Don't Play With Food: 25 Best Board-Game-Inspired Foods

Game night—a source of immense enjoyment as families get together to play a board game. It also let us know who was trustworthy, a hustler, a schemer, and highly competitive and which players we needed to let win or people would start losing arms. Board games are a part of many people’s childhoods and have deep nostalgic value, good or bad.

So much value that some people have found ways to take their favorite board games and make them edible. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more have been used as the building blocks of your favorite childhood games like Monopoly, Operation, and Scrabble. These delectable recreations have appeared at weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and game nights.

In the spirit of playing with your food, we've created a list of 25 best board-game-inspired foods that we've found online as shared by board game fans or companies looking to cater to this niche. Not all are playable, not all are necessarily delicious, but all are edible, and all remind us of those emotionally charged game nights.

25 Monopoly Cake

via Flickr

Never has a game caused more frustration, haggling, and outright cheating as Monopoly. This real-estate game that has sparked hundreds of variations and looks amazing as a cake celebrating someone’s birthday. No, those aren’t stacks of individual cards, but it's a faithful recreation of the original board game complete with a set of dice.

Eating this cake is bound to bring up either fond memories of business acquisition and clever investment strategies or anger at having landed on Boardwalk after it was outfitted with a hotel—not once but twice.

24 Tic Tac Toe Cookies

via Healthy Diet Breakfast Recipes.com

This is perhaps the easiest game to recreate with food. Pinterest is full of people using cookies and Twizzlers, crackers and pretzels, and all kinds of food items to play this game, but these circle and x cookies look the most appetizing and professionally done.

Considering the game never has you sharing pieces and the gameplay is really short, this is a great edible game that can be played and eaten without you worrying how long the pieces have been sitting out or who touched them. The only thing it doesn’t help with is deciding who gets to go first.

23 Chess Cake

via Reddit

Chess is one of the oldest games ever created that still has wide mainstream appeal. Between the complex strategies, man-versus-computer tournaments, the dichotomy of dark versus light, and trying to remember how the knights are supposed to be moved, Chess has deep sentimental value for many people.

This Chess Cake is a stunning recreation of the board game and has edible pieces you can move and play the game with. This is one cake that’s so stunning we can understand why many would be hesitant to eat it or even play with it.

22 Operation Cake

via Pinterest

There are a lot of ways this recreation could've gone wrong, given that it’s a cake recreating a faux-surgery game, but this actually looks good. Some variations on this Operation cake have edible candies that can be picked out with tweezers just like the real game.

Some might have a hard time cutting up the cake to serve it, especially if the cake is red velvet or something, but this cake is a standout for being playable without making later consumption less appetizing.

21 Candyland Cake

via Palermo's Bakery.com

Obviously, it's not an entirely accurate recreation of the actual game, but the level of candy on this cake suggests that the baker clearly loved the game and wanted to do it justice. With a lollipop forest, cupcake mountains, and a path made of starburst squares, this looks like a much tastier version of the Candyland board game.

We’d argue it’s even better than the original, considering this actually has candy that you can eat and doesn’t just have pictures that taunt you from the cardboard box your entire childhood.

20 Life Cake

via Cake Central

This cake doesn’t recreate the board game Life but actually utilizes the concept of the game to lay out the path the couple celebrating their 50th anniversary took to get to 50 years. Each square is an important life event that occurred and tells a tale of a happy couple and full life.

In the game of life, there are winners and losers based on who has the most money and accumulated life points. But according to this cake, everyone who lives their life to the fullest can be winners, and this couple celebrating their 50th are certainly doing it right.

19 Hungry, Hungry Hippos Cake

via Cake Central

Never has gluttony been as fun as it was playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and never has it looked this tasty. This cake is a minimalist recreation of the competitive game that has players directing their hippos to gobble up as many white balls as possible in order to be the biggest winner.

Setting aside the dark Darwinian notions this game seems to espouse, this cake is a great recreation of a game many of us had fun playing as kids. Just try not to get too competitive when it comes to eating this delicious-looking cake.

18 Settlers of Catan Cupcakes

via Pinterest

The popularity of this game is evident in just how many edible recreations of this game exist on Pinterest alone. While there are full-size cakes, crackers, and cookie pizza recreations, the cupcakes like the one pictured above are the best.

