Jell-O Hell-O: 18 Worst And 10 Best Things To Ever Have Been Made With Jello

There are a lot of things that pretty much instantly became classic items. Cars, movies, television shows, and certain articles of clothing are some of them.

But this is also true for food. Throughout history, there have been numerous dishes that became instant classics, such as pizza, spaghetti, pancakes, and countless others. This is also true for snack foods. Some classic snack foods are popcorn and potato chips.

Then, there's the odd category between regular food and snack food, and this is where Jell-O comes in. Though the original version of it, which had no taste or color, didn't take off right away, that meant nothing in the long run, because it didn't take too long for the product we all know and love today to start becoming a thing nearly everyone enjoyed at one time or another.

Today, this is a very popular product. But that doesn't mean everyone's a fan. Some people love this stuff, others despise it, and then, there are the people who enjoy it in some dishes yet don’t enjoy it in others.

The story of how it became so popular is rather interesting. After the initial failure it had, someone by the name of "Pearle Wait" played with the product, adding a fruity flavor. However, he didn't have the money he needed to distribute it or advertise it. So, Wait sold it to a man who had dropped out of school and owned his own company at the young age of 20, and his name was "Frank Woodward."

The sales of the product continued to be slow. Woodward came very close to selling it, but that's when it started to become the massive success it is these days.

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28 Worst: Ham In Aspic

via Shutterstock

There are a lot of strange things in the world of food that, despite how weird they might seem at first, actually turn out to be quite good, and they surprise our taste buds in a very positive way. However, there are also foods that are odd and taste even more strange than they look. Furthermore, sometimes, they don't even have a good flavor to them.

This is where ham in aspic comes in. Aspic is when gelatin encases a certain food that it might not otherwise be paired with. Ham is fine on its own, but Jell-O doesn't need to be added to it.

27 Best: San Francisco In Jell-O

via Liz Hickok artspan.org

Food is a truly amazing thing. It not only keeps our bodies alive and well, but it also is very fun to experiment with.

There are a lot of fun recipes that are the result of someone looking to create something that no one had ever done before. We'd be missing out on a lot of delicious things if it weren't for some creative people. Speaking of creative people, there's one who thought of a new way to use Jell-O. Artist Liz Hickok has been known for creating very visually appealing recreations of San Francisco, California. The main ingredient used in her works of art is Jell-O.

26 Worst: Cottage Cheese And Salmon Mold

via Scrumpdillyicious

There are a lot of dishes that are known for combining everything but the kitchen sink, and sometimes, they can be pretty tasty. But then again, there are also some dishes that use a lot of things that should never be on the same plate together under any circumstances, and that's the case for cottage cheese and salmon molds.

Cottage cheese, salmon, and Jell-O are a truly bizarre mixture. However, it gets even worse when two hard-boiled eggs get thrown into it as well. But what really makes it unbearable is the when dill pickles, and sometimes olives, are added to it as well.

25 Best: Jelly Cakes

via Siew Boon / boredpanda.com

There are many different ways to make a cake, and a few of those include Jell-O in the recipe. It's fun to get creative with food, especially desserts, for a number of reasons, and one of them is because baking can be a great way to relieve stress.

That's exactly what pushed Siew Boon to begin making 3D jelly cakes. Boon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and she began creating these cakes for her healthcare providers. According to Boon, every part of this cake takes at least a few hours to create.

24 Worst: Spam Jell-O

via mid2mod.blogspot.com

Typically, when people try to come up with a very creative, unique, and new recipe that involves something that's been very popular for quite some time, they usually don't imagine pairing it up with an item such as spam.

However, that recipe is a thing that exists. Additionally, what makes it worse is that it also contains mayonnaise, relish, sour cream, Tabasco, pepper, boiled eggs, and onions. None of those things should ever be put in the same recipe together, which just proves how Jell-O isn't always great.

23 Best: Sparkling Grapefruit Jell-O

via tastemade.com

There are a lot of classic flavors of Jell-O, and many of them are fruit flavors. Usually, when people think about Jell-O, they think about flavors such as strawberry, lemon, lime, raspberry, and even black cherry.

However, another fruit flavor that's good in Jell-O is grapefruit. In fact, those who'd like to try it can make sparkling grapefruit Jell-O, which is a very light and refreshing, bubbly treat. Some of the ingredients in it, aside from the gelatin, are freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and agave. However, the agave can be replaced with honey.

22 Worst: Lemony Salmon Tower

via DISboards.com

Salmon is very good, and there are a lot of things that can be served along with it. However, Jell-O isn't one of the things that's good when served with salmon. But clearly, not everyone agrees, because someone created the lemony salmon tower.

On the positive side, this dish looks pretty fun. On the negative side, these are things that should never be eaten together. Furthermore, what makes it even worse is the fact that there are anchovies in it. Sour cream, pickles, and pickled beets are in it as well.

21 Worst: Pressed Ox Tongue

via justedible.wordpress.com

There are a lot of foods that are loved by some people as well as disliked by others. One particular food that seems to fit in well here is the tongue of an ox.

