The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Is Coming To Your Amazon Alexa In Time For Thanksgiving

Need help with Thanksgiving dinner? Fear not-- Butterball and Alexa are teaming up to save the day, through the long-running 1-800 turkey advice hotline.

Butterball boasts of being the most recognized turkey brand and the largest producer of turkey products in the U.S, and for this holiday season, it is bringing its 38-year-old "Turkey Talk-Line" to Amazon devices for hands-free support for home cooks who might feel a little frazzled.

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With a simple “Alexa, ask Butterball…” or “Alexa, open Butterball”, cooks can connect with Beth, Marge, or Christopher (featured in the video below), Butterball Talk-Line experts. While you don’t actually talk with the experts, the Alexa Butterball uses the voices of these actual experts. The voices are assigned randomly, just as when calling a helpline, you never know who will answer, according to Digital Trends.

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When you 'connect' with the experts, you can use scripted questions such as “How long do I need to thaw my turkey?” or “At what temperature should I roast my turkey?” or you can use own words. If you call up the Butterball Alexa Skill with an Echo Show, Echo Spot, or Amazon Fire TV you can also view how-to-videos about cooking a turkey. For cooks who prefer to pick up the phone, Eater reports that the company now offers a callback option, which allows them to continue with meal prep rather than waiting on hold.

“Our top 10 questions from the 18 years I’ve been here never vary too much. It’s usually 'How do I go about thawing my turkey?'" Nicole Johnson, co director of the Turkey Talk-Line, told Wired.  There are also a lot of  questions related to food safety, the use of thermometers, and leftovers. Occasionally they see a boost in certain topics, depending on current cooking trends-- Instapot-related inquiries, for instance, shot up the charts last year.

The Turkey Talk-Line debuted in 1981 and was one of the first toll-free help lines, according to Butterball. Since then, more almost 50 million consumers have called the Talk-Line. Overall, each year more than four million cooks connect with Butterball for help via the Turkey Talk-Line, email, live chat, social media, and the Butterball website. More than 50 people work on the Turkey Talk-Line, taking calls in English and Spanish. In 2016, the Talk-Line began accepting questions via text messages as well.

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