Burger King Vs McDonald’s: 20 Limited Time Menu Items That Were Totally Unappealing

Despite the new health craze, both McDonald’s and Burger King continue to lead the fast food burger market. Of course, McDonald’s has a far greater reach but the rivalry brews on. According to CNN, just days ago, Burger King decided to add to the rivalry by taking a shot at McDonald’s and issuing a new one cent burger:

“If you're within 600-feet of a McDonald's you can unlock a deal for a penny Whopper using the Burger King app. The app then offers directions to a nearby participating Burger King, where you can pick up the burger. The company announced the deal on Tuesday. It runs through December 12, and customers can only access it once.” (Source: CNN)

Ah yes, what better way to get people to use an app than giving them a super cheap burger. Genius!

Although this is a great rivalry, both brands have faltered in the past with some bad menu items. Thankfully, these were limited time only items and for the most part, they were featured in countries outside of both the US and Canada. For this specific clash, we’ll take a look at some of the worst menu item concepts of all-time, ranging from burgers to desserts. These were some of the most questionable decisions made by both these fast food giants.

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20 Burger King - Bacon Sundae

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The reviews were mixed. However, given the presentation, the dessert lands on the dud side of the list – it should also be noted that the dessert never returned to the menu following 2012. That means it might have had a limited impact during its time on the Burger King menu.

Drizzling bacon is one thing but giving the customers entire strips of bacon is just a little too much, both in taste and calories. The Sundae itself was really good, especially the caramel flavor according to reviews. However, customers can deal without the bacon and put it to use in a burger.

19 McDonald’s - Pizza

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McDonald’s Pizza, McPizza, whatever you want to call it, this menu item was a big hit for the limited time that it had on the menu. The pizza started off as a tester in the early 90s, however due to cooking time it was taken off the menu. 11 minutes was too long of a wait for the fast food giant.

It somehow managed to stay in limited McDonald’s till 2017. In both Ohio and West Virginia the McDonald’s continued to sell pizza until they were finally told otherwise. The meal is quite polarizing as some adored it while others felt as though pizza had no business being on a McDonald’s menu.

18 Burger King - Made For Sharing Pizza Burger

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As you might expect, Burger King also took a shot at pizza. However, unlike McDonald’s, they put a different spin on it, one that featured back 2,500 calories! It was a limited time only menu item back in 2010.

The hardest part about this pizza is the fact that it wasn’t made for one. It was basically a burger shaped into a pizza. Unless someone hadn’t eaten for months, there was no way a single person could have consumed this pizza burger alone. It also retailed for $12.99, a higher price compared to the other menu items.

17 McDonald’s - The Modern China Burger

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According to CNBC, McDonald’s took a lot of heat for this limited time only burger, the Modern China Burger. Visually, it didn’t look appetizing at all. Even someone that hadn’t eaten a meal in days might be skeptical to dig into this burger – that’s how weird it looked.

The true odd part that we couldn’t get over was the shell of the burger. A grey colored bun, this was destined to raise lots eyebrows. Despite the heat and bad press, the likes of First We Feast called the burger a tasty one and in fact, lots of fast food enthusiasts didn’t mind the bun. Nonetheless, we’ll still pass on anything grey or silver looking.

16 Burger King - SufganiKing

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In terms of taking bold risks, Burger King is a lot braver than McDonald’s. However, that doesn’t mean more success. Burger King tried a variation of several different concept burgers in the past but this one was taken to the extreme. The burger featured a donut exterior met with a ketchup addition on top of the burger - that was supposed to mimic a jelly....

It looked weird visually and tasted the same way according to reviews. Mixing burger meat with a donut shell... not an ideal blend. Even Dunkin’ Donuts was smart enough to avoid this burger and they sell donuts!

15 McDonald’s - Chicken McDo and McSpaghetti

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Speaking of mimicking other brands, McDonald’s did exactly that in the Philippines taking a page out KFC’s menu with a chicken drumstick of their own. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, the drumstick was accompanied by spaghetti and a red sauce – the Philippines McDonald’s rightfully named the pasta the McSpaghetti.

Given what they’re accustomed to overseas, maybe it made a little sense to introduce these items for a limited time only. However in the US and Canada, this would be a mess to say the least.

14 Burger King - Chilli Cheese Hot Dog

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Back in 2015, Burger King went in another unexpected direction, launching a pair of hot dogs. The two types to be released included a classic version, along with one that was sprinkled with Chilli Cheese.

The item was eventually discontinued in most markets aside from Aruba for whatever reason. It’s not that the hot dogs looked unappetizing, just that a consumer could easily satisfy that craving elsewhere at a fast food location that specializes in hot dogs. This menu item clearly didn’t hit the mark the way the fast food restaurant would have hoped.

13 McDonald’s - Black And White Burgers

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As if eating a black and white colored burger wasn’t enough of a task, wait until you hear what was on the inside. According to That Food Cray, the burger had a squid flavor on the outside. As you might expect, the Hong Kong limited time only menu item didn't receive the most love.

According to Trip Advisor reviews, the burger got one star, obviously it was not well received. Inexplicably, a certain fast food restaurant decided to bring this burger to the US. Can you guess who?

12 Burger King - Windows 7 Whopper

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We stay in Japan for this excessive burger and when we say excessive, we’re being far too kind. Videos of customers trying to finish the burger are truly hilarious to watch. One guy actually titled his video, “how to eat a Windows 7 Whopper in 13 minutes.”

