Good Morning: What Breakfast Looks Like In These 20 Countries

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Regardless of what you choose to eat, breakfast is often the first meal that many people have. This can range from a full meal that they sit down to enjoy to something quick that they grab before they run out the door and head out to school or work. Breakfast is the meal that powers the rest of your day and really gives you energy to get things done and help your brain to function to its full potential! There's a reason that breakfast food is so popular and it's not just because it's so delicious.

Around the world, there are all kinds of different cultures that each have their own super unique cuisine. Just about everyone has a favorite type of food, whether it's pasta or dumplings and fried rice, or something else. But something not many people think about when it comes to these different foods is what their breakfast foods look like. Breakfast is a super important meal around the world and every culture has their own foods that are often on the table for that very first meal of the day.

Ever wondered what breakfast looks like in other countries around the world? Keep reading to see what a typical breakfast looks like in 20 different countries! From the US to Cambodia to Lebanon, breakfast can be really different in other countries but it always looks super tasty.

20 Sri Lanka: Dhal, Roti, And Hoppers

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In Sri Lanka, breakfast is a super savory meal. Typically, breakfast in Sri Lanka consists of things like dhal, roti, and hoppers.

Dhal is a traditional type of curry that is often served in Sri Lanka that is made with red lentils, coconut milk, and a ton of different seasonings and spices like saffron, tumeric, cumin, mustard seeds, and more. Roti is a type of flatbread that is made and eaten in several countries including Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan, among others. It's perfect for dipping in that dhal! Last but not least, hoppers are round, bowl-shaped pieces of thin, fried dough that resemble a crispy crepe or pancake.

19 Poland: Eggs,  Meat, And Bread With Jam And Butter

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In Poland, breakfast means waking up to fill up on a lot of protein and carbs. It's a great way to get some energy for the rest of the day, no matter what your day might include.

A typical breakfast in Poland includes a lot of different options that include some sort of eggs, meat, and bread.

To put on the bread, some type of jam and butter is typically served but the meat can also be eaten on the bread as a sandwich. No matter what time of day it is, this spread looks absolutely delicious and totally mouthwatering!

18 China: Dumplings, Rice Porridge, And Breadsticks

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Dumplings are a totally delicious dish and they're often served as part of a lunch or dinner. But in China, they're often served as breakfast as well! Although loading up on such heavy dishes like meat-based soup, porridge, fried breadsticks, and dumplings so early in the morning might sound strange, it's totally normal in China.

The idea of Dim Sum, or serving a lot of small portions of several different foods, is even popular at breakfast in China, so their breakfasts can involve a whole bunch of different foods including rice porridge and dumplings in small quantities. Sign us up!

17 Mexico: Huevos Rancheros

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Huevos rancheros is a popular breakfast dish that has made its way around the globe and has become more and more popular in other countries outside of just Mexico where it originated.

There are a lot of variations on this dish, but it all has one basic idea behind it. In order to make classic huevos rancheros like what has been traditionally served on large ranches around Mexico, fried up eggs are served on freshly toasted tortillas. On top, fresh salsa and rice are served alongside a garnish of avocados or guacamole. For people who really love salsa and guacamole, this is a breakfast must!

16 India: Dosa And Chutney

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Dosa is a food that is similar to a crepe in that it's a product made by frying batter in a really thin layer until it's toasted and slightly crispy. Dosa is made with rice and black gram and is a popular addition to just about any meal through the subcontinent. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, people in India pair dosa with so many different dishes because it's so versatile.

For breakfast, dosa is often served alongside chutney.

Chutney is a sauce that can have many different flavors, depending on the ingredients. Some popular versions include a spicy coconut dip or a peanut sauce.

15 Australia: Vegemite Toast

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What kind of food is Australia known for? Aside from Lamington, Fairy Bread, and Tim Tam cookies, that is! That's right, Vegemite! This spread is totally an iconic Australian food that many people who don't live down under just don't understand.

Even though Vegemite is used in many meals and can be an ingredient in a ton of different recipes throughout Australia, Vegemite toast is definitely one of the most popular ways to eat it at breakfast time. After lightly toasting bread, butter is spread onto the toast and then, to top it all off, Vegemite is spread on top.

14 Brazil: Pão de Queijo

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Pão de queijo are a traditional recipe that are a really popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. The phrase "pão de queijo" translates literally to "cheese bread." This is a pretty fitting name since these little balls are simply that: bread baked with cheese in it.

This recipe is said to date back to the 19th century but it became particularly popular in the 1950s. It can be made with many different ingredients but the end result is always a small, savory ball of gooey, cheesy bread. They've even started making their way to the frozen aisle of many supermarkets around the world!

13 Lebanon: Manakish

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Who else totally wishes they could eat pizza for breakfast? Outside of pulling a leftover slice out of the fridge in the morning after a big pizza night, this isn't exactly something that people tend to do. In Lebanon, a flat piece of baked dough that can be covered in some kind of cheese, herbs, and meat is often served at breakfast. Although not pizza, it is similar in the toppings and the fact that it can be sliced up and served in those slices.

This food is called Manakish and it is often served as part of a breakfast or lunch throughout Lebanon.

12 Japan: Rice, Miso Soup, And Fish

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Food from Japan is often very light and their typical breakfast is no different. No heavy, fried food like bread here.

Instead, a typical breakfast consists of rice, miso soup, and some kind of fish.

Miso soup is a traditional soup from Japan that is served at a lot of other meals as well, not just during breakfast. This delicious hot soup is made with a stock or soup base in which miso paste, which is made with fermented soy beans, is mixed in. From there, the ingredients really depend on the season and person's taste. Tofu and seasonal vegetables are common ingredients.

