Top 12 Most Bizarre Movie Theater Snacks From Around The World (And 8 Weird Snacks People Snuck In)

It all started with magic lantern shows and it would later switch to silent films. Slowly, the production of film would improve, as would the movie theaters. Nowadays, a theater can be found around every corner. Despite all the technological advances, going to a movie is still a thing these days, and that won’t change.

Another trend we’ve seen change over the years is the concession stands that can be found at any given theater. The norm used to be a simple popcorn stand. However, the same doesn’t hold true these days. In fact, along with a concession stand certain theaters also have various restaurants that sell anything from a burger to a hot pretzel. Yes, it is a different time in every sense.

Some countries outside of the US do things a lot differently, that becomes well evident during the article. We’ll feature some bizarre snack food items from around the world which range from roasted ants to chip-shaped dried sardines!

For the other eight entries, we’ll take a unique look at some of the most bizarre items snuck into a movie theater. Some of these people deserve lots of praise for getting these snacks into the theater, it isn’t every day that we see someone consuming an entire watermelon while watching a movie at the theater! These people definitely took things a little too far!

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

20 Selling - Beluga Caviar (Russia)

via Wikipedia

Thinking about watching a movie in Russia? Why not hit the concession stands before and purchase some tasty Beluga Caviar! Nope, we’re not even kidding. According to Mental Floss, certain movie theaters in Russia serve this snack meal for the higher class.

Now we’re not entirely sure on what the price point is but we can only imagine it cost a little more in comparison to a large back of popcorn especially given the rarity of this luxurious treat. Luxury or not, you won’t find it in the US anytime soon. We’ll stick to the regular snacks but thanks.

19 Snuck In - Full Watermelon

via Twitter

Twitter was a buzz after three girls decided to get creative. Wanting to sneak in a watermelon, the girls attached pieces of the melon to their stomachs. It all worked out and the friends posted photos of the massive watermelons as they enjoyed the film.

Hilariously enough, the girls left the melons behind once the movie finished. The poor dude that worked at the theater had to clean the melons up and he posted the shot of the melons just laying there on the seat. Although some felt bad for the dude having to clean that up, the girls were praised for this clever tactic.

18 Selling - Spicy Cooked Ants (Columbia)

via Pinterest

Nope, this isn’t an episode of Fear Factor but instead in Columbia, a norm of sorts. Eating ants might be just as common as eating peanuts, in fact, it kind of tastes the same way as the roasted ants are salted, giving out a similar flavor.

The roasted ants can be found just about anywhere in Columbia and that includes the movie theater. It kind of makes sense as nuts are also sold in US and Canada movie theaters. Nonetheless, similar taste or not, it is still so peculiar to think about eating roasted ants while watching a film...

17 Selling - Dried Reindeer Meat (Norway)

via Kerky Copacker

Jerky seems to be selling like hot cakes nowadays. Various companies continue to take the jerky market to the next level with flavorings such as Filet Mignon and other sorts of wacky cuts.

Norway might have pushed the envelope even further. Originated in Finland, Reindeer meat turned into a snack food over in Norway, so much so that it can be purchased at a movie theater. With Christmas looming near, it would be pretty hilarious to see this product over in the US for the consumer reaction alone. However, some kids might get nightmares thinking about how it was made, so it wouldn’t be the wisest idea.

16 Selling - Curry Fish Balls (Hong Kong)

via Yelp

According to The Woks Of Life, although curry fish balls might sound really weird to the norm, it can be found really easily over in Hong Kong as a popular snack item;

“If you’ve ever walked along the streets of Hong Kong smelling the delicious smells of street food stalls hawking everything from seafood, to noodles, to Hong Kong egg tarts, you’ve undoubtedly seen these Hong Kong-style Curry Fish Balls.”

Not only can you find these fish balls at every corner but the same applies for the movie theater. Given the overpowering smell, it might be a little odd to eat this in a theater...

