Canadian Authorities Warn Of Salmonella Found In Hello Fresh And Chefs Plate Meal Kits

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has issued a food recall warning due to salmonella detected in items found in Hello Fresh and Chefs Plate kits. As of publishing this article, there have not been any casualties or food poisoning cases with direct links to the meal kits reported. Despite this, it’s still safer to follow the warnings of the CFIA.

Meal kits that have ingredients pre-prepped and a recipe to follow are convenient, but it leaves much of the control to the companies. Since they send you the ingredients, they are the ones selecting the produce and prepping them for delivery. While these companies need to follow strict food hygiene guidelines, something may still slip through the cracks.

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The recall was actually issued by the company, and the CFIA will conduct further inspections of items found in the kit. The confirmed affected products from Hello Fresh are the coconut dal and both the 902-gram and 1804-gram kits with a best before date of January 29th. Chefs Plate’s products that were recalled are the beef chow mein, the 856-gram kit with a best before date of January 19th, and the 1712-gram kit with a best before date of January 22nd. Canadian authorities recommend throwing out these products if you have purchased them, and they will issue further warnings if more traces of salmonella are found in other products.

While this news is scary, the fact that the companies themselves issued the warning is comforting. Despite losing some profit and some trust, the meal kit providers have shown their dedication to protecting their customers. With this recall, we can expect that they will create more thorough measures to prevent this from happening again. However, if you have consumed one of their meal kits and feel sick, it would be a good idea to contact your doctor immediately.

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If meal kits are your thing, then this news shouldn’t be the sole reason why you stop subscribing to them. It does show, however, some flaws of this system. Since the produce was not selected by you, then there are some factors that you weren’t able to control in the kit. Given this, you can ensure your safety by taking some measures to prevent salmonella infections: always washing your hands thoroughly, avoiding raw eggs and meat, and ensuring meat is cooked properly.

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