This isn't something that many people typically like, but some do enjoy it. One of the strangest recipes involving an ox’s tongue is pressed ox tongue, which contains gelatin. Furthermore, the other ingredients don't exactly make it better either. Some of them are one carrot, one onion, and a bay leaf.

20 Best: BlackBerry Slush Punch

via kitchme.com

A lot of recipes, especially when it comes to desserts, snacks, and sweet beverages, are great tasting and even visually stunning. However, some of them take a lot of time to create, which makes finding the time to try them nearly impossible. So, recipes that are quick, easy, and full of flavor are a definite must.

One recipe that's exactly like that is blackberry slush punch. Some of the ingredients in this recipe include blackberries, strawberries, gelatin, and ginger ale. This is the ideal drink to make when friends and family drop by for a visit in the summertime.

19 Worst: Jellied Beef Mold

via iowasue.blogspot.com

Sometimes, it's fun to try some really unique recipes that you haven't eaten before. After all, we'll never truly know whether or not we really like something unless we try it once or twice. There are many good meals that some people would miss out on if they never did this.

However, there are some dishes that are totally okay to avoid. One of them is jellied beef mold. This is basically beef encased in Jell-O, and it's sometimes paired with green olives.

18 Worst: Emerald Cantaloupe

via youtube.com

There are a lot of old things that are being redone these days so that a new generation of men and women can experience and enjoy them. This has been happening a lot lately with many things, including movies, clothes, and some foods.

However, just because something's vintage does not mean that it should be brought back at any point in time. That's especially true if it was never popular in the first place, and that's the case for emerald cantaloupe. Cantaloupes packed with lime Jell-O isn't an appetizing thing to think about; however, it doesn't seem quite as bad as some of the other Jell-O disasters that have been invented.

17 Best: Sour Patch Grapes

via delish.com

There have definitely been some questionable recipes involving Jell-O. However, there are also some pretty amazing creations that have been made with it.

One very tasty little treat, especially for the candy lovers around the world, is sour patch grapes. These candies are very good, and they're pretty simple to make. Also, anyone can make whatever flavor he or she wants because there are a lot of different flavors of Jell-O. This recipe requires grapes, Jell-O, toothpicks, and water. It also includes Jolly Rancher green apple mix and Jolly Rancher watermelon mix.

16 Worst: Bean And Mushroom Salad

via vintagerecipecards.com

Sometimes, there are certain ingredients that are added to a dish simply to enhance the texture of it but not to affect the taste in any way. Often, gelatin is one of these things, and sometimes, the dish ends up tasting good. But there are also moments when the dish just turns out weird and becomes something that should never be made again, which is the case for bean and mushroom salad.

This dish contains unflavored gelatin, green beans, and mushrooms. Some of the other ingredients in it are vinegar, as well as pimiento.

15 Worst: Pressed Brisket Of Beef

via Shutterstock

There should never be a time when someone has to wonder whether the meal sitting in front of them is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. However, many of the dishes that contained gelatin a long time ago would certainly make that question pop into one’s head.

Just look at pressed brisket of beef, for example. This dish contains many of the items that would normally be in an actual meal, including beef and onions. However, it also has gelatin in it, which makes it look a lot like it's supposed to be a dessert.

14 Best: Strawberry Poke Cake

via averiecooks.com

Strawberries are good in almost anything. It seems as though any dish can be made better if strawberry is added to it, and Jell-O is no exception.

But one dish, in particular, is delicious not only because of the fact that it contains strawberries and Jell-O, but also because it's cake. Strawberry poke cake is one of the most creamy, heavenly things that contain Jell-O. This cake is a very light and fluffy treat to enjoy after dinner. The flavor isn't too weak or strong, and the texture of it's just right.

13 Worst: Cucumber Relish Salad

via Pinterest

Typically, when people think about Jell-O, they tend to imagine something tasty. Additionally, what many people picture when thinking about it is some type of dessert.

So, it's always a bit strange to see something like Jell-O paired up with stuff that's not sweet at all. That’s not always a bad thing, though. But in the case of cucumber relish salad, it is. Cucumbers are great. Relish is alright. Jell-O can be awesome. But they should never be mixed together.

12 Worst: Lime Cheese Salad

via cakercooking.blogspot.com

Jell-O is pretty good. Whether it's by itself or paired with some other sweet or sour-tasting thing, Jell-O can be rather tasty at times.

However, back when it was still relatively new, people were still trying to figure out what worked with it and what did not. Lime cheese salad was one of the recipes that happened as a result of this. This is one truly odd dish, as it combines Jell-O with cottage cheese, onions, and vinegar. Mayonnaise is also part of it, which only makes it worse.

11 Worst: Jell-O With Shrimp Frosting

via 12tomatoes.com

Shrimp can taste pretty amazing, whipped cream is delicious, cream cheese is great for the texture, and Jell-O is a good ingredient for desserts. However, none of these things should've ever been combined, and yet, they were. Oh, and let’s not forget the diced olives and celery.

