Can't Like Them All: 20 Celebrities Reveal Foods They Truly Can’t Stand

When we think of celebrities, we tend to hold them high up on a pedestal and see them in almost perfection. What we always seem to forget is that they're human, just like us. They were once children playing in a park and teenagers attending high school, and just because their faces show up on the big screen now doesn't mean that they aren't everyday people with everyday flaws.

One flaw in particular (if you can really call it a flaw) that we'll be looking more into is something that we all hold in common. We all have that one (or more) food item that we just can't stand to eat. It could either be the look of it, the smell, the texture, maybe a horrible experience tied to it, or even just something unexplainable. But never mind the many possible reasons why; all we really know is that we each share this same unfortunate sentiment.

Some of these stars have confessed their special aversions in interviews, others through social media and some through their own television talk shows that they host. There were definitely a few that surprised me, so you might not expect some of these realities. On the other hand, maybe you'll find yourself having the exact same dislikes, and you'll be relieved to know you're not alone!

It's no secret—these famous individuals have laid everything out there for us to learn. So, let's get reading about these 20 celebrities and the food items we should never offer them if the opportunity ever arose.

20 Chrissy Teigen Dislikes Nutella And Removes Tops From Egg McMuffins

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Chrissy Teigen never holds anything back. If you follow her on social media, you'll know she always blurts out her opinions—which happen to be funny! We know her to be a body-positive woman who embraces food and influences that message through her fame.

Teigen confessed to removing the tops of Egg McMuffins in an attempt to render them "healthier." She also took to social media once to declare her dislike of hummus and accused her haters of only loving it for the pita chips. Then, again on social media, she broke my heart by announcing her hatred for Nutella!

19 Gordon Ramsay Will Never Eat Airplane Food And Pineapple Pizza

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The man with the reputation. The outspoken celebrity chef.

Gordon Ramsay weighs in on the discussion regarding pineapple on pizza. In an oh-so-gracious way (not), he declared his opinion once and for all, saying that the fruit doesn't belong on pizza.

Ramsay also had some words for airplane food. He worked 10 years for airlines and knows where the food's been, where it goes, and how long it took to come onboard. Maybe we should follow suit in his rejection of meals served on a plane...

In an attempt to rescue frequent flyers, he opened a restaurant called Gordon Ramsay Plane Food at the Heathrow airport for superior dining.

18 Pork Doesn't Sit Well With Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian, famous for putting her entire life on television, has no secrets. The cameras are everywhere, recording every conversation her (rather large) family has. So, of course, it's well known that this Kardashian won't even look at pork. She has such a distaste for it that, just by looking at it, she judges it'll likely render her sick to her stomach. If looks could kill, right?

In a game of "Would You Rather," the Kardashian admits she'd rather gain 10 pounds than take a bite of pork. One thing she's never been clear about is why she feels this way.

17 Jimmy Fallon Becomes "Ew" Girl When Facing Mayonnaise


We all know Jimmy Fallon as the host of The Tonight Show and that he likes to play games with his guests. This is how he keeps things interesting, and it's sometimes revealing.

During a game called "Random Picture Word Association" with guest Melissa McCarthy, where you're to say the first word that comes to mind, a picture of mayonnaise appeared during Fallon's turn. The first word out of his mouth? Ew. Not just any "ew," but the one he uses when he acts as the blonde-with-braces teenager Sara in one of his skits!

He said it reminded him of pus.

16 Caviar Isn't Jennifer Aniston's Favorite


Jennifer Aniston seems to be a household name, whether it's for her extensive acting career or the fact that she was left by Brad Pitt for Angelina Jolie (yes, that conversation is still going on). It's no surprise when we, the public, know so much about her, like the one food that the actress just won't eat.

Aniston used a much different word than I'm about to when she once described what she thought to be the taste of caviar: horrible. She stated that it isn't the kind of taste that one can acquire, and clearly, it's not one she personally enjoys.

15 Tom Brady Avoids Vegetables, Strawberries, And Coffee


Tom Brady's diet contains the removal of nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, peppers) possibly due to a sensitivity that's never been confirmed. This doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like those vegetables, but he avoids them nonetheless. Also restricted from his diet, and something the football star has never even tasted, is coffee.