The inside of the burger featured, yes, you guessed it, not one, not even three but seven meat patties. We can understand three or four but seven just takes things too far even for the Japan market. In this day and age with health foods at a premium, we’ll never see such a Burger King return, not even in Japan.

11 McDonald’s - Mega Tamago

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This one isn’t as filling as the Windows 7 Whopper but it certainly comes close nonetheless. The concept burger was basically a double Big Mac but instead of the added patty, Japan decided to add an egg patty instead... yea, that Windows 7 Burger sounds a lot more appetizing right now doesn’t it?

Putting an egg patty next to meaty patties is a weird decision and one that must not be the best tasting. Unless it’s a breakfast burger, you won’t see a McDonald’s in the US duplicate this formula any time soon.

10 Burger King - Whopperrito

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A theme in this article, don’t stray away from your identity. When that happens, it usually leads to lackluster results. That was the case with the Whopperrito. For whatever reason, Burger King decided to recreate the Whopper by molding it into a burrito. Why not blend the thing and serve it as a drink at point? Okay, we took it too far.

According to the reviews, it wasn’t bad tasting but it wasn’t an item that left a lasting impression either. Also, in terms of size, the item looked really massive, probably triple the size of a taco from Taco Bell.

9 McDonald’s - Spinach Pie

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A burrito might be random but a spinach pie might be even more peculiar, especially at McDonald’s. Most of us recall eating a spinach pie as a punishment from our grandparents. That was bad enough, why put it on a McDonald’s menu!?

As it turns out, the menu item was featured for a limited time only in Thailand. It basically resembled a hot apple pie but with stuffed spinach on the inside. Although it didn’t look all that bad, we doubt McDonald’s sold an overwhelming amount.

8 Burger King - Sprout Surprise Whopper

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Speaking of health, Burger King in England wanted to add a healthy twist to their Whopper. That poor Whopper, why can’t Burger King just leave it alone! In this case, they decided to add Brussels sprouts and we’re not even kidding. That’s like a dare gone wrong to be quite honest.

The menu item was made in an attempt to give the customer a healthy alternative. Unfortunately, it failed to hit that mark. Most people that crave a burger really aren’t thinking about health. It issued in 2010 and was extinct shortly after.

7 McDonald’s - Bubur Ayam McD

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We continue with weird health related items. This one originated in Malyasia as a limited time only menu item. The Bubur Ayam McD was a mix of watered porridge along with onions, ginger and wait for it, pieces of chicken floating inside of the dish.

As you might expect, the weird menu item didn’t catch on. It was unclear whether or not this was a breakfast or dinner item – we’ll say both. Bringing together two random flavors doesn’t always work and this item is the perfect example of that. Can we get the chicken on the side instead?

6 Burger King - Meatatarian Burger

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“It’s made with two burger patties, one crispy chicken patty, six strips of bacon, two slices of cheese, onion, and barbecue sauce.” (Source: Fortune)

Some of you out there might be sweating reading the description alone never mind taking a bite out of this not so friendly calorie burger. But hey, if that’s too much, you can also opt for the “Half Meaty” that features the same items aside from one patty and a slice of cheese. The concept was way too filling and one most consumers wouldn’t opt for on a regular basis.

5 McDonald’s – Fried Taro Pie

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Raise your hand if you want to eat something that’s purple on the inside? Okay, in all likelihood, only the brave put up their hand. This was a concept menu item featured in both China and Hawaii. The main ingredient is taro, which isn’t bad tasting nor is it overly sweet.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Such a menu item wasn’t needed especially with the dominance of the classic flavors such as baked apple pie and strawberry and cream pie, two dessert items that are still on the McDonald’s menu while the fried taro is not.

4 Burger King - Christmas Mush “N” Cheese & Berry Burger

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Ah yes, what better way to spend the holidays than eating a burger with four different cheeses on the inside followed by a variety of mushrooms. As if that wasn’t bizarre enough, Japan’s Burger King added another special Christmas item according to Brand Eating, it featured berries and red wine on the inside of the burger. Blueberries in a burger? Red wine in a burger?

That doesn’t sound like a winning formula and one we hope isn’t brought back for the holidays.

3 McDonald’s - McHotDog Mega Sausage

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If at first you don’t succeed, try again later. A commendable quote, however, one that doesn’t hold true all the time – fast food restaurants that don’t specialize in hot dogs usually fail to promote the item. Not only that, but the taste isn’t great either most of the time.

That’s surely the case for the McHotDog, a menu item that was solely released in Japan. Not only was the dog part itself visually weird to look at and kind of resembling an uncooked sausage but the bun was not any better barely fitting the meaty part. Wisely, this was a Japan-only menu item for a limited time.

2 Burger King - Black Whopper

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Unbelievably, the burger was released in Japan with the same black cheese and squid flavoring – you would think they would have learned? The US markets didn’t make the same mistake however, keeping the buns taste intact, it was basically coloring that they used.

They also launched a green burger just months prior. Again, it was only the coloring that was added to the burger shell (no squid). However, in a comical twist, at least for those that didn’t have the burger, consuming it led to a weird looking bowel movement.

1 McDonald’s - Bubblegum Squash McFlurry

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We finish off with Australia’s unique take on the McFlurry. Over in the land down under, they launched this flavor featuring bubble gum, marshmallows and that same delicious McFlurry taste. In truth, it was pretty captivating to look at given the pink and blue colors. That just isn’t something you see every day.

Although it was definitely picture worthy, we might have something else to say when it came to the overall taste. For that reason, this was a limited time only menu overseas and one that didn’t return.

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