25 Amazing Wedding Cakes That Have To Be Seen

On paper, I am possibly the last person to be writing an article about amazing wedding cakes. My own wedding was a quick civil service followed by a meal at a restaurant and back to work on Monday. We were young, broke, and wanted to be together forever, so there was never any question of a big wedding. The complexity of the wedding planning process in general and the difficult task of choosing an amazing wedding cake passed me by.

As a consequence, I was entirely unprepared for the vast array of colors, styles, and sizes of the cakes available, not to mention the incredible skill needed to create these reception confections. Long gone are the days when a wedding cake meant a three-tiered white block, covered in hard, royal icing and topped with a plastic bride and groom. Today the happy couple can choose a cake that is reflective of their interests, personal style, personalities or theme of the wedding.

To my surprise, it turned out that the hardest thing about this assignment was not finding 25 cakes different enough to keep things interesting. No, my problem was choosing only these 25, from the literally hundreds of amazing wedding cakes out there.

25 A Different Kind Of Round

via weddingomania.com

Not only is this wedding cake a smart play on the conventional concept of some round cakes piled atop each other, but it is also a gravity-defying crowd pleaser. Stacking multiple tiers in a straight line is a tricky task in itself. The weight of the upper layers can crush the lower ones, leaving you with an unappealing leaning tower of wedding cake. Or, even worse, a pile of broken slabs.

To achieve this irregular stacking with spherical cakes is an astonishing feat made all the more beautiful with the topping of flowers and the gentle ribbon wrap at the base.

24 Not Even After Death Do Us Part

via pinterest.com

Top marks to the couple and the wedding cake designer who came up with this little beauty. A traditional cake forms the basis of this imaginative centerpiece, but then they gave it a distinctly modern-day twist with the zombie theme.

It would have been relatively easy to have placed the undead couple on top of the fourth tier and called it a day, but they went the extra mile. The diagonal slash from top to bottom mimics the traditional cascade of flowers you see tumbling down most wedding cakes, and the blood splatter certainly adds a memorable touch.

23 Marriage Of The Lost Ark

via charmcitycakes.com

Not content with having found the treasure that eludes so many others - true love and their soul mate, this couple decided to celebrate their nuptials by upping the loot level.

For those of you who do not know what you are looking at in the picture above, it is the Ark Of The Covenant from the movie Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Well, not the actual ark of the covenant from the film of course, that would be silly. No, this is a cakey representation and an extremely accurate one at that.

22 A Watercolor Wedding

via neviepiecakes.com

One of the top wedding cake trends in recent years has been that of hand-painted decoration, and while many have tried it, few have achieved such levels of mastery as the baker who created the delicate effect you see above.

The different color theme on each tier gives the cake a vibrancy and brightness, without crossing the line into garish or flashy. Meanwhile, the choice of a single floral style holds all four layers together to provide a cohesive look.

21 Superhero Surprise

via twitter.com

Anyone who saw the cake above from the plain side on the left, could be forgiven for thinking "nice enough but why's it on a list of awesome wedding cakes?" A look at the other side of the cake answers that question.

Not only is this an ingenious cake design but it would appear that this marriage is between a couple destined to bridge the enduring chasm between the fans of Marvel comics and the fans of the DC universe.

20 Gee, I Like This Geode Cake

via carriescakes.com

Carrie, the owner and designer of Carrie's Cakes in Utah, has an extensive geode collection which she uses to ensure her cakes are as realistic as possible. The decoration is created using chocolate modeling clay, edible gold leaves, and individually formed sugar crystals.

Each cake takes weeks of planning because the sugar crystals have to be dyed and grown well ahead of time, so couples have to book their cake up to a year in advance. Even though this timescale isn't for everyone, it is challenging to get a slot in Carrie's cake baking calendar.

19 More Than A Game

via glamourmagazine.co.uk

Choosing a wedding cake was once a fairly pedestrian affair. You would pick a baker, probably a company someone you know had used, go along, select between a sponge or heavy fruit cake, specify how many tiers and what color ribbon or flowers you wanted, and that was it.

Today, couples can feel free to express themselves, their interests, and elements of their lifestyle in their wedding and in particular, through their wedding cake. For example, in the case of the cake above, the couple had been drawn together through a mutual enjoyment of Game Of Thrones and decided to celebrate the fact with the wedding cake.

