Leave It To The Cake Boss: Top 20 Wildest Cakes From The Show

We honestly could have had a Top 100 Wildest Cakes list when it comes to Buddy Valastro and his Cake Boss crew. The years of artistic vision and mouthwatering confectionery creations that Carlo's Bakery in New Jersey has turned out are so impressive—the show-stopping originality never ceases to amaze us. First airing in 2009, Cake Boss has revolutionized the way we think of cakes. Buddy's business and his TV persona have been so successful that there have been several Cake Boss spinoffs.

The thing that keeps viewers and fans glued to the TV screen after so many years—almost a decade—is the fact that Buddy and his team continue to come up with new and fresh ideas no matter what challenge is presented to them. They're also not afraid to shoot for the moon, even if it means failure once in a while. Whether crafting a cake for a beloved family member, or creating a commemorative confection for an important organization, Buddy sticks to his vision and goes over the top whenever possible. Thanks to Cake Boss, we've seen some of the wildest, wackiest, most unimaginably creative cakes—and we've wanted to taste each and every one of them. We know we'll never be able to craft a cake on his level, so we'll leave it to the Cake Boss. Here are the Top 20 Wildest Cakes From The Show.

20 Mighty Mike Gator Cake

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Businesses that want to go big in their celebrations are learning that Cake Boss is the bakery to call. When the New Jersey Aquarium was getting ready to send their star attraction, the alligator Mighty Mike, down south, they wanted a send-off as massive as he is—and he's 14 feet long. Buddy's crew designed and came up with a cake replica of the reptile that weighed over 1,000 pounds—more than the actual gator, according to TLC YouTube. Just making a 1,000 pound cake isn't extreme enough for Cake Boss, so the guys built a working mouth that opened and closed. It looked so realistic, and the aquarium staff were as blown away as us.

19 Tanks For The Memories

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For the US Army's 237th birthday, Buddy and friends baked up a 500 pound treat. They crafted a giant cake shaped like a tank, which was cut in a ceremony in Times Square in front of a recruiting station that has been in place since 1946, according to the Army News Service. Eight Cake Boss staff members worked for three days on the culinary behemoth before transporting it to Times Square. After cutting the tank cake, General Odierno—who presided over the ceremony—swore in 16 new enlistees. The impressive and totally edible tank cake was a fitting tribute to the US Army.

18 Aquarium Of Our Dreams Cake

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When Buddy's niece Bartolina turned 16, she came to him with a theme: Under the Sea. He came back with a gigantic aquarium birthday cake that was an incredible, edible coral reef with hand painted fish and even a very realistic blue lobster peeking out, as per TLC YouTube. Hand-textured, airbrushed coral was augmented by ice-mold sugar corals in a three-dimensional masterpiece. The coral-reef cake fit around a real fish tank, and the aquarium with live fish was topped by another piece of cake that had two hand-painted fish rotating around it. Spotlights completed the effect, and Buddy declared it “the best cake ever!”

17 Atlantic City Casino Cake

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Every important birthday needs a cake, and when Bally's Casino in Atlantic City turned 30, they turned to Buddy and his crew for a cake any gambler would love. The base cake looked like it was straight off the casino's craps table, and was topped with a slot machine cake, and dozens of hand-painted chips, as per E! News. Tons of Cake Boss fans came to see the fantastic cake and celebrate Bally's birthday. Two huge cake dice topped the whole thing, and intricately painted edible playing cards decorated all four sides of the slot machine. As with most of Buddy's cakes, there was plenty of cake to go around.

16 Loved The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

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When just any ol' wedding cake won't do, some customers turn to Carlo's Bakery for a truly original treat, and Buddy and his team definitely delivered with the Leaning Tower of Pisa cake. This cake rose to four and a half feet, and was detailed right down to the graceful arches and brickwork, as per The New York Times. At the base, fondant versions of the wedding couple playfully rode a scooter, which of course was edible. We wonder if they nibbled on the sweet miniature model of themselves, or if they carefully saved it. With works of art like the cake Leaning Tower, it must be difficult to make the first cut.

