Milk's Favorite Cookie: The Most Dunk-Able Cookies, Ranked From 25th To Oreo

When it comes to snack foods, as well as desserts, there is no shortage of different ways one can eat them. Furthermore, it is not just children who seem to enjoy finding different ways to play with their food and make it more fun, all while enhancing the taste and experience of eating it.

Adults have a tendency to do this as well. This may not happen quite as much with regular meals, but it certainly does happen quite a lot with certain snacks, as well as sweet desserts.

Furthermore, there are a lot of different things people have been known to do to make these foods more fun. For example, a lot of sweet things do taste pretty good when they are dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate.

Furthermore, there are a lot of cookies many people enjoy doing this with. Oreos are a pretty popular choice, but there are some other cookies that men, women, and children enjoy just as much.

Additionally, a lot of people like to dip their cookies into a beverage. That might sound a bit strange, but it is very good. There are a lot of beverages that go very well with cookies. Three of the most popular drinks to dunk a cookie into are coffee, milk, and tea.

This is not something everyone enjoys, but there are a lot of people who love it. Dipping a cookie into a glass of milk changes everything about it, and sometimes the results of that can be pretty great. Here are some of the best cookies to dunk in milk.

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25 Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate

via kashi.com

There are some truly outstanding cookies that are very fun to eat, as well as being full of flavor. There are also some cookies that are not that great, but they are still pretty good to eat when there are not any others.

Sometimes Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookies can fall into that category. However, when they are dunked in milk, these usually taste a bit better. Plus, they are softer after that, which makes them easier to eat. Furthermore, these cookies are not as unhealthy as some are. They are a great way to add more fiber to your diet, but is that really what we want from a cookie?

24 Udi’s Gluten Free Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

via twitter.com

Cookies are like little disc-shaped pieces of Heaven that are made to be eaten. They are often very sweet, and some cookies have the ability to make us think of when we were little, and got to spend time in our parents’ or grandparents’ kitchen, helping them bake up some delicious treats.

Cookies are simply wonderful. But one thing that makes them better is when they are not quite so harmful to our health. Udi’s Gluten Free Maple Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies are great for those who have strict diets. Furthermore, they can be dipped in milk in order to enhance the chocolate, maple, and pecan flavors.

23 Kashi Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies

via Pinterest

Having whole grains in our daily food intake is a very important thing, and some companies that make sweets and dessert foods are beginning to catch on to the fact that society seems to be more health conscious than we were in the past. So, these days, many people are seeing packaged cookies that are slightly healthier than others were in the past.

That is where Kashi Almond Butter cookies come in. They are designed to be appealing to those who are looking for the healthier cookie options out there. Plus, the flavors in them mix nicely with a tall glass of milk. In fact, these cookies can also make the milk itself taste better, as they have been dipped in it.

22 Newman-O’s Crème Filled Chocolate Cookies

via godairyfree.org

There are a lot of sandwich style cookies out there. The most popular one seems to be Oreos, but there are actually a lot of cookies that have tried to pull this style off. Many of them work very well, while some missed the mark entirely.

However, one sandwich style cookie that is actually quite good is Newman-O’s Cream Filled Chocolate cookies. They are very similar to Oreos, but their taste has some differences that make it unique. Eating one of these is not as good as eating an Oreo, but it is very tasty with a cold glass of milk.

21 Nutter Butters

via delish.com

There are a lot of truly delicious cookies. That is why it is so hard to eat just one. Every cookie seems to have a unique taste that is very distinct, therefore it is not exactly like any other cookies. For Nutter Butters, part of the distinct flavor is the peanut butter, and adding milk to that taste can be pretty great.

Furthermore, not all Nutter Butters are the same. While the packaged ones are great, there is a pretty good recipe for a homemade version here. Homemade Nutter Butters taste even better with milk.

20 Pepperidge Farm Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate Cookies

via tasteofhome.com

There are quite a few popular cookie companies, and Pepperidge Farm is definitely one of them. Men, women, and children everywhere seem to love at least a few of their creations, and it is not hard to see why, especially when it comes to their Montauk Soft Baked Milk Chocolate Cookies.

These little tasty treats are definitely made for those who like chocolate (so basically everyone). In fact, that is part of what makes these so great to dunk in milk. The taste of milk and chocolate together seems to make the chocolate seem creamier.

19 Grandma’s Homestyle Peanut Butter Cookies

via framedcooks.com

It seems that everyone loves to have something that tastes a little sweet once in a while. When someone is having a craving for sweets, they often turn to cookies. There are so many different kinds of cookies to chose from, so sometimes picking just one can be very hard to do.

