#BFFGoals: 20 Things We Didn't Know About Martha And Snoop's Iconic Friendship

What looks like an unlikely duo, is actually the one of the greatest friendships known to happen to the culinary world. If you would’ve told us five years ago that Martha Stewart and Snoop Doggy Dog would have their own cooking show, we never would’ve believed you. How is it that a 77 year old grandmother and home cook could be cozying up to legendary West Coast rapper and self-proclaimed pimp Snoop Dogg? On their show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party the two are seen chugging 40 ounces, tasting caviar, and genuinely having the time of their life. The dynamic is so naturally hilarious that viewers are left wondering if the whole thing is a PR set-up. Surprisingly, the friendship is very very real.

Both celebrities will tell you that they're actually not as different as they may seem. Both happen to be epicurean gurus of two lifestyles that have always been intertwined. Yes, we're talking food and munchies here, but also the two love to have fun and the camera shows it. In between spoon-feeding each other and playing drinking games, this unique pair has viewers wrapped around their fingers. If there's any lesson to be learned though, both Martha and Snoop insist that the veracity of their friendship should never be questioned. "There shouldn't be any question that we can all get together and get along," Martha told The Hollywood Reporter while Snoop tells viewer not to judge a book by its cover.

Note taken guys.

20 They've Been Homies Since '08

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The friendship first began in 2008 when Snoop Dogg made an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show. Snoop says that after seeing other hip hop icons on the show like Diddy who taught Martha how to rap and sway that he wanted to get in on the fun. His first time on the show he teaches Martha some of his gangsta vocabulary she loves so much while the two make homemade mashed potatoes together. In true Snoop fashion he adds his touch by putting in a splash of cognac in his batch. The duo had so much fun cooking together that Snoop was invited back for a second appearance a year later.

19 Martha Bribed Snoop With Brownies

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A year after their homemade mashed potatoes hit, Snoop was back for a Christmas special where the buds made brownies. These weren't just any regular brownies. They were green brownies for Christmas, obviously. Years later Martha Stewart admitted to fans on Reddit in an "Ask Me Anything" post that she missed Snoop after the recording and wished that they were closer friends. She says, "Where's Snoop? I have brownies for you!" If you're wondering, Martha has in fact helped Snoop make 'special' brownies, but swears to have never eaten them. Talk about a real friend who will give you a chocolate high then make your munchies for you too.

18 Snoop Dogg Says Martha is a Double G

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In a hilarious interview at SXSW host Nardwuar if Martha Stewart is a G. Without hesitation, Snoop Dogg, the legendary rapper who also had a feature on Tupac's "Gangster Party" says she's a double G. "She's a G. She's a grandmother and a good lady." Not a bad compliment from the D-O-Double-G himself. Like we said before, Martha Stewart likes to ball out. She tastes $500 macarons with her co-star and shakes her own drinks in a copper ice ball maker that she's dubbed her "kitchen bling." Sounds pretty G to us.

17 They Both Agree Martha's Fried Chicken Is Better

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It's quite possible that the episode where the hysterical duo bring in friends Seth Rogen, Wiz Khalifa, and Ice Cube is one of their best. Not only do you have Seth Rogen helping to narrate what happens to be a legendary fried chicken cook-off between the two, but you also have Wiz Khalifa teamed up with Martha breading their own chicken. This is a Millenial's dream right here. Always full of surprises, Martha lets everyone know she once killed a chicken by feeding it vodka then cutting off its head. Despite Snoop and Rogen's decision to coat their fried chicken in "tater chips" it became quite obvious that Martha's buttermilk marinated fried chicken stole the show. Even Wiz picked Stewart's chicken over his friends. Tell it like it is Wiz.

16 Snoop Says He Does What She Says

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Like in any good friendship, Snoop is humble enough to admit he knows who runs the show. “Do what Martha says, that’s the rule in the kitchen,” he told Entertainment. How can you compete with a woman who has been cooking on television for years? He may be the King of Kush, but he knows how to bow down to the Kween of Cuisine. They're legends in their own rite and Snoop likes to give the woman the respect she deserves in the kitchen. "If I was in the studio, this is what I do in the studio, I direct and I lead, and this is her studio, so I expect her to take the lead and show me where I need to be.” This is relationship goals.

