Oh Mama: 25 Things Celebrities Craved While Pregnant

We would think that women get pregnant and automatically crave ice cream and pickles because that seems to be the most common pregnancy craving out there. It's actually pretty funny how often this particular combination comes up in conversations.

It seems like growing a human for nine months means that your taste buds change a lot and you have all kinds of weird cravings, especially for things that you might have never looked twice at before. The whole pickles and ice cream thing comes in because it's a craving for something salty and sour along with something super sweet.

Of course, not every pregnant woman wants pickles and ice cream every day (or even pickles or ice cream separately). It's cool to hear what different women have craved, and it's even cooler to see what celebrities have wanted to eat during their pregnancies. Sure, stars may have lots of money and fame and much bigger houses than the rest of us, but one thing is for sure: they have the same strange food cravings that the rest of us do during these nine special and amazing months.

Read on to find out about the cravings that these 25 celebrities had.

25 Mindy Kaling: Jelly Donuts

via People

We couldn't possibly love Mindy Kaling more. She's the funniest ever, has written many smart books, created her own sitcom, and is now a mom to a darling baby girl.

When Mindy appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGenerous show, she talked about her pregnancy craving: jelly donuts. She said, "It’s my favorite thing and not every place has them. In L.A. every time you try and get a doughnut, it’s full of matcha or bacon or something." That's hilarious... although a bacon donut does sound really good...

24 Kim Kardashian West: Cheesy Food

via Women's Health

Many people crave cheese and cheesy food pretty much every day, pregnant or not, so it's not a huge surprise to hear that this is also a pregnancy craving.

According to InStyle, Kim Kardashian West loved cheesy food: “Mostly cheese, chili cheese fries, everything with cheese." She also got a burger from In-N-Out and fries with cheese on them when she was expecting North and posted it online, saying it was her "first pregnancy craving." Yup, we'll take all of that, thanks.

23 Zoe Saldana: Pickles And Donuts

via Dough Boy Doughnuts / Twitter

VH1 says that when Zoe Saldana was expecting twins, she wanted... pickles and donuts.

Well, that's definitely a twist on the age-old pickles and ice cream craving. Having pickles and donuts together is an interesting idea. It sounds pretty good, actually, since you would get a whole bunch of different textures between the moist donut and the pickles. It's funny how people say that pickles and sweets don't go together because when you think about it, people combine salty and sweet all the time, like chocolate and popcorn or crackers, cheese and fruit.

22 Beyonce: Ketchup

via The Daily Beast

What did Beyonce crave when she was expecting? We would probably imagine that it was something super gourmet and amazing since we all love the singer so much.

According to VH1, people say that Beyonce loved ketchup when she was pregnant. Yup, as it turns out, her pregnancy craving was for something much more relatable, such as this beloved red condiment. We wonder if she ate ketchup straight up or put it on something else? What did she put it on? We have questions.

21 Kylie Jenner: Burgers

via InStyle

Apparently pregnancy cravings can run in the family: just like Kim Kardashian West enjoyed a burger from In-N-Out while pregnant with North, Kylie went there for burgers while expecting her baby girl, Stormi, according to Bravotv.com.

Burgers sound like a really legit pregnancy craving. When you're really hungry and want something satisfying, it's hard to improve on a burger: savory beef, a nice bun, maybe some melted cheese, and hopefully a ton of toppings and condiments. It's the best thing ever.

20 Tina Fey: Entenmann’s Chocolate Doughnuts

via Popsugar

Now this is a super specific pregnancy craving. When Tina Fey was pregnant with her daughter, she not only craved donuts in general, or even chocolate donuts. She craved chocolate donuts from one brand: Entenmann’s.

If any of us have had these donuts, then we totally get it. We really do. These are magical donuts that honestly are too good. You can't eat just one. You can't even just eat one box. They are too much. They are exactly what you would want a chocolate donut to be: perfectly sweet and both soft and kind of crunchy, too.

19 Chrissy Teigen: Burritos

via The Drum

It's particularly cool to hear what pregnancy cravings Chrissy Teigen had since she's such a foodie. She has written two cookbooks and talks about food all on the time on her social media accounts.

One pregnancy craving that she had is burritos. She once said about one massive burrito, “This burrito is so big I’m using it as a table for my fish taco." (We also love her for her awesome sense of humor.) Okay, now we're craving burritos, right?!

18 Molly Sims: Hot Chocolate

via Molly Sims

Hot chocolate is an amazing drink to sip on when it's freezing cold outside, you're celebrating Christmas with your family, or you've just gone ice skating. And, as it turns out, it can be a pregnancy craving, too... at least for one celebrity mama.

