BK Flops: 20 Photos Of Meals We Can’t Believe Burger King Served

At the moment, Burger King ranks as the fifth largest fast food restaurant in the world trailing only KFC, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway. Currently, BK has over 16,000 locations nearing 17,000 at the moment.

Since its conception back in 1953, Burger King went through a lot of hits and misses, similar to the other fast food giants. One of their biggest hits, offered in the late 1950s was the popular Whopper burger. It remains an iconic menu item. Even to this days, BK continues to build burgers around the Whopper concept.

On the flip side, we’ve seen some questionable ideas. The black and green burgers both fell short despite all the hype. Fast food goers aren’t all that thrilled when it comes to biting into something that taste like squid, never mind one that contains a green coloring to the bread. BK has also fallen short with the Kids Meal as well, failing to replicate the success of the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Despite their shortcomings, they remain alive and well with new creations such as the Veggie Burger, one that received great reviews.

In this article, we’ll put the positivity aside and instead keep focus on items we can’t believe they served. From fries to burgers to shakes to even sauces, we have a variety of examples showing BK getting it completely wrong with its customers. Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article!

20 Double Cheeseburger with Half The Meat

via Twitter

“I am never eating at @BurgerKing again. I received a double cheeseburger with bacon. No bacon and a half piece of meat.”

This is one upset customer and how can we blame them? You order a double cheeseburger, you’re expecting a lot of cheese and a lot of meat. Though this person gets half a piece of cheese along with half the meat patty. Let’s not even begin to explore what’s on the other bread.... We’ll count this one as lack of stock or just total laziness by the person who made this so-called burger.

19 Veggie Burger Letdown

via Twitter

BK expanded their menu with the veggie burger. Via Twitter, so many happy customers posted about this development, loving the burger. For the most part, it received rave reviews online as a fine alternative for those that don’t wish to eat meat.

This person found a flaw in the burger after only one bite. It might have been flat tasting which caused them to open it up. The end result was a bad looking burger and one that looks nothing like the original. From the cheese to the sauce that’s just thrown on, this was a major letdown in every sense.

18 “8 Slices Of Bacon”

via Twitter

There is nothing worse than false advertising. This makes customers furious while the trust in the location subsides. That’s exactly what happened with this customer over in the UK. Burger King was promoting "8 slices of bacon," though clearly this guy didn’t get that.

He issued a tweet posting what the burger should have looked like compared to what he got. Making matters worse for BK, the person that issued the tweet is a professional wrestler in the UK with over 13,000 followers.

17 The Bad Looking Green Burger

via Twitter

The person that took this photo actually caught someone else eating it. As a special limited time offer, Burger King sold the green burger during Halloween. Although it does sound intriguing, it looks anything but that in real-life. This customer learned the hard way with one bad looking burger.

At the very least, the green is only coloring with no taste – unlike the black burger that has a squid taste to it. Nonetheless, we’d pass on it regardless given the sketchy end result as evidenced by the post above.

16 Washer In The Fries

via Twitter

“So last night I tweeted about @BurgerKing fries having a washer in the bottom of the fries....somehow it was deleted...proof is right here all you need, what is this ????”

That’s right, this person found a washer in their fries and making matters worse, Twitter deleted the post thanks to BK. Nonetheless, this person tweeted proof – surprisingly, BK didn’t respond to this claim which is pretty troubling. At the very least, they should have reached out to the person offering and explanation but that wasn’t the case.

15 Mold In The Pie

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Here’s another reason why BK is so great (not in this instance though), the brilliant tasting pie. Among the very top of the heap is the Snickers pie, it can rival a McFlurry any day.

However, it needs to be done properly and most important of all, it needs to be fresh tasting. This example clearly isn’t. The person posted in anger on Twitter claiming that not only was it still frozen but that it contained mold. Hard to argue as the mold is quite noticeable, who knows how long it was kept in the freezer!

14 The Black Burger

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Available in Japan and as a limited time only item in the US, the black burger was released during Halloween and it was supposed to give its eaters nightmares. Take one look at this burger and there truly is no need to even bite into it, you’ll get those nightmares just by staring it down. Nonetheless, according to Super Life, it could have been yours to eat at the price of $6.99.

It didn’t taste any better, as mentioned earlier the bread base had a squid taste to it. A surprise to nobody, it didn’t return after its brief introduction in the US.

13 The UK King Fish Burger

via Twitter

Over in the UK, Burger King has a distinct menu with some different options including creative salads, veggie burgers and various fish burgers. This one in particular is labelled as the King Fish Burger. Hearing such a name, one would expect a monster looking burger with lots of fish on the inside.