The shrimp frosting alone isn't all that bad. In fact, it's very much like shrimp salad, so that makes it more tolerable. Additionally, the Jell-O without the frosting wouldn’t be bad. But together, they make a dish that almost no one would actually want on his or her dinner table.

10 Worst: Jellied Lamb Salad

via Red House Spice

There are a lot of different meats out there that are really good. One of them is lamb, and there are many things that seem to go well with it. However, Jell-O isn't one of those things.

Furthermore, this recipe gets even worse. Not only does it require lamb and Jell-O to be on the same plate, but some of the other ingredients in it are green beans, eggs, tomatoes, eggs, and pepper. This is another questionable dish that contains pretty much everything in the kitchen.

9 Best: Creamy Lime Jell-O Parfaits

via livelovetexas.com

There are a lot of desserts that are meant to be enjoyed during the spring and summer seasons, just as there are some that are specifically designed for the cooler months, such as fall and winter. But what makes certain desserts even better is when they're made to be eaten during any time of the year.

Creamy lime Jell-O parfaits are that kind of treat. They're great no matter when they're made, and they have a very smooth texture and delicious taste. It's nearly impossible to go wrong with these parfaits.

8 Worst: Glace Fish Mold

via reddit.com

Most of the time, it isn't necessary to remind people what kind of meat they're eating. We don't have burgers that are shaped like cows, so there's no need for a meal containing fish to be shaped like one. This is fine when it comes to dishes that are made for children, but otherwise, it's a bit odd.

However, the shape isn't the only weird part of glace fish molds. It's hard to imagine that anyone would look at Jell-O and think that a good thing to add to it would be flaked fish, but obviously, someone did.

7 Best: Layered Jell-O Mousse Cake

via tastemade.com

Cake is wonderful. Everyone seems to love cake. After all, there are so many different things a person can do with cake. It can be layered, it can be round, it can have a filling, and it can even be made with ice cream.

Those are just a few of the numerous things that can be done when it comes to cake. Furthermore, cake can also have Jell-O and Mousse in it. Layered Jell-O mousse cake is an especially fluffy culinary delight. Aside from the Jell-O, this cake also has cream cheese, dried fruit, and graham crackers in it.

6 Worst: Sauerkraut Mold

via dbkitschen.blogspot.com

Many foods are pretty good even when they're just eaten on their own without anything to enhance the taste. But on the other hand, some foods are much better when they're added to other things. There are also some items that find themselves in the middle of both categories.

Something that's good with or without additional ingredients is sauerkraut. However, this sauerkraut mold is something that never should've been invented. This was a recipe that was created to be a dish that's served along with cold meats or salads.

5 Worst: Three-Layer Salad

via theginghamapron.com

There are a lot of things that are wrong with this three-layer salad. Firstly, one extremely strong and sour flavor in one dish is enough. But having more than one flavor like that is never a good mixture.

However, that's exactly what this dish does. The three main flavors are raspberry, lime, and orange. That already sounds like it wouldn't taste that great simply because of the numerous strong flavors that are mixed together. However, adding the jelly-like substance that's Jell-O in the middle of all of that just makes this an even stranger creation.

4 Best: Orange Creamsicle Protein Gelatin Squares

via pinterest.com

There are a lot of dessert and snack recipes that people love because they taste great. However, not many of them are considered to be very healthy. So, when we find tasty sweet treats that are also beneficial to our health, it's hard not to love them.

Orange creamsicle protein gelatin squares are a very nice snack to have. They can be eaten before or after a workout. They can also be eaten during any other time of the day as well. These little squares of snack heaven are very creamy. Additionally, the orange flavor, which comes from pulp-free orange juice, is very strong.

3 Worst: Turkey In Aspic

via eatsmarter.com

Gelatin has been around for a very long time. That means that men and women have had a lot of time to come up with some amazing dishes that can be made with it. But on the flip side, that also means that there have been some pretty strange dishes, which lack in good taste, that contain this thick ingredient.

One of the worst recipes involving Jell-O is turkey in aspic. Normally, turkey is something nearly everyone loves to eat. However, this weird dish is definitely not going to please everyone’s taste.

2 Worst: California Jell-O Ring

via advrider.com

There are a lot of great dishes that have been invented, and Jell-O is one of them. But that doesn't mean everything with the thick, jelly-like stuff is something that should be eaten.

Jell-O has appeared in a lot of recipes that aren't very good, and one of them is the Californian Jell-O ring. On the bright side, at least this is actually something that was meant to be eaten for dessert and not lunch or dinner. However, it's still not all that great. Also, it looks like a big blob, which definitely doesn't do it any favors.

1 Best: Fresh Strawberry Jell-O

via pinterest.com

Sometimes, it can be fun to try to create new and exciting recipes that are inspired by some old favorites. But on the other hand, there are also times when it's a lot of fun to make something simple that we already know we like.

Strawberry Jell-O is one of those recipes. It's something that's simple and easy to make when you’re craving a delicious sweet snack, or a great dessert to have after dinner. Fresh strawberry Jell-O is a true delight when you have a craving for something with sugar in it. Also, lime juice can be added to this recipe for those who want to enjoy more than one flavor.

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