Milk's Favorite Cookie: Oreo Flavors Ranked, From 25th To 1st

Oreos are the most beloved cookies in North America with various flavors adding to the fun. The cookies truly do hit the spot for people of all ages. Kids grow up loving the cookies and adults enjoy them as a guilty pleasure. Quite a few polls throughout the decades have seen Oreos remaining towards the top of the list when it comes to the most delicious cookie on the market. It found a perfect combination to get people loving it. Two cookies forming a sandwich of sorts with a tasty cream in the middle just made too much sense to not work. It became an instant hit and the Oreo brand has seen many changes since taking off.

The biggest change features the variety of Oreo flavors being made. A food brand finding such success usually leads to experimentation of different varieties to see what else works. Oreo now has annual themed cookies that come out to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Other flavors have debuted and stuck around for the long haul as people want to purchase it all year. We will look at the best of the best when it comes to the Oreo cookies. These are the top twenty-five Oreo flavors of all time.

25 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo

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Reese’s peanut butter cups and Oreo cookies are each two of the most beloved sweet treats out there. It made sense that the two would combine to give us the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Oreo cookies.

Two Oreo cookies sandwich the filling of Reese’s peanut butter. The combination of two favorites usually leads enjoyment from the eater. Not everyone wanted the Reese’s peanut butter in the Oreo cookies and there were mixed results. However, anyone with love for Reese’s enjoyed this Oreo.

24 Double Stuff Oreo

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The love of Oreos has led to the brand trying to give the customer more of the same product they love. Double Stuff Oreos have become a popular flavor available at most retail stores. It features twice as much of the filling in between the cookies.

Many people have complained that the advertisement of twice as much filling is a lie. There is more filling but not as much as claimed. It leads to disappointment given the expectations. Some people also think it’s too much filling, but it certainly is popular enough to stick around.

23 Lemon Twist Oreo

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Fans of the lemon favored desserts would certainly love the Lemon Twist Oreo cookies. It is a unique flavor created by Oreo to add a new filling between the cookies. The tangy lemon taste is one that is hit or miss for the customer.

Chances are you will love it if the lemon flavor already stands out to you. The Lemon Twist Oreo was a limited-edition flavor that only gets released occasionally with the chocolate cookies. There are traditional Lemon Oreos with the vanilla cookies which are also very good.

22 Oreo Heads or Tails

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Everyone has their own preference when it comes to vanilla and chocolate desserts. Oreos cookies are typically more popular with the chocolate cookies. However, the vanilla ones sell very well and have their own audience.

Some people love both and Oreo decided to make an item for those cookie lovers. The Oreo Heads or Tails features one vanilla cookie and one chocolate cookie with the standard Oreo filling inside. The best of both worlds is involved in the Oreo Heads or Tails for fans of both tastes in one flavor.

21 Firework Oreo

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One of the rare annual themed Oreo cookies to tie into a holiday are the Firework Oreo cookies. It features the traditional chocolate cookies with the usual filling. However, there is one colorful addition to make it special.

The Firework Oreo cookies feature little popping candies in the filling. You get the sensation of the filling popping in your mouth like the old school candy. They are usually released in June as part of the Independence Day holiday season in the United States.

20 Caramel Apple Oreo

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Another unique flavor offered by Oreo features a special filling in play. The cookies are vanilla as opposed to chocolate since the taste blends better with the flavors of the filling. Caramel apple features both between the cookies.

Half of the filling is green to represent the apple taste while the other half is the caramel. Many Oreo fanatics rank this highly as an underrated favorite blending together quite a few different tastes for one delicious Oreo item. It is worth trying at least once.

19 Cotton Candy Oreo

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Cotton candy is another popular sweet treat that has merged with Oreo for a unique item. The Cotton Candy Oreo cookies feature the flavor of the pink and blue cotton candy. Anyone to have nostalgia for getting cotton candy at the circus or a sports event would enjoy this one.

The vanilla cookies are the ones Oreo selected to have with the cotton candy filling. This one is hit or miss depending on your opinion of cotton candy. The Oreo flavor is towards the top of the list the more you enjoy cotton candy on its own.

