17 Delectable Tasty Dishes Every Foodie Has To Try (And 4 They Should Skip)

It's hard to go anywhere on the Internet and not see a delicious food video from Tasty. Tasty makes all those incredibly mouthwatering recipe videos that are typically shot overhead and often show a really unique and crazy recipe. Whether you're on YouTube or another social media website, you're probably going to see a Tasty video pop up on your feed, and let's be honest—no foodie can resist these viral videos. Whether they're making something sweet or savory, we just can't help but watch them make these foods and wish that we were in that kitchen to get a taste of the end product as they slide it into the frame.

Along with these viral videos, Tasty has a website full of all kinds of recipes. There are some that are really simple, some that are totally crazy, and some that are actually surprisingly easy despite how they look. Even though Tasty has a ton of amazing recipes that their fans love to try out, they also have some that foodies around the web can definitely skip out on stepping into the kitchen to try. Whether they're too hard to make or just not that good, there are some Tasty recipes that are just not tasty. Even though some aren't great, the hits definitely make up for the misses.

To see 17 Tasty recipes that foodies have got to try ASAP and 4 of them that you don't need to worry about passing on, keep reading!

21 Try: Deep-Fried Mini Calzones


Pizza is great in any form, but one that many pizza lovers just can't get enough of is the calzone. A calzone is basically like a pizza that's been folded in half with sealed edges to keep all the sauce, pepperonis, and melted cheese inside to keep them hot and gooey while the outside crust stays fluffy and crispy.

Tasty took the calzone that we all know and can't get enough of to a whole new level when they made these mini calzones and then decided to really up the crispy factor by deep frying them. If you're not into frying, they can even be baked at a high temperature to get the crispy outer coating.

20 Try: Chili Mac n' Cheese Pops


Mac 'n' cheese is a classic comfort food for a reason. Who can turn down a warm, cheesy bowl of pasta covered in cheese sauce? Whether it's homemade from scratch or the guilty-pleasure kind that comes straight out of a box with powdered cheese, it's hard to say no to a big bowl of mac 'n' cheese.

Tasty has a recipe for Chili Mac 'N' Cheese Pops that are so clever and different from a regular bowl of mac 'n' cheese. These savory pops are so perfect for serving at a party because they're easy to eat and super unique!

19 Try: Stuffed Steak Rolls


For people who enjoy eating some meat from time to time, steak is pretty delicious. It can be eaten just as it is after cooking it to the perfect stage for the person eating it, or it can be sliced up and put on something like nachos, placed in a fajita, or something else.

Tasty has a super creative steak recipe that no foodie who's a total meat eater can miss out on trying. Stuffed Steak Rolls are made by rolling the slices of steak up after spreading the filling out on them. The filling is made up of a delicious garlic, onion, and mushroom mixture. Yum!

18 Try: Maple Bacon Sweet Potato Soup


Maple and bacon are a delicious combination that can be found together in a ton of different foods. They taste so good together because maple is so sweet, while bacon has such a smoky, salty taste. Together, they create a crazy amount of flavor in your mouth!

Tasty has a recipe that's perfect for the colder months, and it involves a sweet-potato soup base and crumbles of crispy bacon on top. Maple syrup is glazed onto the bacon before it gets baked in the oven until it's perfectly crispy, which adds a nice texture and flavor to this hot bowl of creamy soup.

17 Try: Fried Ravioli Sliders


Any serious foodie will know that just about any food can be deep fried. It doesn't matter if it's sweet or savory; it's likely that there's someone out there who's tried breading it and tossing it in hot oil whether it's ice cream, chicken, candy bars, pizza, or even ravioli. That's right—even ravioli can be fried!

Tasty has a recipe for Fried Ravioli Sliders that takes the typical stuffed pillows of pasta to a crispy new level with a whole new texture and flavor. Even though it might sound a little strange, it's definitely a must-try for any serious foodie.

16 Try: Teriyaki Salmon Burger


Trying to cut some carbs out of a person's life is never easy. All the best things, like bread and pasta, are made of carbs! How are we supposed to have a sandwich or a burger if it's not on a bun? Plenty of recipes recommend swapping the bun for a couple pieces of crispy iceberg lettuce, but let's be honest—it's just not the same.

Tasty got super creative with the bunless burger idea when they decided to swap the carb-loaded bun for two patties made of sticky rice. This dish is like a combination of a sushi roll and a burger, and we're so into it.

