Most Important Meal Of The Day: 10 Breakfasts From Around The world We Need To Try And 10 We Don't

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"

"What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?"

"I say, I wonder what's going to happen that's exciting today?" said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.

Even though a box of cereal may be your breakfast of choice, there are plenty of people around the world that simply cannot fathom how you could start a day like that. It is the most important meal of the day after all and different cultures deal with the importance of it in various ways.

Even though America normalizes bacon and eggs, Thailand would be aghast at the idea since most of their breakfast items include some rice on the side. In comparison to a lot of places, western culture has dealt us some pretty bad cards when it comes to our daily meal. Cultures in Asia and the Middle East have taken a significant amount of time to let this meal also serve as eyes into their culture.

It is important to understand that each person is singular and I may prefer a simple croissant while someone else may want the full spread made available to them but the dishes we have lined up for your today are by far the most popular.

Make sure you share this with every friend you have that is miles away. You may be able to relate just a tad more than you did before.

20 Try: Iran’s Halim

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Iran has a whole range of dishes that you can pick from for breakfast alone and that is great news because Middle Eastern food is some of the best stuff I have ever tasted. If you are rushing out the door or just want something light, you would go for the naan bread with jam and butter on the top. This is essentially their version of toast and butter. Halim, on the other hand, will remind you more of lunch. It is a mix that contains wheat, butter, cinnamon, sugar and chunks of meat. This dish can be eaten hot or cold so you can take it straight out of the fridge - always a plus.

19 Skip: Japan’s Tofu

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This may work for you if you were born in Japan and the local flavors feel like home to you but for the rest of us, this is going to be too much of a change way too soon. The dish is essentially tofu and fish along with some rice, all of which is then soaked in soy sauce. Other than the fact that tofu is not something most people like for you know…all the obvious reason, fish is not exactly breakfast material if you are not used to it. You can build up to this if you have an adventurous palette (here is looking at you Bourdain-wannabes) but for everyone else, maybe give this one a skip.

18 Try: Vietnam’s Mi Quang

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This dish is very noodle based and actually began in central Vietnam in the Quảng Nam Province. After that, it essentially spread like wildfire. This dish basically consists of noodles, meat, and even rice at times. The meat component can be anything from pork to chick or even shrimp. This dish is very popular in Vietnam and if you are there you most definitely need to try this one. It is actually part of national pride for the country. It is had for breakfast on the regular but is also pretty common during family functions.

17 Skip: Kenya's Blood Bath

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Kenya literally starts the day with a glass of cow blood - not kidding, unfortunately. I do not know about you lot but starting my day knowing that I just indirectly slaughtered a cow is not exactly convincing me I am going to heaven. Thankfully this is not an everyday thing in Kenya, it is only really done on special occasions. The Maasai actually believe that humans should harvest animals rather than kill them since we are their guardians. Because of this, the slaughter of an animal only happens on special occasions. The mix of blood and milk is even used to treat the sick. Even though this is better than it happening every day, we still aren't fans.

16 Try: Egypt’s Ful Medamas

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Ful Medamas or just fūl is a breakfast favorite in Egypt. It is made with fava beans, cumin, vegetable oil, garlic, parsley, lemon juice, onions, and some other vegetables. It also comes with hard-boiled eggs on the side. The dish in itself is pretty healthy which is always a plus and the flavors work for just about everyone no matter where you were raised. If you are not a fan of hardboiled eggs, you always have the main dish to look forward to. Here is a recipe you could try if you want to make it at home.

15 Skip: Thailand's Catfish

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Fish in the morning is just a bit much to accept. This dish is full of spices, rice, and fish. Much like other South-East Asian countries, the dish just reminds us of lunchtime a bit too much. It also has sweet and spicy pork. So, overall it is too much going on for us to really appreciate it. The biggest positive this dish has to its name is that it is famously known for being cheap. It is only 30 bhat if you are having it in Thailand itself. Another piece of information that may help - lunch and dinner are as cheap so that is really nice.

14 Try: India’s Akuri

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Akuri is served along with the traditional rotis and the best way to describe it is- spicy scrambled eggs. The dish is cooked until the eggs are almost runny and there are various spices like turmeric or chili powder that are added. It also has loads of veggies included in the mix before it is cooked. Roasted potatoes and toast are also common side dishes for this meal. It is definitely something that is worth a try if you are looking for a kick. Butter is commonly added on the toast but it depends on preference.

13 Skip: Mexico's Menudo

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This dish started in the 1930s and became famous as a dish that could cure a hangover. Unfortunately, it cannot do much else. This soup has plenty of ingredients that- and there is no nice way to say this- would ordinarily be thrown in the bin. The main ingredient here is tripe which is just cow's stomach fat. So, we are off to a rough start. Sometimes, people will even throw the whole cow's head into the dish along with the feet, some spices, and other stuff. Anthony Bourdain describes tripe as rubbery so the question is simple - do you want to start your day like that?

12 Try: Hawaii’s Taro Bagels

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When you think of Hawaiian breakfasts, you automatically think of bowls of fruit but they have so much more to offer as well. Their version of bagels is one of my personal favorites. When it comes to taste as well as visual appeal, this one just wins. Taro is a root vegetable that is available in Hawaii and is purple in color. This veggie is often mashed into a sticky taro dish or even made into an ice cream. The best meal that came from taro is definitely the purple bagel from Bogart’s Café. This purple bagel tastes great with some cream cheese and it also makes for a really good Insta update that you are spending your holidays in Hawaii.

