9 Awesome Trends Foodies Couldn’t Get Enough Of (And 11 That Overstayed Their Welcome)

Cooking is hands-down the most underrated art form! You’ll be surprised to know what some people can create with just a few ingredients and some kitchen gadgets, proving that cooking and baking are definitely art forms. And this is why the world has been blessed with so many jaw-dropping food trends in recent years (some look more yummy than others).

Most millennials will agree that there seems to be a new food trend blowing up social media every week. From a new rainbow concoction to another wacky Starbucks Frappuccino, it seems like the new thing in the cuisine industry is coming up with the most viral-worthy invention you can create. You know a food trend has gone viral when all the bloggers and Instagram stars are flocking to get their hands on the treat just to secure the perfect pic.

Although most of these food trends look adorable and ingenious in photos, the same can’t be said about real life. Not all food trends are created equally, and some are more appetizing than others. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 food trends that we can’t get enough of, and the top 10 that we’ll be glad to see go. Whether the presentation is off, the ingredients are questionable, or it’s just too unhealthy to look at, you’ll be surprised at some of the reasons we’re so over these trends.

What food trend is your favourite (and least favourite)? Make sure to let us know in the comments - and tell us if there are any zany food trends that we missed but need to know about!

20 Over It: Vegetable-Flavoured Yogurt

via greenqueen.com

There was a reason our moms had such a hard time getting us to eat our veggies as kids: they just don’t taste good! So while things like fruit taste yummy and sweet when made into a yogurt, you just don’t get the same result when you do it with vegetables.

Nonetheless, some companies have been trying to make vegetable-flavoured yogurt a thing, with flavours like beetroot and sweet potato actually existing. It promises to be healthier than other traditional yogurts on the market, and has been introduced in various grocery stores within North America and Europe.

Still, according to The Daily Mail, vegetable yogurt was having a harm time selling in UK stores. So we guess we’re not the only ones who are over this trend!

19 Can’t Get Enough: Sushi Burgers

via karylskulinarykrusade.com

Who doesn’t love sushi and burgers?

We never thought we’d be saying it, sushi burgers are one of the best food inventions we’ve seen in a long time. Though they’re yet to be mainstream in normal restaurants, these delicacies have been lighting up Instagram, with people demanding to know where they can get their own sushi burger.

If you’re confused about the concept, don’t worry- there’s no actually beef patty in this burger. Rather, the burger is stuffed with a bunch of sushi fillings, including spicy tuna and shrimp tempura. Rather than served in a role, the burger is squished between two white race buns. Delicious!

18 Over It: Unicorn Drinks

via foodandwine.com

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that these were cute in the beginning. After all, who doesn’t love rainbow, unicorn-themed things? But the unicorn drink trend has been so over done, that we can’t help but feel sick of it.

Seriously, everywhere we turn it seems like some franchise or restaurant has come out with a new pastel drink. First Starbucks came out with their infamous Unicorn Frappuccino, and then there was everything from unicorn hot chocolate to unicorn cocktails on the market. Though it was fun at first, now it just seems childish or for grownups who haven’t gotten over their love of Lucky Charms.

Time to move on to the next mythical animal, people!

17 Can’t Get Enough: Ice Cream Rolls

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One new dessert trend that we are drooling over are ice cream rolls- and you will be too once you know what they are!

These delicacies are inspired by a classic Thai desert that is made following similar instructions. Essentially, all you have to do to recreate this yummy treat is pour an ice cream base onto a cold stone and then add the toppings of your choice. The ice cream base will freeze in seconds, and then you can scrape it off to create a ‘roll.’

Not only are these yummy to order in restaurants, but they’re easy enough to recreate at home whenever you’re having guests over or just want to treat yourself.

16 Over It: Candy Corn Pizza

via Delish.com

Okay, so candy corn is already a controversial candy. People either seem to love it or hate it. So just imagine how divided people would be if they were to incorporate it into a pizza. Well, Chuck E. Cheese did just that!

Putting any sort of candy on pizza seems kind of gross in our books, but this year, in honour of Halloween, the child’s arcade franchise launched a candy corn pizza that has taken the Internet by storm. While the pizza technically doesn’t feature any of the infamous candies, it is meant to look like one huge candy corn, with the large mozzarella center giving it an ombre effect.

While we’re sure this pizza is tasty, just thinking about candy corns and pizza together makes us feel grossed out. So we think this is one trend that should go.

15 Can’t Get Enough: Bacon Pickle Fries

via wicklespickles.com

We’re convinced that you can pair anything with bacon and it’s going to taste great - pickles included! Someone had the grand idea within the last few years to combine pickles and bacon with fries to create a whole new delicacy, which we are actually strangely digging.

