the idea of cheesecake ice cream flavors. That's why Oreo Cheesecake is number 25 on our list.

Honestly, what's wrong with regular old oreo flavored ice cream, and leaving the cheesecake out of it? If that was the flavor, then it would be ranked much higher than 25, that's for sure. We love Oreo ice cream because we love Oreos. It's really as simple as that.

24 Daiquiri Ice

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This flavor is considered a "classic" on the company's website and it tastes like lime. That's good enough for us and we would be happy to order this when it's super hot out and nothing is going to cool us down.

The rest of the time, though, we want something a lot sweeter than this refreshing lime dessert, which is why it's number 24 on the list and didn't make it much higher. Sorry to this flavor. You're still amazing.

23 Lemon Custard

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Lemon Custard is one of the original 31 flavors when Baskin Robbins first started which is a cool part of ice cream history. As the website says of this flavor, "Lemon custard ice cream that’s both rich and creamy. And if you’re into rhyming things, it’s also dreamy." You gotta love that, right?!

Not everyone is a fan of lemon-flavored desserts and would prefer chocolate or something a bit more interesting, which is why this flavor is number 22 on this list.

22 Made With Snickers Ice Cream

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Number 22 is the Made With Snickers Ice Cream. As we can guess from the name, it's got caramel, vanilla ice cream, and Snickers.

The reason why we ranked this at number 22 instead of higher up on the list (aka in the top ten or five) is because you kind of have to be in the mood to eat candy or a Snickers bar if you go for this ice cream flavor. Sometimes you just aren't and want something else. But if you're in the mood, then it's going to be great.

21 Hokey Pokey

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This is a super fun children's game and also an awesome ice cream at Baskin Robbins. The flavor has caramel, pieces of honeycomb, and white chocolate ice cream.

Not everyone goes for white chocolate which is why this is number 21 on the list, so that's the only thing stopping this ice cream flavor to making it closer to the top. But otherwise, it's a good thing to order if you're craving something sweet since the pieces of honeycomb plus the caramel will make you happy.

20 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

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While this flavor definitely isn't nearly as good as another one involving peanut butter (which is paired with something that we all love... more on this higher up on the list), it's still good since it's got vanilla ice cream and Reese's peanut butter cups.

This is considered a "classic" flavor on the Baskin Robbins website but it might not be as popular or well-known as some of the other flavors on this list, which is why it's number 20.

19 Chocolate Mousse Royale

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Calling chocolate fans: if you go to Baskin Robbins, you're going to be really sad if you don't order this flavor.

Snagging the number 19 spot is Chocolate Mousse Royale. It's chocolate ice cream plus what the website calls "chocolate flavored flakes." That sounds good, but if you want plain chocolate ice cream then that's what you're going to want to order, so you might prefer that. That's why this flavor isn't higher up on the list, but otherwise, it's going to be a good thing to order.

18 Nutty Coconut

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Coconut has had a popularity surge in the past few years since people love buying coconut milk and coconut cream, and people also bake grain-free desserts with coconut flour.

Considering the fact that many people buy coconut milk-based ice cream when they can't do dairy, we're going to say that coconut is a fantastic flavor for this cold, creamy dessert. And that's why the Nutty Coconut flavor at Baskin Robbins is number 18 on the list. It's not as wonderful as some of the other flavors, but it's still solid.

17 World Class Chocolate

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The Baskin Robbins website describes this ice cream flavor as, "White chocolate flavoured mousse ice cream swirled with milk chocolate flavoured mousse ice cream."

It's number 17 since it's chocolate so it's definitely great, but the white chocolate part might turn some people off. The truth is that people don't love white chocolate as much as they love milk chocolate, so they might not be big on white chocolate in ice cream. Otherwise, this is a pretty good flavor, and we wouldn't mind eating it.

16 Raisin

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Raisin is one of the most iconic ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins for a reason: it's super delicious.

When we think about it, we might not expect raisin-flavored ice cream to be very good since not everyone loves raisins. Some people think that they ruin oatmeal cookies and banana bread and other baked goods. Raisin ice cream from this place is amazing and that's why we're giving it the number 16 spot which is right around the middle of this list of 31 flavors.

15 Cherries Jubilee

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Whether you love Cherries Jubilee totally depends on your feelings on cherries in general. If you're a big fan of this red fruit, then you most likely adore cherry ice cream, and you think that this particular Baskin Robbins flavor is awesome. If you don't love cherries and find them too tart, then you'd give this ice cream flavor a pass.

That's why this flavor is number 15 on our list: it's right smack in the middle. It has its fans and it has people who would never try it. That's okay. More for the rest of us.

14 Pink Bubblegum

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Pink Bubblegum flavored ice cream shouldn't be so good in theory. In reality, it's really fun to eat, and that's why it's number 14 on our list.

While some might claim it's too sweet, we think that's the entire point, and we love it. When you really want to go down memory lane and eat something that you enjoyed as a kid, then this flavor of ice cream is the perfect thing. It really does taste like you're chewing gum. It's pretty cool.

13 Cookies N' Cream

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Can you go wrong with this classic ice cream flavor? That would be a no. Cookies n' Cream is number 13 on our list of 31 iconic Baskin Robbins flavors and we really think that it's one of the best.

It's extra creamy ice cream, which is the best kind. When you're really craving something sweet and creamy, this is it. Forget any storebought cookies and cream ice creams and just order this one from Baskin Robbins. It's much better.

