Most Important Food Of The Day: 20 Breakfast Dishes Perfect To Eat At Any Meal

In a good CW program, all the drama happens over breakfast, amirite? From Serena's many meltdowns in Gossip Girl to the 90210 gang's fallouts, a lot of conflicts happened with a Pop Tart (or similar) in hand.  It makes sense; breakfast is the first meal of the day, the one where you should eat as much deliciousness as you want and fill yourself up with adequate sustenance for the day ahead.

With this in mind, the brunch—the meal between breakfast and lunch—scene has been thriving in the last few years, with everyone and anyone, from celebrities down to us regular folk, enjoying traditional breakfast foods a little bit later in the day. Many cafes and restaurants have specifically opened to serve up these dishes we, and our insta accounts, crave.

Why stop there, though? These wonderful foods tasted great in the early morning; now, they're acceptable mid-morning, too... and we're pretty sure they'll taste great even later on in the day. Here's a rundown of our 20 favorite breakfast dishes that can grace our table morning, noon, and night.

20 Potato Hash

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Another quick and easy dish substantial enough for an evening meal is potato hash—and it's super cheap, too! Chop up and boil some potatoes before chucking them into a frying pan to saute. Add corned beef, onion, red pepper, and sweetcorn once the potatoes are golden brown, and ensure all are cooked through before adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce. Then, once plated, add a fried egg on top with a perfectly runny yolk. This hearty meal is eaten as a stodgy breakfast in some parts, but it most definitely lends itself more to a dinnertime spread after a long day. For a healthy fix, swap out the regular spuds for sweet potato instead.

19 Grilled Cheese

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Finally, we have the oh-so-simple yet indulgent treat of the grilled cheese. What could be more satisfying than two slices of thick white bread with gooey cheese sandwiched between and toasted to perfection? There are a few ways you can go about creating your masterpiece, but whether you have a fancy toastie maker, use toaster bags, or opt for an open-top sandwich and use the grill, the outcome is sure to be satisfying. To up your sarnie stakes, you can flourish the humble cheese toastie with a slice of ham and chopped onions or swap out your regular cheddar for more fancy cheeses. And there you have it—a tasty and filling dish for any time of the day.

18 Avocado (on anything)

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No longer is the humble avocado just a key ingredient for guac. Oh no... Avocado is now an appropriate addition to everything and anything. Avo on toast? Avocado waffles? Avocado smoothies? Yes, yes, and yes.

Avocados hold the 'good fats,' the ones that, when eaten in moderation, can help absorb certain vitamins and provide essential fatty acids needed in our diets. According to BBC Good Food, there's also evidence 'good fats' can help prevent high cholesterol. Get your good fats by being creative with your avo. Smoked salmon makes for a great breakfast ingredient when enjoyed with our green fruity friend, as does bacon. However, no one has ever said fish and pork are solely breakfast foods...

17 Shakshouka

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Shakshouka or shakshuka, has been having a moment recently. A warm and tasty dish packed with tomatoey and eggy goodness, it's been popping up on brunch menus around the world.

Created from eggs poached in a tomato sauce, chili, onions, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, and nutmeg are added to create its distinctive flavor. Some restaurants, cafes, and budding brunchers also add Tabasco sauce for an extra kick and honey to balance out the acidity in the tomatoes. Best served with a thick slice of white crusty bread, dip into the runny yolk mixed into the tomato for an ultimate taste-bud treat.

16 Pancakes

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Now for a firm favorite: pancakes! Our trusty buttermilk mixture serves well for families far and wide in Canada and the US, but there are so many styles enjoyed all over the world. Folded chocolate-filled crepes dominate stalls on France's sidewalks, while in England, thin and large, topped with lemon and honey, are the style of choice.  A special batter of fermented rice and black lentil are used in India on occasion, and Scotland serves theirs smaller and thicker.

Whatever your pancake of choice, you can whip it up with different types of flour (try adding a dash of chocolate powder for a quick cocoa fix) and top with savory or sweet additions to suit the meal time or mood. Why not make a pizza on a crepe base for a unique supper?

15 Eggy Bread

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Another dish that lends itself to an array of toppings also comes complete with an array of names, depending on the country you're in. Known as "eggy bread," "Torrija, Bombay toast," "Rabanada," and more, this is a firm favorite far and wide. It's so simple to make, you needn't confine the dish to the morning hours; grab a slice, dip it into egg and milk, and fry whenever you fancy. In fact, it's eaten as a dessert in Brazil at Christmas time.

