We Can't Call Ourselves 90s Kids Unless We've Eaten 20 Of These 25 Snacks

Like Taylor Swift, I was born in 1989, which makes me a total 90s kid. I absolutely love this decade. Sure, I was super young and wouldn't watch 90s shows like My So-Called Life and Dawson's Creek until I was in high school, and I didn't appreciate Nirvana until I was older. But there is something about the combination of cheesy entertainment, boy bands, girl bands, and plaid shirts that makes me happy whenever I think about them.

Even if I was too young to appreciate the pop culture aspects of the 90s, I did appreciate one thing, and that was the food. For a 90s kid, it was a beautiful time for candy and snack food. Parents these days might be pushing avocado toast and homemade granola bars (with chia seeds and hemp seeds, of course), but back in the 1990s, you still ate a fair amount of packaged food. And that was just fine with us because we loved it.

Did you grow up in the 90s? If you did, then you ate your fair share of snacks. We can't call ourselves 90s kids unless we ate 20 of these 25 things. Read on and take a trip down 90s foodie memory lane. Which snacks were your favorites?

25 Ring Pops

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Our parents might have been confused about why we wanted to eat a candy that we could also wear as jewelry. They just didn't get it. 90s kids knew that Ring Pops were amazing and that they were always worth buying.

These were lots of fun to wear, but they're definitely super sweet, so 90s kids loved them more for the entertainment aspect than for the actual flavor. Our moms might have been concerned that we would stain our teeth and our tongues whatever color of candy we were eating. This was a common worry for moms and dads in the 1990s.

24 Ritz Bits

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Sure, Ritz crackers were invented in 1934 and they have, therefore, been around for a long time. But Ritz Bits were a snack that 90s kids absolutely adored.

There was something special about the tiny sandwiches of Ritz crackers and cheese. Kids definitely love small food and these were so cute and fun to eat that 90s kids were all over them. They were the most popular cracker at the time, that's for sure, and if you ate them, then you were a 90s kid too.

23 Dinosaur Eggs Instant Oatmeal

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To a kid, nothing is worse than plain oatmeal. It's mushy and gray and gross. I never tried the Dinosaur Eggs Instant Oatmeal as a kid, but I did eat lots of flavored oatmeal (the peach one was my all-time favorite) so I can totally relate to needing this breakfast grain to be more interesting and kid-friendly.

You would make the oatmeal and there were tiny dinosaur eggs, which would "hatch" into candy dinosaurs. It was way too cool. (If this was available today, we bet it would have tiny avocado toasts.)

22 Bugles

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We could say that Bugles tasted like regular corn chips, but of course we thought that they were so much fun to eat. You could eat a potato chip or tortilla chip which was shaped like a normal chip... or you could eat a Bugle, and make the coveted witchy Bugle fingers.

For a 90s kid, it was really no contest. These were so good and so addicting. You could never eat just a few. Bugles seem to be unavailable to buy these days, and they were definitely more popular back in the 90s.

21 Fruit Gushers

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Fruit Gushers were the candy that you always hoped was hiding in your cupboard or pantry as a kid growing up in the '90s. And if you went to a friend's house to hang out after school, you really wanted them to have a pack of these. It would make the afternoon even more fun.

Chewy with a gooey center, sometimes Gushers were super sweet and other times, they were sour. Trying to see which one you would get was part of the fun.

20 Freezies

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Oh, the freezie. It's straight up sugar and food coloring but oh how we loved them.

When you were growing up in the 90s and you needed a cold treat in the summer, you went for a freezie. Picking out which color you would choose was almost more fun than eating it itself. It was such a big deal when your mom, dad, or grandma told you that you could buy one. You almost couldn't believe your good luck. This was a really enjoyable treat.

19 Sour Keys

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As a candy lover, I was all about sour keys, especially as a kid growing up in the wonderful decade of the 1990s.