12 Gold Medal Ribbon

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Chocolate, vanilla, and caramel make up this ice cream flavor, and that sounds like a total dream. Thankfully, this ice cream really does exist and we can actually purchase it, which is why this is number 12. It's super good ice cream, plain and simple.

This flavor is perfect for ice cream lovers who aren't sure which flavor to get. When you know that you love vanilla and chocolate and caramel, don't decide between them. Order Gold Medal Ribbon and be very pleased.

11 Rocky Road

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Rocky Road is a beloved flavor of ice cream. People go nuts for it.

This is chocolate ice cream with almonds and mini marshmallows... aka one of the greatest ice creams ever. It's seriously genius that someone came up with this flavor. This is a kid's dream ice cream since we can totally see a child telling their mom that they want to add marshmallows to their bowl of ice cream (and their mom saying, "That's probably not a good idea...") Sorry moms but this is the best idea. We love Rocky Road. Always have, always will.

10 Pralines 'n Cream

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There are people who love nuts in their brownies and other baked goods and there are people who do not. But even people who aren't big on that nutty goodness will most likely agree that Pralines 'n Cream ice cream from Baskin Robbins is awesome.

The best part is, of course, the caramel. The caramel is what totally makes this ice cream. Without it, it just wouldn't be the same, but thankfully, it's part of it. Pralines n' Cream is number 10 and we think that it's perfectly sweet and creamy.

9 Peanut Butter 'N Chocolate

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All hail the classic flavor combination that is chocolate and peanut butter. No one could argue that these things taste great together and that they taste even better when made into a super creamy ice cream.

This flavor is number nine on this list of 31 iconic Baskin Robbins flavors since it's impossible to go wrong when ordering it. Whether you grab a cup or a waffle cone, you're going to be thrilled with your choice and you're probably going to want to go back for a second cup or cone.

8 Chocolate

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You can't go wrong with classic chocolate ice cream. For most people, this is the best flavor of ice cream ever, and they won't even entertain the idea of ordering something else. To them, that would be totally crazy.

Others love chocolate ice cream but want something a tiny bit more thrilling, which is why this flavor is number eight on this list. It's still amazing and it made it into the top 10, but it's not the number one ice cream (that's a very special one).

7 Chocolate Fudge

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No doubt about it, chocolate fudge is a step above plain old chocolate. It's like chocolate plus more chocolate. Did that make sense?! We swear that it did...

Chocolate Fudge ice cream is number seven on this list and we really, really love it. It's got the intense, rich chocolate flavor that you seek out when you want to conquer that specific craving and it's impossible to say that you don't like it. No one could ever say that. No one at all.

6 Chocolate Chip

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Chocolate Chip ice cream is number six on this list and it's got a lot of good things going for it. The wonderful combination of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips almost seems too brilliant to even be real but we can order this anytime that we want, which is the best news ever.

Picture it: a huge scoop of chocolate chip ice cream on a waffle cone. It's rich and decadent and will cool you down on a hot summer's day like nothing else. The vanilla is refreshing and the chocolate is delicious.

5 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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Now we've arrived at the top five best ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins.

Taking the number five spot is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It's a step above Chocolate Chip ice cream since it's got the wonderful addition of cookie dough and that makes it so much more delicious. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, and cookie dough. You really have to love it... and chances are you do since this is a crazy popular ice cream flavor. While you can get cookie dough ice cream at the grocery store, the Baskin Robbins one is a perfect mix of sweet and creamy and it's much better.

4 Cotton Candy

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Is there an ice cream flavor that is more fun than Cotton Candy? Not really, which is why it's number four.

Cotton Candy ice cream may stain your tongue and that's totally part of the fun. Chances are, you ate this as a kid and your mom might have wished that you had ordered something with less sugar but hey, you loved this flavor and you were proud of it. Cotton candy in general may be too sweet for you now (those grown-up taste buds again...) but you wouldn't mind a scoop of the ice cream. It's got a flavor that is literally cotton candy. Pretty cool.

3 Jamoca Almond Fudge

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Jamoca Almond Fudge is one of the most famous and beloved ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins. Your parents and relatives loved ordering it when you would all grab some ice cream on a summertime day. Everyone raved about it.

It's got chocolate and roasted almonds, and the "jamoca" flavor is coffee, which is why you might not have wanted to try it when you were a kid. But once you grew up and gave it a shot, you probably loved it, right? Of course you did. It's delicious.

2 Rainbow Sherbet

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Everyone orders sherbet from Baskin Robbins from time to time and Rainbow Sherbet is honestly so good that it made the number two spot on this list.

It may not be as rich and creamy as the other flavors, but it's so incredibly refreshing and so good that it beat out a lot of the other flavors. When you tried it for the first time, you might have been shocked that you loved it so much since, come on, it's not chocolate ice cream. But the combination of orange, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet is awesome. Plus, this flavor just looks cool.

1 Mint Chocolate Chip

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Here we are at the number one spot on this list of the 31 most iconic Baskin Robbins flavors and... drumroll please... it's Mint Chocolate Chip.

Of course it is, right?! Everyone absolutely adores this flavor of ice cream. It's the favorite for many. You have the super refreshing mint flavor and then the chocolate chips which are obviously great. When you want to go to Baskin Robbins, this is the flavor that you want to order... and you're definitely getting two (or even three) scoops.

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