For a little variation, you can mix up the bread type—from crusty rolls to bagels—or go wild with the toppings; while simple maple syrup and cinnamon may do at one mealtime, sausages and tomatoes may do at another.

14 Waffles

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Waffles are *technically* not far removed from pancakes in their batter, but where they differ in shape, they open a whole new world of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and supper options. Whether you pop pre-made waffles in the toaster or use a waffle maker, you can add sweet, savory, or snack-like toppings—or even sides that wouldn't be out of place in a three-course meal. Vanilla ice cream and cinnamon are a winning combo, as are fried chicken and maple syrup for those who like to mix their sugar and salt. Let's not forget bacon, fried eggs, tomatoes... the list is ENDLESS.

On the other side of the pond, in the United Kingdom, there are waffles made with potato rather than the traditional batter, often topped with beans in a tomatoey sauce—an ideal savory dinner with a touch of Brit. Oh, and 'bubble waffles' are a new concept, making their debut at Christmas markets in Europe. Sign. Us. Up.

13 Breakfast Muffins/ Sandwich

via Denver Eater

McDonalds' breakfasts are life. They're the backbone of an early airport trip or a hungover morning and are generally a great treat to set you up for the day. We can only really fault them for one thing: not being available all day long.

While it would be almost impossible to recreate the real deal, you can whip up a rather close second whenever you fancy once you've got your hands on some breakfast muffins. These small bread rolls can be filled with sweet or savory delights, but for a true McDs experience, fry some bacon and an egg (pierce the yolk so it becomes flatter and cooked through) and slap on a slice of cheese.

12 Breakfast Rice


Got some leftover takeout and don't know what to do with it? Breakfast rice is always the answer—and, as it's *rice*, it's most definitely acceptable to eat all day, every day. Served in Japan, the perfect rice for this dish is cold and pre-cooked, so grab last night's Tupperware and empty the "old" rice into a pan. Now, just add whatever breakfast faves take your fancy—think soft scrambled eggs, sauteed sausage, onion, and tomato. Some add peas, parsley, or coriander to give it a splash of color, but you don't have to. Finally, add some soy sauce, and melt some cheese on top, and you're done. Tasty!

11  Breakfast Burrito

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This one's malleable; you can make a breakfast burrito as filling or as light as you like, depending on how hungry you are and what time of day it is. Fancy a quick protein hit? Whip up some scrambled egg, and wrap it in a tortilla. Simple. Ready for a hefty supper? Stuff your tortilla (or tortillas... you've earned it) with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, and cheese before wrapping them up with a healthy dollop of salsa and guacamole.

For those who want a satisfying crunch, brush your tortilla skins with some oil or butter and crisp in the oven for five to ten minutes so they become tacos.

10 Bubble and Squeak

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Hailing from across the pond in the United Kingdom, bubble and squeak is a traditional— though, today, less popular—breakfast enjoyed the morning after a hearty roast dinner. First appearing on tables in the 1800s, the dish uses leftover boiled potatoes and cabbage, shallow fried until brown. You can also add any other leftover veg, like carrots and peas, as well as meat from the bird. For an authentic version, serve with pickles or tart brown sauce or accompany with bacon, eggs, and sausages. The name comes from the 'squeaking' the cabbage makes while being cooked.

9 Muesli

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Originating in Western Europe, muesli—a combination of oats, grains, dried fruit, fresh fruit, seeds, and nuts—has taken the breakfast world by storm in the last few years. In fact, health lovers and snackers alike have been chowing down on the stuff like it's going out of fashion.

However, thanks to its versatility, this good-for-you treat needn't be confined to pre-11am. From late brunch to afternoon grazing, you can change up your bowl of muesli in whatever way you like. Soften with your favorite yogurt or try with a range of milk, depending on the time of day; perhaps full fat for a treat or almond milk to bring out the nutty undertones. That's not all either; possibly with chocolate chips, chia seeds, or cinnamon, this breakfast dish really is so versatile. You can add whatever flavor you fancy.

8 Omelets

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As versatile as they are delish, omelets make a great breakfast, a quick lunch, and a satisfying dinner. Grab a few eggs, add some milk, salt, pepper, and a few extras, and pour carefully into a pan, into an omelet maker, or simply on a plate, and pop into the microwave. This effortless process is relatively healthy; eggs are a fantastic source of protein and vitamins, and you can opt to only include eggs whites if you're being extra health-conscious (though, arguably, the yolk is the best bit).

Ham and cheese make a great combo, as do bacon, red pepper, and onion, while mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes are great for non-meat eaters. You can either pop your 'toppings' on top of the omelet and fold it over to seal inside or combine the toppings with the mixture, so they all cook together.