This one, in particular, has each cupcake representing a board tile. Twizzler bricks, pretzel logs, swirled blue frosting ocean, and fondant lambs make this the most interesting and appetizing recreation out there. The cleverness in this recreation is that the game could be played using the cupcakes but also provides a sufficient number of cupcakes to be a snack for people playing the actual game. These cupcakes look fun and delicious.

17 Chutes and Ladders Cake

via Imaginative Disposition Creative Pleasures.com

This cake is a wonderful homage to the childhood game that seemingly everyone has played. A simple game where a spin of the arrow could send players to the top via ladders or plummeting to the bottom via chutes, it was a simple game from a simpler time.

The cake looks incredible and generates some warm feelings of nostalgia. Although between the chutes, ladders, characters, and board tiles recreated from thick frosting, this might be a cake that’s a little hard to appreciate as an adult.

16 Camel Up Cake

via Pinosy.com

Some people may not be familiar with the Camel Up game, which is a shame, considering it’s won multiple awards since it came out in 2014. In the game, players make bets on which of the eight camels will win the race around the pyramid with all sorts of crazy hijinks helping or hindering the camels.

With cupcakes representing the camels and a towering edible pyramid, this Camel Up cake may just convince you to try the game yourself and find the recipe at the same time. We’re betting you’ll have fun with both.

15 Clue Cake

via Pinterest

The level of detail that went into this Clue Cake is incredible and shows love and affection for the mystery whodunit game that many remember from their childhood. It’s unclear if the pieces are movable, but even if they were, the cake is missing the cards, and the size of the spaces in relation to pieces suggests this was meant to be eaten more than played with.

It'd be interesting if they buried the identity of the killer, the murder weapon, and the room the murder was committed in inside the cake, so after playing, you’d have to eat the cake to find out the truth of the crime.

14 Trouble Cake

via Cake Central

No, this isn’t a cake for someone who’s in trouble, and there’s nothing troubling about it. This cake is a recreation of the game Trouble that had players racing their colored pieces to the center of the board.

It’s stunning the level of realism that went into this cake; the pieces are even movable. We’re not entirely sure how they made the center dome. Is it actual plastic or did they use some transparent hard candy? And we don’t know if it pops the die as the real game does, but it’s an impressive cake nonetheless.

13 Scrabble Cookies

via Pinterest

These little square cookies have been expertly frosted to recreate little Scrabble pieces. While they didn’t come with a board, you could probably get away with using the real thing, assuming you washed it a couple of times, or you can use a cookie pizza recipe to make an edible version.

As a treat, they look delicious, and as pieces in a board game, there’s immense value to having edible letters. Stuck with the Q or Z for several rounds and don’t know how to use them? Just eat the letters and draw more.

12 Checkers Shortbread

via Instructables.com

This shortbread dessert may not win any awards for how good it tastes or looks, but it’s surprising how effective of a recreation of Checkers this really is. With colored round candies and little round holes punched into the shortbread cookie, this totally works as an edible version of the game.

The nice thing about these kinds of edible versions of the board game is that once you’re done playing, you just eat the game. There’s no cleanup, and you don’t have to keep taping the box corners together to store this game; you just pop the pieces in your mouth, break up the cookie into bite-sized pieces, and you’re done.

11 Carcassonne Cake

via Margin Of Victory

A board game invented in Germany, Carcassonne comes to life on this 30th birthday cake for someone who was probably a devoted fan of the game. The green frosted cake is populated with chocolate roads, blue frosted rivers, and little Meeples staking out their claim.

It’s also cut into tile-sized pieces, which is both convenient for serving and could also allow you to play the game by divvying out the tiles and then building out the landscape like you would in a regular game. When you do decide to eat the game, try not to think too hard about biting into the little bodies of your followers, the Meeples.

10 Go Cake

via Life in 19x19.com

Considered this is one of the oldest games in existence, having been invented over 2,500 years ago in China, Go has a strong fan base and many tournaments around the world. It was a simple yet surprisingly complex game of strategy and tactics, and rumors abound that Go was played among high ranking military officials to make them better tacticians on the field of battle.

This Go cake, however, isn’t about battle or strategy but the union of a couple who, on their wedding day, demonstrated their love of the game with this cake that has movable pieces. Unlike in the game that has only one winner in the end, we hope they’ll both win.

