12 Celebrity Wedding Cake Ideas We Can Say 'I Do' To, And 12 We'd Have To Leave At The Altar

Whether you are a celebrity or not, your big day turns you into a ball of nerves and you just want everything to be perfect. No matter how small or big your wedding is, a wedding cake is pretty much a necessity and getting it right means different things for different people. Some people go out of their way to make their cake the show stopper of the day while others prefer something a little more subtle.

Today we will be going over what celebrities thought would be a good idea for their wedding cake. Like almost anything in life, some of these ideas ended really well while some just missed the mark.

The cakes on this list look like centerpieces from the Louvre and most of them are taller than the groom so get ready awe at the wealth involved but also the stupidity of it all with some of 'em.

For most of us, these are borderline unaffordable considering it is how much the mortgage on my house would cost but oh well, money is meant to be spent I suppose?

Anyway, even if we aren't made of money, we could continue to live vicariously through the lives of those who do.

So, without further ado here are the list of celebrity cakes that made us jealous enough to cry and twelve cakes where we could not understand why.

24 I Do: Mark Ballas And BC Jean

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We absolutely love this one because of the great use of gold and there is just so much personality to it. Mark and BC Jean made the wedding cake their own while retaining all of the traditional elements that make any wedding beautiful. It was a relatively simple cake as well since seven tiers in the world of celebrities is (and this may sound mad) considered to be simple. This was actually the first of the thirteen cakes the couple tried so it was pretty much love at first sight for the second time around. There were layers of pink velvet, a layer of blue, and a splash of color- what is not to like in this celestial-inspired cake?

23 I Don't: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

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This was practically a crime. Imagine getting invited to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's wedding and then being given a carrot cake. Chrissy, if I wanted a carrot cake I would go to my grandmother's house. We came for the chocolate and red velvet. The cake did not wind up looking too hot either considering it was orange and spongy with no icing. It did have cream cheese frosting but that was not enough to save it. Not by a long shot. The cake had the flowers and foliage that others did but this time the eucalyptus leaves and fresh flowers were real and I just do not understand why your flowers could not remain in the vases they were meant for. This cake is just proof that the naked cake trend needs to die soon.

22 I Do: Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich

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Juliana Hough and Brooks Laich had a mostly simple white wedding cake with a spiral of colorful sugar flowers across the cake. It was the perfect mixture of simple and a bit of fun. Because Juliana loves fruits and the nutrients that come with it, her cake had a lot of fruity influences. Each tier was four layers of cake with a layer of strawberries, a layer of blackberries and a layer of raspberries in between. Combined, it made for some pretty amazing stuff. It had a touch of originality while still maintaining the traditional components which is why it was perfect in our eyes.

21 I Don't: Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello

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This five-tier floral wedding cake was just a little too floral for us. It was decorated with a variety of white flowers and this one could have made it to the 'I do' list if those flowers were edible but they were not. As much as food looking good is super important, especially when your wedding cake is going to be on the internet forever, taste will always be what you need to focus on. This cake just did not do that. The cake featured a quilted design and had more flowers than batter. We just hope that it tasted decent after the flower shop was removed.

20 I Do: Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

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The four-tier wedding cake that contains tons of flowers and pearls was the object of everyone's attention at the Dancing With the Stars pros' wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and it was what everyone just had to look at. The wedding that took place in Long Island, New York had Daniel Andreotti sculpt the four-tier cake that had a dash of pink as well. The bride was quoted as saying,“I wanted the entire celebration to be super-chic and glamorous. I just wanted it to be just so pure and gorgeous.” Well, with the thousands of pearls on only the cake, we are sure you managed.

19 I Don't: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian

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The black and white could have worked really well together but it just didn't in this case. If the cake was left to be all white, it could have been elegant and simple but the two black tiers in the middle of it all just ruined it. The black and white marble cake set the couple back a pretty penny ($20,000 to be exact) and was, unfortunately, simply put- not worth it. The 600-pound cake was a little too extravagant, to be honest, but in the cake's defense, it was a Kardashian wedding. All we are saying is if you are going to spend what ordinary people spend on the whole wedding, maybe aim for the best?

18 I Do: Brittany Daniel & Adam Touni

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This is the only completely black cake that we have on this list and some may argue that weddings need a white cake but the moment you see this one, you are bound to make an exception. The simple black cake had a replica of Banksy's Balloon Girl on it and had been drawn on using orange fondant - it's an homage to the print that Touni has over his bed, which Daniel said made her fall in love with him. It was subtle, pretty and could be appreciated in a way a lot of other cakes cannot be. We are big fans of this one mainly because of the risk they took. It did all work out pretty well though!