7 Fruit Salad

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Another healthy hit has made our list. Fruit salad is probably one of the easiest and quickest dishes to make: all you need is a large bowl and your favorite fruits. Simple. Often gracing breakfast buffets at hotels or used as a palate cleanser at the beginning or end of a grand meal, you can most definitely implement this vitamin-packed, antioxidant-filled medley into other meal times.

From berries to satsumas, apples, pears, mango, and pineapples... anything goes. If you want the most photo-friendly dish, opt for fruits of varying colors, like kiwis, blueberries, strawberries, and orange pegs. Also, try to avoid mushy fruits like bananas for a longer-lasting dish and a refreshing crunch.

6 Croissants

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One of France's most famous exports (apart from the likes of Coco Chanel and Brigitte Bardot), croissants are more than a simple pastry. Flakey and buttery, they can be enjoyed all on their own, hot or cold. But warm is best, as the butter melts in your mouth. Add ingredients to make it more substantial, or use it as a side dish.

Breakfast and snacktime see an addition of almonds and chocolate—a little pick-me-up for first thing in the morning or after seemingly endless hours at work. While you can swap out the boring bread of your lunchtime sandwich for the delicious pastry, this works best with jam and butter or ham and cheese, but anything goes! Come dinner, bread can be once again sidelined in favor of a croissant. Try dipping it in hot soup for the ultimate indulgent dinner.

5 Tattie Scones

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Hailing from Scotland in the United Kingdom, the humble tattie scone is most definitely a breakfast dish suitable whether morning, noon or night. The flat pastry is made with mashed potato (tattie = potato), salt, butter, and flour, rolled out and cut into triangles before being fried or heated on a griddle.

For a fully authentic experience, serve with fried eggs, bacon, and Lorne sausage (a square sausage from Scotland made with  minced meat, rusk, and spices), but if that feels too 'breakfasty,' keep your tattie scone for later—they reheat and toast well—and pop with some veg and a juicy burger.

4 Boiled Eggs

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Eggs are one of the few foods that have seemingly endless ways to be cooked. Fried, baked, boiled—you name it—they'll still taste good. It also is good—eggs are packed with protein, vitamins, iron, and good fats. We could go on all day about egg recipes you can eat throughout the day (and we've mentioned a few already), but focusing just on the latter, boiled eggs, there are a fair few dishes you can enjoy.

If you can stand the smell of a freshly hard-boiled egg coming out of its shell, egg salad is a surefire winner. Add a dash of salt and pepper, and add to a sandwich or a salad. Alternatively, a real crowd pleaser is the deviled egg.  Pop a few eggs into the stove, and, once boiled, slice in half and remove the yolk. Mash all the yolks together in a separate bowl with mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper, and fill the yolkless hole with the mixture. Garnish with paprika for a little spice hit.

3 Fruit Smoothie

via CBC

Although technically more a drink than a dish, fruit smoothies most definitely hold their own on our list. The flavor combinations are endless, and all you need is a blender and some ice (or frozen ingredients).

According to the BBC Good Food website, the best way to start a smoothie is with two mugs of liquid—this can be milk, yoghurt, or even coconut water—before adding your main ingredients. Bananas make a great base and complement most other fruit flavors while giving an additional sweet and creamy texture. From mango to strawberry, kiwi to orange, you can mix and match or just go plain—whatever you fancy whenever the mood strikes. If you're feeling really fancy, garnish with additional fruit, a mint leaf, and a paper straw.

2 Cinnamon Buns

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Cinnamon has been enjoyed throughout history, all the way back to the times of Ancient Egypt, and is considered somewhat a superfood, thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Originally found in northern Europe, cinnamon buns are a worldwide treat these days—and most definitely worth a post-breakfast scoffing. Sweet, flaky, dripping in icing, and, of course, dusted and cooked with aromatic cinnamon, these swirly delights are great with a cup of coffee or tea and served warm and fresh (though they're not too bad when cold either!)

1 Crumpets

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Another UK favorite is the humble crumpet, a porous pastry with many holes and served at breakfast time with a cup of tea. Make like they do across the pond and integrate this into your mealtimes, whether you fancy something a little sweet or something rather savory instead.

One can go simple by toasting and eating this with melted butter alone, or you can grill cheese over the top. Alternatively, the holed top makes a great base for something saucy, like baked beans, as it soaks up all the flavor. Nutella and other chocolate spreads are also perfect to top a crumpet with, as the chocolate oozes down all the way to the base for a truly indulgent snack.

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