These tasty treats are amazing to have as an appetizer or served during a party. Plus it’s an easy recipe to nail, too. All you’ve got to do is wrap each pickle in slice of bacon then pop it in the oven to cook. It’s recommend that it be served with a dipping sauce, like ranch. This recipe sounds healthy and easy, two things that we love!

14 Over It: Rainbow Food

via tastemade.com

Just like the unicorn-themed drinks that have taken over social media, we’ve been seeing tons of rainbow food for the last few years.

Everything from rainbow-grilled cheese to rainbow pancakes to rainbow burgers to rainbow sushi to even rainbow pasta have been popping up on our feeds, and people are scrambling to hit up the restaurants serving these technicolor treats.

As fun as this trend is, we can’t begin to imagine how many dyes and chemicals have got to be in these bad boys to get them painted rainbow. Even the original rainbow bagel store was closed ‘indefinitely’ for a time being (although, according to social media, it’s back in full swing).

13 Can’t Get Enough: Taco Pizza

via awol.junkee.com

This past year, it seems like there are new, ridiculous pizza topping ideas coming out left and right. And while most of them are too out-there for us (we’re looking at you, charcoal crust pizza!), there are others that we can’t get enough of, like the taco pizza trend.

Tony Boloney’s was the first to come up with this idea, TLC.com explains. The restaurant created a pizza that is essentially all covered in tacos and includes a guacamole center for convenient dipping. Now you’ll never have to choose between tacos or pizza again, since you can have them both. We’re in heaven!

12 Over It: Spaghetti Donuts

via si.com

Now, we love spaghetti and donuts on their own. But it’s a different story if you try and combine these foods together.

Pop Pasta in Brooklyn actually tried to make this a thing a while back when they invented their ‘spaghetti donut,’ which looked just as iffy as it sounds. Essentially, the pasta store moulded spaghetti into donut shapes and then deep-fried them. Although donuts are usually sugary treats, there’s nothing sweet about these savoury creations.

Still, as cool as this idea sounds, we prefer our spaghetti served on a plate and our donuts not messed with. Sorry not sorry!

11 Can’t Get Enough: Galaxy Donuts

via foodnetwork.com

Move over rainbow foods! Galaxy foods are the new trend that is here to stay.

Iranian food creative Hedi Gh pleasantly surprised the world when she unveiled her galaxy-themed donuts this past year, which appears to be the first time anyone has ever created cosmic confections, Light Foot Travel explains. The result was breathtaking, with each donut featuring a unique, stunning pattern. We don’t know if we could eat something as beautiful.

As gorgeous as these donuts are, social media users promise they taste just as delicious. We’ve got to get our hands on one of these pronto!

10 Over It: Pickle Cupcakes

via brandyscreations.blogspot.com

Although we’re a fan of bacon pickle fries, the same can’t be said for every weird, pickle-infused treat. And pickle cupcakes are one of those!

Someone had the questionable idea to infuse their cupcakes with a pickle flavor. How gross does that sound? Although there are tons of online recipes and tutorials for how to bake this delicacy, we find it hard to believe many people love it. It literally requires you to pour half a jar of pickle juice into your mixture, which would just make us gag.

This trend is definitely only for the most passionate of pickle lovers. Or else, you’ll probably agree with us when you say you hope this trend goes as quickly as it came.

9 Can’t Get Enough: Coffee With A Twist

via spoonuniversity.com

Now, two of our favourite beverages happen to be coffee and wine. After all, who doesn’t love starting their day with a cup of Joe, and then ending it with a good glass of Merlot? So it’s safe to say we’ve been enjoying this new trendy treat: wine-infused coffee.

Now, clearly it’s not recommended that you switch out your morning coffees for one of these bad boys. They’re supposed to be enjoyed like you would any fancy coffee, such as maybe during desert or drinks out with friends. Don’t forget to enjoy this drink responsibly, because not only can it make you hyper, but you’re bound to feel tipsy, too.

8 Over It: Raindrop Cakes

via businessinsider.com

Cooking and baking are truly art forms, and this next trend proves it: raindrop cakes.

These delicacies caught fame over social media due to the fact that they look like a giant bubble of water. You can only find raindrop cakes at high-end, exclusive restaurants, but their adorable appearance makes it so worth it- according to Instagram users, that is.

As cute as raindrop cakes are, in reality, they’re not that great. The main issue people have with them is that they don’t have much of a taste. And aren’t desserts supposed to taste good? According to The Daily Mail, one food critic went so far as to call this cake ‘tasteless,’ pointing out how this is an example of something that looks much nicer than it actually tastes.

