20 Celebrity Backstage Food Demands That Make Us Want To Hit Unfollow

Celebrities often get the reputation of having huge egos and being prima donnas when it comes to how they carry themselves in real life. Singers, musicians, actors and athletes sometimes get judged for having such attitudes. There are rumors of just how much they demand before shows or events. The most famous exaggeration was that some celebrities would demand M&M candies in their dressing room, but only of one color. It would force someone to go through dozens of bags of M&Ms just to find the green ones. That has never been proven, but there are real cases of celebrities having specific food demands before they show up to the venue.

We will look at some of the confirmed examples of celebrities flat out telling others what to supply them with. They range from bizarre items to normal meals. Regardless, it does seem a bit dramatic to deliver elaborate lists of things they demand to be in the room upon arrival. Some celebrities have even been known to leave if their requests aren’t met. Find out just what some of your favorite celebs desire with their demands and strange requests. It is enough to make you consider unfollowing based on how you view celebrity culture and their specific requests. These are twenty celebrities and the backstage food demands they make that could make us consider unfollowing them on social media.

20 Christina Aguilera

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The success of Christina Aguilera in the music world has seen her thriving as a top act for the past two decades. No one could have predicted the longevity that Aguilera would have when she broke out in the late 90s. Aguilera’s career is still going strong with many different ventures along with her touring schedule.

The food requests for Aguilera are very specific. She wants an organic food spread without plastic or Styrofoam for environmental reasons. Dried cranberries and soy cheese are her snacks of choice. Aguilera requests Nesquik to drink along with Flintstones vitamins. There is certainly some variety in Christina’s dressing room.

19 Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is another massive superstar that makes a lot of demands when it comes to her dressing room necessities. The singer always has sold out shows when touring for a new album. It leads to quite a bit of unique foods being requested in her dressing room.

Swift wants items like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, boxes of macaroni and cheese, red licorice, a stick of butter, grape juice and an avocado. If showing up before 11AM to an event, Swift also demands a Grande ICED Caramel Latte from Starbucks with one slice of a pumpkin loaf. There’s certainly a lot of work to be done if Swift is performing at your venue or for your company.

18 Kanye West

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The controversial Kanye West often finds his way into the news. West is still most known for being a successful musician despite his marriage, friendships and ridiculous rants becoming part of his persona. Given the ego most people associate with Kanye, it is not a surprise he has some unique food requests at shows.

West demands four small yogurts for eating along with a large yogurt just for dipping. Pistachio nuts and an assortment of other nuts are the items he apparently loves dipping into yogurt. Kanye also wants a bottle of hot sauce in case he orders in a meal from a local restaurant.

17 Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj has become one of the premiere music superstars in the world today. The hip hop songs made her a household name a few years ago and the success continues to rise. Minaj has the reputation of being a diva due to her hip hop battles with other performers.

The backstage demands are not as bad as some of the other celebrities, but she does still have some requests. Minaj wants spicy fried chicken wings, a cheese platter and chewing gum available when she shows up. Another odd food-related demand features Nikki wanting candles that smell like baked goods.

16 Katy Perry

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Katy Perry is a massive superstar, with a difficult touring schedule as she performs many concerts. Perry has a beloved touring act that brings tens of thousands of fans to venues in every city. The requests from Perry for her private dressing room features a plethora of random foods.

Perry demands fresh cut vegetables with ranch dip, a bowl of fresh organic fruit, freeze dried strawberries, baked blue corn tortilla chips, a jar of salsa and a jar of quality honey. There are other dining requirements as well, like Fuze Slenderize assorted flavors and a chamomile mint tea. Perry always wants her favorite foods and drinks available before and after performing.

15 Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber has one of the strangest demands list before shows compared to the other celebrities here. The reputation of Bieber is quite negative as many people view him as a huge egomaniac. His demands certainly do fit the bill in some ways.

Bieber requests things like no one speaks to him directly and he must have dozens of plain white t-shirts ironed. However, the food demands are very small with strange items. Swedish fish is the one food he always wants stocked before and after shows. Peanut butter and cheese Ritz Bits are another snack request but that’s it. Bieber just wants snacks, plain white t-shirts and to pretend we don’t exist for his happiness.

14 Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey has the reputation for being a diva when it comes to the backstage demeanor following her fame. The demands backstage before performances would give credence to that belief. Carey wants many different foods and drinks available upon her arrival.

Melon flavor Gatorade, Fiji water, sparkling water and various soft drinks are requested. The food demands features Carey wanting fried chicken and three whole lemons backstage. Carey’s strangest demand is honey-sugarless gum and a personal employee to discard the gum. The food and drinks are one thing but wanting someone there solely to get rid of your gum is a bit much for anyone.

13 Selena Gomez

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The career of Selena Gomez has been thriving since her teenage Disney days. Successful runs in the music and acting world each helped her develop a strong following in her career. Gomez does tour schedules like most other top singers and happens to have quite a few requests.

Some of the food requests are a bit more out there than the other celebrities when it comes to food. Water and soft drinks are the obvious things, but the two main food choices that stand out are pickles and chicken pot pies. Maybe Gomez has found very specific good luck in the comfort foods she eats.

12 Joe Jonas

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Joe Jonas found fame at a younger age as part of the Jonas Brothers band with his siblings. Joe has continued to find fame and is a major superstar. The live performances of Jonas bring in huge success and makes a lot of money for the venues he performs at.

Joe does not have many demands as some of the other celebrities on the list. However, he does request meat pies and drinks available when he arrives for after the show. Jonas certainly has a unique dining routine! Another unique request is he likes to have local puppies backstage to play with and get some fun moments of peace in between the stress.