17 I Don't: Amal Alamuddi and George Clooney

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Amal and George Clooney's wedding cake looked like something out of Star Trek and it's only cool if you are Janeway ( if you get that reference, you are officially one of our favorite readers). In the reception, they had friends and family from over thirty different countries and each one of them had to take a bite of the cake to confirm it was delicious as is tradition in Lebanon. Because of this, we have no doubt that it was but visually it did look a bit robotic. This monster-sized four tier wedding cake had a bunch of black lines all over it along with an -again- 'star trek' looking symbol on the top. A miss for us but a hit if you are Wall-E.

16 I Do: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

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Kate went to flavor town with this cake. It was described by Vogue's Hamish Bowles as “actually a pyramid of six cakes, each a different flavor, crusted with droplets of icing-sugar lily-of-the-valley blossoms.” Basically, for the average man, that translates to absolutely brilliant. The multiple flavors made sure that no matter what you prefer, you have something to much on that you will enjoy. The simplicity of the cake was another thing we fell in love with. Most celebrity cakes go for the most flamboyant cake they lay their eyes on but this relatively simple one in comparison is what we loved.

15 I Don't: Kaley Cuoco & Ryan Sweeting

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Kaley's upside down chandelier cake may have been really pretty but it gave us a lot of anxiety. It felt like it was going to fall any second even though we are sure it was crafted by some of the best cake-making gods. The upside down wedding cake that hung from a chandelier was anything but traditional and we are assuming it tasted pretty good. The cake must have given any sane person a heart attack and gravity was not pleased- no doubt -but oh well. I suppose if you like your cake hot, you are in luck!

If nothing else, it made for some pretty great pictures. If you are wondering how this was done... it was held upright by planks and sandbags. When Kaley finally cut it, she needed to be assisted by three people to keep it from falling. It was just way too much to deal with and so much to worry about when all it came down to was a piece of cake.

14 I Do: Drew Scott & Linda Phan

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This one made it to our list of I dos not only because it looks stunning but also because it is the pinata of all cakes. The Property Brothers actor said that the cake was really elegant but there were tons of treats hidden inside it which definitely stands true. The star mentioned that during his wedding that took place in Italy, the wedding cake featured a gold herringbone pattern which had been inspired by the floor pattern in the couple's home. The secret treats inside consisted of biscuits with symbols from Scotland and China. The main reason for this was to respect the heritage of both the bride and the groom.

13 I Don't: Priscilla and Elvis Presley

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The King of Rock was always trying to do something crazy but maybe draw the line at your wedding cake? One of the primary reasons why this one is a don't is because of those god damn broken tiers with the out-of-place four legs that keep them from each other. The cake basically looked tacky instead of classy with their names written on the top tier. Each tier was filled with apricot marmalade and kirsch flavored Bavarian cream even though the traditional flavors are best.  The layers were then glazed with kirsch flavored fondant and decorated with marzipan roses. Lesson learned- less is more.

12 I Do: Jedidiah Bila & Jeremy Scher

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The cake was five tiers and had been custom made for the couple. It had the best detail any cake on this does and looked so pretty you could barely eat it. The initials of the bride and groom were engraved in gold at the very top of the cake. There were a few flowers and some foliage to add the feminine element but the part we loved most was the design all around the tiers. The buttercream covered cake was vanilla and chocolate and had been filled with mousse. There is not a single thing I could even think about changing.

11 I Don't: Liza Minnelli and David Gest

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This cake may have cost $40,000 but it certainly did not look like it. It was way too big and sometimes subtlety is greatly appreciated. It came across as looking quite tacky and it was essentially an attention-seeking cake - the Kardashians of cakes if you will. The colors did not work together and the whole cake looked like tons of mini cakes had been built up into a castle... quite possibly not well. The flowers were over the top and just way too much. At twelve feet high, it was a little much and the stark colors ruined it further.

10 I Do: Corbin Bleu & Sasha Clements

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The High School Musical star and his bride had a pretty tiny cake in comparison to some of the others we have seen on this list but we absolutely loved it. The splash of gold won us over and it seemed like the dream wedding. The three tiered wedding was the perfect combination of simple and glam. The couple's gold and white color scheme was also taken into account so the cake matched the venue perfectly. Each layer was a different flavor as well with white chocolate champagne, white almond raspberry, and coconut being on offer.

