21 Bizarre Food Products That Can Be Purchased On Amazon

Amazon actually started off as an online bookselling website then turned into something indispensable in our lives. Now, you can find literally everything you need there. Sometimes, you find even the things that you don't need. And there's some weird stuff, too. It's hard to admit, but to be honest, the food section of Amazon seems a bit extraordinary in many cases. Looking for genuinely flavored (not nice but genuinely flavored) candies? Check! An infinite amount of bacon-flavored stuff that has no relation to bacon? Check! Weird animals in cans? Check!

If you want to try a challenge, a drinking game, truth or dare, this list is perfect for you. You'll be happy with the results for sure, although we can't say the same thing for your palate or your stomach. They might end up with worst aftertastes, too. In case you're interested in showing your courageous side, you might want to start with the easier ones—like flavored candies. Who knows? You might actually like this bizarre stuff in the end.

21 Rotisserie Chicken Candy Cane

via thejunkfoodaisle.com

Christmas is almost here, and of course, the sweet side of this holiday has started showing itself. Nobody hates candy cane with mint or a strawberry flavors, right? They're refreshing, sweet, and festive-y tastes for this cozy Christmas season. How about a Rotisserie Chicken version? If you want to challenge some innocent children with this candy cane, please be ready for the excessively loud crying, and a screaming session. These unappealing canes are made with sugar. They're sweet but taste like chicken—they really do. Don't really know if they're gross or great surprise gifts.

20 Salted Beef Tongue

via dagashi-kashi.wikia.com

When you see the packaging of this Dagashi snack, you might think that it's a super cute and tasty thing. It looks quite colorful and has these cartoon characters on them, too. You open the package, and it's something like a fried mozzarella stick. You should be warned—it isn't one. It's a salted beef tongue. Why on the earth people would choose a beef tongue as a snack is uncertain. But in fact, these are one of the most popular snacks in Japan. In case you're looking for a new snack, this doesn't look as bad as some of the other entries on our list, so they might deserve a chance.

19 Lester's Fixins Soda Pop Pack

via JumPic.com

Lester's Fixins is already a famous brand for its soda flavors. All of these sodas are made in the USA with pure cane sugar, and they only produce unique gourmet-food-flavored beverages. This pack includes bacon, Buffalo wings, sweet corn, pumpkin pie, ranch dressing, and P&J flavors. It's like a mixture of football and the holiday season in these bottles! Sweet ones might be acceptable, but ranch dressing soda? You like your Buffalo sauce on wings, but do you dare to gulp it as a soda? Lester's Fixins guarantees an "authentic taste" for all flavors. Well, there's no doubt about that!

18 Camel Jerky

via House of Jerky

Jerky is a highly popular snack product all over US and Canada for sure. There are thousands of beef jerky options out there. Once in a while, it's exciting to get out of your comfort zone and try something different, though. Newport Jerky Company has a large variety of jerky. Literally, they have every animal or even insect jerky that you can’t even imagine. They even have Camel Jerky! Seriously—camel? To be honest, it might be your only chance to taste the meat of camel. This jerky is made with teriyaki sauce, garlic, onion, and spices—doesn't sound unappetizing, right?

17 Roasted Crickets with Lasagna Flavor

via Edible Insects

Eating insects is a thing now, and apparently, the crickets are known to be the most popular insect preferred by people. In a fancier way, insect-eating is called "entomophagy," although this doesn't make the practice less bizarre. However, insects are very high in protein, including all essential amino acids. Interestingly, raising crickets has a less environmental impact with more benefits for human health. That's why on Amazon, you can see many cricket foods. This one's with lasagna flavor actually. An insect snack with a pasta-dish flavor? Who created this combination?

16 Original Bag of Poo

via twitter.com

If you're looking for a unique gag gift for your children or friends, grab an original bag of poo. The company actually has different kinds of poo, including those from a unicorn, a Sasquatch, and a mermaid. But don't worry—in essence, they're all cotton candies that happen to look like "poo." And on the label, you can read "freshness you can taste." Don't puke—it's actually brown cotton candy with black cherry flavor.