What's more, Brady confessed to never having tasted strawberries but hates the smell. He recently tried a strawberry during his guest appearance on The Late Show and says he still hates the fruit. It seems his aversion began with the fridge in his childhood home being filled with boxes and boxes of the fruit!

14 Kim Kardashian Steers Clear Of Cilantro, Mustard, Blue Cheese And Certain Ethnic Food

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Another Kardashian has been thrown into the mix. As I said earlier, the secrets of this entire family are out in the open, so it figures that we know about Kim Kardashian's food preferences. Kim's list is longer than Khloe's, however.

On her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this member of the family had a taste of food from India and called it disgusting. She did apologize for slamming the dish on air but elaborated on her blog about how she also doesn't like food from Armenia and hates cilantro and peppers.

I'm with her on the cilantro aspect, for sure.

13 Taylor Swift Will Never Be Found Eating Sushi

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Extra famous superstar Taylor Swift was always well known for her slim figure and eating habits (other than her extensive dating life and fantastic music about her exes). So, of course, paparazzi followed her around to find out everything possible about the pop star.

After claiming to hate sushi and calling herself "uncool" for the distaste, Swift was caught several times leaving many restaurants that served exactly that. Thankfully, someone thought to investigate further and reported that everything she ordered was actually cooked and fried.

It seems Swift's aversion to sushi is specifically toward raw fish. It isn't for everyone, so who could blame her?

12 Gwyneth Paltrow Swore Off Corn And Spray Cheese


For some reason, I don't know much about Gwyneth Paltrow. One thing I somehow do know is that she's always had unusual health regimens.

The following, however, isn't peculiar to me at all. There are two things Paltrow has cut out of her diet that I agree with. One has just always seemed gross to me, while the other has no particular reason, but I think I've eaten a total of 5 in 20 years.

Spray cheese is the first. Cheese in a can? Paltrow isn't having it. Next is corn, which she cut from her diet because many types of corn are processed and genetically modified and, she believes, are therefore bad for your health.

11 Ariana Grande Loves Bananas ‒ But She's Allergic


This is a special entry. It's not necessarily one that falls under the title's category, but it does hit a heartstring.

Ariana Grande has always loved bananas, and she was noted to be eating one on several occasions. Unfortunately, she recently discovered that she was allergic to the fruit! It's not clear if she hates bananas or if she misses eating them.

I'm actually only allergic to one thing, and it isn't severe; nor is it a food item, so I can't necessarily relate. But I can certainly feel for her! Imagine finding out you can't eat what you love anymore? Outrageous.

10 Kelly Clarkson Won't Eat Her Brussels Sprouts

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Kelly Clarkson is the child in all of us. The singer and winner of the first-ever Idol in 2002 has the same aversion that we all did as children (and some still do, like me).

Clarkson hates Brussels sprouts. Want to know what she hates more? When she confesses this to someone and they flat-out tell her that she'll start loving the vegetable once she's tasted theirs! I would hate that, too. Thankfully, I've never had the misfortune of hearing anyone say it...

The only thing I wonder is whether she tries feeding her four kids Brussels sprouts...

9 Giada De Laurentiis Loathes Coconut And Green Pepper


Oh, Giada De Laurentiis. The celebrity chef who's quite literally living the dream. One reason I highly recommend her television show is for the view—Italy is, undoubtedly, an impressive backdrop.

This chef has a few no-nos in her kitchen, and two we'll talk about now.

First, De Laurentiis doesn't like coconut. She doesn't explain why, but she doesn't use it as an ingredient. She confirms that only one of her recipes calls for coconut.

Her second no-no is the use of green peppers. She doesn't like the look and isn't fond of the flavor, so she never ever uses them in her recipes.

8 Shonda Rhimes Doesn't Believe In Thin Crust Pizza


Shonda Rhimes, known best for producing television series Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder, and Scandal, is really not the biggest fan of thin crust pizza. She's even openly called it disgusting.