15 Snuck In - Corn on the Cob

via Twitter

Nicknamed the “cob mom”, the internet was alive when a teen posted a photo of his Texas mother eating corn on the cob during a movie. He issued out this tweet that got quite the response;

"Some people sneak candy into the movie theater. My mom sneaks corn on the cob." (Source Twitter)

The tweet went viral and so too did the picture of his mother eating the corn with a napkin on hand in case she got dirty. She even whispered to her son if he wanted some which caused even more of a laugh online.

14 Selling - Tostilocos (Mexico)

via Yelp

According to Eater, this is a common street food that can be found in Mexico similar to the fish balls that we recently mentioned. In fact, this snack food is so popular that it can be found in just about any movie theater over in Mexico. Along with Nacho Doritos, the snack food contains lots of ingredients according to Eater:

“Cueritos (pickled pork rinds), small batons of jicama, cubed cucumber, grated carrots, peanuts (most often described by the vendors as japonés, the ones with the crunchy, soy sauce-flavored shell), gummy bears, lime juice, chili powder, salsa Valentina or another hot sauce, and chamoy, an addictive sweet-salty-sour sauce made from pickled fruit.”(Source Eater)

Sounds like a meal replacement more than a snack food!

13 Selling - Dried Sardines (Japan)

via Lolwot

Known as Iwashi Senbei, this snack food became quite popular in Japan, so much so that it can be found at a movie theater. The snack food is basically dried sardines turned into chip form. Adding some salt to it, you might feel like you’re actually eating chips if you close your eyes.

Selling dried sardines definitely won’t do well in the US movie theaters, even if they’re giving them out for free. Japan has a wacky sense of humor when it comes to food, so it kind of makes sense for them. It just doesn’t anywhere else.

12 Snuck In - Rotisserie Chicken

via East Bay Times

Who needs to sneak in a protein shake when you can bring in an entire rotisserie chicken! Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are likely smiling at this one. Protein isn’t the easiest to consume and this particular movie goer gets it down by any means necessary. As evidenced by his Twitter post, this dude snuck in an entire chicken, never mind a piece of chicken breast.

Who knows how he pulled it off but we applaud his dedication nonetheless. Maybe just bringing a regular protein bar or shake might suffice next time around.

11 Selling - Black Licorice With Salt (Holland)

via Pinterest

For those that don’t like licorice as is, this might make things that much worse. Germany originated the trend of adding salt to the snack treats. Areas such as Holland and Sweden took notice. Specifically in Holland this can be found as a snack food item selling at the movie theater.

Along with its use as a simple candy, salty licorice is also used for vodka, ice cream, chocolate and believe it or not, meat. Given the oddness of combining salt and licorice, most of us would refrain from using it with those items.

10 Snuck In - Chicken Noodle Soup

via Twitter

“I just snuck chicken noodle soup into a movie theater, I hate me.” (Source Twitter)

This one definitely deserves the slow clap. Not only was the soup decently sized but it was also flaming hot. Being able to hide that and getting it passed the dude ripping the tickets is quite the accomplishment. Though in this case, we wonder if anyone was even checking all that hard.

Seriously, how can you hide a soup that well, it’s a darn soup! Nonetheless, major props to this girl for getting it in.

9 Selling - Roasted Chestnuts (South Korea)

via Pinterest

Chestnuts are a popular trend around the world especially in places like Korea, China and various parts of Europe. Particularly in Italy, chestnuts are usually roasting during the holiday season, this is a cultural norm.

The trend didn’t really hit all that much in the likes of the US and Canada. Although it does exist in places like New York, it just isn’t as popular compared to places like South Korea that not only sell it on the street but also have it as a snack at the movie theater.

8 Snuck In - Two-Scoop Ice Cream Cone

via Timeout

Sneaking in a cup of ice cream is one thing. Now let’s try to imagine how bold this guy was feeling deciding to sneak in a two-scoop ice cream cone because clearly, one scoop just wasn’t enough of a challenge.