I know that my friends loved them too and these were a favorite snack at recess or after school. Sometimes you got lucky and a parent took pity on you and realized that sour keys were all that you wanted. They could worry about nutrients and healthy food later. It was your time to enjoy these crazy sour keys.

18 Dunkaroos

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I never had Dunkaroos in my own kitchen growing up, but I ate my fair share of them at friends' houses. I thought that they were the coolest things ever and still look back on them super fondly.

Did you eat these as a kid? If you did, then of course you were a 90s kid as well. The fact that there was a snack food sold that involved small cookies that could be dunked into frosting... well, that was the stuff that dreams are made of.

17 Push-Up

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Push-ups may be something that you do these days at the gym or in a workout class. Back in the 90s, it was a different story. You ate Push-Ups because they were an ice cream pop that had Fred Flinestone on the box.

Maybe you begged your mom to buy these because you were a fan of The Flinestones or maybe you just liked the taste of these sweet snacks. Either way, you probably ate these, at least sometimes.

16 Fun Dip

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Fun Dip was like eating pure sugar. You literally are eating sugar from a package... so, of course, kids in the 90s were all over this and thought that it was the greatest thing ever.

Your mom probably didn't agree (and she might shudder thinking about it now... and you probably do too since this was way too sweet). Oh, the things that we ate when we were children. We know so much better now, don't we?! (At least, we hope that we do.)

15 String Cheese

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I can remember eating cheese strings all the time as a snack growing up. I'm sure my mom was thrilled since these are a super legit snack and much better than candy or cookies.

String cheese are simply fun for a kid to eat, and if you were a 90s kid, you ate them on a regular basis. Maybe with some grapes, an apple, or crackers on the side. While you would have preferred candy, you were okay with it because you could pull the cheese strings apart and laugh.

14 SunnyD

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If there was an official orange juice of the 90s, we could say that it was SunnyD. This juice was seriously everywhere. If you didn't drink it at home or bring it to school for lunch, chances are, your friends loved it and drank it regularly.

We can also definitely say that this juice is super sweet. But, hey, being a kid in the 90s meant that you had a crazy high tolerance for sugary stuff. You could handle absolutely anything.

13 Fruit By The Foot

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We're sensing a theme here for candy sold in the 90s: it had to be bright and colorful and more fun than a simple chocolate bar.

Fruit by the Foot was enjoyable to eat and every 90s kid ate it on a regular basis. I have a special spot in my heart for Fruit By The Foot. It's funny because this is definitely not something that I would eat today (way too much sugar and I hate things that get stuck in my teeth) but these were too delicious back then.

12 Lunchables

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I feel bad for my mom, who wanted to pack a nice nutritious lunch for me and all I wanted was Lunchables, every day, all the time.

She said yes sometimes, and those were always the best days. 90s kids know the feeling of having Lunchables for that mid-day break. You felt like you were the coolest kid ever and you were the envy of all your friends who wished that their moms had finally given in and gotten them Lunchables, too. These often came with a juice box, crackers, some deli meat and there was also a pizza version.

11 Nerds

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I had a serious sweet tooth as a child (like all kids do, of course) and I really, really loved Nerds. Part of it was how tiny they were. It was so enjoyable to grab a box of Nerds, pour a bunch into my hand, and eat them all at the same time.

You were also a true 90s kid if you did this and the Nerds stained the palm of your hand. I remember that happening quite a few times. It was part of the whole Nerd-eating experience.

10 S'more Flavored Pop-Tarts

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I was partial to the strawberry Pop-tarts (probably because of the sprinkles and icing, which are still things that I love to this day). But no kid who grew up during this decade could argue with the fact that Smores Pop-tarts were the talk of the 90s, at least among kids.

At first, it seemed like these toaster pastries would only be fruit filled.Suddenly, Pop-tarts were filled with chocolate and marshmallow, and it totally blew kids' minds. This was possible?! What?!