7 Can’t Get Enough: Edible Glitter

via eater.com

Okay, call us crazy, but this is one food trend we’re actually excited about! Every one loves a little bit of glitter in their life. But it makes it all the more magical if you can have a sprinkle of glitter in your food.

As of 2017, edible glitter was something that was actually available on the market, confirms The Daily Mail. That year, people showed off on social media how they included it on everything from their Christmas turkey to their chips. One London pub even added it to their holiday gravy.

What we love is the endless possibilities edible glitter has for decorating cakes and cupcakes. Your next birthday cake can look iconic!

6 Over It: Activated Charcoal Crust Pizza

via organicauthority.com

Honestly, we don’t think there’s a lot you could do to pizza to make us hate it. But then someone invented charcoal crust pizza, and we were proven wrong.

When served, activated charcoal in your pizza’s crust tends to give it the appearance that it’s been burnt. And although mum’s out if the taste is actually good, experts promise that this new trend has tons of health benefits. Activated charcoal promises to aid digestion, prevent gas and bloating, and absorb toxins in the body, and is increasingly being introduced into recipes.

Still, we’re having a hard time getting over this health trends appearance and the idea of letting go of out traditional, fluffy crust pizza. So we don’t think this trend is here to stay in the long run.

5 Can’t Get Enough: Ice Cream With A Little Extra

via prohibitioncreamery.com

In the summers, the best thing is a cool cocktail that tastes good and helps you avoid over heating. And, second to that, we think a scoop or two of your favourite ice cream is also one of the best frozen treats to enjoy in the summer. So what happens when you put those two together?

Tons of companies are coming out with the brilliant idea to have booze-infused ice cream. That means it’s possible for legal adults to get tipsy while munching on their fave ice cream flavour- chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or you name it. You can also get this in popsicles or ice cream sandwich form, so the possibilities are endless.

Imagine chowing down on a few of these at your next summer BBQ!

4 Over It: Yorkshire Pudding Wraps

via yorkshirewrapcompany.co.uk

There are few things that don’t taste good when stuffed into a wrap, but evidently Yorkshire pudding is one of those things. This past year, it became a trend in the UK to scoop Yorkshire pudding into a wrap, and eat it like street food.

We get why this idea seems good at first, as it’s both tasty and convenient. But it’s nothing close to efficient. Yorkshire pudding contains a thick, sticky gravy that it difficulty to be contained within a wrap. It’s even more challenging when you try to eat the wrap. And, if you were to remove the gravy, then all you’d be left with it Yorkshire and meat in a wrap, which doesn’t sound too enticing to us.

3 Over It: Coffee Served In Cones

via stylist.co.uk

In the past few years, we’ve seen coffee served in all sorts of wacky containers, from science lab equipment to cocktail glasses. But by far the weirdest and most inefficient way to serve coffee is to give it in an ice cream cone!

Now, we understand if restaurants went this route if they were simultaneously serving ice cream inside the cone with the coffee (wouldn’t that be yummy!). But that wasn’t the case. The waffle cone was simply filled to the brim with coffee, and drinkers were left to enjoy.

While this may make a cute pic for Instagram, this method is inefficient for a few reasons. First, it’s tough to drink out of a cone! Plus this way is prone to spilling. Next, a cone can’t keep the coffee warm for very long. And, even more, any chocolate on the brim of the cone will melt into the coffee.

Clearly someone didn’t think this idea through!

2 Can’t Get Enough: Kombucha

via health.com

It seems like there’s always some new health craze that Foodies are raving over, and usually their popularity dies out as quickly as it started. But we think that the Kombucha craze is here to stay, and we’re totally here for it.

Kombucha isn’t like those other trendy weight loss drinks that promise to give you magical results overnight or completely transform your health. Rather, it has been proven to have health benefits - although you shouldn’t expect immediate results over night. It might taste gross, but it works!

AsDelishexplains, “The fermented teas contain tons of probiotics which can be good for your gut health, helping with things like bloating or an upset stomach.” So, it’s good to use every now and then when you want to clean your stomach out.

1 Over It: Coconut-Flavoured, Black Ice Cream

via womenshealthmag.com

It’s pretty clear that a major pattern in food trends is dying foods black. It looks wacky and unnatural, and that seems to be what the Internet loves about it. So no one was really surprised when black ice cream became a thing this past year.

Suddenly, tons of ice cream shops began carrying black ice cream, which of course sparked social media curiosity around the world (especially since no one could guess the flavor!). But it turns out the flavor was nothing special: it was simply coconut. Coconut flavor was already a thing beforehand, so we don’t know why they had to turn around and make it black.

But the real reason we hate this food trend is because it leaves your lips black, literally! That’s not a cute look for afterwards, no matter how adorable the ‘before’ Instagram pic was.

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