15 Try: Potato Chip Chicken Tenders


Chicken tenders are a delicious snack food that are a classic on the kids' menu at just about every restaurant and a staple at many fast-food places. Even though they're on the kids' menu, that doesn't mean that they're a dish to serve only to kids! They're so good and crispy, and it's hard to say no to a good plate of chicken tenders.

Tasty has a recipe for Potato Chip Chicken Tenders that are baked in the oven, so there's no excess oil to fry them in. The outside is made up of crushed potato chips, which can be plain, or your favorite flavor variety to add a little extra flavor to the chicken tenders.

14 Try: Butternut Squash Sage Pull-Apart Bread


As the weather gets colder in the fall and the winter, baking is a delicious way to warm up the house and have some freshly baked goodies in the house to enjoy. Although baking is great any time of the year, it's especially delicious when the weather outside starts to cool down.

Tasty has a lot of delicious recipes for baked goods, but this one for Butternut Squash Sage Pull-Apart Bread is the best one for the fall and the winter. It uses seasonal butternut squash and is sure to warm up the whole house while tasting delicious when you pull off a piece to eat.

13 Try: One-Pot Chicken, Bacon, And Goat Cheese Pasta


Tasty has a ton of one-pot recipes, which are great because the worst part of cooking has to be the cleanup. Who wants to wash all those dishes? Ugh, not us! Scrubbing pots and pans and bowls and knives is never a good time, which is why we're so glad that Tasty has such a huge variety of dishes that are cooked in just a single pot!

Their recipe for this One-Pot Chicken, Bacon, And Goat Cheese Pasta may sound complicated, but the recipe is actually quite simple, and as the name suggests, it can all be made in a single pot. It's cheesy, meaty, and so delicious.

12 Try: Mosaic Sushi


Sushi is a food that originated in Japan and is now popular all over the world. It often consists of some type of fish and vegetables that are rolled up within a layer of rice with a layer of dried seaweed holding the whole thing together, but the form of sushi and exactly what's in it and how it's put together can change a lot depending on the particular roll.

For the biggest sushi fans out there, Tasty has an awesome recipe on how to make some super cool mosaic sushi that not only tastes good but also makes a really unique pattern when it's laid out on the plate.

11 Try: Mozzarella-Stuffed Meatballs


Meatballs are a delicious topping to a big plate of warm, saucy spaghetti. Yum! Even though meatballs are a classic topper for a plate of spaghetti, there are some creative meatball recipes around the web that can make them a pretty delicious food all on their own, either as an appetizer or even as a main dish in a meal.

Tasty has a recipe for slow-cooker meatballs that are stuffed with mozzarella cheese. It's so delicious, you won't even bother with the pasta. Sorry, spaghetti! We still love you, but these sauce-covered, cheese-stuffed meatballs have stolen our hearts. The best part is that they go in the slow cooker for 2 1/2 hours and don't have to be constantly stirred or anything.

10 Try: 2-Ingredient Dough Pizza


Pizza is delicious. There are so many different toppings that can go on it, and it's always so good. While ordering pizza for delivery or popping a frozen pizza into the oven is always great, it can also be a lot of fun to make your own pizza at home and really customize the toppings that go on it.

Tasty has a recipe for a really easy pizza dough that only requires two ingredients and takes no time to mix up! Before you know it, it'll be all ready to coat with sauce, cheese, and other toppings before you pop it in the oven.

9 Try: Turkey-Taco-Stuffed Bell Peppers


Stuffed bell peppers are a delicious recipe that has a ton of different variations that can be found around the Internet. They can be stuffed with all kinds of different meat and vegetables and are a classically delicious dinner idea. They're quick and easy to make and can be made with a variety of toppings to really fit the taste of the person eating them.

Tasty has a recipe for a version of stuffed bell peppers that are anything but boring and typical. These stuffed bell peppers are emptied out before being stuffed with ground turkey, salsa, black beans, corn, and other ingredients to make a delicious turkey taco.

8 Try: Chicken Tortilla Bowl Soup


Soup isn't just a meal for when you're feeling under the weather anymore! There are so many soup recipes around the Internet that use a variety of different meats and vegetables in them. In the colder months, they're a perfect lunch or dinner to eat and warm yourself up from the inside out!

