Cake Boss: The Most Amazing Cakes From The Show, Ranked From 20th To 1st

You know a cake is a real piece of art if you need to look twice at it to make sure it’s not some scale model; if you can’t wait to try it, but hate to ruin it.

For a long time yet, cake decoration is brought to a sci-fi level, and the world-famous baker Buddy Valastro is a real master at it. Ever since 2009, he and his team of bakers featured on the reality show Cake Boss, really do an amazing job in each episode by creating magnificent and mesmerizing cakes that are like out of this world. Some of them are so incredible you should ask for a manual on how to cut it, or, maybe even more often – you wouldn’t even spoil it with cutting! The great majority of those cakes is made for companies’ celebrations and anniversaries, but those quite unusual cakes are sometimes being ordered for weddings or birthdays as well. We have also seen a couple of Thank You cakes that looked really amazing. Of course, Buddy and his team make some classic and simple cakes too, those that can be seen and bought almost in any other bakery or store, but they are experts for what they would describe as ‘edible art cakes’. And we can do nothing else but agree and enjoy looking at them if we can't have the pleasure of tasting them!

It is a fact that the list of their most awesome cakes could be far much longer, but for now, let’s see the 20 most amazing cakes from the Cake Boss show, ranked from 20th to 1st. Drum roll, please!

20 The Grill


This amazing barbecue-shaped cake ordered by the House of ‘Que grill bar really has everything a real barbecue does: a medium rare steak, delicious burgers and juicy sausages. But the best thing is, it also has a rack with some “charcoal” underneath, even small flames! Of course, it's not one of the most complicated cakes we have seen be made in the Cake Boss bakery, but it definitely deserves a place here. Everything looks so real and appetizing that you don’t know if you should ask for a piece of cake or some mustard and salad with the steak! Why not have them both? A re-make of this cake could be an exceptional dessert for your next barbecue party!

19 The Octopus


This stunningly shaped and meticulously detailed octopus cake is wonderful and gross in the same time and for the same reason: it looks so real! You can call it delicious, you can imagine it in a salad or a fancy dinner, but you can also feel how slimy it is, even though you know it's not a real octopus! I am not sure who ordered this cake and what was the occasion, but it would certainly be a hit for any underwater-theme party! But let’s be honest – it would be almost impossible to make it look this real and this good!

18 The Lollipop Kingdom

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I believe this huge and magnificent cake was made for one of Buddy’s sons, Carlo. And it is a cake that would make every child stand with his mouth open from shock! Firstly, because of its size, then because of its bright colors and cheerfulness. A mountain full of lollipops, marshmallows and candies is every child’s dream, isn’t it? And if you add the fact that the mountain itself is a cake, you can be sure no child will resist it! The only bad thing is the inevitable dilemma – how to cut this and where to start from? Or maybe you should simply let the kids grab their own piece?

17 The Hot Dog


Well, you can’t really say you thought this was a real hot dog, but it still looks so delicious! Made in honor of the Nathan’s Famous 100th anniversary, this unusually-shaped huge hot dog cake had to be carried by 4 men! The cake was a real hit at the party and for a good reason – it really looks so amazing! All guests were thrilled to try the fake hot dog rather than some of the dozens of real hot dogs and sausages that were served at the party. It looks so appetizing I’m sure even vegans would gladly accept a bite… I mean, a piece.

16 The Sandwich


OK, I have just mentioned a giant hot dog cake, and up next it’s a giant sandwich… But it looks so amazing it just had to be put on the list! Just look at those details: thin slices of cheese, delicious ham and salami, even pickles and ketchup, and they all look so authentic you could almost feel the aroma! It would be the most perfect sandwich for me if it had a few sesame seeds on top (actually, a lot of it), but never mind… I will gladly take a piece of this one too… With extra mayo, please!

