Heavenly Treat: 20 Awesome Things Foodies Need To Make With Nutella

Nutella is a sweet hazelnut and chocolate-flavored spread. It originated in Italy and is now enjoyed all over the world! Nutella has many uses and can be eaten as a dip for food like pretzels, used a spread on toast, or even baked into different delicious desserts like cookies, pies, and more. Nutella is so delicious that some people even like to eat it just as it is, straight out of the jar with a spoon or their fingers. Don't worry, if you're secretly one of those people, we won't tell anyone!

Even though Nutella is super delicious to sneak a spoonful of when you're standing in the pantry and think no one is looking, it's also a really tasty ingredient in other food as well. It's good in simple dishes like spreading on a piece of toast or onto a waffle in the morning, but it can be incorporated in some really creative and clever ways into other foods as well. Just about every Nutella lover has probably thought about mixing it into the batter for cupcakes or drizzled it on their ice cream, right? But what other ingredients could Nutella be used in?

The Internet is full of all kinds of recipes that Nutella is incorporated into in some way, whether it's as a topping or dip for another food or baked right into the batter. All of them are totally mouthwatering and make us want to stop eating Nutella with a spoon and start cooking with it instead!

Keep reading to see 20 Nutella recipes that foodies have got to try.

20 Nutella S'Mores Bars


S'mores are a delicious sweet treat that are typically made by taking a two graham crackers and sandwiching a warm, melted marshmallow and a piece of delicious milk chocolate in between them. The whole thing ends up being warm, gooey, and super sweet. It's a delicious summertime staple that anyone who goes camping probably makes during their trip. But how much better would it be with Nutella instead of just chocolate?

The View From Great Island has a recipe for the most delicious Nutella s'mores bars so we don't have to wonder anymore! All the delicious taste of a s'more, minus the campfire.

19 Braided Nutella Bread

via Aline-Made.com

When it comes to toast, the most important part is what goes on top. Whether you like just classic butter spread on your toast or you go for something trendy like avocado slices or you pick something creamy like peanut butter or almond butter, the toast is extra delicious with something spread on top. If you really want to treat yourself, Nutella is also an excellent choice.

Aline Made took that to the next level by cooking Nutella directly into this braided loaf of bread. Yum! The Nutella in this bread makes it super creamy and delicious and makes it a perfect sweet treat.

18 White Chocolate Nutella Truffles


Truffles are a type of candy that can be made with a ton of different ingredients. One really popular type of truffle uses chocolate and we can't deny that chocolate truffles are a classic candy for a reason. But what's wrong with changing up a classic?

This recipe from A Beautiful Mess a classic recipe for an Oreo truffle that uses chocolate and white chocolate and uses Nutella in it to make it extra sweet and tasty. Yum! White chocolate and Nutella may sound like a somewhat unusual combination, but it's definitely one any Nutella lover or foodie has got to try.

17 Trail Mix Cookie Cups


What's the best part of a bag of trail mix? Everyone is going to have a different answer to this question but we can bet that most people are going to ignore the healthier bits in a bag of trail mix like the nuts and raisins and choose to eat the more fun part: the M&M's. We don't blame you!

This recipe from Taste of Home takes classic trail mix and puts it into a cup that's made of a cookie and stuffed with Nutella and peanut butter. Sorry, M&M's! You're definitely not the best part of this trail mix recipe.

16 Nutella Cinnamon Rolls


Who can resist the smell of cinnamon rolls? They smell so good when they're baking up in the oven with all the cinnamon twisted up in the dough and they smell even better once they've been taken out of the nice, warm oven and have the frosting slathered all over the top. Just thinking about the smell is enough to make us hungry!

This recipe takes classic cinnamon rolls to another level by adding Nutella and making the icing a delicious espresso glaze. The Lemon Apron has the recipe which is just too good to turn down. How good would these be for breakfast?

