The Butterfinger Chocolate Bar Is Getting Revamped In 2019

Something tasty from the past is coming in 2019 and fans of the Butterfinger candy bar can jump for joy, as it’ll be getting a facelift, as well as a new recipe to go along with its great new look.

The renowned Butterfinger candy bar has been around for a long time. Specifically, the chocolate bar was created and released back in 1923 … an incredible 95 years ago. The company actually has quite the storied past and has passed in ownership from one company to the next over the long years. Founded originally by the Curtiss candy Company, it was sold and passed to Nabisco as well as many others before landing in the capable hands of the Nestle brand, where it stayed nestled from 1990 up until this year.

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Well, the bar made headlines earlier this year when the candy bar moved once again and this time to the chocolate titan, Ferrero SpA. This news was indeed well received, as let’s face it … Ferrero didn’t get as popular as it did by making terrible chocolates.

But this time, along with a new company to unleash this classic bar onto the masses, comes a bold new recipe and many feel that the decision to change the age-old recipe is a step in the right direction, especially these days, where so many products have been revitalized by additions and omissions from the past.

Of course, there are those that feel that changing the recipe will only take away that classic taste that many have known and loved for so long. But so many companies have changed the age-old recipes of many products and come out on top, so we would hope this will be the case for the new and improved Butterfinger.

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Interestingly enough, Ferrero have taken the classic bar and have made it healthier, omitting the hydrogenated oils that were present in the old bar. Furthermore, they have added more natural cocoa in the chocolate coating layer, as well as changing the types of peanuts used. But perhaps what will be most appreciated by health buffs out there that are looking for the epic cheat meal in the form of a candy bar, is the fact that the new recipe omits the TBHQ preservative (TBHQ … Tertiary butylhydroquinone, which is added to pre-packaged food in order to preserve it. It has had a very sordid reputation in the past as being very bad for you, although still present in many foods on the market), also present in the older version of the bar.

All in all, many are excited for the new recipe and the new direction, and for those of you that are worried about the new bar tasting any less than the original needn’t worry, as the bar is now in the extremely capable hands of the people that brought us Nutella of all things, so please dear readers, trust in Ferrero, as they’ve never steered us wrong before.



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