18 Playing Our Song

via jasmineraecakes.com

When I spotted this cake, in the online portfolio found on Jasmine Rae's website, I knew straight away I had to include it in this list of amazing wedding cakes, even though there was no background information at all.

I'd like to know if the music imprinted on the decoration is a specific piece which holds a special significance for the couple, why it is tied with a twisted rope in that way, and how that incredible metallic effect was achieved.

17 Starry Starry Night

via cakesdecor.com

It is one thing to create an exquisitely hand painted wedding cake; it is another to do so in the very particular style of a classic artwork.

Taking Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night from the canvas to the cake took more than just a quick wave of the paintbrush. In addition to the time taken to lay out the design across five tiers, while remaining true to the original painting, there was the actual creation time.

It took cake designer Anna Elizabeth Wawzonek an astonishing 30 hours, spread across an entire week, to bring the look of an oil painting to life on the icing.

16 Funhouse Fondant Display

via fatfishdanang.com

For those who do not want to stray too far from the traditional path, but still want to add a touch of childlike whimsy, this cake ticks the boxes.

Just as other cakes on this list have multiple tiers, flowers, and pearl detailing, so too does this design. However, on this occasion, the flowers are impressionistic instead of hyper-realistic. The layers are of irregular heights and do not decrease in size proportionately, and the pearls look more like they have been created by a child than painted on by an adult.

15 Class In Glass

via maggieaustincake.com

This magnificent stained glass window/watercolor cake was designed and created by Maggie Austin, who has also made cakes for everyone from presidents and movie stars to royal families and musicians. Luckily for the mere mortals among us, she also designs amazing wedding cakes for regular people.

Ms. Austin became a cake designer after her career as a classical ballet dancer came to an end, and I think the artistry, grace, and style needed for her first career certainly came through in her second.

14 Chandelier Or Cake?

via cake-geek.com

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more twists and turns on the amazing wedding cake journey, something entirely unexpected jumps out at you. Or perhaps that should be, swings down at you.

This bejeweled wedding superstar took center stage at a wedding at The Four Seasons in, where else, but Las Vegas. Suspended from one of the ballroom's existing light fixtures, the cake became both lighting and focus for the limelight.

The only thing I couldn't figure out was how on earth you are supposed to cut into a cake that is swinging from the ceiling.

13 One Of A Kind

via jasmineraecakes.com

This singular cake was created for a couple who specifically requested that it had the appearance of coarsely cast metal pieces. The designer and creator of this centerpiece not only managed to replicate the textures and colors the soon-to-be-newlyweds asked for but she also constructed an abstract masterpiece.

While it doesn't immediately scream "sink your teeth into me," unless you know a great dentist, this cake would no doubt be a talking point during the wedding and for some time afterward.

12 Feminine Fancy

via stylemepretty.com

This cake is not only gorgeous, but it is a lesson in how to tie details together in unexpected ways. The design of the cake was inspired by the bottom of the brides wedding gown. Delicate layers of silk softly overlapped at the base, and the baker suggested mirroring this in the decoration of the cake.

This could have resulted in a pretty, but relatively straightforward cake with a few layers of horizontal decoration. Instead, the designer went the extra mile and used the idea of draping panels of fabric to create a cake that appears to be enrobed with meter upon meter of silk layers.

11 A Vow In A Cake

via choccywoccydoodah.com

This is one of those cakes that becomes better, the more you look at it and consider the skill that went into the details. Created by the team at the fabulously named Choccywoccydoodah, a chocolatier in London UK, the cake is a showcase for chocolate work skills.

The ivy, the ruffled collar around the skull, and the beautiful roses are all handcrafted in chocolate while the skull and main body of the cake are sponge coated in layer upon layer of chocolatey deliciousness.

10 An Outdoor Wedding Stunner

via sunset.com

Not every fairy tale has a princess, a castle, or a sugary pastel color scheme, but there are two things most of these stories have in common. First of all, they begin with "Once Upon A Time" and they finish up with the ending every happy couple wants: "Happily Ever After."

That sentiment is beautifully conveyed in what is a remarkably lifelike carved tree trunk cake. This would (or should that be wood) have been an artistic achievement if it had been created with a section of log and a set of carvers tools. As the edible centrepiece of an outdoor wedding, it is nothing short of spectacular.

9 Floral Glory

via pinterest.com

When is a tiered wedding cake not a tiered wedding cake? When it has been cleverly clothed in multiple upright, multi-colored cloaks of icing of course. This cake ups the ante for those who wish to combine the tradition of tiers with a modern twist.