This not so satisfied customer posted a photo of what they got instead, a weird looking burger that wasn’t anywhere near anything King size. The Junior Fish Burger was a better title in this case.

12 Spoiled Lettuce

via Twitter

We’re not entirely sure why but BK tends to struggle when it comes to lettuce. This Twitter user posted a photo of their spoiled lettuce that was in the burger. The tomato doesn’t look appetizing either. The meat patty can be tasty but if the other elements don’t follow, what good is that?

It might be nothing more than a consistency problem. As mentioned earlier, BK found success with the veggie burger. It is hard to have a good tasting veggie burger without proper lettuce. We’ll give this one to human-error.

11 Raw Meat Anyone

via Twitter

In terms of the biggest no-nos on the list, this one definitely has to be up there. We hope this person spit that raw meat right out cause it could have led to a rough aftermath.

This is seriously bad, clearly the burger isn’t even close to being cooked and in fact the patty still looks frozen and rather raw. An employee had to feel the rawness based off the texture alone. This is an unacceptable blunder and one we hope the customer got compensated for.

10 Bad Looking Meat Patty

via Twitter

“Hey @BurgerKingZA, please can we actually talk about what is going on here? I don’t eat meat but my family does and hell would have to freeze over before I allowed my child consume this.”

This Cape Town mom was none too pleased with the condition of her children’s burger. Although it looked real bad another Twitter user posted almost the same looking burger claiming it had become a norm for them. At the very least, BK finally reached offering assistance to the angry mother.

9 Lazy Lettuce

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In order for a burger to hit the mark, everything needs to be on point. From the meat patty to crunching salad to the sweet tasting sauce – these are just some of the elements that a burger needs in order to thrive.

They missed out on the lettuce in this one not to mention the cheese isn’t melted either and just thrown on top. That’s one bad looking burger but the lack of lettuce is the real kicker of all. We hope they ran out cause if not, that’s just unjustifiable.

8 BBQ Sauce Fail

via Twitter

We can expect BK customers to complain about the burgers, fries or drinks. However when people start to complain about the sauce, that’s definitely alarming for all the wrong reasons.

This angry client took to Twitter freaking out about the BBQ sauce provided by the fast food establishment. The person asked for three BBQ sauces and was given less than half in all three. Seriously, we think combining those three wouldn’t even add up to one full mini-container. They made a mess of this one.

7 The Whopper Mess

via Twitter

Introduced back in the late 1950s, the Whopper was one of the burgers that brought BK to its eventual fame. Back in the day, it sold for 37 cents if you can believe. These days, BK continues to create burgers around the Whopper formula.

Given its popularity and the fact that it’s the signature burger, one expects top quality when ordering the Whopper. That wasn’t the case with this one as the burger looks like one giant mess on the inside. Surprisingly, there is a meat patty underneath all that bad looking madness that makes up the burger.

6 Burning The Bun

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When making a burger, some appreciate the bun a little more toasted. It makes it that much more crispy and let’s face it, it tastes pretty sweet especially in the summer out on the BBQ.

However, there’s a difference between lightly grilling the bun and completely burning it altogether. Burger King made a mess of this bun and the outside it is completely ruined. We can imagine how sad this poor dude was when unwrapping this disappointment. BK should have scrapped this in favor of a new, lightly toasted bun.

5 Mold On The Burger

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McDonald’s might have the magic touch when it comes to burgers not molding. According to Serious Eats, McDonald’s stored away a burger in the freezer for 12 year only for the burger to be in mint condition years later.

Proper storing is the big key, BK didn’t get that memo with this burger that features clear mold on the bread - that white along the burger also signifies that it might be outdated, kept in the freezer and forgotten about for quite some time.



2 Milkshake With Chocolate Stuck On The Bottom

via Twitter

We can’t deny how great the BK milkshakes taste. Putting the calories aside, these drinks can rival anything from McDonald’s, they’re that tasty.

The milkshakes are real tasty when done right, however. This one wasn’t done right at all. The Twitter user posted a photo and was totally unsatisfied. Clearly, the lack of chocolate hurt the shake. As you can see in the photo above, it wasn’t mixed properly with all the yummy chocolate taste stuck to the bottom. They should have scrapped it and started from scratch.

1 The L-Shaped Fry

via Twitter

On the plus side, while scouting the reviews, we really didn’t encounter many problems with the fries. However, we did find this Twitter post showing an oddly shaped fry in an L-shape. It isn’t the worst thing but still quite odd.

We also found another Twitter post featuring BK fries along with an onion ring that found its way into the pile. What would you do, eat the onion ring or just brush it aside? Most would say option one and most would eat this L-shaped fry regardless.

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