15 How To Get To Sesame Street

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Attention to detail was the name of the game when Carlo's Bakery set out to celebrate Sesame Street. Of course Buddy had a larger-than-life cake planned, featuring the iconic buildings and structures on Sesame Street, but it was the various confectionery characters that stole the show, according to Access YouTube. Such close attention was paid that even Cookie Monster's cookie boxes featured teeny tiny Carlo's Bakery logos. The Sesame Street signs were perfectly replicated, the wispy hairs and feathers of the characters seem to waft in the air, and Buddy Valastro even declared himself happy with the scale. The real denizens of Sesame Street were on hand to greet their cake selves.

14 So Real Roulette Cake

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In keeping with Buddy's penchant for cakes that do double duty, Cake Boss managed to turn out a full-sized cake that was also a functioning roulette table—and he did it during wedding season, according to Daily Motion. When businessmen made Buddy an offer he couldn’t refuse but demanded perfection, he somehow came through with a spinning roulette cake wheel inside of a long, super-detailed roulette table. When Buddy has something tricky like a roulette wheel, he prefers to use pound cake, which is denser than sponge and can be made into any shape. We loved the cake, but most importantly—the boss in whose honor the cake was made approved.

13 We Were Screaming For Häagen Dazs Cake

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The best way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Häagen Dazs' first New York location is with ice cream's best friend, cake. Buddy and the crew did a beautifully decorated three-flavor base cake, then took everything to the next level with three vertically-stacked ice cream “pints” made out of pound cake, according to NJ. Even though we know it wasn't actually made of ice cream, it just looked so convincing. The cake and icing flavors matched the three pints featured—vanilla, coffee and strawberry. Real strawberries decorated the top of the cake, along with hand-crafted vanilla flowers, and of course—real coffee beans.

12 Not Sub Standard (Sub Cake)

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No one turns down a request from those on the front lines; so when the Navy asked Buddy to make a special cake for the Submariners' Ball, he of course complied. In true Cake Boss fashion, the sub had to have a real working propeller and was suspended over a sheet of cake that was modeled to look like the ocean floor, as per TLC. There were quite a few arguments about the final look—the brightly colored corals were eye-catching and beautiful, but weren't exactly an accurate portrayal of the ocean floor this kind of sub would encounter. The Buttercream Submarine passed muster, however.

11 Which Wife Is Sweeter Cake

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It must be hard for Buddy to surprise his wife when she's been watching him craft some incredible works of art over the years, but when he brought her to her surprise party, she was definitely floored to see a life-size replica of herself—in cake. She had been asking for years, and when he finally delivered, she was shocked, according to YouTube. The cake stood as tall as she does in real life, and the features were impressively molded considering the entire thing - minus the support - was made of cake. We only wonder whether it was weird to cut pieces off the Lisa Cake and eat it.

10 Humongous Hot Dog Cake

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While the Hot Dog cake didn't have tons of tiny little details, the beauty in this one comes from the way that the Cake Boss team was able to make the giant hot dog look so real. The impressive monstrosity was commissioned in honor of the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest, as per YouTube. We can't think of a better way to honor the excess of eating dozens of hot dogs in a contest than by creating a statement piece—a huge hot dog nestled in a very real-looking bun, complete with a perfectly yellow squiggly line of frosting “mustard.” Mauro from Cake Boss presented the cake, and even cut himself a slice and ate it.

9 Carlo's First Birthday Cake

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We can tell that cake masterpieces are all about the art and craft for Buddy. For little Carlo's first birthday, Buddy and his team created an astronomically big candy mountain. A fanciful vision, the candy mountain cake was massive, with an incredible amount of detail, according to the Huffington Post. While Carlo was too young to appreciate all the work, and also wasn't as keen on diving in as we would be, there must have been enough cake for everyone at the party to have a slice. Buddy always celebrates his loved ones with over-the-top creations, but this one really took the cake.

8 Better Than Pumpkin Pie

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While the carved pumpkin cake that Cake Boss did for Halloween in season eight wasn't the biggest or most intricate, it was pretty creepy looking. Ralph carved a truly grotesque face, molding and shaping it so that the end result really looked like an expertly carved Jack-O-Lantern, as per YouTube. We can barely cut a mouth and two eye slits into our jack-o-lanterns, so the three-dimensional face looked awesome. Buddy put some finishing touches on the cake, arguing with his staff about the pumpkin's stem (or stalk, or pumpkin hat) before presenting the finished Halloween treat to the customers. The trick was in how realistic the pumpkin cake looked.