The decoration on the lower layers is made to look like the outer petals of a flower, and as the cake rises, the beautifully coordinated, color washed wraps continue until you reach the peak. There, a small handful of fragile flowers tumbles from between the sheets of decoration.

8 A Wedding Of Wonderland Proportions

via littlecherrycakecompany.com

If a bride and groom were to fall down a magical rabbit hole on the way to their wedding and were then forced to continue with the ceremony in Wonderland, perhaps this is the cake they would discover upon arriving at the reception.

Don't be fooled though. It is not just the theme and the pretty color scheme that elevated this one to our list of amazing wedding cakes. What really took it over the edge was the gold detailing and the book page layer. This has been decorated with edible copies of pages from the original edition of Alice in Wonderland which have, in turn, been superimposed with original illustrations.

7 Melty Chic

via zalajkowane.pl

This amazing wedding cake seems to be more sculpture than confection, and it takes the concept of whimsy to a whole new chocolatey level. The underlying pavilion design is created by wrapping the cake in sheets of swirled chocolate. It is then surrounded by equidistant chocolate columns which are topped by cast chocolate griffins.

The second layer is sans griffins, their place taken by seashells and the whole thing is topped by a splendid coco unicorn posed rampant under a dome and watched over by an owl. I defy you to come up with such an eclectic mix of elements and pull them together into a coherent cake as lovely as this one.

6 Cake As Art

via jasmineraecakes.com

When you Google "alternative wedding cakes" or "unique wedding cakes" your results run into the millions. Unfortunately, many of the results on the first few pages take you to pages of interesting but very similar cakes. Pretty but not sensational, not awful, but not awesome either.

Instead, you have to dig a little deeper before coming across exceptional designs like the one above. This amazing wedding cake would not look out of place in an art gallery or behind the glass at a geological museum. When it came time to share it with the guests, I wouldn't know whether to bring out a knife or a set of chisels.

5 The One True Fairy Tale Cake

via fabcakes.com

Most little girls, at some time or another, dream of being a fairy tale princess. When we grow, there are few options to indulge this in this fantasy, but a woman's wedding day might just be the one opportunity she needs. It looks like the bride at this wedding took that chance and ran with it.

While not to everyone's taste, there is no denying that this is an amazing wedding cake. From the detail on the stone path and steps up to the front door, through the lace covering on the cake walls and finishing in the spectacular fairytale castle at the top, every last inch of this cake is stunning.

4 Outside-In Cake

via marthastewartweddings.com

This cake is the perfect choice for the bride and groom who want to sidestep the boring but do not want to stray too far from the traditional path. It also goes to show that you do not need to opt for a themed wedding or for an over the top display to achieve the wow factor.

On this occasion, the flowers are real, and not created from sugar, chocolate or icing, but that does nothing to reduce the impact of an incredible, if not entirely edible cake.

3 Headshots

via pinterest.com

The couple who commissioned this cake wanted something that would reflect the style and aesthetic of their wedding venue - The Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis. They chose this location because it was where they went on their first date and so it seemed only fitting to cement their relationship in the same place it had begun.

The cake designers reflected elements of the building and used the wedding's color theme for the detailing. In addition, on the bottom layer, there is a pair of headshots printed onto the cake, one of the bride and one of the groom. These were carefully placed so that when the happy couple slices the wedding cake, they can each take a bite out of their new spouse.

2 A Floral Waterfall

via labellecakecompany.co.uk

This eight-tiered spectacular takes the traditional concept of the smooth white wedding cake and gives it a modern twist. Alternate tiers have been decorated with deceptively simple looking pearl drop swags. It takes untold hours, and a great deal of skill to place these tiny dots of pearly prettiness with such precision.

Pewter colored silhouette plaques nestle in among the star of the show, a cascading waterfall of hand-crafted roses, violets, and peonies. This purple and burgundy floral display turns what could have been a boring old cake into a modern classic.

1 The Final Flourish

via bluelacecakes.com

Finally, we come to a cake which takes a little bit of this and a little bit of that and brings all of those elements together for one of the most simple awesome wedding cakes on the list.

The hand=painted trend takes center stage on the top and bottom layers while the center cake is encased in gold foil, a nod to the metallics trend. Wrapping a row of emeralds around tier number two brings in the element of bejeweled cake design and the first item the bride and groom will eat together as man and wife is topped with spectacular edible and non-edible flowers.

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