Great cookies to try, especially with a glass of ice cold milk, are Grandma’s Homestyle Peanut Butter cookies. However, they are already very soft, which means that if they get too much milk in them, they can fall apart.

18 Annie’s Lemon Drop Cookie Bites

via tastysnacking.com

Everyone seems to love a good cookie. However, the people who really have fun eating them are, for the most part, children. So, cookies that are small enough to fit into tiny hands are often well liked by parents.

Furthermore, when these cookies are dipped into milk, biting into them is much easier. Sometimes the outside of the cookie can get a bit hard, so making them a little softer is certainly a benefit. Plus, the lemon flavor is bold enough to enjoy, while not being too strong.

17 Chips Ahoy! Original Chocolate Chip Cookies

via serc.carleton.edu

Some people are big fans of cookies that are very soft. Others appear to enjoy cookies that are hard. But on the other hand, there are some people who prefer cookies that fall somewhere in the middle, which means that they are not as hard as a brick, but they are still fairly stiff at the same time.

Typically, Chips Ahoy! cookies are a bit on the hard side. However, they also tend to crumble to bit. Dipping these in milk definitely adds a lot to the cookie, but too much milk can make them crumble even more.

16 Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Chocolate

via recipesecrets.net

There are almost no packaged cookies out there that taste better than a fresh, warm batch of homemade ones. However, that does not mean there is no packaged cookie in the world that comes close to it.

One of the best kinds of cookies to buy are Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Chocolate cookies. They are not too soft, and they are also not too hard. Furthermore, the chocolate and mint flavors taste wonderful, especially when they are dipped in milk, which makes the cookie taste a bit different, yet better at the same time.

15 Keebler Coconut Dreams

via hip2save.com

There are a great deal of people who enjoy dipping cookies in a cold glass of milk. In fact, cookies and milk have been a wonderful pair for a very long time. Even those who do not dip their cookies in it tend to enjoy drinking milk when they eat them.

For the most part, people dunk their cookies in regular milk. However, there are some cookies that mix quite well with chocolate milk, and that is the case for Keebler Coconut Dream cookies. The mixture of chocolate and coconut, along with the creaminess of milk, tastes wonderful.

14 Keebler E.L. Fudge Original Cookies

via amazon.com

There are a lot of cookies that are made in fun shapes, in order to be more appealing. This is the case for a lot of them, including the original version of Keebler E.L.Fudge cookies. They are designed to look like elves.

Many people everywhere love to dunk these fun little treats in a big glass of milk. Typically, milk takes the crunch out of some cookies. However, the crunchy goodness of these cookies still hangs around, even when they take a dip in milk.

13 Teddy Soft Bakes With Chocolate Filling

via thecardswedrew.com

Many cookies have been known to be pretty large. Additionally, most cookies are about the size of our palms or even smaller. Furthermore, there are some very small cookies that are very appealing to children. This is where Teddy Soft Bakes come in.

These cookies do not only have a fun design to them, but they also taste pretty good. They can be a little on the hard side, but they soften up a bit when they are dunked in milk. Furthermore, the taste of the chocolate filling adds a creamy texture to it. These are not that great on their own, but milk makes them better.

12 Keebler Fudge Stripes

via whereisjune.com

Keebler makes some pretty great cookies, some of which are perfect on their own without being dipped into milk. However, they also have been known to make a few different kinds of cookies that are not that great, but they taste pretty good with milk.

Keebler Fudge Stripes are not very good on their own. However, the fudge is pretty good. But, they are a lot better when they are dipped in milk. Additionally, the flavor from the cookie can make the glass of milk taste better as well.

11 Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

via Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Some cookies are designed to be healthier than the others ones on the market. Sometimes these cookies contain less sugar, or carbs, while others are simply smaller than the rest. While Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies are not advertised as being much healthier than its’ competitors, the size of each cookie is small, and thus it seems to be a bit healthier.

While they are very small, these cookies are also very popular. Furthermore, dunking them in milk makes them even better, partially due to the fact that the milk makes the chocolate chips seem even more soft and creamy.

10 Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

via wikihow.com

Cookies usually taste the best right after they have been taken out of the oven, and given a few minutes to cool off. That is usually why a lot of people prefer to eat homemade cookies rather than ones that are bought from the store.

However, that does not mean that packaged cookies are not good. In fact, some of them actually taste very much like homemade cookies. Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip cookies taste very similar to ones that are homemade. Additionally, the large chunks of chocolate in them are very tasty when the cookies are paired up with a creamy beverage such as milk.

