Whopper Whoops: 10 Burger King Menu Items That Aren't As Bad As We Think And 10 That Really, Really Are

Oh, Burger King... You haven't impressed us much over the years when we compare you to McDonald's, but you're still sailing above water. Even after opening their doors a whole year after McDonald's did, Burger King still manages to retain its position as the third biggest food chain in America. Obviously, McDonald's is the only burger joint that has got BK beat, but the golden arches do stand as a tough competitor to deal with.

With contenders like In-N-Out and Shake Shack replacing the big boys across countries, somehow, they still manage to stand their ground, and that includes Burger King... for the most part.

Some of the menu items on their list were clear misses, but they occasionally impressed us over the years. Today, we're going to be looking at all of the Burger King menu items that have been introduced over time and why they're still remembered.

So, when you're craving Burger King, let this menu help you decide what's a hit and what's a miss. Everything from veggies to the breakfast menu is ranked here to help you get through what's normally a pretty hard decision.

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20 Skip: Whopper

via Reader's Digest

This is, unfortunately, enough of a rather big miss even though it presents itself as a more expensive option. There's simply nothing to like when it comes to this burger. The meat within it isn't very appealing to look at, and if you do manage to take a bite, it's not exactly impressive. There are also a bunch of veggies in the burger that actually manages to make it worse. It also has a ton of mayo that really doesn't work with anything else. So, by the time you finally manage to pick it up, it's already started to crumble in your hands.

19 Try: Fully Loaded CROISSAN'WICH

via Lifehacker Australia

A lot of people tend to think this could be a little too much to deal with, but it does work nicely together. The crunchiness of the croissant tends to be overwhelming most of the time, so the introduction of some filling is more than welcome. The sandwich consists of some black forest ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, as well as some melted 'American' cheese. Anyway, we 100% recommend starting your day with this fully loaded sandwich. It has about 570 calories in it, so it's one of the healthier Burger King items on the plus side of things.

18 Skip: Double Whopper Bacon Cheese Burger

via thedailymeal.com

Instead of learning from their mistakes, Burger King proceeded to make more mistakes. Not understanding that the failure of the Whopper was a sign, the Double Whopper Bacon Cheese Burger came about. This one has an extra patty, some cheese, and extra bacon added on. Instead of helping the lost causes, it just further ruined the Whopper's name. The ingredients don't go together very well, and everything is a little lost. It all becomes too much to handle in the end. It's better than its counterpart, but it's still no winner.

17 Try: Cini Minis

via bustle.com

Burger King actually introduced the Cini Minis to the menu way back in 1998 before they were pulled from the shelves, so to speak. After that happened, it became pretty hard to get them back, even though a full-fledged campaign was launched on Change.org. They're finally back now, but it isn't permanent, so make sure you get some while stocks last. You can even call for them via GrubHub if you live in the States. They made their triumphant return on November 29, so you're already running out of time! They even come with their own icy dipping sauce!

16 Skip: Double Mushroom Swiss Burger

via Mothership

The Double Mushroom Swiss Burger is as weird as it sounds and as much of a miss as you think it would be. It looks amazing in all of the Burger King commercials, but it's disappointing, to say the least. It looks like a greasy mess by the time you get it on your tray, and the mushrooms are as out of place as I would be in a Justin Bieber concert. The sauce spills out everywhere, and they won't even give you enough mushrooms to make the burger worth the title. The cheese isn't even Swiss at all; it came from the same packet all the other Burger King cheese came from.

15 Try: Frozen Fanta Cherry ICEE

via MIX 94.9

Coming from someone who really doesn't like fizzy drinks, I have to say that the frozen Fanta is amazing. If you're looking for a great cold drink but nothing too fizzy, this is really nice. It goes really well with some fries and a burger on the side. It's only 110 calories, so it's a far healthier drink option than one of the Burger King shakes. It reminds us quite a bit of a slushy, not that there's nothing wrong with that. The only downside with this one is it can be too sweet for some people. You should take a sip from your sweet-toothed friends if you're on the fence.

14 Skip: Big King

via brandeating.com

The Big King is basically the Big Mac, which is why it's downvoted by us. It exists for no reason, and no one really buys it. The only discovery that was made when making this burger was the word 'king,' so it's not exactly impressive. The burger was very well known during the '90s but was eventually discontinued. It made a comeback in 2013 with so-called improvements, but none of them were very visible. The 'huge difference' is the additional piece of bread in the middle, which didn't do much. There's nothing bad about it really, but there's no point to it all the same.

13 Try: Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken

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The burger that's made with seasoned white meat chicken filet along with crispy breading and bacon could've gone wrong but thankfully did not. It's a really good item if you love cheese and want to try something new, so we say, go for it. There's also a spicy version of the burger with a spicy chicken available as well. This one was an obvious win for Burger King. It has 650 calories, so there's not much to worry about, and it got some great reviews. The toasted potato bun is a great touch as well. Start your day with this one; you won't regret it.

12 Skip: Extra Long Cheeseburger

via The Daily Meal

We're guessing the aim of this one was the shock factor involved, but it didn't do much for anyone. It's just a longer cheeseburger that essentially means less of that crispy exterior, so are we winning or losing here? What normally happens is the beef patties are stacked up one on top of another. Here, they're placed side by side on the really long burger bun, which just looks odd at best. Overall, it's pretty messy and doesn't have much to offer that a normal cheeseburger doesn't. It offers less if anything. The patties also seem out of place because the bun isn't shaped well enough to occupy them.

