The 14 Best Vegan Dishes (And 11 That Are Way Too Unappealing)

Eating healthy is definitely something that a lot of people want to do, but it's not always easy to make the more health conscious choices. Luckily, the Internet is full of recipes for healthier versions of our favorite unhealthy foods. One way to make a slightly healthier change in a person's diet to is to try to cut out a little bit of meat and dairy. Whether you're going completely vegan or just trying to add in a couple vegan meals per week into your rotation, the Internet is a great place to go to find delicious vegan recipes and even vegan versions of your favorite meals! The Web makes it quick and easy to find recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for snacks.

Anyone who has ever searched around the Internet for recipes will know that while there are a ton of really delicious, easy, and fun to make ones, there are also some that just don't look or sound very good. Those ones are definitely not coming anywhere near our Pinterest boards! It's easy to find really unappealing and unappetizing recipes for just about any type of food but it seems like vegan food has even more than any other kind. People get really creative when they try to find vegan alternatives for our favorite foods and put a healthier twist on them, but they don't always succeed and sometimes, we find recipes that we definitely don't want to try!

To see some of the best vegan recipes on the Internet and others that are just not appealing, keep on reading!

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25 Best: Banana Churro Bites

via sarahbakesgfree.com

Although most churros are made by frying dough and then coating it in cinnamon and sugar, this vegan churro recipe puts a really unique twist on it.

Plus, they're gluten free, easier to make, and just a little bit healthier!

This recipe comes from Sarah Bakes Gluten Free and even has a recommendation for some dairy-free chocolate chips that can be melted for a dip. Banana churros and a delicious vegan chocolate dipping sauce? Sign us up! This dairy free dessert is too tempting to turn down.

24 Unappealing: "Bacon"-Wrapped Asparagus

via kelliesfoodtoglow.com

For the past several years, bacon has been everywhere. It gets wrapped around vegetables and sprinkled on salad and placed between the buns of all kinds of burgers. Naturally, it's a food that going vegan would mean missing out on, but this recipe for a vegan "bacon" alternative wrapped around asparagus takes it too far.

Kellie's Food To Glow created this recipe and uses her vegan eggplant bacon substitute as the bacon that wraps around the asparagus. Honestly, we'll just take the roasted asparagus, please!

23 Best: Grilled Asparagus and Shiitake Tacos

via goodhousekeeping.com

Who says being vegan means you have to miss out on taco night? Tacos typically have some kind of meat inside like beef, chicken, or even fish but being vegan means that those ingredients are a definite no-go. Luckily, this recipe from Good Housekeeping is totally vegan-friendly and perfect for a meatless taco night!

Instead of filling these tortillas with meat, they're stuffed with grilled mushrooms and asparagus. They can still be made super spicy and crispy by grilling the tortilla and drizzling on some hot sauce.

22 Unappealing: Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

via gimmedelicious.com

Cauliflower has become a replacement for just about everything in the food world lately. For people trying to go gluten-free or low-carb, using cauliflower as a pizza crust has become super popular. For people who want their side dishes to be slightly healthier, cauliflower has replaced traditional mashed potatoes.

This recipe for baked buffalo cauliflower wings comes from Gimme Delicious and it just too far. While we totally get missing buffalo wings made with chicken, using cauliflower as a substitute just doesn't look or sound appetizing.

21 Best: Crispy Potatoes With Vegan Nacho Sauce

via goodhousekeeping.com

Nachos are definitely one dish that anyone would miss when they went vegan but luckily, Good Housekeeping has a delicious recipe for a vegan nacho alternative. No need to miss chowing down on a delicious plate of cheesy, crispy goodness!

Instead of using tortilla chips, cheese, and other toppings though, this recipe took nachos to a whole new level.

They use crispy potatoes that have been baked up and can be dipped in or drizzled with this vegan cheese sauce. It's even loaded with spices to give the whole dish a ton of extra flavor.

20 Unappealing: Raw Caramel Pistachio Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts

via onegreenplanet.org

We really wish that we could eat all the chocolate doughnuts we want every day but we know that's just not healthy.

There are a ton of vegan options for doughnuts out there that are healthier than the traditional versions, but this one takes it way too far.

This recipe comes from One Green Planet and doesn't actually use fried dough like most doughnuts. Instead, it uses ingredients like oats, dates, and hemp. The dates and vegan chocolate frosting definitely make them sweet, we just can't get past the granola bar-looking texture.

19 Best: BBQ Chickpea And Cauliflower Flatbread

via goodhousekeeping.com

Avocado toast is delicious, right? It's been all over social media for quite some time and we have to admit, there's a good reason behind it! But this recipe from Good Housekeeping is a vegan recipe that takes avocado toast from good to great.