9 Bagel Bites

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These tiny pizza bagels were a dream to eat as an after-school snack in the 90s. They were always just what we wanted and they were basically junk food that our moms were okay giving to us as snack.

If you ate these kinds of after-school snacks (instead of, say, some fruit and cheese or fruit and nuts, which are popular snacks today), you were definitely a kid who grew up in the 90s. You wanted flavor and junk food and something totally delicious. You didn't want something healthy.

8 Rice Krispie Squares

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We can't possibly call ourselves 90s kids if we didn't enjoy a nice and sticky Rice Krispy Square from time to time.

You could buy these and also make a homemade version, but being a kid who loved processed snack foods, of course you wanted your mom to buy them all the time. These are another example of a food that seems crazy high in sugar these days but that you thought was perfectly sweet when you were a kid. I still have fond memories of these snacks and could definitely go for some, even if today my snacks look very different and more grown-up.

7 Fruitopia

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Fruitopia basically tastes like fruit punch, so therefore, 90s kids loved it. A lot.

You can still find this today in Canada and the U.S. but it's safe to say that it was very popular in the 1990s. Since drinking apple juice, water, or milk was way too boring for you when you were growing up, you knew that you preferred Fruitopia. Whether you had one favorite flavor or loved them all, it was always what you wanted to be drinking.

6 Waffle Crisp

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What kid can resist cereal, especially one that is sweet and delicious and looks like tiny waffles? That would be no kid.

90s kids really loved cereal, and chances are, you would sit down to a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast most (if not all) days of the week. And Saturday mornings were cartoons and cereal. If thinking about Waffle Crisp cereal makes you feel nostalgic then guess what? You're totally a 90s kid and you probably ate a lot of the other great foods here, too.

5 Snapple

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Is it tea? Is it juice? You know that you loved Snapple as a kid in the 90s and probably wouldn't mind drinking it today.

Of all the sugary drinks that you enjoyed during your childhood, Snapple is one of the best. I drank my own fair share (because to a 90s kid, drinking water seemed like the strangest idea ever... I seriously don't remember ever drinking water). Snapple was fun since you could find so many different flavors, and drinking out of the bottle made you feel pretty grown-up.

4 Teddy Grahams

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What kid wouldn't want to eat cookies that look like adorable little teddy bears? Teddy Grahams were some of the best snacks that 90s kids could eat.

They taste like graham crackers but much sweeter, and they're of course crunchy and shaped like a bear. We can imagine that these would still be a big hit with kids growing up today since this kind of snack is totally timeless. If you ate Teddy Grahams during your childhood, you're without a doubt a 90s kid.

3 Sodalicious

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What was it about Sodalicious candy that was just so amazing? Even all these years later, we don't know. All we know is that we ate this candy as kids in the 1990s and couldn't believe our good luck when we could eat a whole pack ourselves.

To a '90s kid, candy that tastes like soda almost seems too good to be true. Sadly, these are no longer available to purchase anywhere, and that just makes us memories even sweeter and bubblier. I have a super big appreciation for this candy and wish it was still around today.

2 Chocolate-Dipped Granola Bars

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Granola bars were definitely a popular snack in the 90s, and if you were going to eat one, it had to be dipped in chocolate. There was really no way around it.

Granola bars are a funny snack since they seem healthy (they're made from oats, after all) but then you factor in the chocolate and the sugar content. Oh well. Back in the day, we weren't thinking about that. We were just happy to have a crunchy, chocolate-y snack.

1 Snack Pack Chocolate Pudding Cups


If chocolate pudding is delicious, then being able to eat pudding cups as a snack is even better. 90s kids really loved Snack Pack chocolate pudding cups and they were great since they were so portable. You can still taste them now, right?

Maybe your mom made homemade pudding and wished that you would prefer that, but she knew that she couldn't compete with the store-bought pudding cups. Chocolate is, of course, the best flavor, and these always hit the spot.

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