11 Try: Barbecue Bacon Cheese Burger

via With Two Spoons

The Barbecue Bacon Cheese Burger is pretty amazing. You'll be done with it in a flash because it's that good, so the only advice we can give you is to get two. This signature has always been a fan favorite. The burger works because it keeps things simple. You have your load of bacon and meat, which is all you really need, to be honest. What it doesn't contain are the veggies, which is actually one of the reasons people like it so much. See, Burger King? We don't come to you for a healthy option; we come to you for fast food at its best, and the bacon cheeseburger delivers every time.

10 Skip: Grilled Dog

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There's nothing amazing about this one, but we're not complaining. It just doesn't fit into the Burger King menu. The bad attempt at adding hot dogs to their menu didn't really work since you can probably get the same hot dog for less at a street vendor. They're decent hot dogs, but they're nothing too exciting. You could easily be spending your money on something better. There's far more to choose from when it comes to Burger King; don't settle for this. If you want a hot dog, the gas station is a better and cheaper bet.

9 Try: Original Chicken Sandwich

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Often underestimated and passed over for a newer menu item, the original burger is a force to be reckoned with. It has passed the test of time, considering it's been around since 1979 and people are still buying 'em by the truckload every day. The classic is pretty great with its all-white chicken breast that's lightly breaded. If you're looking for something crispier, get the Bacon cheeseburger or the tender crisp chicken breast, but if you want a classic burger, this is what you're looking for. This simple sandwich is a go-to for every BK lover.

8 Skip: Fully Loaded Biscuit

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Is this as much of a train wreck as it sounds? Well, yes. Unfortunately enough, this is one of those bright ideas that seem like a great plan in the beginning but never really works out. It's the 'texting my ex' of Burger King items, and you should stay away. The buttermilk Biscuit is 'piled high' with a variety of meats (your usual sausage, bacon, and eggs) as well as some of that American cheese. You should be paid to eat it. The idea of mixing a buttermilk biscuit with meat is ridiculous in itself. It also has 610 calories, and the peppermint shake only has 780, so you know which one you need to go for.

7 Try: Oreo Cookie Peppermint Shake

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A lot of people tend to go for the tried and tested versions of Burger King shakes, and don't get me wrong—they do have a point. But the Oreo cookie peppermint shake is definitely worth a shot. It has these crunchy pieces of Oreo within the shake and some peppermint syrup. The whole thing just works. The signature whipped cream on the top is the icing on the cake. Finishing a Burger King meal with this one is highly recommended... unless it's a Whopper. In that case, just have the shake. It has a total of 780 calories, though, so don't get too attached.


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There's nothing that's dreadfully wrong with this one, but there's also no real reason to give up something far better to try it. It's one of those last-ditch attempts at introducing something new, but it just didn't work at all. The fillings are great—eggs, bacon, hash browns, sausage, queso sauce... everything there is to love about breakfast all wrapped up into a burrito. The burrito bit is what caught us off guard. Pizzas and burgers are great meals... separately. Essentially, what we're trying to say is that the whole thing is a mess and that you'll be wasting your money. So, unless you need to write an article about the Burger Menu ranked, don't bother.

5 Try: Flame Grilled Chicken Burger

via San Francisco Chronicle

This burger is a complete no-no for us. It makes no sense. It's not really a burger, and it isn't a sandwich either, so it's left being nothing really, and it's overall pretty disappointing. It's a patty between buns, and that's simply not good enough to be called a burger. We understand that the grilled part is so that we can be more healthy, but I'm not entering a Burger King and buying a burger if I'm the vision of health, so we might as well fry it. Burger King then tries really hard to make it better by adding tons of randomly picked veggies and condiments, but it doesn't work at all. Go for the crispy chicken variety of burgers if you're buying one.

4 Skip: Veggie Burger

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Well, they tried, but it obviously didn't really work out. Introducing a veggie burger was a nice enough gesture towards vegans in general, but it just wasn't that great. The whole idea behind a burger is you're eating meat, and trying to make that into a veggie mash is a bad idea. It's like not having a turkey on the table while you're celebrating Thanksgiving. A good veggie burger would make a non-vegetarian question why they haven't opted for this obviously healthier lifestyle, but the Burger King veggie burger makes you thank the Lord that beef is around.

3 Try: French Toast Sticks

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Often ignored, the French Toast Sticks are a nice snack item that Burger King added to its menu. At 230 calories for three pieces, it's one of the healthier options on offer for whoever's looking for it. It's crunchy and made pretty well. It reminds you of french toast mornings with your family, and it's a light breakfast to start a good day. These french toast sticks are vegan as well, so they do tick a lot of boxes for some. You also get some sweet syrup to dip the sticks into. If you're on the go and don't have time, these work a treat.

2 Skip: PB&J Sandwich

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What even is this? Why would I buy this at Burger King? How much talent do you think I lack? Yup, those are all very sane questions you should ask yourself if you're ever considering buying this. The sandwich isn't even that great. You can make a better one at home, in all honesty, and for half the price. Burger King recommends having it with some of their applesauce, but that again makes little to no sense. A PB&J sandwich is better fresh, and this one isn't. If there's something else on the menu, get your kid that.

1 Try: Garden Side Salad

via cnn.com

Most fast-food restaurants tend to get salads or anything healthy dreadfully wrong just because it's so new to them, but Burger King, refreshingly enough, managed to create a salad we actually kinda like. Don't get me wrong—the burgers are always going to be better, but if you're looking for a healthier option, this could be it. The salad comes with some lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, and cheesy medley and is finished with your choice of salad dressing. It's only 60 calories (not counting the croutons), so it tastes great and is really healthy.

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