15 Nutella Crepes


Crepes are similar to pancakes in that they're both made with a batter that is fried in a pan until it's done. Crepes are different, though, because they're incredibly thin and delicate. They're often made sweet and are served with something like fruit at breakfast or lunch or can even be served as a dessert with ice cream and chocolate sauce on them.

Nutella is always a good addition to any sweet treat though, so naturally adding Nutella to a crepe is a good choice! Tatyanas Everyday Food has a recipe for a delicious crepe batter and tips for putting the perfect amount of Nutella on it so they're not too sweet.

14 Nutella Swirled Ice Cream


Making ice cream at home from scratch isn't easy. It takes a lot of stirring and a lot of waiting for it to get totally frozen and ready to eat. It's all totally worth it if you're into making ice cream from scratch though because homemade ice cream can be pretty delicious! But, if you're not into completely making ice cream at home, you'll still probably know that adding in your own toppings is just as good.

The Food Charlatan definitely knows that and has an awesome recipe for taking Nutella and homemade peanut butter chunks and swirling them up into store bought ice cream for a super special treat.

13 Nutella Stuffed Strawberries


Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious, right? The taste of the sweet strawberries just goes so well with the creamy taste of the chocolate that they get dipped in. While those are delicious and definitely a classic sweet treat for a reason, there's one way that we can think of that will make them so much better.

Keeping Life Sane has a recipe that takes strawberries to a whole new level. Not by dipping them in chocolate but by stuffing them with Nutella! The recipe is super easy and they can be coated in something like peanuts in order to make them that much tastier.

12 Banana Nutella Smoothie


Smoothies are a delicious treat when you want to have a snack but don't really feel like cooking anything. Smoothies are great because of the fact that the possibilities for what can be tossed into the blender to make them are seriously endless. They can be made pretty healthy with a ton of fruits and a little spinach or they can be made a little more on the sweet side with something like Nutella tossed in.

This smoothie recipe comes from Simmer to Slimmer and uses frozen bananas, hot cocoa mix, and Nutella to make the most deliciously sweet and creamy smoothie that no one could resist.

11 Nutella Coconut Popsicles


Popsicles are a delicious frozen treat to eat during the summertime, but who can resist pulling one out of the freezer and eating them during any part of the year? Even when the weather gets colder outside, it's hard to say no to a delicious Popsicle. One super popular type of Popsicle is the Fudgesicle, a bar of creamy frozen chocolate. Yum!

Katherine in Brooklyn has a recipe that takes the classic Fudgesicle and makes them even more delicious (and slightly healthier!) with Nutella, yogurt, and coconut milk. They can even be coated in extra toppings to add more flavor and a little crunch.

10 Nutella Hand Pies


Even though cooking with Nutella is great, we have to admit that sometimes, we just want to eat it straight out of the jara with a spoon. Who can blame us? It's delicious and hard not to just scoop right out of the jar and into our mouths.

This recipe from Taste of Home is basically the next best thing when it comes to eating Nutella out of the jar. Instead of just scooping it up with a spoon into your mouth, this recipe involves baking a glob of it into a hand pie with a little orange zest to add some more flavor. Yum!

9 Nutella Brioche Bread Pudding


Bread pudding is a classic dessert, one that is often popular during the holidays but can be eaten year round. Bread pudding can contain a ton of different ingredients to make it super sweet and delicious, but adding Nutella to it is really taking bread pudding to the next level.

This recipe for Nutella brioche bread pudding comes from The Original Dish and is a perfectly simple dish that can be popped in the oven while you do other things, like maybe spend time with your family and friends during the holidays. Plus, it has super simple ingredients, most of which are probably already in your kitchen waiting for you.

8 Nutella Breakfast Pizzas


Pizza for breakfast? This is definitely something most people would probably say is a hard no. But, what if that pizza wasn't the traditional cheesy, saucy, pizza that you normally think of when you think of pizza? What if, instead, it was a breakfast pizza made of Nutella and fruit with a crust made of a delicious breakfast pastry?

