Clamdy Canes: You Can Buy Clam-Flavored Candy Canes In Time For Christmas 2018

Before you dive head first into your candy canes this holiday season, make sure none of them are seafood flavored.

It may still be October but let's be real for a second, the festive season has begun. It feels as if signs of Christmas creep into our lives earlier and earlier every year. We're betting that some of you have already started your Christmas shopping, and a few of you might have even finished it. Well, that was until you read this article.

What is it you think about when someone mentions Christmas? More specifically, what springs to mind when we say Christmas treats? Probably things like yule logs, Christmas cake, mince pies, and more chocolate than you could possibly eat in one festive season. However, perhaps the most iconic Christmas sweet is the humble candy cane. The red and white striped treats are synonymous with the holidays.


Close your eyes and imagine that you're about to eat a candy cane. How does it taste? Pretty sweet, sometimes a little minty, the perfect sugar fix. Now imagine that someone has handed you a candy cane and when you taste it, your taste buds are bombarded with a wave of salty seafood. That might very well happen to you this holiday season as clam flavored candy canes are now a thing.

via mcphee.com

They are the brainchild of online store Archie McPhee. The fishy canes have imaginatively been dubbed Clamdy Canes and believe it or not, they are not intended to be a gag gift to fool your family members this Christmas. The description on the site reads "From the personified clam on the package to the clam taste, you’ll wonder how Christmas existed without Clamdy Canes."

Let's be honest, unless you really love clams the only reason people will be buying these is in order to play tricks on people this Christmas. Whether you plan on doing that or eating them yourself for some reason, you can buy a box by heading to the Archie McPhee website. One box of canes will set you back $5.95, however, due to the product's popularity you are only able to buy five boxes at a time. The website also boasts some other strange flavors of candy cane.


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