According to the Twitter user, he snuck the cone into his jacket. Now we don’t know the details but we assume a bit of the ice cream got on his coat, unless he’s some wizard. Nonetheless, getting a little ice cream on the inside of your coat is a pretty legit trade-off for getting it in the movie theater.

7 Selling - Eggrolls (US)

via Taste Of Home

For that most part, US cinemas really don’t go out of the norm when it comes to snack foods and seriously, why would they? Regular US citizens are more than happy with a regular sized popcorn or various types of candy. However, what if we told you that the Regal cinema once tried their luck with an egg rolls... Talk about bizarre huh!?

Given that we don’t see egg rolls in all movie theaters, we have reason to believe that the experiment didn’t go over all that well. Nonetheless, there still going away from the norm, recently creating jaw-dropping Cinnabon Gooey Bites - most of us would settle for those instead.

6 Snuck In - Full Pizza Box

via The Verge

This one is truly brilliant especially when you factor in the elevated cost of a pizza slice at the movie theater. Not only does it cost quite the pretty penny but the taste, for the most part, is nowhere near where it should be.

Perhaps this person took those factors into account. Or, he was just really hungry and wanted more than just a slice of pizza. He takes things to another level sneaking an entire pizza into the theater. Maybe he enticed the ticket dude with a piece or maybe he decided to rock an extra large coat.

5 Selling - Falafel Chips (Israel)

via Wordpress

“A unique recipe of over 21 herbs, vegetables, spices, and legumes – our Original Falafel Chips are sure to make your mouth water. They are a good source of protein and fiber, and are extremely rich in antioxidants. These chips are to hummus as tortilla chips are to salsa. They are amazing alone but are complemented very well with hummus!” (Source Flamous Brands)

Based on the description it does sound kind of tempting and a lot better than the dried sardines or roasted ants. Nonetheless, these chips really aren’t the norm in Canada or the US. However, this isn’t the case in Israel as they can be found at the concession of a movie theater.

4 Snuck In - Bag Of Doritos With The Dip

via YouTube

Like a pizza slice earlier, theaters have a tendency to inflate the price of nachos with cheese on top. The result most of the time isn’t what we envision, this can be a big time letdown especially when the cheese is cold.

This movie goer had the perfect solution. Not only did he bring his own full bag of Doritos but he one upped it by bringing the dipping sauce as well. Not only was the bag double the size of what you get at the theater but it also likely cost half the price.

3 Selling - Souvlaki (Greece)

via Pinterest

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a Souvlaki whether it comes on a stick or in a warmly wrapped pita? The Greek food option continues to trend worldwide, however, most of us don’t think of Souvlaki as a snack item but instead, an actual meal on a Friday or Saturday night.

Greece thinks otherwise as skewers can be found at a movie theater selling as a snack food. This is the same ordeal in various areas as venders sell the skewers or sandwiches on the side of the heavily populated tourist areas.

2 Snuck In - Baguette With Assorted Cheese and Prosciutto

via Pinterest

As if sneaking in one item wasn’t hard enough, this person takes it to the next level entering the movie theater with assorted food items. This person might have a finer pallet sneaking in a large baguette that was the size of a baseball bat along with cheese, prosciutto and other goodness.

According to the person via Twitter, they decided to bring these leftover items from the night before. Once again, a slow clap is mandatory. Why not bring a fine bottle of wine as well at that point?

1 Selling - Tom Yum Flavored Popcorn (Thailand)

via Pinterest

Who needs regular popcorn? For those in Thailand, regular butter popcorn might be a little too generic and perhaps bland. So, with that said, they decided to spice things up, literally, by introducing Tom Yum popcorn. It contains red cayenne pepper and red chilli powder among its ingredients.

Even if the movie isn’t a sad one, you might end up crying regardless because of the heat factor. It also contains dried parsley flakes along with garlic and ginger powders. Although it might sound bizarre, it is quite the hit overseas.

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