11 Adele

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Adele has become a sensation in recent years with the various hit songs showcasing her skills. Every city wants to see Adele tour there at some point to witness her live performances of their favorite songs. Adele makes quite a few demands before her shows when it comes to items in her dressing room.

Chicken salad sandwiches are the common meal requested to always have available. It makes sense since it’s hard to mess that up regardless of where the show is. Adele also has a demand to ban organic honey and venues must make sure it’s nowhere near her dressing room.

10 Alicia Keys

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The singing ability of Alicia Keys has been a huge skill that has made her a successful act for many years now. Keys truly worked her way to the top of the music industry and continues to find success with the touring whenever a new album is released.

The demands of Keys feature many different and random foods. Alicia wants three cans of chunk white tuna for her main meal before or after performing. Other items consist of Nutri-Grain bars of various flavors, six packets of instant oatmeal and an assorted fruit platter. Keys also requests menus for top local seafood restaurants for potential dinners after the show.

9 Will Ferrell

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Most of the celebrities on the list are musicians since they tour and usually want to have a level of comfort despite being in a new city every night. One actor to have demands about his appearances is the talented comedic actor Will Ferrell.

The healthy eating of Ferrell sees him requesting raw roasted almonds, peanut butter protein bars and chocolate protein bars. Ferrell has other requests like a scooter, head set microphone and a fake tree to add to the unique items in addition to the food. Be sure to do some shopping before booking Ferrell to show up to any events.

8 Jay-Z

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Rapper Jay-Z has become one of the biggest names in the world today. The combination of his success in music and other business ventures made him a household name. Things like his business ventures put him on the next level as a mogul, but the hip hop songs are what we all know him for.

Jay-Z is still a huge touring superstar and has a lot of superstar requests when showing up to perform. Some of the food requests sees him wanting cases of Fiji water at specific temperatures, Coca Cola, Red Bull and Vitamin Water. The strangest demand is a jar of “good quality” peanut butter and a jar of “good quality” jelly. Jay-Z apparently likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they must be of high quality.

7 Britney Spears

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The iconic Britney Spears continues to find new fans that fall in love with her music. Spears has been a fixture in pop culture since the 90s and still is among the top touring brands in the world. Fans get a full-experience of performing with a stage show in addition to her live songs.

Spears requests standard items like grilled chicken, salads and fruit platters. This is a huge change from her past as she used to want McDonald’s burgers, fried chicken and Cheetos when she arrived. Spears clearly is trying to eat cleaner and now surprisingly bans junk food from being in her locker room.

6 Marilyn Manson

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Another controversial musician known for having wild concerts is Marilyn Manson. The singer has released countless hits throughout the years. His unique persona adds another element to his music that makes fans strongly desire to witness his performances live.

The tour of Manson sees him make a few requests like most other musicians when it comes to what he wants backstage. One food item he wants that stands out in a strange way is Haribo gummy bears. Manson does not only state he wants gummy candies but specifies it should be bears. One of the most intense and mysterious live performers is likely eating gummy bears before the show.

5 Eminem

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Eminem is used to touring with his rap career lasting multiple decades. The late 90s success for Eminem has not worn off as he is as popular as ever. Any new release leads to trending topics on social media and massive views on YouTube.

The touring life of Eminem has him making unusual requests for food in his dressing rooms. Eminem’s strangest demand is the six Lunchables snacks he requests consisting of three turkey and three ham selections. Some other items include jumbos shrimp with cocktail sauce, a loaf of white bread and a jar of banana peppers. Eminem clearly has a unique eating routine.

4 Beyoncé

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The incredible career of Beyoncé continues to grow with her touring schedule being a huge reason why. Many of Beyoncé’s concerts take place in massive stadiums as tens of thousands of fans have the night of their lives watching her perform.

Beyoncé does make quite a few bold demands in general like wanting a massive dressing room sometimes as large as a sports locker room and wants it set at exactly 78 degrees. The food demands feature her wanting chicken “heavily seasoned” with cayenne pepper. Coca Cola products are banned from the dressing room as Beyoncé can only be seen with Pepsi due to her endorsement deal.

3 Blake Shelton

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Blake Shelton is clearly not a healthy eater when you look through the food demands he has before performing. The country music star became even more famous after landing a job as a judge on the reality show The Voice and marrying fellow musician Gwen Stefani.

Shelton requests items like a bag of Hersey’s chocolate mix, a bag of Lay’s barbecue chips, a bag of Cheetos and beef jerky. The drinks range from a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee to 5 Hour Energy. Shelton certainly has his tastes when it comes to snacks and drinks following a show.

2 John Mayer

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The success of John Mayer has seen him develop a reputation for being a diva behind the scenes. There are polarizing reactions to Mayer in person as many people vouch for him being cool while others think he’s a huge jerk. Mayer does make a lot of demands for his dressing room before concerts.

Some items requested by the popular singer are Count Chocula and Cap n Crunch cereal. Mayer apparently always wants multiple kinds of kids cereal available. Altoids are also very important for him as they are requested. Mayer usually orders a local meal as well to have a dish ready from each city he tours in.

1 Paul McCartney

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The legendary Paul McCartney is adored for his incredible work with The Beatles. McCartney still performs and is one of the most successful touring acts in the music industry. It comes as no surprise that someone as famous and successful as McCartney would have unique demands for the shows he performs at.

Despite wanting many wild items like expensive rugs and flowers, McCartney does not request much food. The odd thing is that he demands no one in the dressing room area, production room area and any other part of the venue he comes in contact of can eat meat. McCartney’s demand goes into others’ eating routines as opposed to just his.

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