This recipe takes a toasted piece of flatbread or a pocketless pita and covers it in a deliciously creamy avocado mash. On top of that, roasted cauliflower and barbecue-flavored chickpeas add more flavor and a little crunch. Sorry, classic avocado toast! We still love you.

18 Unappealing: Green Goddess Grilled Cheese

via rainbowplantlife.com

When many people think of a grilled cheese sandwich, they probably think of two slices of white sandwich bread with a gooey slice of Kraft Singles melted between them, right? That was definitely a staple food for many children and is still found on the kids' menus of restaurants everywhere.

This recipe from Rainbow Plant Life is a grown up, vegan twist on the classic grilled cheese but the addition of so many vegetables and dairy-free cheese makes it really unappealing because of the nostalgia of the classic grilled cheese so many of us have.

17 Best: Split Pea Pesto Stuffed Shells

via detoxinista.com

For people who want to cut some of the dairy out of their diet or go vegan entirely, missing out on a delicious bowl of pasta loaded up with cheese can be really hard! But this recipe from DetoxInista makes it easy to still have a plate of stuffed shells without the cheese.

Instead of cheese like non-vegan versions of this recipe use, it uses a split pea pesto mixture to load the shells up with the creamy, delicious filling. Plus, the split peas in this recipe give a lot of extra protein in the dish.

16 Unappealing: Raw Zucchini Lasagna

via furtherfood.com

Around the Internet, there are a ton of recipes for vegan lasagna. If you can think of a food that has either meat or cheese in it that you really want to make a vegan-friendly version of, odds are you're gonna be able to find someone who has done it.

Unfortunately, not all of them are particularly appetizing.

This recipe from Further Food is a take on vegan lasagna that went a little too far. Instead of using lasagna noodles at all, they used raw slices of zucchini between each layer.

15 Best: Jackfruit Tacos

via theedgyveg.com

Did that title make you raise your eyebrows a little? Or are you already familiar with jackfruit? Jackfruit has become more and more popular recently after people discovered that, despite being a fruit, it can be flavored and marinated to taste like just about any meat someone is looking for.

This recipe from The Edgy Veg takes jackfruit and uses it like pulled pork for these savory, delicious tacos. Whether you're a full-time vegan or just want to extend your meatless Monday to Taco Tuesday, these tacos are so good, you'll forget that's not meat.

14 Unappealing: Spiralized Broccoli Mac And Vegan Cheese

via wellvegan.com

When most people eat broccoli, they eat the top part and leave the long, thick stems behind, right? The person over at Well Vegan who created this recipe used to do that, too. Until one day they had an idea to try to use the entire head of broccoli in a recipe.

Using broccoli in a big, warm bowl of vegan mac and cheese actually sounds pretty good, but putting the thick stems through a spiral cutter and including them makes it a lot less appetizing.

13 Best: Snickers Cheesecake

via minimalistbaker.com

Although there are a ton of savory vegan recipes, we didn't forget about dessert! This recipe for a deliciously sweet vegan Snickers cheesecake recipe comes from Minimalist Baker and only has 10 ingredients!

The crust is made with dates and walnuts which means that it adds an extra bit of natural sweetness.

On the top, dates are blended up with some water to make a super sweet, dairy-free caramel sauce to drizzle all over this cheesecake because what would a Snickers be with no caramel?

12 Unappealing: Rice Paper Bacon

via theedgyveg.com

Missing out on eating bacon as a vegan or a vegetarian would not be easy. There are meat and dairy-free substitutes for just about every food out there and while a lot of them are actually really good, there are some that are just not.

This recipe from The Edgy Veg is an answer for any vegan who misses eating bacon. Let's be honest though, it's better to just deal with not being able to eat it than to try to season and cook up some rice paper as a substitute.

11 Best: Curried Lentil, Tomato, And Coconut Soup

via bonappetit.com

The curry powder in this soup gives it a little spice but it can be totally customized to the taste of the person making and eating it. Like a little more heat in your bowl? Add some that's a little spicier or even toss in a few red pepper flakes! Use less or a slightly milder powder if you're not quite so into spicy food.

This soup recipe comes from Bon Appetit and can be made a few days in advance if you want to make some extras to eat as leftovers throughout the week.

10 Unappealing: Spaghetti Squash Burrito Bowls

via cookieandkate.com

Putting food inside of another food instead of in a regular bowl is always a delicious choice. Whether it's a loaded baked potato or a bread bowl of soup, you can almost never go wrong by loading up a different food with whatever you're eating.

Well, we did say almost. This recipe from Cookie And Kate takes that idea to a whole new level but unfortunately, it's just not appealing. While this vegan burrito bowl sounds delicious, putting it in a spaghetti squash kind of ruins it.