11 Turkey: Cheese, Olives, Bread, And Jam

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In Turkey, breakfast looks more like what many people would consider a snack from the afternoon or in the evening or even something that they would order to eat at brunch while they caught up with friends. It often consists of cheese, olives, bread, and jam to put on the bread to give it some extra flavor.

In Turkey, many different types of cheese are often served during breakfast so that a person can taste and enjoy several of them instead of just eating a large amount of one type of cheese. Eaters can also choose to put this cheese on their bread if they're not in the mood for jam.

10 Cambodia: Pork And Rice With Fried Egg

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In Cambodia, breakfast truly is one of the most important meals of the day. Often, people living here skip breakfast in order to head out to work and choose instead to snack on fruit and other foods throughout the day. But if they do choose to eat breakfast before they go to work, it's often made up of leftovers from dinner the night before mixed with other foods to make something hearty that will give them energy all day.

One popular dish that fits this criteria is rice with a fried egg and some leftover meat like pork from last night's dinner.

9 France: Coffee And A Croissant

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In France, breakfast often includes a cup of coffee and a croissant. What else would they have in a place so famous for their buttery, flaky pastries? Breakfast isn't exactly a huge deal in France, so they tend to go pretty light on this meal and stick to just a cup of coffee to help them wake up and a fresh, warm croissant to fill their stomach a little.

In France, the phrase for breakfast is "petit dejeuner" which translates to "little lunch" which really tells you how seriously (or not!) they tend to take breakfast. Who could turn down a croissant with jam or butter?

8 Pakistan: Nihari


Although some countries tend to eat more sweet dishes at breakfast like pastries, Pakistan definitely tends to go savory. A popular breakfast food in Pakistan is Nihari.

Nihari is a stew that is eaten during just about every meal in Pakistan that is made by slow-cooking a meat like goat, beef, chicken, or lamb.

Nihari is so popular that it's often used like chicken soup is in other countries and is fed to people who have a cold or other mild illness because it's believed to help them feel better. Some restaurants take the day's Nihari and put in a few spoonfuls into the pot for the next day's in order to give it an extra boost of flavor.

7 The US: Pancakes

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As is the case in many countries, it's really hard to narrow down a "typical" breakfast in the United States. There are so many different breakfast foods from waffles to pancakes to smoothie bowls that picking just one food to call a typical breakfast in the US can be pretty much impossible. One really popular one though is pancakes.

A fluffy stack of pancakes with toppings like fresh fruit and syrup is a super popular breakfast in the US because of how versatile it is. These fluffy fried cakes can be made with a lot of different ingredients including different types of flour and different fruits.

6 Korea: Leftovers, Rice, Kimchi, And Soup

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Korea is another country where breakfast looks pretty similar to other meals that people enjoy during the day. In Korea, a typical breakfast consists of a lot of leftovers from the previous night.

Things like rice, soup, and fish that were made for dinner the night before are common dishes that are served during breakfast time.

Another food that is often included in breakfasts is definitely a staple of meals in Korea. That food? Kimchi, of course! Kimchi is made with different types of vegetables, typically cabbage, that has been salted and fermented and seasoned with ingredients like chili powder and garlic.

5 Germany: Meats and Cheeses

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In Germany, breakfast is a savory meal. It consists of things like local cheeses and meats to snack on alongside them. This hearty breakfast will definitely give anyone the energy they need to get through a long day. Alongside the meats and cheeses, a hot drink like coffee, tea, or hot cocoa is served to wash it all down and really get a person ready for their day.

With the meats and cheeses, bread with various toppings and spreads is usually served. Toppings for the bread can include butter or a sweet jam. The meat and cheese can also be eaten on the bread.

4 The Philippines: Tapsilog


Tapsilog is a common breakfast in the Philippines and is actually a shortened name for a longer phrase. The phrase that the name tapislog comes from is "tapa, sinangag at itlog" which translates to "beef tapa, garlic fried rice, and egg" and that's exactly what this breakfast consists of.

Tapa was originally invented in order to extend the time that meats like chicken and beef could be stored but these days, it's just a way to marinate and add flavor to the meat. In order to make tapa, beef is marinated in a mix of soy sauce, calamansi juice, and garlic.

3 The UK: Full Meal

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Anyone who has ever been to the UK will know that a breakfast there is a pretty big meal, especially if you go traditional and get a full breakfast. This meal consists of a whole bunch of different components but each one is really important to making it an actual full breakfast from England.

The ingredients that make up this meal include bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, toast, sausages, black pudding, and baked beans. Sometimes a poached egg can be included instead of a fried one or the tomatoes may be cooked differently, but these ingredients are all very important!

2 Colombia: Arepa de huevo

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Arepas are a food that is incredibly popular in Colombia. Arepas are made with fried dough and can be used for a lot of different things including sandwiches. One way to enjoy an arepa while in Colombia is at breakfast time! One super popular breakfast food that people in Colombia just can't get enough of is arepa de huevo.

This food is an arepa with an egg cooked inside of it.

After the arepa has been fried, a cut is sliced into one side to expose the hollow inside. An egg is poured in and then fried once more to cook the egg!

1 Italy: Coffee And A Pastry


In Italy, food is a really important part of a person's day. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, meals are super important all across Italy! While we all totally love foods like pasta and pizza for lunch and dinner, those aren't exactly fit for breakfast, right?

Instead, breakfast in Italy typically consists of a pastry and a cup of coffee like an espresso. These pastries can be sweet or savory and range from things like flaky, buttery croissants to something sweeter like a biscotti that can be dipped in your coffee or the classic breakfast pastry, the cornetto. Delizioso!

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