Cookie Monster Would Approve: Ranking 25 Cookies, From Worst To Best

Cookies are among the most beloved treats out there. Everyone deserves to indulge in a couple of cookies occasionally. The variety of cookies available presents many options for us to choose from. Some cookies certainly have more popularity than others. This is due to various reasons like the ease of getting them at more locations along with the overall taste making us come back for more. Quite a few cookies would have arguments for being towards the top of the pecking order. There are also many underrated cookies that fly under the radar until you try them for the first time and fall in love.

We will rank some of the greatest cookies one can find and enjoy in the world. They will range from household names that everyone reading has tried at one point to underrated ones that should be tried if given the option. Details will be given explaining why each cookie is in the placement it is above and/or below others. Everyone has a favorite cookie, but these are the rankings that break down enjoyment along with success and other positive variables. Find out where your top cookies rank as break down the best of the best when it comes to the snack. Search for your inner cookie monster as we rank the top twenty-five cookies out there from worst to best.

20 Fortune Cookie

via: bakingmad.com

We are kicking it off with a cookie that will never be at the top of the average cookie list, but it does deserve some love. Fortune cookies are primarily served as a treat after a dish of food from China. You break the cookie in half and get a fortune inside.

Most of the fortunes feature writing of generic advice and words of wisdom. It still is a fun dynamic that adds some extra to the meal. Fortune cookies may not be as worthy of making such a list if you’re eating them on their own, but they just make it here.

19 White Chocolate Chip Cookie

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The chocolate chip cookie will be spotted later in the list, but there are also white chocolate chip cookies. There are white chocolate chips that have a different taste from the normal chocolate chips we love.

White chocolate chip cookies are still decent and worth having occasionally. The problem is that these aren’t the cookies that most people will want to indulge in or buy a large serving size of. It is a cookie that gets a solid amount of love without much contention for being in the elite tier.

18 Macaroon

via: wineandplum.com

Macaroons are a fun cookie that deliver a blend of great tastes. They are usually made from almonds, coconuts, other nuts and various fun additions that add it up. Many people love to add things like chocolate, fruit, jams and other things to give it a unique taste.

Not everyone instantly thinks macaroons are cookies, but they are defined as cookies by most bakeries. The underrated cookie is a great treat either way as the right recipe can lead to you wanting more and more before you regret eating too much.

17 Gingerbread Cookie

via: onceuponachief.com

The gingerbread cookies are a fun Christmas treat that many people like to enjoy as part of the season. Many people use it in the shapes of gingerbread people or gingerbread houses to create a fun, tasty and visually appealing snack.

Gingerbread cookies are hit or miss due to the differing taste buds we all have. However, the people to love them really will vouch for them. Gingerbread cookies deserve a mention when we rank the best cookies to choose from regardless of if you like them during the holiday season or all year.

16 Samoas Cookie

via: cookingmamas.com

The samoas cookie is one of the top options one can purchase from the historic girl scout brand. Quite a few us would order way too many of the cookies since it’s for a good cause and mostly because we love the delicious cookie.

It features vanilla cookies that are coated in caramel along with chocolate stripe icing and toasted coconut flakes. Samoas cookies are great and will make you want as many as possible. Girl scouts have made a ridiculous amount of sales through the years due to these cookies.

15 Newtons

via: seriouseats.com

Newtons are another great and delicious snack that not many people realize are considered cookies. These cookies usually have a filling inside with fig as the primary choice. The soft cookies have a tasty fig paste that gives you two great tastes with each bite.

Some would consider newtons to be polarizing since you usually either love them or hate them growing up. They have remained popular enough to be a fixture in most grocery stores. Newtons would rank even higher if we were just breaking down the most underrated cookies.

14 Oatmeal Cookie

via: biggerbolderbaking.com

Oatmeal is a popular food on its own which makes sense that it would become a great cookie as well. Many brands that sell oatmeal cookies will see it towards the top of their best seller when it comes to the different kind of cookies offered.

The addition of oats gives you the familiar taste of oatmeal in a delicious cookie. They deserve a solid spot here among the greatest cookies that can be purchased. There are also other versions than just the standard oatmeal cookies that you may see later on the list.