15 Bacon Lip Balm

via Fat Spatula

For the last 10 years, the bacon is everywhere. Inside of things, covered with things, and also used as a flavoring in many food and non-food products. Our love for bacon has obviously grown a lot. As a matter of fact, this bacon lip balm is a sign of that. It's a way of saying, "I love bacon so much that I even want to wear it as a lip balm and feel the taste on my lips and smell it during the day". Well, there you go—you have it now! If you want to keep drooling all day with the taste of your lip balm, you're more than welcome to try this.

14 Scorpion Powder

via amazon.com

Is there anything more to say about this product? It's scorpion powder. Made 100% from "organic scorpions farmed or human consumption." Well, what else could it have been made of? You might be questioning the existence of scorpion powder right now. It's a good start actually; that's why it's on Amazon. As a matter of fact, this powder has 7.8 g of protein per 10 g, which makes it 78% protein—this is a surprising fact. This number is much higher than those of regular protein-rich foods. Again, this doesn't make it normal—it's still super creepy and odd to have this.

13 Grape-Flavored Pickled Dill Spears

via amazon.com

Pickles are great. They go well in everything: a burger, fried food, a salad. They're even good by themselves. Unfortunately, somebody had the idea of flavoring these dill pickles with some fruits, including grapes. If somebody would like grapes, maybe that somebody should leave these nice pickled dills alone and eat them separately! This is more or less the same thing as eating dill-shaped grapes. The idea comes from the snow-cone flavorings; that's why they also have blue blackberry, strawberry, green apple, and pineapple flavors of pickled dill. Sorry, still weird.

12 Mixed Bugs

via Amazon.com

This product is specially designed for people who are having indecisive moments when it comes to choosing what bug to eat. It offers different kinds of bugs—worms, crickets etc.—in one bag. However, it's not guaranteed that you'll get enough of each kind. So, you have to make sure to pick and eat the ones you like the most before anyone else gets in your way. To increase the enjoyment you get out of this product, you can try tasting different bugs together and find out the best bug combos. Also, for your health concerns, the company proudly states that no artificial flavorings and colors were added to the bugs.

11 Bacon Flavored Toothpicks

via GHENTlemen's BBQ

All these advancements in science have happened just for one reason: to create a toothpick that'll rule them all. And that's “Bacon Flavored Toothpicks”. To see the true nature of this toothpick, you have to perfectly hold it with your two fingers, preferably your thumb and index finger. Spot the detritus with your tongue, and then slowly move the sharp end—it has two sharp ends; one will do—towards there. When you hit the detritus, in circular movements, pick it out. There you go! You're free of detritus, and as a reward, you get the bacon flavor lingering in your mouth. Now tell me if there's a toothpick that comes anywhere close to this!

10 Brew Candy

via brewgodblog.com

Okay, you might think that beer-flavored candies are normal. But these aren't regular beer flavors. These candies are "craft beer"-flavored like Hoppy IPA, Roasty Stout, or Honey Ale. And if you don't know how they taste like, you might expect an eccentric candy-tasting session. These aren't classic beer tastes, and all of them make you question your beer knowledge when you first try them. If you intend to try these, please take a video of yourself while tasting them. You'll laugh a lot of while you're watching—but not when you're tasting.

9 Salmon Savory Pops

via pinterest.com

Just so you know, these savory pops aren't very common but are considered as gourmet food. The idea of creating a lollipop-shaped savory appetizer might be unappealing. Actually, these are just salmon and cream cheese with capers and scallions but turned into round-shaped bites and served on a stick. That's why you expect something like a sweet lollipop in the beginning. But when you get the fishy and acidic taste, you understand that something went wrong. Well, maybe it's the packaging or the serving style, but these savory pops look a bit weird.

8 Crispy Silkworm Snack

via hotsta.net

Everybody likes silk, right? Its touch is so soft and smooth to the skin that you wouldn’t ever want to take your hands off of it. Remember Lennie from Of Mice and Men? However, silk isn't the only magic of the silkworms, apparently. When silkworms turn into pupae form, they become the perfect snack—at least for some. Farmed and prepared in Thailand, this crispy snack comes in different flavors: original, BBQ, and cheese. Silkworm snack is as high in protein as many other insect snacks are, but there's this particular brand, HISO, that doesn't fry their silkworm, which means fewer harmful fats. So, this snack could actually be healthier than many of the things we consume daily. However, it's up to you to deal with the sight.