15 The Submarine

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The most amazing thing about this cake is not its size or its highly-meticulous details, but the fact that part of it is practically floating! While the "bottom of the ocean" part looks quite “normal” and maybe even too easy for the Cake Boss team, the actual submarine cake is lifted above and it’s standing on two “pillars”, which is really incredible, though probably difficult for cutting (I would really like to have seen the cutting part in this episode). Still, this cake made for the U.S. Navy Submarine Ball definitely deserves its place on this list.

14 The One With The Jewels

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At first glance, this cake looks nothing different from any classic, elegant, all-white wedding cake. But this cake is not for a wedding, and not classic at all. This is officially and currently the most expensive cake in the world! Decorated with real jewels, precious stones and diamonds, this cake is worth a fascinating $30 million!

To be honest, I don’t know why would someone like to put real precious stones on a cake, but yes, it actually happened – the order was made by Devorah Rose, a New York City socialite and the cake was presented at her party “Devorah’s Diamond Gala”.

Oh, I have a question! Were guests allowed to take the jewels that were in their piece of cake?

13 The Casino-Inspired


As expected, this cake was served in one of the most popular full-of-casinos US cities - Atlantic City (sorry to disappoint the Vegas fans) and the occasion was birthday. I am not very familiar with all those gambling games, but this cake looks like it has a little bit of everything: cards, dice, slot machine, even roulette chips (unfortunately, made of fondant, not real like the jewels from above). It is so detailed and so casino-inspired it just makes me roll the dice. Did I say “roll”? I meant “stole”.

12 The Cotton Candy Cloud


This cake is so cute it makes me melt like a cotton candy in someone's mouth!
Made for the New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, the cake was supposed to be delivered by balloon, which imposed to limit its size – it was only 30” tall, and that is way smaller from what we are used to see in the Cake Boss! The cake vividly pictures three small colorful balloons, and the best thing that actually placed it on this list – a cloud made of cotton candy! Well, to be more precise, it’s not all cotton candy – it’s a cake covered with cotton candy. I mean, how often do we use cotton candy for decorating cakes? And isn’t it adorable?

11 The Dragon

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This absolutely outrageous and gracious cake was made for a dragon boat racing team. Shaped like traditional China-style dragon, this cake was “a unique and challenging cake to make”, as Buddy stated in that episode. Painted in gold and dark red shades, the actual cake is “hidden” in the two round layers, while the dragon that is surrounding it is practically sculptured from rice Krispies and then covered with fondant. This made the viewers lavish him with negative critics saying he should have done it better, as he’s the Cake Boss, not the Rice Krispies Boss. But you have to admit, the cake still looks incredibly good!

10 Sesame Street


Is there any man on Earth who would say Sesame Street wasn’t one of his favorite TV shows when he was a child? Of course not! We all loved it! Well, the Cake Boss episode that featured the Sesame Street cast members could become your favorite too! Except for seeing some of our beloved characters and part of the filming set, the viewers could also see the making-of process of this beautiful, detailed and huge cake full of our favorite characters that was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the show. Which part of it would you rather grab and go?

9 The Guitar


Buddy and his team made this awesome guitar-shaped cake for the 80th birthday of the country music legend Willie Nelson, and it was delivered as a surprise at a special concert in New York City. Called “The Trigger” after Nelson’s beloved guitar, and so authentically made and beautifully adorned, the cake also included a few “decorations” with… well… a forbidden ingredient, due to the fact that Nelson is well-known for being arrested several times for drug possession. It is a unique Cake Boss cake for many reasons and so it deserves a place here.

8 St Basil's Cathedral


In the episode that was interestingly called “From Russia with Cake” clearly alluding to the iconic James Bond movie, two demanding restaurateurs ordered this tasty recreation of the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. As Buddy stated, the cake asked for a huge effort from the complete Cake Boss team to shape it and paint it. And we can all state together that they did a great job! The cathedral looks stunning live and it looks equally stunning as a cake! Bright and vivid colors, unusual shapes and ornaments, they all make this a cake you don’t see every day!

