Cookie Wars: 10 Cookies That Are Better Than Oreos, And 10 That Are Obviously Inferior

Healthy meals are incredibly important. After all, without them, the state of our health would go downhill very fast. However, not only is food something our bodies need in order to survive, it is also something many of us enjoy. Because we enjoy it so much, we have done a lot of things to make it tastier, sweeter, and much more fun in general. Furthermore, what makes a great meal even better is when it is followed up by an equally great dessert.

However, the foods that get much less appreciation are the things we snack on. There are a lot of different kinds of snacks, and one of the best snacks to have is a cookie (or more than one, if we’re being honest. Cookies are delicious).

When it comes to cookies, there are literally so many to choose from that it can be hard to pick a favorite. But, a lot of men, women, and children of all ages apparently love to eat Oreos. These little crunchy pieces of sweetness have been extremely loved for a very long time.

Furthermore, they have a very interesting origin story. In the late 1800’s, a few companies merged into one company, which was the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco). By 1902, they wanted to introduce a new cookie, which consisted of two flat discs with cream in the middle.

That is just a brief summary, as a lot has happened with this cookie since then. However, there are a lot of cookies out there that are actually better, and then there are some that definitely do not compare to these classic treats.

20 Inferior: Animal Crackers Snak-Saks

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There are a lot of cookies that have been around for a very long time, just like oreos have. That might make some people think they are good, and that is the reason they have been so successful for so long. But, that is not always the case.

These cookies have been lining the shelves of grocery stores everywhere for quite a long while. However, as far as I am concerned, they can stay there. They may have been tastier when they were first introduced, but they are not that good anymore. Oreos are much more flavorful, and these just don’t have what it takes to compete.

19 Better: Newton’s Fig Cookies

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Some delicious cookies are made even better when there is a filling in them, which is probably the reason why Nabisco wanted to create the Oreo cookie, as it was a very unique thing to do with a cookie at the time. These days, others have added a sweet filling in the center as well, and one of the best ones is Newton’s Fig cookies.

They are not too hard on the outside, yet they are hard enough so that the texture is not too soft. Furthermore, on the inside, they have a delicious fruity filling that seems to be unique to this particular cookie, as not many others have it.

18 Inferior: Walker’s Shortbread Fingers

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Cookies are definitely a delicious thing in general. Eating healthy is the best thing to do, but sometimes it is also beneficial to chow down on something super sweet, like candy, ice cream, cookies, or anything else that is baked.

But, these particular cookies are not that great. Oreos definitely offer more flavor than these do, which is not saying much, honestly. They do not have any taste, and they are hard to bite into. This is probably the closest someone can get to eating cardboard without actually eating cardboard. However, they are not that bad if they are dipped in coffee, which makes them a bit softer.

17 Better: Keebler Chips Deluxe

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There are some packaged cookies that are just plain terrible. Then, there are some that are not exactly the best, but they are still a pretty solid snack. Then, on very rare occasions, there are packaged cookies that are so good that they almost taste like the ones our grandmothers made when we were kids, and Keebler Chips Deluxe is one of those.

These cookies are great for chocolate lovers due to the fact that they have chocolate chips. However, the chocolate flavor is not too strong, like it can sometimes be with Oreos. Plus, these are even better when they are paired with a tall glass of milk.

16 Inferior: Lotus Biscoff Cookies

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The best kind of cookies are the ones that are full of one flavor, or multiple flavors, if they mix well with one another. Furthermore, part of what makes a cookie even better is if it has a great texture, which is firm and yet not so hard that it might as well be a cracker.

This is where Lotus Biscoff Cookies come in. No, they do not taste amazing. They are like little bricks. No cookie ever needs to be that hard. These would at least be better if they had some flavor to them. However, they are severely lacking in that department as well. These are definitely not a strong competitor against Oreo cookies.

15 Better: Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Soft Baked Dark Chocolate

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It can be hard to find a delicious packaged cookie, sometimes. Many of them seem to fall a part easily, while others may have been sitting on the shelf for a long time, and are therefore as hard as a rock. But, there are times when extremely tasty cookies can be found in stores, and Pepperidge Farm Nantucket Soft Baked Dark Chocolate cookies are some of them.

Pepperidge Farm isn’t always reliable when it comes to making good cookies. However, these are a nice treat. They are chewy, and the flavor of the chocolate chips is strong, but not too bitter or sweet. In fact, these cookies are much better than Oreos, because sometimes Oreos can taste a bit bland, whereas these are pretty much always good.

14 Inferior: Chips Ahoy! Chewy Chocolate Cookies With Reese’s

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Sometimes, there are cookies that have rather deceptive appearances. This is very true when it comes to Chips Ahoy! Chewy Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Cups. To those who have not tried them, they initially look as though they are very a soft. However, that is not true. They are much harder than they look.

Sure, Oreo cookies are hard. But, they also look that way, so a bit of a crunch is something people expect when they eat an Oreo.

However, there is one redeeming quality these cookies have. The Reese’s cups that are in them make them taste much better. However, they still are not good enough to compete with a classic Oreo cookie.