7 Pickled Pig Lips

via fromthishourfreedom.wordpress.com

Okay, pickling things have always been weird because once you begin, you can't stop pickling. Probably, this pickled pork lip idea comes from this, too. These pickled pig lips are made in Cajun, Louisiana, and apparently, it's a family business that's been going on since 1933—oh what? The container is huge, too—it's 3 lbs. Maybe pork sausages weren't enough and they had some leftover lips from the pigs, and they decided to pickle them? Well, that's strange for sure. If you want to try, you don't have to finish the whole container—and actually, please don't.

6 Freeze-Dried Monthong Durian

via mashable.com

Yes, you've met again. Durian became popular because of its smell. The fruit is quite popular in Indonesia and Malaysia, and you can see them everywhere and in many types of sweets from ice cream to puff pastries. The outer shell of the fruit is what makes this fruit quite famous—and also disgusting. Basically, it smells like poo, and to some people, it's the worst-smelling fruit in the whole world. On the other hand, inside, you have this softer and heavenly tasty piece of the fruit. Worst-smelling fruit with a great taste? How does it even happen?

5 Vegetarian Haggis

via Macsween

Haggis was a food that was already suitable to put into a bizarre food category, but vegetarian haggis is much better. For those of you who don't know what haggis is, it's an animal stomach filled with a variety of offal products including heart, liver, and even lungs, along with some grains and vegetable. Originally, it's thought to be a traditional food from Scotland. So by nature, preparing a vegetarian haggis is getting rid of all meat-based ingredients—such as offal—and then, you're left with oatmeal and vegetables. In this case, it's not haggis but rather a vegetable porridge maybe?

4 Yam and Cornflake Tea

via Pinterest

This is another combination that you've never seen and probably will not ever taste as well. Yams already need a lot of spices to taste nice, and yet there's a yam tea. And if that's not enough, this yam tea is flavored with cornflakes. Because why not, right? Yams and cornflakes. Basically, the item comes in a small stick, the contents of which you mix with hot water or milk for a breakfast. This might come in handy for a super quick breakfast, as it's also classified as a healthy food product. But it's okay if you're not sure if you want to have a yam drink flavored with cornflake. It's a betrayal to our simple yet wonderful cornflake combinations.

3 Larvae with BBQ, Cheddar Cheese, and Mexican Spice

via Amazon.com

Rubbing larvae with these different spice mixes or covering them with sauces doesn't change the reality that they're still worms! However, if you try them with your eyes closed, you might think that they're just small crackers with different flavors. You might want to use them while at a drinking game and make losing people try these. Surprisingly, these worms are a hit among youngsters and kiddos, as they like the challenge, but they end up liking them because of the crunchiness (100% worm) and the flavors.

2 Creamed Possum in Coon Fat Gravy Garnished with Sweet Potatoes

via Amazon.com

It seems a bit like a fancy multiple-course dinner when you first read the label. However, it says "creamed possum," and you can't really act like you didn't see it. Can you imagine people are eating possum somewhere out there? People don't want to imagine many things, but often, they exist. Unfortunately—or maybe, fortunately—this can isn't real food but it's classified under food products for fun. In case you want to scare your mom, your grandma or anybody else with this canned joke, make sure nobody has any cardiac problems. Who knows? They might have a heart attack if they see you eating a possum out of a can.

1 Pork Brains with Milk Gravy

via Wide Open Eats

As it turns out, pork brains with scrambled eggs was a thing in the old times. So, people keep buying canned pork brains to reminiscence on their old family breakfasts. The image on the can is pretty unique, too: pretty pink pieces of pork brains on scrambled eggs with some fresh wild parsley on the side. If you want to step up—or down, maybe—your breakfast game, these Rose brand pork brains with milk gravy might be something you want to try. Okay, no pressure. Because... you know... they're brains—brains for sale!

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