Love At First Bite: 21 Things Celebrities Served At Their Weddings That We Can Totally Say 'I Do' To

Celebrity weddings are always happening - every month and every year. To be fair, people from all walks of life get married just as frequently - people fall in love and decide to share their moment with friends and loved ones. In the midst of all the romance, grooms, brides and wedding planners take on the monstrous task of getting everything as close to perfect as possible for the big day. One of the most important parts of any wedding is the menu. People need to eat and they expect decent serving sizes of delicious, immaculately presented food.

Some major no-nos at weddings are serving your guest food to which they are intolerant, foods that are not appetizing, cold, too spicy, not spicy enough, too dry - just too much of something. People are picky and so it is important to draft a menu that will appeal to most of the guests. Some people go all out with their menus with fancy meals such as lamb salad with fregola, scallop sashimi with Meyer lemon confit and potato Gnocchi with rabbit bolognese, root vegetable, cream, thyme. Others keep it simple and opt for the run of the mill rice and some sort of meat and a regular garden salad to pizza, beer and burgers.

There are endless food selections for weddings - sometimes the choices make it find the right option. In general, the rule is to have a menu that has something for everyone. Celebrity weddings are a good go-to for some people when deciding what to serve on their big day. Getting a sense of what famous people serve their guest can be a good compass. If it's good enough for their guests it's good enough for yours - right? Here are some of the foods that starlets have served at their wedding. Even if attending or having a wedding is the furthest thing from your mind, you'll still find this list interesting - because...food...right?

21 Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

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The pairing of these two may not have been something most people saw coming. Their weddings – one Christian and the other Hindu were extravagant affairs. The venues, outfits and partying that took place were swanky. In the whirlwind of information that people could find about their wedding, we learned that there was a 7-tiered wedding cake, high tea was served to guests and amuse bouche was the appetizer for dinner at one of the weddings. The exact amuse bouche served was not disclosed so if you want some ideas you can try cranberry cheddar sausage bites, antipasto and cheddar-pickle skewers or stuffed pizza rolls.

20 Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

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Kaley Cuoco's wedding to Karl Cook was glamorous and held at a farm in Rancho Santa Fe, California. The wedding decor and ambiance can be best described as rustic-farm chic. The couple wanted a personalized wedding - not a generic event that had no personality or soul. As such, the decor, food and location were chosen with great meaning behind them. The main food attraction was the gourmet burger bar. The selections included vegetarian burgers, beet burgers and traditional burgers with applewood bacon, cheese, lettuce, onions, guacamole, caramelized onions, pickled carrot and cucumbers. The burgers were stamped with KC2 - a cute signature of their initials. There were also sweet potato fries, waffle fries, garlic aioli. For some, burgers and fries are not typical wedding foods - depending on your level of awkwardness, eating a burger in formal attire can be challenging. One drip of mustard and your outfit is ruined. The thing is, it worked for their wedding theme - personalization with a touch of glamour, rustic ambiance and a homey-fun array of food.

19 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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Blake Lively apparently bakes and cooks in her spare time. Her love of baked goods no doubt inspired the main attraction at her wedding – the dessert and cake table. In the centre and surrounded by a sea of delectable desserts was a vanilla and sour cream wedding cake with peach-apricot preserves and earl grey milk chocolate buttercream. It was as beautiful as the bride herself – truly a sight to behold. If you are great with baked goods, attempting this masterpiece should be fun. The decoration was ornate and one can only guess how many hours of careful concentration it required. Some of the smaller, single-serve sweets on the table were S’mores bars, Espresso Beans, blueberry cheesecake tartlets, lemon tartlets and fruit jellies.

18 Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk

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Chefs Francis Mallman and Mario Carbone are the culinary experts behind the reception meal at Gwyneth Paltrow's second wedding to producer Brad Falchuk. Chef Mallman contributed pit cooked vegetables, salt-crusted salmon, rib eye steaks and a Piadina stuffed with onions and aged Vermont cheddar (code for fancy cheese bread). The meals prepared by chef Carbone included Dungeness crab, scampi tortellini, honey mustard duckling, prime rib and fall vegetables. These dishes were no doubt deliciously amazing. The menu was a combination of healthy, fancy wholesome food that no doubt wowed the guests. As for the wedding cake - there was none. Instead, guests were treated to miniature carrot cakes and chocolate vanilla confections.

