10 Celebrities Foodies Have To Follow (And 10 Of Their Mouthwatering Dishes)

There are two types of people in the world, those that can cook and those that can’t. For those that cannot, there are a plethora of people out there who love to show off their cooking skills with some mouthwatering recipes. Society may perceive celebrities as people who have chefs do all their cooking for them, but there are quite a few of them who like to cook for themselves. This is a list of ten who are in love with cooking and love sharing their recipes with the world. Not only do they love to cook, but they have even published their cookbooks for fans to buy and follow along in the kitchen.

Who knew stars like Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg liked to cook as much as they do? The exciting part is that they’re preparing full-on meals rather than just side dishes here and there. Each of these celebrities is happy to share their creative side with the world in the form of food. This can be a quick and easy sandwich, a dinner for 4–maybe spaghetti–or a five-course meal, including appetizers and dessert, because everyone loves food no matter what format it's in.

20 Chrissy Teigen Is Making Major Food Waves

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Chrissy Teigen is best known for being married to husband John Legend. But more recently, she has been in the limelight due to her two cookbooks. In 2016 she published her first cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want To Eat and this year she released the sequel, Cravings: Hungry For More. Both of her cookbooks have sold so well that she is right up there with Ina Garten—who has written more than ten recipe books in the last decade! In 2016, both Garten and Teigen had bestselling cookbooks, according to Fox News; they’re both fighting for the number one spot!

19 Her Three Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

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Many recipes are complicated, while others only have a few ingredients, including Chrissy Teigen’s chocolate mousse. This chocolatey dessert only has three components–chocolate chips, whole milk, and heavy cream–and according to her fans, it is to die for. Teigen admits to The Kitchn that this dessert is perfect for parties but also to indulge in a little treat after dinner because it is so quick to make. Many are afraid of making mousse because it can seem hard, but this recipe is extra easy! Check out one of her two cookbooks; we might be able to find this recipe hidden inside!

18 Lauren Conrad Is A Well-Known Foodie Herself

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Lauren Conrad is known for her multiple acting gigs and has written a plethora of different books. Back in 2015, she released a book called Celebration in which she packed all of her party planning skills including a number of her famous recipes. Now she has a website in which she posts recipes that she has fallen in love with from time to time. Her fans not only get to keep up with her via her favorite fashion accessories but also by her favorite foods, according to Delish. Her favorite thing to do right now is to post beautiful looking dishes on her Instagram account for all to see and enjoy.

17 Her Pineapple Mango Salsa In A Pineapple Bowl

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Lauren Conrad is known for her fashion and girly way of living. Not only does she do a lot of acting and fashionista things, but she enjoys sharing recipes on her website and Instagram. Pineapple mango salsa is something the actress recently shared on her site. Conrad admitted on the Lauren Conrad website that chips and dip is one of her favorite snacks and she especially loves to come up with her own twists on them. Pineapple salsa is not only interesting, but it is incredibly healthy and full of taste! When Conrad makes this for her family, she likes to show off by plating this dip in a hollowed out pineapple.

16 Kris Jenner Is Keeping Up In Her Kitchen

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan has never really been known for their cooking, but Kris Jenner knows her way around a kitchen. Jenner reveals to People Magazine that cooking is not always easy in her house due to the many allergies in her family–her grandson is allergic to peanut butter and her former son-in-law is lactose intolerant. Each meal has to be unique for specific people to keep everyone happy and healthy, and this is her specialty. Jenner enjoys cooking so much that she came out with a cookbook as well which she called In The Kitchen With Kris.

15 Her Famous Rice Pilaf

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Kris Jenner has a huge family, which means she is used to making dinners for a lot of people. According to People Magazine, her family loves when she cooks, and one of their favorite dishes of hers is rice pilaf. Jenner admits that she prepares this specific side dish so often because it can go with any dinner that she makes and because her entire family loves it. Not only does the family like this specific dish because it is yummy, but because it is passed down from their late father's side of the family. We can find this recipe in Jenner's cookbook, which she released a few years back.

14 Alicia Silverstone, The Voracious Vegan

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Some people cook comfort foods just as Chrissy Teigen does in her cookbook, and others are into much healthier foods, including a vegan lifestyle, such as Alicia Silverstone. The actress admitted to Daily Mail that she has been vegan for a long time now and raises her son in the same way. She does most of her cooking with vegetables which she grows in her garden. She specifically allowed the website into her kitchen to get a glimpse inside of her entirely vegan fridge. Not only does she eat extraordinarily healthy but everything is organized meticulously and in its spot as well. This actress chose a healthy lifestyle forever.

13 Her Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

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Another chocolatey dessert is Alicia Silverstone's specialty peanut butter cups! This recipe is different from the typical peanut butter cups because it is healthier. Silverstone admits to Good Housekeeping that this treat has always been her guilty pleasure, so she decided to come up with a healthy version. She uses low in sugar graham crackers that are naturally sweetened. These days it is very important to eat healthy because too many people are unhealthy, and Silverstone wanted to create something that even she and her kids could eat while still being healthy. She also admitted that this treat is easy to make in bulk and store for a while in the fridge!

12 Eva Longoria Makes Us Long For More

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Eva Longoria is another actress who not only loves to cook but has also published a cookbook which is full of recipes from Mexico, among other things. Longoria loves to cook for as many people as possible. She often cooks up a storm and then invites a bunch of people over to her house to enjoy her food. Every cook has some quirk, and hers is that she does not allow anyone in the kitchen while she is cooking. Not only did she publish the cookbook mentioned above but she even opened restaurant by the name of Beso in Los Angeles, according to Fine Dining Lovers.