18 Candy Cane Oreo

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One of the most popular seasonal items for the Oreo cookies is the candy cane flavor. The Christmas holiday will often see the Candy Cane Oreo cookies available at most retail stores for those wanting to get into the holiday spirit.

There is the red and white filling with the taste of candy canes in between the cookies. Oreo also adds little sprinkles of the crunch candy canes in the filling to add to the experience. The Candy Cane Oreo cookies are the perfect treat to leave out for Santa and then decide to eat yourself anyway.

17 Cinnamon Bun Oreo

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The Cinnamon Bun Oreo is another underrated favorite for the diehard Oreo fans. It mixes in the popular treat of the cinnamon bun as the filling. The cookies used for the Cinnamon Bun Oreo are a vanilla combination.

A taste of the cinnamon bun filling is the main draw here as it stands out as different from any other Oreo flavor out there. Fans of cinnamon buns must try this to fall in love with their new favorite Oreo cookie.

16 Peeps Oreo

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The seasonal candy of marshmallow peeps frequently come out around Easter time. They are little colorful bunnies made of marshmallows with lots of sugar coating it. Oreo decided to create a special cookie with the peeps.

The Peeps Oreo features the pink peep flavor in the filling as two vanilla cookies sandwich it. Much like normal peeps, the reaction is polarizing. You’ll either love or hate the Peeps Oreo based on how you feel about the item knowing it exists.

15 Strawberry Milkshake Oreo

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Even the biggest critic of Oreo cookies must admit that the Oreo is the top cookie when it comes to dipping in milk. The combination of Oreos and milk is unbeatable. However, there is a flavor that already features milk to an extent.

The Strawberry Milkshake Oreo features a filling of the already beloved treat. Oreo fanatics seem to love the strawberry milkshake filling as there is hope of the limited-edition item becoming a full-time fixture in stores. The social media pages of Oreo often feature request for more of the strawberry milkshake flavor.

14 Candy Corn Oreo

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Halloween is among the most beloved holidays when it comes to specialty sweet snacks. The fact that trick or treating already gets the purchases of candy up makes it perfect for Oreo to deliver a special item just for October.

The Candy Corn Oreo cookies feature a candy corn flavor in between the cookies. Vanilla cookies with the combination of orange and yellow filling provides a colorful visual for the Halloween Oreo special. This may be a cookie worth giving out to trick or treaters next Halloween.

13 Cookie Butter Oreo

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Another limited-edition Oreo cookie that was popular enough to develop a following is the Cookie Butter Oreo cookies. The filling of a cookie butter tastes like the classic gingersnap cookie many of us remember selling in grade school or buying from girl scouts.

The Cookie Butter Oreo flavor received rave reviews by those to love it. These cookies may return to the stores full-time if people continue to express their desire for it to become a fixture. It certainly provided a great taste that is unlike the other Oreo flavors.

12 Apple Pie Oreo

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Apple pie is a beloved dessert that many people love to indulge in. The craving for apple pie may see someone eat an entire pie in one sitting. This same binge-eating experience can be had with the Apple Pie Oreo cookies.

The vanilla cookies on the outside are centered with the apple pie filling. Apple Pie Oreo cookies are currently available and doing well. Many people love the filling of a pie-based treat in the cookies. Apple Pie Oreo is a flavor that is a home run.

11 Key Lime Pie Oreo

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Another pie flavor for Oreo features one of the most unique pies out there. Many people believe a key lime pie at its best is better than any other pie at its best. The flavor for Oreo certainly is a delicious taste that has many people loving it.

A combination of the vanilla cookies with the filling of a key lime pie flavor provides a great Oreo cookie. The Key Lime Pie Oreo cookies truly are unlike any other given how key lime has its own taste. Oreo loves merging with unique flavors and this one worked out for them.

10 Cool Mint Oreo

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The taste of the Cool Mint Oreo cookies is quite different from any other on the list. It is a bold idea to have a mint flavor to a cookie. Oreo decided to go through with it by having the cool mint flavor as the filling between a pair of the chocolate cookies.

Cool Mint Oreo cookies found success and are among the most popular flavors out there. The taste is so unlike any other cookie on the market that there’s no strong competition for it. If you are craving the combination of a mint filling and sweet cookie, Cool Mint Oreo cookies are for you.