17 George and Amal Clooney

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When longtime bachelor George Clooney decided to settle down, he chose Amal Alamuddin - a powerful human rights lawyer. The menu was primarily Tuscan-inspired with ravioli, lemon blue lobster risotto and Chianina Tuscan beef. For dessert, it was a chaud-froid with zabaglione, which is a cold and hot specialty. The wedding cake was a chocolate cake decorated with gold leaves. This wedding menu was very short – not too many items, just enough to keep everyone satisfied. Chocolate cake is not the most favoured wedding cake – or is it? Clearly, the star of that cake was the gold accented leaves. Notwithstanding, the menu is simple, sophisticated and easy to mimic.

16 Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

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The Orange Is The New Black star wed in 2017 in a charming, beautiful wedding ceremony that was followed by a cozy, colourful and relaxed reception. Colourful beverages were served during cocktail hour. Dinner started off with a citrus and radish topped salad. A family-style meal featuring porchetta, prawns, roasted vegetables and a farro salad was served as the main meal. There was a large cake along with small mini confetti cakes for guests. The food was rich, delicious and satisfied guest through many heartfelt toasts and dance floor shenanigans.

15 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

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One of the cutest celebrity couples – Chrissy and John had their wedding overlooking Lake Como in Italy. The wedding cake was a four-tiered carrot cake layered with cream cheese frosting. The cake was gigantic and adorned with flowers and greenery. The choice of flavour is an odd one for a wedding. Their cake was most likely all kinds of delicious that had guests yearning for second and third helpings. A decent chocolate cake requires flour, baking powder, ground cinnamon, salt, grated carrots, sugar, oil, eggs raisins and walnuts. The cream cheese frosting adds some oomph to each tasty slice. This is an easy cake to try your hand at or feature at your wedding.

14 Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson

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Solange and hubby Alan had a stylish, iconic, musical wedding in New Orleans and featured foods that embody the heart and soul of New Orleans. There were shrimp and grits, oyster and artichoke bisque, paupiette de poulet, followed by bread pudding and pineapple foster for dessert. It was a four-course delight that screamed fun and culture. These menu items are easy to prepare. For tips, just check out this list of classic foods from New Orleans. You can take it a step further by trying your hand at gumbo, crawfish etouffée and red beans and rice.

13 Lauren Conrad and William Tell

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Lauren Conrad and a friend of hers made 50 pies from 300 apples for her wedding. She wanted home-baked items at her reception and the pies were just that. Let’s start with what was served for dinner. Guest had Tuscan roasted chicken, black striped bass and beef tenderloin. There were food items given as wedding favours – some of these were water, cookies, Reeses Pieces and Gummi bears. The wedding cake was a two-tiered chocolate cake with ganache and vanilla buttercream icing. As the reception party continued way into the night, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and bite-sized chicken waffles were served to keep the energy going.

12 Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth

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The reception following this nuptial affair was catered to by a James Beard Award-winning chef – Suzanne Goin. There were many appetizer options to choose from including fava beans and black olives, endive salad and avocado appetizer with blood oranges. Entrees included wild striped bass, mustard grilled chicken, haricot vert with hazelnuts and herb-roasted lamb. The dessert menu consisted of a variety of s’mores, slices of chocolate cake and white buttercream cake. This is another wedding where party favours included food. As the event came to a close, people got bags of honey and warm pecan scones.

11 Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

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This picture perfect couple got married at a picturesque location – Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico. The reception was held beneath a group of mango trees. For food, people dined on organic pork chops, fresh fish and beet salads. As people danced the night away, waiters passed around popsicles and organic ice cream. These are simple foods that can be used to create some truly stunning dishes. For example, if you take the organic pork chops you can season with salt, pepper and garlic. Sear the meat in a skillet or pan on medium to high heat for 4 – 5 minutes on each side. The result is a juicy, tender, flavour infused piece of meat.

10 Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian

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The tennis legend and Reddit founder got married in 2017 and according to People Magazine, they served five different cuisines on their big day. There were China-styled and New Orleans-styled food trucks serving food to guests during cocktail hour. The guests were treated to spicy jalapeno cucumber hors d'oeuvres before the ceremony. At the reception, there were food stations with Italy-inspired foods, southern-style dishes and signature foods from Armenia - a tribute to Ohanian’s heritage. There was also a salad wall and a steak station. If you want to know what a salad wall, type salad walls for weddings in the Pinterest search engine and you greeted with a variety of arrangements.

9 Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith

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Mandy Moore -the star of the hit TV show This Is Us married singer-songwriter Taylor Goldsmith in an intimate back yard wedding. The reception, held in Highland Park was catered by Room Forty. There was no formal dinner. Instead, there were food stations where guests had their pick of meat, vegetarian food, raw foods, flatbread, cheese and charcuterie. There were also lots of beverage options for guests to pair with the food selections. The food choices at the wedding were clearly added to cater to people’s dietary needs. It’s a great act to follow for others who are hosting receptions or other functions. In this day and age, people are more than ever concerned with the foods they easy so having a few vegan and vegetarian options is a wise choice.