9 Ludo Cake

via Bake Austin.com

Is it Ludo, Parcheesi, Pachisi, or minimalist Trouble? Whatever your thoughts on which board game this cake resembles, the maker claims it’s Ludo, so we’re calling it the "Ludo Cake." Like the other games, Ludo has players rolling dice and racing their pieces to the center to be the winner.

The cake has movable pieces and, with a set of regular or edible dice, could be played the same way. We just imagine there'll be a lot of confusion between players as to which game’s rules to follow, especially if someone is a fan of Uckers.

8 Apples To Apples Cake

via Jesicakes.com

The game with tongue-in-cheek word definitions that causes hours of hilarity as players pair words and synonyms together, Apples to Apples is a modern classic and looks great as a cake. This cake recreates the entire box Apples to Apples comes in with little apples resting around it.

We’re unsure what flavor the cake is, though we’re hoping it’s apple and would be a great treat during a game night with the real Apples to Apples game. It doesn’t get tastier than this, and "how ‘bout them apples?"

7 Pandemic Cake

via Board Game Geek.com

One of the few games that encourage cooperative gameplay rather than head-to-head competition, Pandemic was a great game. Teammates joined up to fight the spread of disease and find resources necessary for a cure.

This cake recreates the board game with its iconic global map connected by frosted lines and movable fondant pieces. Like the game, this cake had people digging in cooperatively and prevented the spread of disease by making everyone wash their hands before getting a slice.

6 Risk Cake

via Snack N Cake.com

Ah, Risk... the game of world domination that had children fighting for control of Australia. Risk was a game that created both allies and enemies in and out of the game.

This cake is a humble recreation of the game with a world map, an edible die, and little colored candies denoting players' control over the continents. We sincerely hope no one tried to play the actual game on this cake, as the real game takes anywhere from an hour to eight hours to play, assuming everyone was committed and played ruthlessly. We can’t imagine any cake tasting very good after eight hours of sitting out and having the candies moved around.

5 Blokus Cake

via About Fun And Games.com

Blokus was a simple-looking game that had players combing their Tetris talents and world-domination fantasies to control the board with their colored pieces before other players did. This frosted cake with colored fondant pieces is a fun homage to a fun game.

There are other DIY edible versions of this game online with gummy-like pieces or blocks carved out of hardened fudge, but this cake is the winner for being simple in design while still looking tasty. The only downside to this cake is the arguments it might cause when people who aren’t familiar with Blokus insist it’s a Tetris cake.

4 Ticket To Ride Cake

via Yelp.com

Ticket To Ride is a great game about railway expansion and monopolistic domination. It also looks incredibly delicious when recreated as a cake. This marvelous-looking cake is a large platform with colored rail lines dotting the sides. The board is recreated via rice paper and overlaid on top with little fondant train cars.

It's surprising more board game cakes don’t utilize printed rice paper to create the games, as it would make them so much easier to do and looks great.

3 Trivial Pursuit Cake

via Cake Central

The game that proves to everyone how smart you are by how much random information you know., Trivial Pursuit has players answering questions and moving their piece around the board to reach the end.

This cake recreates the familiar colored pies present in the game with a large square cake for the die and two cylindrical cakes for candles, perhaps to remind people of playing this game by candlelight when the power went out and the board games came out. We just hope they wash that board off before playing again.

2 Backgammon Cake

via Cake Central

It’s crazy the level of detail that went into the making of this Backgammon Cake. The board looks incredibly realistic, and the pieces are actually movable. From a distance, you’d probably think this was the real thing.

Like a few of the others on this list, this cake is definitely playable, and you could probably use a pair of real dice or some cleverly designed sugar cubes to play. Just don’t try to fold the thing because you’d probably make a mess.

1 Domino Brownies

via Taste Of Home.com

There are many DIY Domino brownie recipes, but these take the cake for using colored candies to recreate the dots. Cut to the right size and cleverly decorated, these could easily be eaten or used in a game of dominos.

We’d recommend only playing one round, as the idea of flipping them over and shuffling them is bound to cause a mess and smear chocolate on the table. Not to mention, would you still eat a brownie handled by everyone else at the table after upwards of six rounds?

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