9 I Don't: Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke

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This attempt at joining the naked cake trend that was making the rounds at the time was an absolute failure. The Gossip Girl actor and his wife went all-out when it came to making their cake as vegan as possible but in the bargain they seemed to forget it was a wedding and not a weight loss camp. The cake was organic, gluten-free and vegan so it was a bit much. The orange blossom cake had pieces of fruit around each tier and it just wound up being a cake that doesn't fit into a wedding. The semi-naked cake was completed with said pieces of fruit that consisted of fresh kumquats, brown turkey figs and blackberries. Should have gone with chocolate guys.

8 I Do: Luann De Lessepps & Tom D'Agostino, Jr.

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This relatively simple cake with a bride and groom at the very top was all we ever needed. The Real Housewives of New York City star and her husband went with a classic red velvet cake that had five tiers and their initials engraved on the middle tier. It was simple, classy and elegant. There were also a couple of white roses placed on some of the tiers. It was all in all a very well thought out cake and we would have loved to attend that wedding. If anyone wants to get a wedding right, taking a page out of this couple's book is good advice.

7 I Don't: Louise Roe & Mackenzie Hunkan

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The vanilla sponge cake was a little too plain for a wedding that big. It was topped with kumquats much like Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke's cake was which we are beginning to realize was a bit of a celebrity trend for a while but never made its way to us common folk which is probably for the best. On a day when everyone just wants to forget their healthy eating resolutions and dive into a piece of heavily creamed cake, this is a 'wrong place, wrong time' situation. Even though the cake was supposed to taste great, it was way too plain for a wedding and was too health oriented as well.

6 I Do: Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

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Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas had a classic white wedding cake with some of the biggest sugar flowers we have ever seen. The cake was made by the renowned chef, Sylvia Weinstock. The cake was gigantic, to say the least and had ten tiers while also being six feet tall. It was vanilla and buttercream so what we are trying to say is yum. The cake was so big that the chefs had to dismantle it to get it into the venue- quick tip: that is how you know you are winning. The sugar flower covered cake's first two tiers had to be removed to get it in. This one set them back about $7,000.

5 I Don't: Meghan McCain & Ben Domenech

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This wedding cake gave me flashbacks from various scenes of Rick and Morty because it honestly feels like it has come from a completely different fictional world. That is not a good thing by the way. The View co-host and her husband definitely gave us the shock factor but it was just a bit much. The six tier chocolate wedding cake was covered with bark fondant and some tiers were blue. The cake was then decorated with animal horns- original? The forest-y vibe of the cake went with the general theme of the wedding but it was a bit of an overload for some guests. The antler covered cake was out of this world.

4 I Do: Elena Delle Donne & Amanda Clifton

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The creator of this cake, Betsy Thorleifson who is the baker behind Nine Cakes, said very rightly so that if one of the brides is part of the Women's National Basketball Association then you are going to need a tall cake. The eleven-tier basically reached the chandelier that hung from the ceiling. It was a simple white cake but sometimes less is more as we have already learned from our list of don'ts. The cake was six and a half feet tall which is coincidentally enough the same height as Donne. It was obviously too big to be carried into the room so it got its own pair of wheels for the day.

3 I Don't: Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann

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This very bright and unnecessarily colorful cake was the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The seven foot tall, six-tiered cake was flavored with chocolate and vanilla so we bet it tasted good but its visual appeal did it no favors. It was topped with a Swarovski crystal topper that showcased the bride and groom's initials but it just looked a tad tacky.

It kinda reminds you of something out of an Alice in Wonderland book... not in a good way. Each tier looked it was suspended mid-air so it genuinely looks like a fantasy novel come to life which may have worked for a kiddie party but for a wedding, it just seemed a little out of place.

2 I Do: Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell

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Eddie Murphy may be funny on TV but his cake was no joke. It was absolutely beautiful and should have been too considering it cost them a whopping $25,000. The cake was multi-tiered and had dozens upon dozens of pastel sugar roses that were almost too pretty to eat. Some believe that the roses were way too many but when they are done that well, it is understandable if you want to put in a ton. The wedding that happened in 1993 is still talked about as having one of the most expensive wedding cakes among celebrities.

1 I Don't: Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie

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And.. we are back to naked cakes. This seems to be a growing trend among celebrities and I cannot say I am a fan. There is just something incredibly classy about a cake that has some icing over it. Duff said she was going for a 'vintage handmade look.' Rest assured Duff, it looks handmade all right. The brown sponge layers with cream cheese coating do no justice to her wedding that was otherwise pretty extravagant and amazing. The flowers between a couple of layers were the saving grace for this cake but, unfortunately, it needed a little more saving to escape our don't list.

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