Rhimes's feelings are so deep and her devotion goes so far that she orders deep-dish pizza and has it flown in from Chicago every Christmas.

Listen, maybe we should take note, considering all the genius success she's had. If she managed to keep those 3 shows alive season after season on top of the other movies she's produced, maybe she's on to something with this Chicago-style deep-dish pizza stuff.

7 Guy Fieri Has An Aversion Toward Eggs


You gotta eat here!

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host Guy Fieri has admitted to having a serious aversion toward eggs. This man, who drives around the country tasting diverse foods at various restaurants, becomes visibly queasy when he comes face to face with them.

The story behind this oddity stems from his childhood. Fieri used to love eggs, always ate them. But at about 10 years old, he wasn't looking at an egg when he cracked it open once. He was horrified to find a whole chick. What truly sealed the deal for him was when he'd seen the result of a bad egg hard-boiled.

6 Mayonnaise Makes Rachael Ray Uncomfortable


Rachael Ray has her own daytime television cooking show named after herself. She's quite reputable, cooks all sorts of things, and has published many cookbooks. So maybe we should be taking the following inadvertent advice from someone like this...

Ray is very uncomfortable with mayonnaise and doesn't even make use of it in her recipes. She uses homemade instead or other alternatives because she's creeped out by the fact that mayonnaise has eggs in it yet sits hot on a shelf for such a long time.

I have to admit, that's making me question the jar I used earlier today...

5 Hilary Duff Isn't A Fan Of Clams (But Will Eat Oysters And Mussels)

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Hilary Duff has been around for a nice, long while with her acting, singing, and then acting career again, most recently in the television series Younger. Something about her that's come to light is that she's an adventurous eater, claiming there's not much she won't eat.

Duff's not much part apparently refers to clams. She's admitted that she'll eat oysters and mussels, which are almost the exact same thing—definitely the same style of food—but absolutely not clams.

I personally don't like either of the 3, but I always imagined that if you liked one, you'd like them all.

4 Martha Stewart Boycotts Truffle Oil


The famous Martha Stewart has been a name in everyone's house for years and years. She's been cooking her way into our kitchens all our lives, and now, she's even (strangely enough) joined forces with rapper Snoop Dogg for her newest series, Potluck Dinner Party.

She's another star who claims to eat everything and states there's not much she can't stand, but she's revealed there's one ingredient she doesn't like and won't use in her recipes. That ingredient is truffle oil. Stewart says it's horrible for one's health because it's made out of chemicals and isn't actually pure truffles.

Another reputable voice I'll be listening to...

3 Nicolas Cage Won't Eat Pork


This known actor has been in many movies over the span of almost 40 long years, even though the last I remember is 2011's Ghost Rider. That's 8 years ago! But he's still acting, still spoken about, and still doing other things related to the film industry.

One thing being spoken about is Cage's untraditional methods of choosing his diet. I can't fathom how this came about, but he stands by it. He bases the consumption of his food on the animals' mating habits. Yes, you read right. Apparently, fish and fowl are dignified when mating, but pigs aren't, thus his choice in not eating pork.

2 Bobby Flay Can't Stand The Smell Of Durian


Bobby Flay is best known for his cooking-based television shows, so it's odd to hear that there are certain foods he can't stand.

It seems the celebrity chef isn't spared from this "flaw" we all share, despite the fact that he can cook anything and everything—and better than almost anyone, according to his series Beat Bobby Flay. The fruit grown in southeast Asia, Durian, has a strong stench to it that Flay just can't stand. He can't be near it and doesn't want to be around it.

I think it's safe to say we'll never find it in his dishes.

1 Scott Conant Despises Being Served Raw Red Onions


Apparently, this truth has been turned into several memes over the past 3 years, each of which Scott Conant doesn't find funny.

The celebrity chef of Chopped experienced a contestant who would include raw red onions in each dish. Despite the fact that Conant mentioned his aversion to raw red onions in the first course, the contestant added them into his second course.

The problem Conant had wasn't toward red onions but the fact that they were raw and useless on those dishes. The contestant then admitted he was planning a red onion jam for his dessert. I see why it became a meme.

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