13 Wafer Cookie

via: omaha.com

The unique look, shape, texture and taste of wafer cookies make them stand out as a fun change of pace. Wafers have been popular for many decades now. Many people like to dip them in sauces or add other fun aspects to eating them.

The wafers are good on their own as well which makes them an impressive cookie. Different flavors are offered for us to try and enjoy. Wafers would probably not get much love when polling people for the top overall cookie, but they are a tremendous secondary option.

12 Animal Crackers

via: eatouteatwell.com

Animal crackers are crackers by name, but they are really cookies. The sweet treat will deliver a fun dynamic of small cookies shaped as different animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and elephants. Animal crackers used to be a popular treat at the circus, but they are items that can be purchased at most grocery stores.

The animal crackers are tasty and offer a great change of pace from the average cookies. Flavors usually include vanilla and chocolate. There are also the special versions that will have icing and sprinkles coated over the animal crackers.

Pizzelle Cookie

via: shewhomakes.blogspot.com

The Pizzelle cookie is a fascinating waffle cookie that is quite delicious for those that have tried it. They originate from Italy with different ways to make it. Pizzelle cookies can range from crispy to soft to chewy depending on how the cook wants it to go.

These cookies can also be made into different shapes which adds a lot to the fun. Unfortunately, this is probably one of the cookies on the list that many people have yet to try. Most will fall in love when having the Pizzelle for the first time.

Macadamia Nut Cookie

via: galonamission.com

Macadamia nut cookies are a hit that have found success from many companies and restaurants. Nuts and cookies are often a great combination. You get a tad healthier with nuts replacing chocolate chips and other items. Macadamia nuts also happen to just taste amazing when mixed into a cookie.

Subway is one of the higher profile places to make these cookies one of their staples. If you’re a fan of nuts and love cookies, the macadamia nut cookie is either already your favorite or one that is already made for you.

11 M & M’s Ice Cream Sandwich

via: youtube.com

The M & M’s Ice Cream Sandwich uses two cookies as part of the incredible ice cream truck treat here. Many M & M candies are in the cookies with ice cream in the middle serving as the sandwich filling. It merges together perfectly for a tremendous dessert.

This has been a fixture for ice cream trucks and grocery stores for many years now. The M & M candies put it over the top as it is a great snack to have with ice cream and cookies all on their own. M & M decided to put them all together for one of the best cookies treats you’ll find in the summer time.

10 Rainbow Layer Cookie

via: storyofakitchen.com

One unique cookie that have become more popular in recent years feature a rainbow color. There is an outer layer of chocolate that most of us would love in any form. However, the inside features a rainbow layer cake.

Each bite gives you various tastes as some rainbow layer cookies will have a jam usually tasting after a fruit. Rainbow layer cookies will likely continue to rise in the list through the years if it can remain popular as long as some of the others have been. Regardless, they taste incredible and deserve the love.

9 Milano Dark Chocolate Cookie

via: wikipedia.com

Pepperidge Farm is specifically responsible for the popularity of the Milano dark chocolate cookies. It features a combination of two crispy cookies on the outside with a layer of chocolate in the middle.

Double chocolate is the layer sandwiched in the middle, but it is extra thin to not dominate the taste or take away from the two biscuit cookies on the outside. You get the best of both with the crispy outside and soft layer in the middle. This is a huge hit that people can’t seem to get enough of.

8 Raspberry Cheesecake Cookie

via: pinterest.com

The raspberry cheesecake cookie can be found in a few different places, but most associate it with Subway. Despite being a sandwich sub restaurant, Subway is known for having great cookies.

A few cookies can be argued as their best with the raspberry cheesecake cookie being in the discussion. You get the bites of cheesecake and raspberry jelly in there in an already tasty cookie. Some of us visit Subway mostly to get the cookies with the sandwich being ordered to have a meal as well.

7 Macaron

via: chowhound.com

Many folks will confuse the macaron with the macaroon given the almost identical name. However, they are two different forms of cookies. Macarons will be smaller and more colorful which adds to the unique nature of how beautiful they are visually.

These treats consist of a sweet meringue-based item with sugar, food coloring and various little additions. Each macaron is usually very small in size and can be a bit pricy. The negative is that you’ll have to spend a lot in most cases to get a decent portion size. Macarons are worth it once you fall in love with them.

