Deeply Confusing Chicken Wing Menu Has Entire Internet Baffled

Deeply Confusing Chicken Wing Menu Has Entire Internet Baffled

A wing place in Philadelphia has a completely byzantine menu that the internet is struggling to figure out.

There’s a general rule in commerce: the more of something you want to buy, the cheaper it is to get. That’s how stores like Costco and Sam’s Club operate. You buy in bulk so you can save on the cost of individual items. It sometimes means stuffing your garage full of paper towels, but you saved dozens of dollars per roll.

So it is with chicken wings. Generally, the more wings you order, the cheaper they get. Ordering two pounds of wings will be cheaper than ordering a single pound of wings twice, just as three pounds is cheaper than ordering a single pound and two pounds separately. It’s like a law of nature.

But one wing place in Philly must’ve never gotten the memo.

On October 21st, Sean Woodall (Twitter username @seanposting) posted the wing menu from Danny's Wok in West Philadelphia to her Twitter feed. Instead of listing wings by the pound, it listed them per wing, with a specific price for specific increments of wing.

At first, the menu generally follows the law of the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The price of 4 wings is $4.55, or $1.1375 per wing, 10 wings is $11.35 per wing, or $1.135, and 25 wings is $27.80, or $1.112 per wing. So far so good.

However, skip ahead to 90 wings and you find the price is $100.45, or $1.116 per wing, making it more expensive than the 25-count of wings.

Things kind of go off the rails from there. Twitter did its very best to solve the pricing conundrum of this restaurant, with multiple users taking multiple approaches.

One tried to create a mathematical formula to represent the menu. It’s not entirely accurate as it no longer remains true after the 24th wing, but it’s a noble effort.

Next, someone tried to use graphs to visually represent how completely messed up this menu is.


And finally, someone actually sat down and manually calculated out the price of each wing by hand to find the best possible deal at Danny’s Wok for wings. The cheapest price is at 25, 50, and 125 marks. For everything less than 25, order in multiples of three.

Buzzfeed tried to contact Danny’s Wok for an explanation on their bizarre wing menu, but nobody was able to provide one. Just remember the next time you’re in Philly, if you go to Danny’s Wok, order 25 wings for the best deal. Or 50 if you’ve got a bunch of friends with you.


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