This recipe comes from The Comfort of Cooking and is a deliciously sweet idea for breakfast. Nutella tastes so good spread on toast or another breakfast pastry and we all know how sweet it makes fruit like strawberries and bananas taste. Why not combine them?

7 No-Bake Nutella M&M Oatmeal Balls


Sometimes, we just don't want to turn on the oven. Whether it's because it's too hot outside to bother heating up the house or just out of pure laziness, there are just some times when it's not gonna happen. Luckily, there are a ton of recipes on the Internet for no-bake cookies that can be made without heating up the oven!

The Baker Mama has a recipe for no-bake cookies that are made with Nutella, oatmeal, and M&M's candy that are just so delicious with the flavor of chocolate and Nutella mixed up together. They're super chewy and the M&M's add a little bit of crunch and texture.

6 Strawberry Nutella Toast


Who doesn't love to sit down to breakfast and enjoy a plate of warm, delicious toast? It's made by dipping a thick-cut piece of bread in batter and frying it up. From there, the toppings that can go on it are pretty much endless. It can be syrup, whipped cream, fruit, or even... Nutella?!

The Kittchen has a delicious recipe on how to take toast from a typical breakfast treat to something so delicious by spreading Nutella all over the top. Want to make it even better? Add some strawberry or banana slices on the top to add a little sweetness.

5 Nutella Filled Cookie Cups


Cooking and baking with Nutella is delicious. There are so many different ways to incorporate Nutella into the batter for a cake, into the dough for cookies, or to drizzle on top of whatever you made as a sauce or other topping. But just eating Nutella by itself is totally delicious too!

These cookies from Sweet Dash of Sass are truly the best of both worlds. Baking a super yummy cookie into the shape of a cup and then filling it with Nutella? Yes, please! Eating Nutella straight off the spoon is a delicious guilty pleasure we all have, but eating it out of a cookie might just be the next best thing.

4 Mini Nutella Doughnuts


It's pretty hard to improve on doughnuts, right? They're fried balls of sweet and delicious dough, how could they be made better?! The only improvement we can think of is to add some Nutella.

Luckily, Taste of Home has a super yummy recipe for doing just that! While some doughnuts may use Nutella as a topping that can be drizzled or smeared all over the top of them after they come out of their bath in the hot oil, these doughnuts are filled with it instead. Imagining biting into these little balls of dough with the warm, melted Nutella inside is enough to make our mouths water!

3 Raspberry Nutella Tart


Fruit and Nutella is always a good combination. Typically, people pair it with bananas or strawberries and we can't say we see anything wrong with that. But there's also nothing wrong with trying out new things every now and then, like switching up the fruit that your Nutella gets paired with.

This recipe from Blessings and Good Food definitely branches out when it comes to the fruit that Nutella gets paired with and instead makes these tarts with raspberries! The recipe even has instructions on how to make a pastry crust from scratch that's so crispy and light, perfect as a base for any tart.

2 Nutella Cheesecake Bars


Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that comes in so many different forms. It can have different toppings, different crusts, and all kinds of other variations that are all so delicious. There are a lot of recipes around the Internet for different Nutella cheescakes to choose from, so Nutella lovers that are craving something creamy and delicious won't have to look far!

Life's Ambrosia made her own take on Nutella cheesecake by making these delicious chocolate Nutella cheesecake bars. They have a really sweet crust made up of crushed Oreos and have Nutella swirled all through the rest of the bars.

1 Nutella Rice Krispie Treats


Who can resist a chewy, sweet Rice Krispie Treat? These treats can be store bought or made at home but either way, they're made with Rice Krispies cereal and have melted marshmallows that hold them together. Other ingredients like chocolate chips, M&M's, and of course, Nutella can be added as well to add an extra special element to the treats.

The Baking Fairy has a recipe for Nutella Rice Krispie Treats that stir Nutella into the bars and then drizzle it on top of them to add some sweet hazelnut flavor to these classic snacks. Yum! They look so much better than the original kind.

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