According to Fit Pregnancy, Molly Sims craved hot chocolate when she was expecting her second child, her daughter named Scarlett. She said about this craving, "Literally two packs, two sets of marshmallows in two different cups."

17 Blake Lively: Pumpkin Ice Cream And Pickles

via Popsugar

Talking about pickles and ice cream... We just knew that when talking about celebrity pregnancy cravings, this combo would come up. Fit Pregnancy says that Blake Lively craved "small batch pickles" and "organic hand-churned pumpkin-flavored ice cream" when she was expecting her daughter, James.

The Gossip Girl star definitely turned that popular craving up a notch and made it really sophisticated and intense. That pumpkin ice cream sounds really intriguing, though. Because it's hand-churned and organic, it's totally good for us, right? Right. We knew it.

16 Mila Kunis: Eggs

via Us Weekly

Sometimes, pregnant women crave food that is actually healthy, and it's surprising to hear since you do tend to think that pregnancy cravings are all about junk food.

Mila Kunis has said that she craved eggs when she was pregnant. The Bad Moms actress has been quoted as saying, “I can eat eggs all day long. If someone’s like, ‘Have an egg for dinner!’ I’m like, ‘Great. It’s been a very strange pregnancy when it comes to, like, food." Those of us who love eggs are on board with this for sure. Give us all the eggs (even if we aren't having a baby anytime soon).

15 Kourtney Kardashian: Bagels

via W Magazine

Kourtney Kardashian craved bagels when she was expecting her third child, Reign. She would have bagels at dinnertime: a blueberry bagel with jam and cream cheese.

Doesn't that sound amazing? It's the blueberry bagel that makes this so unique and interesting. Many of us probably haven't ever had this type of bagel before or even seen it in bagel shops, but now we're totally going to seek them out. And top it with jam and cream cheese. Kourtney is on the right track.

14 Amanda Seyfried: Cottage Cheese

via Hawt Celebs

Amanda Seyfried had a pregnancy craving that you definitely don't hear very often: cottage cheese. We may have eaten cottage cheese back when we were kids... or maybe we were always totally against it and hated when our moms suggested that we give it a try.

When she was interviewed by magazine, she said, "I eat cottage cheese. It’s kind of the best thing." She continued, "But it’s embarrassing when I eat it … I don’t know why. I feel that I need to eat it alone. It’s a very strange thing.”

13 Jessica Alba: Watermelon

via HawtCelebs

As far as fruit goes, watermelon is pretty magical. It's sweet, juicy, and often served cold. There's nothing like it on a hot summer's day.

Jessica Alba has been quoted as saying that she craved watermelon (along with a few other foods) when she was expecting her two daughters. She said, “Sometimes you can’t get a food out of your mind. I could always eat watermelon. With Honor, I loved fruit, too. It’s a decent craving. You still eat cheeseburgers and pickles—you just want watermelon really bad. I don’t deprive myself of anything. I eat whatever."

12 Jenna Fischer: Mac And Cheese

via Us Weekly

Many of us loved watching this actress on The Office and are curious about what her pregnancy craving was. It was mac and cheese.

That sounds amazing. Gooey cheese sauce, pasta, and maybe some fun toppings. Can we get a bowl of mac and cheese? We may not be pregnant but hey, it sounds like a great idea. It's actually funny that we don't hear about people craving mac and cheese when pregnant more often. We would think that this would be a really popular pregnancy craving since it's such a delicious meal.

11 Eva Longoria: Mini Wheats Cereal

via YouTube

College students (and grad students... and twentysomethings) often joke about eating cereal for dinner. Sometimes you just have to because you're super hungry... or you haven't had time to go grocery shopping... or you just don't really cook much.

Cereal for dinner is also a pregnancy craving, at least for one famous actress. Eva Longoria  is so talented and beloved for her role on Desperate Housewives, and it's fun to learn about her pregnancy craving: Mini Wheats cereal. According to Bravotv.com, she ate it for dinner.

10 Joanna Gaines: Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

via Pinterest

Joanna Gaines and her husband, Chip, have become super famous in the past few years. We loved watching their home reno and design TV show, Fixer Upper, and anyone who has been following them knows that they recently had their fifth baby, a boy named Crew.

According to Bravotv.com, Joanna had some interesting pregnancy cravings: she wanted Fruity Pebbles, Deviled eggs, and pimento cheese sandwiches. And she wanted them at the same time. This beats pickles and ice cream in terms of a fascinating craving, that's for sure.