7 A Cake Transformed

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Buddy Valastro and his crew obviously love a logistical challenge and don't put limits on their artistic vision. When Buddy was asked to make a cake that commemorates both the Chevy Camaro and the Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon movie, he answered the call big time. The 2,000-pound vanilla pound cake was so large he had to make it outside of the bakery, according to Auto Blog. It showcased the Transformers character Bumblebee in both Autobot and car form and had a special hydraulic system allowing Bumblebee's wings to lift up and down. True to Cake Boss form, they went the extra mile and included glowing eyes and fireworks.

6 Willie Nelson's Birthday Cake

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Buddy Valastro loves Willie Nelson as much as we do, but we'll never be able to bake a cake in the shape of Trigger, Nelson's beloved guitar. For Willie's 80th birthday, Buddy and crew shaped a life-sized guitar cake with fudge filling, and complete with all kinds of munchies packed in, as per NY Post. Valastro's crew delivered the cake to Nelson at a special concert he gave at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. The guitar was not only painted to give it the wear and tear of Willie's reliable Trigger, it even came complete with guitar strings. Trust Cake Boss to attend to the smallest details!

5 Mysterious Mermaid Cake

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When professional mermaids visited a local aquarium, the aquarium reached out to Buddy and he was more than happy to accept—he explained that he's been wanting to make a mermaid cake for a long time, as per YouTube. It wouldn't be a Cake Boss cake if it wasn't life-sized, and Buddy's crew also cut out hundreds of individual scales for the mermaid tail. Her head and shoulders were molded out of chocolate fondant, and her bright purple hair and glossy sheen made her look like she'd just emerged from the ocean. The expression on the mermaid's face is knowing yet mysterious, and the whole effect was breathtaking.

4 Kooky Cowboy Cake

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When rodeo organization APRA approached Cake Boss, they stepped up to the challenge like a rodeo rider to a bronco. Buddy and his team made a huge impression at the bull riding clinic with a sculpture cake that included a bucking, wild-eyed horse complete with a seasoned cowboy, according to Daily Motion. The finishing touch was a working, spinning lasso. Buddy decided to change things up with this cake, making the sculpture part first, then adding the actual cake afterward, mostly to the horse body. The cowboy legs were also cake, and actually attached last, and the finished product was truly incredible.

3 Grill Cake Had Us Drooling

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It wasn't Buddy's biggest cake, but sometimes incredible things come in smaller packages. Cake Boss' House of 'Que grill-themed cake was out of this world. On top of a grill-shaped cake sat the most realistic looking rack of ribs and a few hamburger patties licked by fondant flames, according to E! News. We had to stare at it to make sure the flames aren't actually moving, and the cake “meat” looked so real we weren’t sure we'd even taste cake if we ate it. Once again, Buddy's meticulousness shines and proves why Cake Boss has run for so many successful seasons.

2 Let's Taco 'Bout This Cake

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We can't think of a better way to celebrate National Taco Day than to check out Buddy's vision of a giant taco cake. The Cake Boss team mixed dulce de leche into the buttercream that was then slathered on the cake taco, as per YouTube. The guys built up a huge cake, and basically whittled it down to the taco shape, then embellished and garnished until we'd swear we were looking at real lettuce pieces and ground beef. If we hadn't seen how the whole thing was constructed, we would have sworn we were looking at the world's biggest, crunchiest taco, and not a classically wacky Cake Boss cake.

1 Ski Lift Us Up Cake

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In season six, Buddy and his team got a commission for an après ski cake. A birthday celebration on the top of a mountain in the Catskills needs an over-the-top cake, and there's nothing much more over-the-top than a massive mountainous cake with a working ski lift, as per TV Guide. Delicately carved and molded tree-lined slopes of cake were traversed by mini skiers, and as with many of Buddy's other fantastic cakes, something had to be motorized to really give the cake the wow factor that is Cake Boss' calling card. The whole effect wasn’t hokey, but reminded us of a mechanized holiday scene.

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