11 Skip: Alaska's Reindeer Meat With Egg

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Rudolph is not going to like this one but here we go nonetheless. A typical Alaskan breakfast consists of reindeer meat along with an egg served on top of a pancake. I am not going to say I am opposed to this one but did the cold freeze your heart? We do understand that it is a bit much to expect chicken in that weather but still, it is a little too much to deal with. Just focus on the pancake and eggs if you are visiting Alaska anytime soon. It is supposed to taste like chicken if that makes you feel any better.

10 Try: Iceland’s Hafragrautur

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In a country where the fact that it is cold is literally reflected in the name of the country, you tend to prefer something hot for brekkie. This hot bowl of oatmeal is often topped up with brown sugar and is a great way to fight of those frostbite filled mornings. Raisins and nuts are also common toppings for this dish. This Icelandic version of porridge is also very healthy as you may have guessed so it is pretty easy to stay on top of your calorie intake. You are going to want a second bowl of this one!

9 Skip: Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak

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Nasi Lemak is the most well-known breakfast dish among Malaysians but it may not work with others. Nasi means rice and naci lemak means fat rice. The dish is then served, like many other dishes from South Asia, with some red sauce, cucumbers, a hardboiled egg, and peanuts. It is also served with some anchovies. Overall it is a bit of mess. The sauce did not work well with the rice and having something like that in the morning just seems criminal. The fish was a bit much for breakfast as well. We would not support this choice.

8 Try: Portugal’s Version Of A Croissant

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This simple yet delicious breakfast filled with stuffed croissants and tons of coffee under the sun is the perfect start to a day to in Portugal. These croissants can be filled with just about anything. The best way to start a day is breakfast or chocolate so, why not make those synonyms? Nutella in a croissant along with coffee - you just cannot go wrong with this one. You can alternatively go with a ham and cheese stuffing if you prefer something more savory. Just make sure you have coffee on the side no matter what.

7 Skip: Ghana’s Waakye

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This dish is essentially cooked beans and rice. It is traditionally served during breakfast time in Ghana. Normally kidney beans are used during the cooking process. It can be cooked using multiple methods but after trying this dish we cannot say that it makes for a great start of the day. It is not exactly the best idea. It would be alright later during the day but it is a bit too heavy to deal with first thing in the morning. This is not to say that the rest of the country’s cuisine is not great because we really do love some of their dishes but this one is a bit of a miss.

6 Try: Poland’s Jajecznica

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Poland’s traditional breakfast is one of our favorites on this list. This dish is mostly scrambled eggs that are then covered with any type of kielbasa which is a type of Polish sausage or essentially any meat. Sounding good so far? Well, it gets better. It is then paired up with some potato pancakes to make the final dish. Overall, it is the Polish version of a fry up breakfast and we 100% approve. Cold cuts and meat spread are very popular in Poland so it is pretty common to have an additional plate of various meats by your side but hey, who’s complaining?

5 Skip: Colombia's Changua

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Changua is made with eggs, scallions, and milk. The dish itself has Chibcha origins but is now eaten across Colombia. Water and milk are heated along with some salt. Roasted potatoes are also served on the side. It is not very visually appealing, to be honest, and the milk and eggs do not really work together like they do in a scrabbled eggs recipe. Changua unfortunately enough reminds us of scrambled eggs that have failed the test. Arepas de Huevo (corn cakes filled with egg) is a far better choice if you are looking for Colombian inspiration when it comes to your morning meal.

4 Try: Australia’s Breakfast Spread

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Breakfasts in Australia pretty much mirror what we are used to finding in the United States or the United Kingdom but there is one simple but important difference - vegemite. This brown stuff that is pretty sticky is a favorite for Aussies. It is normally had with some butter on toast. Vegemite is basically Australia’s reply to the creation of marmite but do not bother having a debate on which one is superior because Aussies will die praising their version. You can buy a jar of vegemite at Tesco’s online if you are in the UK or you can bet on good old amazon if you are in the United States.

3 Skip: Peru's Leche De Tigre

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Leche de tigre is a glass full of the liquid that comes from the well known dish ceviche which is essentially raw fish served fresh. It has fish juice, salt, pepper, lemon, and onion. You can even find pieces of fish within the drink itself in most places. It is all just a bit too much for us to deal with. It also reminded me of the time my mother tried to get me to down Apple cider vinegar because it could be good for my skin. The dish may have all the vitamins and minerals the world has to offer packed into one tiny shot glass but that just isn't enough to convince me.

2 Try: Welsh Cheesy Toast

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Welsh rarebit which is to the rest of the world - cheese on toast is a good meal for just about anything. Sad? Happy? Anxious? Rarebit is pretty much the answer to all of your problems. Welsh rarebit is made with a sauce of melted cheese along with some other ingredients. It is most importantly served hot. A cold rarebit is worse than none at all. The melted cheese is normally poured over the toast- hence, the cheesy bread reference. Other than this though, it can also be served as a fondue with the toasty bread on the side

1 Skip: Ireland's Black Pudding

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Ireland's version of brekkie reminds me very much of a US breakfast but black pudding tends to taste like metal. It does not help to know what is inside either. It has pig's blood, fat and oatmeal all mashed together. Told you it would not help. It is then put into a sausage tube before being fried, grilled or boiled. So... essentially, we are not going to ask you to try this one. Stick to eggs and toast if you are in Ireland. There is also white pudding available which is just black pudding without the pig blood so do not be fooled by that one either.

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