15 They Hang Out Off Camera All The Time

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Once you watch a few episodes of Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, it becomes pretty obvious that this is a real friendship with real energy bursting through the screen. Not only do the two spend time brainstorming future show ideas, but they also enjoy leisurely time together. This past Cinco de Mayo Martha even invited Snoop and his family to her Bedford home in New York. As expected the meal was incredible with fried chicken, spinach quiche, turkey meatloaf, potato salad and more. Stewart was so excited by the successful meal she spoiled her friend with that she wrote all about it on her blog.

14 They Love Playing Games Together

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This is one pair you don't want to compete against in any couple games. They know each other like the back of their hands. Almost every episode of their potluck dinner party ends in a game with their guests as any good dinner party does. In one hilarious episode the hosts play two truths and a lie with celebrities Wendy Williams and Post Malone where Martha aims her roasting powers previously used on Bieber towards young rapper Post. The two were also a powerful pair on $100,000 Pyramid where Martha quizzes her counterpart on lavish household items. You don't want to go up against these two.

13 Snoop Painted Martha A Painting

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These two are starting to make us questions if our friendships are real. Martha tweeted this endearing picture she took of a painting Snoop Dogg made for her. We're as moved as you are. Also we didn't know Snoop was this talented, but are we surprised? It's also enchanting to know that somewhere in her Bedford mansion, Martha has this one-of-a-kind painting by the legend Snoop himself. If you were ever doubting the verity of the two's friendship this sweet bear should tell you how much love the two friends have for each other. Plus, when's the last time your best friend painted you anything? Jealous much?

12 Martha Thinks Snoop Is A Great Cook

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Despite the show being filled with all kinds of munchie-friendly cuisine, Martha Stewart is still the head chef with decades of food and catering experience. "We publish good, tested recipes. That's important to me," she tells the Los Angeles Times. She also happens to love the fresh ideas and recipes that rapper Snoop Dogg brings with him. Not only does she still swear by his brownie recipe, Snoop Dogg introduced her to a new favorite on their Christmas episode. Snoop whipped up his mom's cornish hen recipe stuffed with dressing. It's a dish Stewart confesses that she isn't usually a fan of, but admits was one of the best dishes they've had on the show.

11 Martha Inspired Snoop To Create Spices

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Since the 90's we've seen Snoop go from a West Coast gangster, to a pimp on a plane, to a Rasta, and now to an all around lifestyle guru. It's no surprise that Martha's cooking skills have been rubbing off on the rapper and he's now released a new cookbook. From Crook to Cook: Platinum Recipes From the Boss Dogg's Kitchen features 50 of the OG's favorites without a single trace of anything but good old kitchen spices... proving he can do more than anybody expected. Martha says that her friend is so inspired by his new chef hat that he's even thinking about coming out with his own line of spices. We can only imagine the seasonings Snoop has up his sleeve.

10 Martha Says Snoop Is Her Freedom

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Martha has come a long ways since her previously kosher television programs. She told People that Snoop has actually has had quite an influence on her new lifestyle. Whenever two co-stars work together it's like having a sidekick she explains. She says, "that’s why all the comedians have sidekicks and bands because it loosens them up and lets them be freer. Snoop is my freedom." Each episode the fun-loving rapper brings in hip hop friends that also liven up the party, some that Martha didn't even know before. The iconic duo though are clearly the stars of the show with a dynamic television has never seen before.

9 Martha's Circle Is Growing

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It seems like when you make friends with Snoop, you make friends with everybody. The show has seen some of the most entertaining celebrity appearances from Seth Rogen, to Wiz Khalifa, to Usher, to Wendy Williams. Things heated up when Snoop brought longtime friend Rick Ross who made his move on Stewart saying, "baby got back" with a sweet smile and cuddle. It's not just her circle of friends that is expanding. Martha and Snoop's collaboration has reached huge new demographics for both the stars. It seems like the unique pairing is really bridging the gap for just about everyone.