7 Mount Rushmore

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This absolutely beautiful, remarkable and really enormous cake representing the iconic Mount Rushmore and the four founding fathers was made in June 2012 for the proclamation of the Luigi Del Bianco Day in Port Chester, NY, in honor of the chief carver on Mount Rushmore. Carving the faces in the mountain was certainly an extremely difficult and respectful job, but carving their faces for this cake was challenging as well, and the fact that they are so accurate is stunning! The cake has a very irregular and unusual shape and it is built with quite a big height, all of which adds a lot to its complexity. And finally, its color and shading are absolutely amazing!

6 Lucky Luke

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Another favorite character from our childhood that Buddy has managed to turn into cake, and a beautiful one! However, these are not Lucky Luke and his intelligent horse Jolly Jumper, but an unnamed cowboy riding his horse and holding lasso in the air. The cake was ordered by two rodeo enthusiasts and was revealed at a rodeo and cowboys event in New Jersey. The Cake Boss team had to implement a completely new technique in order to build such a tall cake, and they did a great job eventually: a huge cowboy riding a horse in a typical Wild West desert. Cool, right?

5 The Alligator


Look at this huge, and I mean HUGE, 3D alligator cake lying on a layer of chocolate “mud” and surrounded with piles of “sand” made from ground biscuits. With its shape, skin, and complete appearance so truthfully presented, this cake could make a man screaming from fear! It is a 14-foot, 800-pound replica of Mighty Mike, an alligator at the New Jersey Aquarium, and it is definitely a cake that will be remembered forever! To be honest, I wouldn’t like to have a piece of this cake as it looks too real and therefore too gross, but its authenticity ensures it its well-deserved place on this list!

4 New York City


Thinking of New York City cake be like a simple rectangular cake with an edible postcard from New York on top. But not with the Cake Boss! His team managed to make this one with 3D miniature models of the most recognizable New York City sights: The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium… And once again we saw a huge cake that should go with a cutting manual. The only reason this cake is not highly ranked is that, well… you can see it’s a cake. And guests have probably “attacked” it as Godzilla and King Kong did it in the movies! Which building would you go to first?

3 The Stadium


Honoring the 100th anniversary of the Wrigley Field in Chicago, Buddy and his team made this absolutely amazing stadium cake full of fans! It is far beyond detailed and accurate, but also very confusing: which parts of it are actually edible and where exactly is the cake? And here are the answers: everything is edible – even the tiny spectators! And yes, they are actually sitting on the cake. This cake weighted an incredible 400 lb, measured 5 ft by 5 ft, took 6 days to be made and survived the 12 hours’ drive from Hoboken to Chicago. Amazing, right?

2 The Life-Size Car

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OK… When will we see the driver come out? There isn't one?! But how? Oh, this is not a real car… it makes sense now. No, actually it doesn’t! How could someone possibly make a life-sized car cake that looks so real? Well, Buddy and his mates can!

This absolutely incredible and perfectly detailed cake was made from more than 2500 sheets of cake which brings it near the Guinness record! Buddy himself said the hardest thing was to ‘actually get the cake to stand up as there was a lot of weight’, and we absolutely trust him! Therefore, the silver medal goes to the giant NASCAR cake!

1 Bumblebee

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Drum rolls, please! Here comes the winner! And somebody brings the cutting manual!

How could someone possibly build a cake this high and this complicated? Let’s ask the Cake Boss, because he can! And as if size and shape weren’t enough, he and his team even managed to implement a fire cannons inside Bumblebee’s hands so he can throw fire! This huge, detailed cake with special effects representing the Chevrolet Camaro-shifting Autobot, Bumblebee, was presented at the 2011 New York Auto Show as part of the promotion of the blockbuster movie Transformers 3. It weighted an incredible 1500 pounds, and the whole team worked for 4 full days to finish it. Speaking of finish, it had to be assembled and decorated in a warehouse, because the bakery wasn’t big enough!

Having all this in mind, we have to agree that the Bumblebee cake just must be the number one cake, beyond question!

And which one do you like the best?

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