Chicken Soup For The Soul: 30 Warming Soups So We Never Have To Eat The Stuff From The Can Again

Winter is already knocking on the door, and our body needs something to ‘survive’ the cold days. And what else could possibly warm you up better than a bowl of nice homemade soup?

Wait... what? You're not really a crackerjack at cooking? You don’t have enough time to cook? So, you just grasp a bunch of soup cans from the store and heat it when you're hungry. But who says cooking has to be complicated and time-consuming? Why eat canned food when you can make some on your own in no time?

It's true that sometimes, canned food is the best (and the only) choice we have, like when there are no fresh fruits and vegetables available or when going camping. But when it comes to ready-to-eat food, especially soups, there's no excuse for using the canned variety–why eat all that canned stuff full of additives and short on flavor when you can cook your own homemade delicious soup and enjoy it anytime? And it’s simple as it can be: you can toss just about any vegetables you have, add some meat if you want, and there it is: real food for your body and your soul!

Below, you'll find 30 soup recipes that are diverse, colorful, full of flavors and wonderful aromas, healthy, and last but not least, simple to prepare. And perhaps, the best thing of all is that you can divide them all in serving sizes and freeze them so you can have a fresh homemade soup ready in 5 minutes anytime you want!

30 Creamy Broccoli Soup

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An enticing green color, a creamy texture, and a pleasant flavor are what this wonderful soup offers. Ready to try it? You can start with this fantastic recipe: the recognizable broccoli cooked in rich coconut milk and turned into perfectly creamy vegan soup–a real cure for the soul.

29 Chicken Porridge

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This one's a chicken soup for the soul, literally! It’s so fragrant and healing, the real thing for those wintry days. Even though it’s made from only a couple of ingredients, this thick soup is extraordinarily delicious, and its mild flavor makes it perfect for people who can’t stand or don’t like spicy food. It has a regular version with flour and an alternative one that's gluten-free, and both are so easy to prepare, so go for it!

28 Minestrone

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This is a classic ample winter soup coming from the cuisine of Italy. Abundant in vegetables and with some pasta or rice added, this soup will keep you full for a long time. Its main idea is to use leftover vegetables, which means you can add literally any vegetables you have in hand! Great, right? You can enrich it even more if you add some meat, but the good thing is, it won’t have the same flavor twice!

27 Beer And Onion Soup

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Here's a strong and hearty soup inspired by French cuisine. Its slightly bitter flavor will most probably turn off most kids, but it'll certainly be a great enjoyment for all the senses of the grownups! Caramelized onions with beef stock and beer that you can also top with some cheese can only mean one thing: delicacy!

26 Chicken Noodle Soup

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A classic among chicken soup recipes! How can we possibly imagine a list of best winter soups without the Chicken Noodle one?! And this could be the easiest and the simplest chicken soup out there. Chunks of meat, slices of vegetables and some gentle pasta–how could that be bad? And the best thing: you can make it from scratch!

25 Slovak Tomato Soup

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This soup is proof that sometimes, the best option is to keep it simple. A staple from the Slovak cuisine and a real treat for tomato fans, it's guaranteed to make everyone feel better! Packed with tomatoes with various “textures” and seasoned with some nice aromatic basil and oregano, this soup can be so healing and reviving in those cold days.

24 Carrot Soup From Mexico

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This soup is so spicy and hot, it'll rid you of any coldness within a blink of an eye! On the other hand, its creamy texture and pleasant fresh orange color will attract you to eat a lot of it. Traditionally served with toasted bread with some beans spread on it, this soup from Mexico will become your staple for the winter days.

23 Lamb Soup

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This delicious and filling soup with a pleasantly sourish tang that can be made with beef as well, exactly the same way as described here. Tomatoes and peppers are the other main ingredients besides meat. This soup is most often made creamy with an egg and sour cream mixture, but it'll be equally tasty if you omit those for any reason. The good thing is, you can make it from meat leftovers, and it’s even better with that roasted aroma!

22 Borscht

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Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of this famous soup from Russia and Ukraine? I guess not! And here it is now for you! Beetroots give it this magnificent red color, and its flavor is made irresistible with some cabbage, potatoes, and dill. Another common ingredient is chicken or beef, which can make this soup even heartier and more delectable. And some sour cream on top makes the story complete and worth remembering!

21 Sweet Potato And Green Pea Soup

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This is a light and comforting vegetable soup made with simple ingredients but with such a rich flavor. Its vivid colors and the irresistibly fresh aroma of lemon, as well as the perfect balance between sweet and sourish will turn each bite into great pleasure. And if sprinkled with some fresh herbs as suggested in the recipe here, the pleasure could be doubled!

20 Corn And Carrot Soup


This recipe is simple as it can be! Made from just a couple of ingredients, it'll become a staple at your home, especially if you're after gluten-free recipes. Creamy, pleasantly sweet, and wonderfully seasoned with few fragrant spices, this soup will become your family’s favorite!

19 Avocado Cheese Soup

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This is definitely the least-cooked soup on the list! It's barely boiled, which means it can be done in just a couple of minutes, even just before you get to set the table for dinner! It's made of avocado and cream cheese, ingredients that aren't so often seen in soup recipes, but this absolutely doesn't mean it's not tasty and worth trying! On the contrary, it's a very delectable and noteworthy soup that simply has to have a place on this list.

18 Chicken Vegetable Soup

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Warm up with another delicious chicken soup—this time, enhanced with some colorful vegetables for an unforgettable flavor! This colorful chicken soup is packed with vegetables: mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and corn. It's a healthy and hearty dinner option full of flavors! It's a perfect alternative to the classic Chicken Noodle Soup. And the best thing is, it can be ready in less than 30 minutes, so no more excuses for the busy days!