8 Martha Knows His No-Go's

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Like any other pair of besties, Martha know her friend's absolute no go's when it comes to food. "He has very defined tastes," she tells The Hollywood Reporter. She says he won't eat oysters because "they're too slimy" and that he hates any type of crustacea, and that includes both lobster and shrimp. He will eat lobster Newburg though because it's "out of the shell." He is pretty adventurous though and will try almost anything. He gave Martha's cow tongue tacos a try and despite the effort she says that "he absolutely did not like the tongue." A for effort though Snoop.

7 They Both Like To Ball Out

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It's no secret that Snoop Dogg likes to ball out with his pimped out luxurious lifestyle. He not only looks the part but truly walks the walk. His female counterpart also just so happens to be a huge multi-millionaire who likes to enjoy the finer things in life. In one episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Stewart shocks her viewers by cracking open Beverly Hills Caviar out of a vending machine that only accepts hundred dollar bills. Even Snoop is shocked to see Martha open up a box that costs the pair $250.

6 Martha Says She Has Street Cred

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There's a meme floating around the internet with a picture of both Martha and Snoop with text that reads, "only one of them is a convicted felon." As much as we love what the creator of the meme is getting it, both the rapper and food legend have spent time behind bars in the past. In a 2017 interview with CBS News Stewart admits that the five months she did in jail may have helped bridge the gap. She said, "because people knew how crazy and unfair...all of that was. And in Snoop's world, it gave me the street cred I was lacking." Throughout the show 77 year old Martha takes plenty of opportunities to crack jokes about herself and her time spent in in the dollhouse. She even lets the audience in on a fun fact. She's been struck by lightening three times! "Going to jail doesn’t make you stronger. Only lightning makes you stronger." Martha, who are you even?

5 Martha Is The Instigator

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Just like Snoop Dogg has his own recreational lifestyle choices, Martha likes to get down in her own ways. Since his transition to being Snoop Lion the Rastafarian, the rapper says he's not a drinker. His co-host on the other hand likes to mix up a strong beverage, completing a well-balanced meal. In an interview with US Weekly he says, "I don’t drink, right? But Martha told people on the show we’re going to have a drink before we do everything." We get it Snoop. If Martha is pouring you a drink, you drink. Snoop still claims he won't have a drink unless it's with his friend and co-star.

4 They Love A Good Roast

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If you saw the #BieberRoast in 2014 where celebrities were invited to publicly make fun of singer Justin Bieber, then you have to remember how Martha brought the house down with laughs. She made her way down the panel making fun of all the celebrities on stage including Kevin Hart, Ludacris, and Snoop Dogg. No one was off limits. Snoop Dogg says in an interview with Howard Stern that the two later joked that their chemistry there was an indicator of what a great team they would make. That's when the relationship really began to blossom and the two realized how much fun they have together.

3 Their Menu Is Munchie-Friendly

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With a name like Potluck Dinner Party, it's no surprise that Martha and Snoop have made themselves a menu filled with all kinds of munchie food favorites. There's tacos, pizza, and even fried chicken on the episode when Seth Rogen and Wiz Khalifa make an appearance. Snoop decidedly takes the initiative to cover his batch of fried chicken in barbecue potato chips, a creative take we're not mad at.

2 They're Both Banned From The U.K.

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Not only are the two homies both ex-cons and millionaire lifestyle gurus, they're also both banned from entering the U.K. In 2008 a planned trip to Britain for a business trip was canceled upon finding that she would be refused entry. The Immigration Border Agency in the UK defended their decision by releasing a statement that they continue to oppose entry to the UK regarding those who are guilty of "serious offenses abroad." She's in good company though. Friend and co-host Snoop Dogg was also banned from entering Britain again after supposed violent behavior at London's Heathrow Airport in 2006. Looks like their bonded street cred goes internationally.

1 They Reminisce On Their Own Friendship

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The digital world is proof that celebrities are just like us and love posting throw backs of each other. Snoop Dogg himself posted this picture to his twitter in 2013 reminding fans that him and Martha go way back to brownie baking days. In good D-O-double-G fashion, the 47 year old "snoopified" the picture giving Martha a pimp hat and gangster glasses. The tweet read, "ayo @marthastewart watchu bakn!! #snoopify". Honestly we didn't even need the photoshopping to see Martha as the double G she is whipping up green brownies in the kitchen. These two are a match made in heaven. How do we get in on the relationship?

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