9 Ellie Kemper: Ice Cream

via People

Ellie Kemper is the best, and she's so funny on the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We would expect her to have a super relatable and humble pregnancy craving since that seems like the kind of person that she is.

As it turns out, she craved ice cream. This isn't Blake Lively's elegant pumpkin ice cream or anything like that. Just good old ice cream. We can get behind this. Many of us would say that we're not even pregnant and we crave ice cream all the time. It's a thing.

8 Tori Spelling: Avocado

via Closer Weekly

Tori Spelling is a mom of five, so we can imagine that she has had a lot of pregnancy cravings. The Bump says that one of the Beverly Hills, 90210 star's cravings was avocados.

Talk about a super healthy craving. We wonder if she went for avocado toast, or guac, or if she just ate straight up plain avocados? Maybe she ate all of these things depending on the day. You can do so much with avocados these days. It's a wonderful time.

7 Hilary Duff: Rice Krispie Treats

via HawtCeleb

According to The Bump, one of Hilary Duff's pregnancy cravings has been for Rice Krispie Treats. We can see it now: the soft and gooey marshmallows baked into the crispy rice cereal. These are so delicious and something that you really never grow out of loving. While there are plenty of foods that you ate as a kid that you couldn't stomach now, you will always think that these treats are good.

A Rice Krispie treat is a very specific craving, too, so this makes sense. It seems like when you're pregnant and you have a craving, you really want that food ASAP.

6 Jessica Simpson: Buttered Pop-Tarts

via The Pioneer Woman

When Jessica Simpson was expecting her daughter, Maxwell, she craved junk food. More importantly, she craved junk food that we all feel pretty nostalgic for all the time.

During that pregnancy, she was quoted as saying, "I had a buttered Pop-Tart this morning. I’m eating a lot of stuff that I ate in my childhood. Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, Pop-Tarts, Cap’n Crunch. Everything’s filled with sugar." Buttered Pop-tarts?! Please tell us that those were the ones with strawberry filling inside and icing and sprinkles on top. That sounds epic.

5 Alyssa Milano: Broccoli

via Pinterest

You know how sometimes pregnant women crave healthy food? Do we think that pregnant women ever crave vegetables, let alone green vegetables?

We might want to say no, but after hearing about Alyssa Milano's pregnancy cravings, we might have to change our minds. She told E! about her craving for broccoli, “I can’t even consider that a craving because it’s so odd. I can’t get enough broccoli.” Hey, broccoli can be really good, especially when you melt cheese on it (or roast it with spices if you're a bit more sophisticated).

4 Alicia Keys: Roasted Fruit


When Alicia Keys was pregnant, she was seriously into roasted fruit. She has been quoted as saying, "I've had this strange craving for roasted fruit, like roasted cherries and grilled bananas, and that sounds crazy, but it's real easy. You put it on what you might make a panini on, and you grill the banana and it's amazing.

Roasted fruit definitely isn't something that you see all the time, but it's actually so delicious. It's like taking regular fruit which is already pretty sweet and making it a million times better.

3 Pink: Sour Patch Kids

via Self.com

Us Weekly says that when Pink was expecting her daughter, Willow, she was all about Sour Patch kids (and also Sour Skittles).

That's a decent, respectable pregnancy craving for sure. Sour Patch kids are the ultimate in sour candy. If you're going to get candy that literally hurts your teeth and mouth to eat, then you gotta go for this brand of candy. Many people ate this candy as children and now don't anymore but look back on it with a smile. If we have ever tried the sour kind of Skittles, then we know those are good, too.

2 Victoria Beckham: Maramalde On Toast

via Pinterest

We're definitely curious about what Posh Spice liked to eat while pregnant.

Victoria Beckham's pregnancy craving is pretty innocent. It's not pizza loaded with all kinds of toppings, or fries, or potato chips, or even pickles and ice cream. She craved marmalade on toast, which is honestly adorable and not that unhealthy... and also something that many people eat all the time and not necessarily when expecting a baby. After all, lots of people have toast and jam (or toast and peanut butter) for breakfast or for a snack.

1 Laura Prepon: Pastrami Sandwiches

via Alfinia hotels

According to Parents.com, Laura Prepon loved eating pastrami sandwiches on rye bread when she was pregnant. That's not a craving that we hear all the time, that's for sure.

There is something so special about deli sandwiches, including those made with pastrami. If you grew up eating this kind of food at diners or other restaurants, deli has a special place in your heart. Many of us get cravings for hearty and satisfying sandwiches and we're not even pregnant, so we totally get it.

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