17 Greens And Grains Soup

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This is an unusual, highly nutritive combination that can be easily customized to your taste. You can use any grains you have and any greens you like, so this is another of those soups that don’t have the same taste twice. Its cooking time will greatly depend on the choice of grains, but in general, it won’t take much. You can also throw in other vegetables if you like.

16 Rich Lentil Soup

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And it’s rich indeed—rich in flavors and aromas that just cannot be described in words! So, you have to try it, and see for yourself! Loaded with vegetables, abundant in vivid colors, seasoned with lots of heavenly aromatic spices and herbs, and brightened with a squeeze of fresh lemon, this lentil soup will be a real treat for everyone, especially for vegans.

15 Cauliflower Carrot Soup

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This is a delicious creamy soup with an amazingly strong and pleasant orange color. Fragrant and light, this soup will become your favorite, especially if you're keen on a creamy soup. But as a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be creamy at all–you can skip the blending part and have your delectable chunky soup with white florets and orange slices.

14 Simple Bean Soup

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Now this is called simple! Just put the ingredients in a pot, and wait for some time until they're done. Hearty beans with wonderful mint aroma, generous, inexpensive and simple recipe for a great pleasure. It’s a recipe from Macedonia, a small European country, and it hides a nice hint on how to skip soaking beans but still enhance their digestibility.

13 Green Vegetable Soup

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This is a delicious vegetable soup with enticing green shades: peas, leeks, kale, celery, and broccoli. It's made pretty much from basic ingredients, but it's still so comforting and enjoyable, especially if served with freshly baked homemade bread or toast. It's so healthy and belly-warming that it has to be on your winter soup list!

12 Goulash

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This world-famous dish from Hungary has many variants, depending on regions and family tradition, and this is one of its simplest versions. You'll need loads of onions, of course, meat, and a handful of nice herbs, and you'll get an ample, strong, divine-flavored thick soup that'll keep you full for quite a long time. It may be a bit too strong for kids to eat, but it's certainly a great pleasure for grownups!

11 Nettle And Lentil Soup

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I’m sure you're all aware of the benefits of the stinging nettle and how rich in iron it is. Well, this soup could be a great way to ‘cover’ its rather strong flavor and serve it to your kids, and of course, to yourself. You can add some bacon for an extra irresistible flavor.

10 Veggie Pasta Soup

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Seasonal vegetable soup enriched with your favorite pasta can be a real treat for the winter days. And not to mention, it’s so easy to prepare it that even your kids can make it! If you add some grated Parmesan or other cheese on top, you’ll get a real hearty and body-warming soup that'll also keep you full.

9 Jota

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This is a rich and delightful thick slow-cook soup coming from the Adriatic Coast, popular in Slovenia, Italy, and Croatia. Surprisingly, it doesn't contain any fish or seafood. Instead, it combines sauerkraut, beans, potatoes, and possibly bacon to make a strong and ample winter dish. It's traditionally served with polenta or cornbread, but any roasted bread will be perfect as well.

8 Peas And Mushroom Soup

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This creamy and refreshing soup with peas and ‘meaty’ button mushrooms will blow your mind! It’s light for your stomach and yet so hearty and pleasantly sourish that you won’t be able to stop at your first serving! You can substitute milk for sour cream to get extra freshness.

7 Ezogelin Soup

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This is one of the most famous and most noteworthy recipes from Turkey, and you can easily make it at home, as all of the ingredients are staples: lentils, rice, bulgur, and a few aromatic spices. There are a long history and an interesting story behind this recipe, and for a good reason–this soup is a perfect start for any holiday meal but also a great hangover cure and something that'll warm you up in the winter.

6 Creamy Peas Soup

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Incredibly easy to make and incredibly delicious soup! And you don’t even have much work to do–it just simmers on the stovetop by itself. Its velvety creamy texture makes it look so elegant as if it's just come out from some fancy restaurant’s kitchen. You can check out this fantastic recipe and make your own perfect combination.

5 Sauerkraut Soup

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Sauerkraut is part of almost every European cuisine, and this soup here is a winter staple in many Eastern and Central European countries. It can be vegan or with meat, depending on your taste. It has an interesting, unusual texture and an understandably sourish and smokey flavor which goes perfectly with toasted bread. It’s filling and warm and gets even better after a day or two!

4 One-Pot Traffic-Light Soup

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This is a simple, light soup that brings the traffic-light colors to your table! It’s made of red bell peppers or carrots for the red, corn for the yellow, and peas for the green, and other vegetables and paprika are there to enhance the flavor even more. It’s a one-pot recipe that'll be ready within 20 minutes!

3 Vibrant Soup

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Here's an excellent creamy soup with catchy colors and plenty of flavors in one plate! It'll easily convince your kids to eat vegetables without complaining. It abounds in colors, textures, and aromas with some milk added for extra creaminess. This is definitely one of the top 5 winter vegetable-only soup recipes to try!

2 Avgolemono

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When you think of Greek soup, you just have to think of Avgolemono–the famous lemon, egg, and chicken soup. It’s not complicated at all to make it, and it'll bring the breeze of the Aegean Sea to your home in the middle of winter! Who could possibly resist that? Even though it can contain noodles, it’s nothing like the usual chicken noodle soup! You just have to try it and taste it for yourself!

1 Garlic Soup from Austria

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If you like garlic only for its immense benefits and not for its... well... distinctive smell, then you should definitely try this creamy garlic soup! Its intense flavor and aroma will certainly be the most noticeable thing about this soup, but its creamy texture and healing powers shouldn't be forgotten!

Have a warm winter!

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