9 Best: Curry Garlic Sweet Potato Fries

via thefirstmess.com

Although regular french fries are delicious, anyone who has ever tried sweet potato fries will definitely be able to confirm that they're so much better. They're slightly healthier and adding some salt or other seasonings on top really brings out the sweetness of these delicious, orange vegetables.

This recipe comes from The First Mess and uses curry powder, roasted garlic, and vegan miso gravy on the fries to make them extra flavorful. These sweet and savory sweet potato fries would be delicious served up alongside a veggie burger or as a snack all by themselves.

8 Unappealing: Sweet Potato Toast

via veganheaven.org

There are a ton of vegan versions of traditionally meat or dairy-filled foods, so it's really not that hard to find a vegan recipe for anything you want. Unfortunately, finding gluten-free recipes can be a lot harder. This recipe is a vegan and gluten-free recipe for sweet potato toast from Vegan Heaven.

Instead of using bread for the toast base, it uses pieces of toasted up sweet potatoes. While this is really unique and a quick and easy recipe, sweet potatoes as a replacement for bread is just a little too weird.

7 Best: Sweet Potato Hummus

via bonappetit.com

Hummus is definitely a staple food for people who are going vegan or who  have already been vegan for a while. This delicious dip is typically made with chickpeas and can be flavored with just about anything from garlic to roasted peppers to...

Brownie batter and pumpkin spice? Those may sound weird but hummus is a really varied food!

This hummus comes from Bon Appetit and uses sweet potatoes and garlic instead of traditional chickpeas. Still, it's a delicious dip and spread that can be used for a huge variety of different dishes.

6 Unappealing: Black Bean Potato Vegan Enchiladas

via thissavoryvegan.com

Enchiladas are typically not exactly something people think of when it comes to a healthy vegan meal. Like many other foods, there are definitely a lot of recipes for making enchiladas dairy and meat-free, but some are more successful than others.

This one is from This Savory Vegan and, unlike some other recipes for dairy-free and meat-free Mexican dishes, this dish of black bean and potato enchiladas isn't exactly the most appealing. The sauce is mild and not too spicy but mashing potatoes up for the filling is just too much for us.

5 Best: Frozen Banana Creams

via howsweeteats.com

Who says going vegan means missing out on some of the most delicious desserts like banana cream pie and milkshakes? This recipe for a delicious banana dessert drink comes from How Sweet Eats and combines both those things into one glass of drinkable vegan goodness!

Plus, it's slightly healthier than the original versions so you won't feel totally terrible about indulging.

This recipe uses frozen bananas and coconut milk to make the most delicious vegan banana cream pie milkshake. It even uses coconut milk to make some coconut whipped cream to dollop on top!

4 Best: Pea Pesto Pasta With Sun Dried Tomatoes And Arugula

via minimalistbaker.com

This pasta dish is loaded with vegetables and protein which means it's good and good for you. Getting protein as a vegan is really important since many people get a lot of protein in their diet from meat, so trying to load up on it from plant-based sources as a vegan is a huge focus.

This recipe is from Minimalist Baker and uses ingredients like basil, peas, and vegan Parmesan cheese to make the pesto that coats the pasta. Ingredients like those mean this is full of protein and make it taste totally delicious!

3 Unappealing: Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread

via ambitiouskitchen.com

Luckily for people who are trying to go vegan, there are all kinds of recipes around the Internet for vegan-friendly versions of just about every food you could imagine. This is especially true with desserts like dairy-free ice cream and cupcakes. But this recipe for a vegan chocolate bread from Ambitious Kitchen is just unappealing.

Although it looks rich and delicious, knowing that it has shredded up zucchini in that batter is too much for us to get over.

Carrot cake is the only time vegetables belong in dessert!

2 Best: Vegan Falafel

via lovingitvegan.com

This recipe for a vegan falafel comes from Loving It Vegan and is super easy to make. Traditionally, falafel is served as a falafel ball which are deep fried in a lot of oil. These ones are flattened into patties which means they fry easier in a pan on the stove and are quick to make at home!

The recipe even includes a recipe for a garlic tahini sauce that can be drizzled on top of this falafel after it's served on a bed of warm pita bread.

1 Best: Roasted Garlic And Herb Dinner Rolls

via foodal.com

Let's be honest, no dish would be complete without a roll of some sort on the side. The recipe for these hot and fresh dinner rolls comes from Foodal and will have everyone trying to find a place for them in every meal.

Not only are they cool looking because of the twisted up knot shape that they're given, the roasted garlic and herb coating that they're brushed with makes them incredibly flavorful and helps them to develop a deliciously crispy, golden brown coating on top.

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