9 Pumpkin Spice Oreo

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Another interesting Halloween themed Oreo cookie takes aim at the latest trend about the pumpkin spice item. Coffee shops are making bank in the fall with pumpkin space coffee and various restaurants implement it into desserts.

Oreo decided the pumpkin spice flavor was worthy of a cookie filling for them. The Pumpkin Spice Oreo found success with those that love tasting pumpkin blends this time of the year. Vanilla cookies are used as the pumpkin spice filling remains in the middle.

8 Red Velvet Oreo

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One of the more popular recent cookies created by Oreo features red velvet. This one is different from most of the others on the list. Special flavors typically only see the filling made with it, but the Red Velvet Oreo cookies are both different on the inside and outside.

The outside cookies are the red velvet instead of the traditional chocolate. Red Velvet Oreo cookies also have a unique filling made of cream cheese. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese filling have found great success in bakeries and the same happens with the Red Velvet Oreo cookies.

7 S'mores Oreo

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S'mores are already a beloved sweet snack that are most known for being a top campfire treat. The s'mores typically feature chocolate and marshmallows in between a sandwich of graham crackers. S'mores Oreo cookies live up to the reputation by having everything involved.

The outside cookies are meant to have a graham cracker taste unlike the other Oreos out there. Its filling in the center is a combination of chocolate and marshmallow together. S'mores Oreo cookies hit the spot as a tremendous purchase to get an easier version of s'mores.

6 Cookies and Cream Oreo

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The ice cream flavor of cookies and cream has made Oreo cookies even more popular. It usually features the Oreo cookies mashed into an ice cream blend. This led to Oreo creating their own cookie based on the cookies and cream flavor.

It featured the filling that tastes like the cookies and cream ice cream. Many found it redundant, but the taste of ice cream was a nice blend to add to the mix. If someone really wanted to get meta, they would have dipped the Cookies and Cream Oreo cookies into cookies and cream ice cream.

5 Golden Oreo

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One of the popular Oreo cookies that have found success for many years now is the Golden Oreo cookie. There is nothing unique or wild about this compared to the other flavors on the list. The Golden Oreo cookie features the vanilla cookies in place of the traditional chocolate ones.

There is the traditional filling in the middle, so the only major difference is the vanilla cookies over the chocolate. It tastes amazing as a great change of pace for those that love the chocolate. Anyone that dislikes chocolate or is allergic to it also gets a tremendous option as their primary Oreo cookie.

4 Birthday Cake Oreo

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A popular special themed version of the Oreo cookie features one blending in a birthday theme. For those that just want some cookies for your birthday instead of a giant cake, the Birthday Cake Oreo cookies may be the item for you.

It features the traditional chocolate cookies with the birthday cake flavor filling. There are even little colorful sprinkles in there to add even more fun to the recipe. Birthday Cake Oreo is a popular and beloved flavor that deserves a spot towards to the top of the Oreo pecking order.

3 Peanut Butter Oreo

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Peanut butter always stands out as a great addition to many different sweet treats. The unique taste of peanut butter can add something new to the mix without overtaking the already enjoyable taste of that item.

Peanut Butter Oreo cookies found a perfect combination of the chocolate Oreo cookies that everyone loves along with the peanut butter filling. Anyone that likes peanut butter and Oreo cookies individually on their own as is will find a nearly perfect combination with this flavor.

2 Cookie Dough Oreo

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Cookie dough is a guilty pleasure for many when it comes to delicious sweet flavors. Quite a few folks out there will fight until the end arguing that cookie dough is the top ice cream flavor. It made sense that Oreo would try to get in on the fun.

Cookie Dough Oreo cookies are a limited-edition flavor that people run to stock up on whenever they can. The flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough makes the Oreo filling unlike any other. A vast majority of folks to try Cookie Dough Oreo cookies crave them again.

1 Oreo Original Chocolate

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The original Oreo cookie still stands out as the best of the best. No matter how many new flavors debut or how many things change in the food industry, the standard Oreo cookie remains the top selling item and never seems to go out of the style.

Chocolate cookies with the standard Oreo filling cream make a perfect cookie that most people don’t even care to experiment with. The Oreo Original Chocolate cookies also make up the ideal cookie for milk dunking. No other Oreo cookie will ever top the original as the top flavor.

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