Tasty has a deliciously creative recipe for Chicken Tortilla Bowl Soup that really means it when it says "tortilla bowl!" This soup is served in a bowl made of a fried tortilla that can be eaten itself after you're done with the soup inside. It's super easy to dump in the crockpot and not worry about for a few hours.

7 Try: Crispy Sriracha Buttermilk Chicken


Anyone who likes a little spice to their food will definitely know that Sriracha has been everywhere lately. It's hard to look up recipes on the Internet without finding at least a few recipes that use Sriracha in them. Not that we're complaining—it's totally delicious on so many different kinds of food like chicken!

Tasty has a recipe for chicken that gets so crispy in the oven after being coated in a mixture of Sriracha and buttermilk and then breaded with Panko breadcrumbs. The best part is that it cooks up in the oven, which means there's no oil to fry it in!

6 Try: Pizza Bread Bowl


Pizza is always a good idea. Luckily, there's an almost endless number of delicious pizza recipes around the Internet for pizza enthusiasts to try! When it comes to choosing toppings, cheeses, the style of crust, and other variations on a pizza, the options are pretty open for diners. There are even dessert pizzas and pizza-flavored versions of other food, like pizza dips!

Tasty took the idea of a really thick-crusted pizza to a whole new level with their Pizza Bread Bowl. Instead of a traditional pizza crust, this recipe builds the pizza up inside of a bread boule and then bakes it to crispy, melted perfection.

5 Try: Slow-Cooker Nacho Soup


Nachos are an awesome food for parties and movie nights. Who could say no to a big plate of tortilla chips that have been covered in melted cheese and other toppings like peppers, perfectly seasoned meat, tomatoes, olives, and other toppings of your choice? Not us, that's for sure! While a plate of traditional nachos is always tasty, there are some really creative ways to step your nacho game up while eating them in a whole new way.

Tasty has a recipe for Slow-Cooker Nacho Soup that takes regular nachos with delicious seasoned chicken and puts them into a creamy soup instead of on a plate. Yes, please!

4 Skip: Hot Cheeto Fries

via Tasty.co

How can fries covered in Hot Cheetos, steak, and cheese be a recipe that foodies should skip? Fries are so delicious with their crispy, golden outsides and their warm, soft insides. Adding anything on top, whether it's just some salt or other seasonings, cheese, or anything else does nothing but make them better, right?!

When it comes to Tasty's Hot Cheeto Fries recipe, the answer is sadly "no." There's just so much going on with this recipe between the fries, the layer of melted cheese, the avocado, the sour cream, and the steak that by the time the Hot Cheetos are added, it's just too much on one plate.

3 Skip: Instant Noodle Lasagna


Ramen noodles have really changed in recent years. More and more, they're becoming a deliciously trendy food that are way more than just sodium-filled fodder for college students who can't afford a real meal. Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have shared their favorite ramen recipes, and there are whole restaurants dedicated to the instant noodles!

Unfortunately, Tasty's recipe for Instant Noodle Lasagna is definitely one trendy ramen recipe that foodies won't be missing out on if they skip. The instant noodles instead of lasagna noodles just give the dish a weird texture, and the ham slices add way more salt than necessary.

2 Skip: Bacon-Wrapped, Mashed-Potato-Stuffed Meatloaf

via Tasty.co

This strange recipe is one that seems like it would be totally delicious in theory, but actually, it's one that's best skipped. Bacon-wrapped everything is all over the Internet, but there are some times when it just goes too far and is totally unnecessary.

Tasty has a recipe for this Bacon-Wrapped Mashed-Potato-Stuffed Meatloaf that sounds like it's a dream for carnivores everywhere, but it's actually just not great. YouTuber David Seymour tried it so no one else has to and showed that the bacon really didn't get crispy and the meatloaf stayed way too pink to be appetizing.

1 Skip: One-Pot Hot Dog Pasta


There are recipes all over the Internet for different kinds of pasta. Pasta with cheese sauce, pasta with meat sauce, pasta with veggie sauce... pasta everywhere. Even Tasty has a lot of pasta recipes that are... well... really tasty. But, even Tasty has to have some misses from time to time, and with such a huge category like pasta, we knew one was bound to come along.

Hot Dog Pasta is a one-pot dish that Tasty has a recipe for but is definitely one that foodies need to skip. The combination of the creamy sauce and the chopped hot dogs with the pasta is just too strange.

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