11 Her Chili Rubbed Skirt Steak Tacos

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Since everything else has been healthy or sweet, Eva Longoria’s specialty dish comes straight from her Mexico heritage. Her favorite recipes are things such as tacos, enchiladas. Longoria revealed to Hello! Magazine that she has been cooking since she was a little girl and that is her favorite thing to share with family. According to Longoria these particular tacos–filled with, skirt steak, guacamole, and chili powder–are served as an appetizer at her restaurant, Beso. She wants fans to know that although it sounds spicy, it is not–anybody can eat it.

10 Snoop Dogg Adds Flavor

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Another celebrity who has a cookbook in the works is Snoop Dogg. He loves a lot of things, but one of his favorites is to create in the kitchen. He never really let his passion for cooking out into the world until he appeared on a cooking show with Martha Stewart, but since then he has a book he is calling From Crook To Cook coming soon. His recipe book includes a lot of his favorite foods that he cooks, and according to Rolling Stone, he is very excited to start a new chapter with his cookbook. We will probably see a lot more from him in the future with food.

9 His Fried Chicken

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Snoop Dogg has not always been a kitchen connoisseur, but after making his famous fried chicken with Martha Stewart, he is all about the food. According to SBS, the secret ingredient in this dish is a hand full of potato chips right over the top of each wing before they go into the batter. Dogg made it known that he has no idea what he’s doing in the kitchen–he likes to wing it, and most of the time he ends up with something pretty tasty. Although this chicken recipe isn’t the normal way to cook chicken, it turned out to be pretty delicious on TV!

8 Freddie Prinze Jr. Keeps It All In The Family

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Freddie Prinze Jr. is known for his acting gigs, such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, but he has recently taken a break from acting to pursue his passion for cooking. He also published a cookbook and revealed to CBS News that his love for food came from his mother and father because they met in a restaurant where his mother was a chef. His cookbook stands out from all the rest specifically because every recipe has nine ingredients or less. He wanted to create something that everybody could love, and this is that.

7 His Fight Night Nachos

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Nachos are a must-have comfort food item, which is why Freddie Prinze Jr. enjoys making them so much. This recipe is one of his favorites and can be found in his newly-published cookbook. As promised, this recipe has only three components, each with six ingredients–the red chile sauce includes chicken stock, cold water, red chile pepper, EVOO, garlic and salt–making it super quick and easy to make right before a big game, according to Prinze Jr. The actor admits that he always makes this specific recipe when he knows there is going to be a game or a big fight because he loves to spend time with his family with good food, according to Delish.

6 Lady Gaga Rocks Out In The Name Of Nutrition


Cooking can be very therapeutic, and it is just that for Lady Gaga. In 2015 Gaga’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer and soon after she sadly passed away. Ever since her death, Gaga has been a cooking machine to ensure that the family is well nourished after their loss. She revealed to Delish News that cooking brought her a sense of peace, knowing that she was taking care of those who needed it as well as helping herself through a tough time. Not only is she a foodie but her dad also just released a cookbook by the name of Joanne Trattoria Cookbook–this must be where she gets her interest in cooking from.

5 Her Sweet Fennel Pasta With Whole Wheat Spaghetti

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Lady Gaga is another actress who tries to stay super healthy especially when it comes to food. Gaga admits to ABC News that this specific recipe is one of her family's favorites. It consists of only ten ingredients–specific spices, Pomodoro tomatoes, baby fennel, etc. –which keep it healthy all around. Spaghetti is a pretty traditional dish that everyone knows how to make, but Lady Gaga, being the spunky and unusual girl that she is, had to put a strange twist on this everyday dish. Her whole family loves to be different as well, which seems to be where she gets it.

4 Neil Patrick Harris Loves Being Domesticated

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The best part of cooking is being able to share it with the people you love. Neil Patrick Harris loves to cook but most of all, he loves to teach his kids in the process. The kids are in luck because not only does Harris like to cook but the other half of his partnership is actually a chef. He admits to People Magazine that he usually does all the dishes and prep work while his husband is the actual star. But he loves to cook just as much and expand the palate of his children as he does it.

3 His Fresh Pasta With Bolognese Sauce

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Neil Patrick Harris learned to cook from the best–his husband who happens to be a chef. Harris admitted to Taste Cooking that fresh pasta with Bolognese sauce is something his husband loves to make when he is feeling down in the dumps. Therefore, it is Harris’ favorite thing to make as well. This recipe is a combination of all of the aspects that make this couple happy, which is why it means a lot to both of them. It is important to note that a lot goes into this specific recipe and it can be tough to make, so the ingredients and steps need to be followed closely.

2 Julia Roberts Likes It Family Style

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It may be hard to believe that actresses such as Julia Roberts–who are continuously busy–cook, but Roberts admits to cooking three square meals a day for her family. She revealed to E! News that she can cook anything that comes to mind including an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Her family, including her twins, love their mother’s cooking specifically because it is their mom and she makes everything with love. The actress admits that cooking is her passion and that if she had the chance, she would love to appear on a cooking show in which she taught someone else her skills.

1 Her Summer Salad

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Julia Roberts knows her way around a kitchen, and her specialty meals are usually healthy. This actress likes to keep healthy at all times, and this summer salad recipe helps her to do just that. With ingredients like garbanzo beans, spinach, carrots, walnuts, and feta cheese, this salad will have anybody drooling. According to Eat This! Not That, Roberts is a salad queen because these are the types of recipes she enjoys putting together the most. Salads allow people to become creative in the kitchen because many foods work well together–there are a lot of different salad combos.

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