Get That Special Someone A Heart-Shaped Cheese Box For Valentine's Day

Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but can’t decide on an appetizer or dessert? Get a jump on your Valentine’s Day plans by marking your calendar for January 30th, which is when a can’t-miss item becomes available that is sure to please any Valentine.

On January 30th, German grocer, Aldi, will be selling four artisanal cheeses, two of which are coated with wax and shaped like hearts.

This will be the second year in a row that Aldi makes the assortment of cheeses available for purchase, with each cheese option running at the reasonable price of $3.99 USD. The four flavors are as follows:

  • Mature English Cheddar Waxed Hearts
  • Wensleydale With Raspberries & White Chocolate Waxed Hearts
  • Creamy Cinnamon, which comes with raisins and diced apple
  • Wensleydale With Cranberries
via Aldi

For those who may be unfamiliar with the name, Wensleydale originates from the United Kingdom. The mild cheese has a crumbly, yet moist texture and is produced primarily from pasteurized cow's milk. However, sheep’s milk is added to enhance the flavor, which includes sweet hints of honey.

Aldi is continuing its trend of holiday cheeses following the release of its wine and cheese Advent calendars. The famous calendars were just made available to customers in the United States last year and delivered on expectations, so the Valentine’s Day cheeses should be able to properly meet you and your Valentine’s cheesy desires.

We have previously reported that cheese stockpiles in the United States are reaching record-high levels, but don’t be slow to act on Aldi’s January 30th cheese release, at it is sure to be one of the company’s hottest items as Love Day approaches.

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For the price of the cheeses, you’ll be able to shell out a little more on the cheese pairings, such as a nice wine or some chocolates. Or, just get some crackers and enjoy them on your own terms. After all, loving yourself is just as important on Valentine’s Day, right?

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