9 Entenmann’s Holiday Gourmet Cookies

via Walmart

Cookies are pretty much always a welcome snack. Furthermore, they are a type of food that anyone can enjoy during anytime of the year, minus the ones that have seasonal ingredients in them. However, there is at least one time of the year when people seem to be buying more cookies than usual, as well as making them at home.

Cookies are a big part of December, due to the holiday season. One type of cookie that is great to dunk in some milk around that time of the year is Entenmann’s Holiday Gourmet cookies. The buttery flavor of them is rather nice when the cookie is covered in delicious, creamy milk.

8 Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies

via abajillianrecipes.com

Those who are looking for a box of cookies with a fun design to them do not need to look any further. Mother’s Circus Animal cookies are shaped like different animals. Additionally, they are made to look even more fun (and taste even better) than some of their competitors because they have brightly colored sprinkles on the top of each one.

These cookies are not too hard, and the frosting is decent enough. However, when they are dunked in milk, they kind of taste like a very sweet cereal, which is pretty good.

7 Nilla Wafers

via laurenalforddesign.com

These cookies are a rare kind. They are made by Nabisco, and no other version of them that is made by any other company comes close to the taste of these cookies.

Nilla Wafers are pretty good cookies on their own. However, they are simply delicious when they are paired up with other things, such as banana pudding or milk. Foods with creamy textures in general seem to go very well with this type of cookie, so Nilla Wafers are a great cookie to dunk in milk.

6 Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

via thestuntzombie.com

Cookies that have a lot of different flavors in them are not always appealing. However, there are times when cookies with a mixture of bold flavors in them can taste pretty great.

However, sometimes it is best to keep things simple, and go with a cookie that only has one or two flavors to focus on. This is what makes Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies so good. Furthermore, what makes the rich flavor much more noticeable is when these delicious cookies are dipped in milk.

5 Ginger Snaps

via seriouseats.com

There are some cookies that are loved by nearly everyone. But on the other hand, there are also cookies that have a much smaller fan base. This is where ginger snaps come in.

These cookies often have a delicious flavor, and they are very sweet. However, sometimes these cookies are very hard. That is not because they are stale, but rather because they are made to be that way. But not everyone loves this hard cookie. Since some people enjoy the flavor, but not the hard texture, they choose to dunk these cookies in milk to soften them up a bit. Milk makes the cookies softer, and it also creates a more rich flavor.

4 Newton’s Blueberry Brown Sugar Fruit Thins

via brandeating.com

When it comes to cookies with a lot of crunchy goodness to them, Newton’s Blueberry Brown Sugar Fruit Thins definitely hold a spot on that list. These cookies are full of fruity flavor, and another thing that makes them so great is the fact that some jams taste good on them, as well as peanut butter.

Furthermore, these cookies are great on their own, as well. However, the taste of milk mixed with the blueberry flavor is something that is truly awesome. These cookies are great pretty much no matter what way they are eaten.

3 Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels

via twitter.com

These cookies are the perfect snack for someone who likes light, crispy sweet treats. They have the perfect amount of crunch to them, and they are a great treat to have in the afternoon, or after dinner.

Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussels have a rich flavor that is truly unique, and it only tastes better when it is dipped in milk. There is nothing quite like the mint flavor of these delicious cookies mixed with ice cold milk. That is a truly delicious combination of flavors.

2 Keebler Grasshopper Mint & Fudge Cookies

via kederhower.com

Keebler makes a lot of really great tasting cookies. Keebler Grasshopper Mint & Fudge cookies are truly fantastic, as they are very rich in both of the two main flavors.

The fudge taste is rich without being bitter. Furthermore, the taste of the mint part of the cookie is refreshing, and the two flavors compliment each other nicely. There are a couple of dairy products that can be enjoyed with this cookie. Dipping it in milk is delicious, and so it adding it to various flavors of ice cream. However, the milk with the mix of fudge and mint is simply amazing.

1 Oreos

via Shutterstock

Oreos are one of the most popular packaged cookies of all time, and it is not hard to see why they are so popular. These cookies have a little something for everyone in them. Firstly, people who prefer hard cookies with a good bit of crunch will certainly enjoy the outside of them, and those who like to have soft cookies usually like the creamy part in the middle.

Furthermore, these cookies are delicious all on their own. However, they are the best kind of cookie to dunk in milk. They do not get too soft, as the outside is still crunchy, even after they are covered in milk. Also, it seems that milk really brings out the different flavors in the cookie, and there is no downside to eating an Oreo this way. Oreos are the perfect cookie to dunk in milk, but some other cookies do come pretty close.

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