6 Cookie Sandwich

via: tasteofhome.com

We have seen some different forms of cookies that do have sandwich themes, but there is a legitimate cookie sandwich option available. These usually feature two large cookies with a tasting filling inside. The filling can range from ice cream to icing to fruit fillings.

It can be a messy treat to have if the filling starts to slip through the cookies. That is part of the charm of the cookie sandwiches. Make sure you pick the cookie sandwich that has a flavor of ice cream or icing on the inside or it could be a disappointing time for you.

5 Thin Mints

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Thin mints might just be the most popular cookie offered by girl scouts. Many decades have seen the thin mints become one of the cookies that people love to order for a good cause. They feature a combination of chocolate and peppermint.

Not everyone will like mint in their cookies which can make it hit or miss. However, the thin mints do the best job trying to add mint to a popular dessert treat. If you have kids that will start selling cookies, expect to buy way too many of these and develop a love for the thin mints.

Peanut Butter Cookie

via: thespruceeats.com

Peanut butter is a very popular flavor for different forms of treats. It has become a great dessert addition thanks to the different items that can incorporate the food. Cookies have become among the top items that benefits from having peanut butter in there.

Quite a few popular cookie brands from Oreo to Chips Ahoy to many others have prioritized peanut butter as one of the top flavors. Peanut butter cookies are a hit for good reason since it is a perfect filling to add to any cookie or even just make as the main flavor when baking the cookies.

4 Shortbread Cookie

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Shortbread cookies don’t jump out as the most obvious choices to be great due to the relatively simple recipe, but they are among the top choices out there. Many people don’t want to risk the overcomplication with the wilder cookies and stay loyal to shortbread as their favorite.

It usually features the basics of various sugars, butter and flour. Shortbread is among the most convenient choices for a party where everyone will like it. You don’t have to risk a polarizing cookie by playing it safe with the beloved shortbread cookies.

Snickerdoodle Cookie

via: marthastewart.com

Snickerdoodle cookies are another safe choice that delivers great results. Most of the elite cookies will feature tastes that most people enjoy and that don’t go over the top trying to make it fancier than it needs to be.

The snickerdoodle cookies feature the basics of a sugar cookie but with the secret ingredient that changes it up. Cream of tartar is what makes a snickerdoodle cookie special and unique from the others. Snickerdoodle deserves mention but just misses the cut when it comes to the Mount Rushmore of cookies.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

via: simplyrecipes.com

We have already touched on the popularity and delicious taste of oatmeal cookies. The only thing that can improve that idea is the addition of raisins. No, raisins usually are not an exciting food item on its own, but the combination of oatmeal and raisins give us a great cookie.

The oatmeal dough with raisins mixed in there leads to some of the best cookies one can find. Many brands try to reach the top with the oatmeal cookie options as one of their various flavors. Oatmeal cookies are already great, but the raisins take them to another level.

3 Sugar Cookie

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The sugar cookie is one of the most mundane cookies that deliver anything but mundane results. All the normal ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar, butter and others are all you really need to make a good sugar cookie at the bare minimum.

The experimenting of adding different things to the mix is how most people find their perfect sugar cookie. Icing, sprinkles and other countless fun additions can take the sugar cookie to the next level. However, the magic is that you don’t need much beyond the basics to get a cookie that will appease almost everyone.

2 Oreo Cookie

via: fortune.com

Oreo cookies have become a popular item on its own due to how perfect it is. The average Oreo cookie will feature two chocolate cookies with a cream on the inside in bite size sandwich cookie combinations.

There have been many different versions of Oreo cookies with different flavors, but the original is the one that everyone loves. Oreos are among the most popular snacks of any kind out there. It reaches another level in the cookie game and is an elite cookie when comparing to others.

1 Chocolate Chip Cookie

via: myrecipes.com

The top choice among all cookies had to be the chocolate chip cookie. It has been the most popular cookie for many years now. Chocolate chip cookies are the perfect combination of with the chocolate chips helping make the cookie delicious with every single bite.

Every popular cookie brand or restaurant tries to make chocolate chip cookies their top choice. It is the cookie that most people would want to try first. Chocolate chip cookies are also great regardless of if you want them crispy or soft. No other cookie could top it for the top of the list.

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