Chuck-E-Cheese's Denies Shane Dawson's Conspiracy Of Recycled Pizza Slices

The restaurant-arcade chain, Chuck E. Cheese’s, promises its customers that they do not reuse the uneaten pizza slices of old pies. The conspiracy originated from Shane Dawson’s two-part documentary series on YouTube—alleging that the uneven slices are because they originated from different pizzas. Dawson and his team even went to a Chuck E. Cheese’s to investigate their theory.

The theory emerged from Dawson’s observations since he was a kid. He noticed that the pizza slices at Chuck E. Cheese’s are usually uneven, and they appear as if they’ve been Frankenstein-ed together. This led him to hypothesize that perhaps employees are taking uneaten pizza slices from a customer who couldn’t finish the whole pie, arranging them together, and adding cheese to act as a “glue” between the slices. Interviews with unsure employees only fuelled the speculation even more. Dawson clarifies in his video that this is just a theory, and he is not presenting facts.

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Chuck E. Cheese’s agrees that this is merely a theory, and they went out of their way to debunk it. A spokesperson for the restaurant told the Verge that the claims are “unequivocally false.” They assert that there’s no validity to the conspiracy at all, and all pizzas at Chuck E. Cheese’s are made to order and the dough is prepared fresh in the restaurant. This means that every pizza is different and might appear weirdly-shaped. Another explanation could be that the weird pizza slices are actually due to staff errors.

In an exploration of Reddit threads, the Eater points out that some staff may cut the pizzas weirdly because of the rush. A former employee of the establishment admitted that they sometimes cut the pizzas in haste because there’s a lot more coming out that need to be cut. Especially if the staff is new, a lot of errors can be made when cutting the pizza.

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Chuck E. Cheese’s need to deny this conspiracy because it would be a gross violation of food hygiene guidelines. However, there are many other bad things that have happened at that establishment—ranging from not cleaning the ball pit to crimes committed. From what it appears, Frankenstein pizzas are the least of our concerns when it comes to Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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