8 Miguel Pimentel and Nazanin Mandi

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Singer Miguel married his longtime love, Nazanin Mandi. They had a gorgeous coconut cake, a Mexican and In – N – Out food truck at the event. The trucks were used to feed guests who stayed long after dinner served. Mexico-inspired cuisine was served for the main meal courtesy of chef Eduardo Ruiz. The bride actually requested coconut cake and it looked heavenly. A typical coconut cake is made with butter, vegetable oil, sugar, coconut milk, coconut extract, eggs, salt, sour cream and baking powder. The frosting is made with cream cheese, butter, coconut extract, sugar and coconut flakes for flavour, texture and appearance.

7 Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman

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This first portion of the reception was catered by two chefs and restaurateurs – Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. Guests feasted on lobster rolls and pork buns for appetizers. Naomi Pomeroy who competed in Top Chef Masters made foie gras served on peppercorn shortbread and a steak tartare with quail eggs. The main meal – catered by another restaurant was country-style fried chicken and steak. One of the most interesting things on this menu is the peppercorn shortbread. It is made by combining flour, salt, peppercorn (you can add different varieties or stick with just one), butter and sugar in a mixer. The ingredients are mixed into a dough that is then divided and placed in greased pans and baked for 40 minutes at 300 degrees. Some people sprinkle granulated sugar and ground pepper on top – you decide what you want to do.

6 Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves

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These two had their wedding in 2014 and the theme was described as a fusion of cultures – Texas and Brazil. The reception was catered by a Brazil-style steak house located in Texas. The food served ranged from bacon and pork sausages, steak, chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese bread. Apparently, guests were having so much fun that a one day wedding turned into a three-day affair. Guy Fieri also cooked up some food for the event – he made some fried okra, brisket and crawfish. Fusion of cultures indeed! Guest no doubt had their choice of foods. With this menu, you can celebrate love and enjoy some comfort food while you’re at it.

5 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

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The night’s feast served to the reception attendees at Nicole and Joel’s wedding started off with a salad. It had breaded goat cheese patties, Treviso radicchio and roasted red and gold baby beets. For the second course, homemade butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce was served. It’s a wonderful idea to give wedding guests options when it comes to the food. This is what the Madden’s did – people were allowed to choose between a filet mignon with a truffle mushroom risotto or seared ahi tuna in a wasabi cream sauce with lentils and beets. Dessert was a mixture of sweet treats served buffet style as well as slices of the white and gold wedding cake.

4 Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman

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The fifty guests at this wedding enjoyed a three-course meal that included organic beets, diver scallops, Colorado grass-fed lamb, cheese with honey and a coconut and ginger pannacotta. Veggie burgers, truffle macaroni and cheese and cupcakes were also on the menu. It was important to the couple that the food they served at their wedding be sustainable and eco-friendly. The foods they served fit the bill. As you may have noted, beef - one of the most problematic foods in terms how damaging mass cattle rearing is to the atmosphere - was absent from this menu. Kudos to them for trying to do some good for the world, even on their special day.

3 Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas

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This couple did not have a wedding planner for their event – how did they do it? Perhaps they had the help of family and friends. Or maybe they were their own wedding planners – if you want something right do it yourself….right? Anyway, the Baldwins had locally sourced strawberries with arugula in a colourful salad. People choose between pan-seared halibut with truffles, organic mushrooms, and basil oil, or grilled chicken with a vegetable Napoleon. Both options sound lovely. Dessert was between a choice of slices of wedding cakes – one of which was gluten free. This menu is another simple but elegant choice of food for a classy wedding.

2 Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

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Although it seems like they have been married forever, these two lovebirds tied the knot in 2008. They are both vegans so their menu consisted of all vegan items. Some foods on the menu were vegetable spring rolls, miniature vegan sliders and a vegan red velvet cake as part of the dessert menu. A vegan red velvet cake can be just as soft, sweet and delicious as its traditional counterpart. It just requires vegan gluten-free refined sugar and butter. The buttermilk can be replaced with almond milk with a touch of vinegar to allow the milk to curdle a bit until it resembles buttermilk.

1 Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married in Italy in 2012. Dinner started off with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres such as lobster in turnip tops and mini Caprese salads. It was a very formal outdoor event and guests took in the scenery of the Borgo Egnazia resort as they ate. When dinner came around attendees were given many choices from a menu of steak, sea bass and other Italy inspired foods. The dessert menu had affogato which is a scoop of flavourful vanilla ice cream topped with a shot of rich espresso. If people still wanted something sweet, they were offered a slice of the couple’s wedding cake.

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