13 Better: Nutter Butters

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There are many cookies out there that taste or look like one another, yet they each have their own distinct flavor. When it comes to Nabisco Nutter Butters, they are actually very similar to Oreos in the way that they are a sandwich cookie with a creamy filling. However, that is about as far as the similarities between the two cookies goes.

Not only is the shape of them more fun (it’s shaped like a peanut, which is probably because the filling is peanut butter), but the filling in the center is creamier. Furthermore, peanut butter is a very filling thing to eat, so it is easier to limit how many of these we eat in one sitting.

12 Inferior: Nilla Wafers

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There are some cookies that used to be mediocre, but have become tastier since then. But on the other hand, there are also cookies that used to be awesome, and now they have really gone downhill when it comes to their quality.

Nilla Wafers used to be pretty decent cookies. They weren’t the best, but they were alright when a quick sugary snack was needed.

These days, however, they are just plain boring. The cookie looks and tastes bland, and the only time it is even remotely good is when it is paired with banana pudding. Otherwise, I’ll never pick a Nilla Wafer over an Oreo.

11 Better: Famous Amos Chocolate Chip

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Some cookies are very sweet, and rich in flavor, which makes it easier to stop eating them at a certain point. However, there are also a lot of cookies that are rather addicting, and having just one or two can be a hard thing to do.

This is where Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies come in. They have just the right amount of sugar and chocolate in every bite, which makes them better than a lot of other cookies. Plus, they are not too hard, and they are not so soft that they fall apart. These are practically the best kind of cookie.

10 Inferior: Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies

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Sometimes there are cookies that are amazing, and they quickly become someone’s favorite snack. But on the other hand, there are also cookies that are not that great, but there are ways to make them slightly better.

However, these shortbread cookies do not fall into either category. They don’t even come close. Instead, they have their own category, These are the kind of cookies that are only good if there are no others around when you’re really craving something sweet. Even then, they are not that great, and these are not even cookies that taste good when they’re dipped in coffee.

9 Better: Keebler Original Fudge Sticks

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Oreo cookies are definitely known by many to be very tasty, chocolaty cookies that never seem to disappoint. However, there are some other cookies that have a much stronger, and more delicious, chocolate flavor to them. This is where Keebler Original Fudge Sticks come in, because the flavor of these cookies is nothing less than wonderful.

They are not hard at all. Instead, they are the right amount of crunchy, and the coating on the outside provides a very smooth and creamy texture as well. You simply cannot go wrong by choosing these over Oreos because they are much better.

8 Inferior: Annie’s Oatmeal Raisin

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Personally, I love a good oatmeal raisin cookie. But, this is not something that cannot be messed up, which is pretty evident when it comes to Annie’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies.

One might think that such a thing would be moist, chewy, and maybe a little bit on the soft side. However, that is not the case for these cookies. Not only are they typically very dry, they also tend to fall apart. This is fine when you’re biting into it, but it’s never a good thing when the cookies are already broken into pieces when they are opened, which happens on occasion with these cookies.

7 Better: Keebler Vienna Fingers

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There are a lot of different kinds of cookies that are different than others. But, there are also a lot of cookies that are really very similar to each other, and tasting them is sometimes the only way to tell them apart from one another.

Keebler Vienna Fingers fall somewhere in the middle of both types of cookies. They are very similar to other sandwich cookies, but they also have a distinct taste, which is actually quite good. They taste better than Oreos, and they are great paired with hot coffee, or tea. Even having them with milk is good. Some cookies are great when paired with other things, and that is the case for Keebler Vienna Fingers. However, Oreos with tea is not very good.

6 Inferior: Pepperidge Farm Milano Dark Chocolate

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Some men and women are big fans of dark chocolate, and some really do not like it. It seems as though there is no middle ground there. Furthermore, the filling in these cookies is made from dark chocolate, so that means that people are very divided about whether or not this is a good cookie.

Overall, these just don’t seem to be a good competitor for Oreos. They do not even come close to having a taste that is as good, and they are very hard cookies that tend to break easily, so the packages they are in have to be handled very carefully. Furthermore, there is not much filling in the middle, so these cookies are dry.

5 Better: Keebler Coconut Dreams

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These cookies are a coconut lover’s dream, and they are just about perfect in every way imaginable. They are not too big, but they are also not incredibly tiny, either. Keebler Coconut Dreams are just the right size.

Furthermore, they are not lacking in flavor. Instead, they are full of a few different flavors that compliment each other very well when they are all combined. These cookies are incredible. They are firm on the outside, and they are chewy and gooey on the inside. They have a very strong coconut flavor, and they also have a bit of fudge in them. Unlike Oreos, this is a cookie nearly everyone can enjoy.

4 Inferior: Keebler Fudge Stripes

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Oreos are pretty decent cookies, so it is hard for some others to compare to them. Keebler Fudge Stripes are pretty good, but they just cannot compete with the classic sandwich cookie.

The flavor of these is not too bad. In fact, it can be pretty tasty at times, which is no surprise, as Keebler cookies are usually awesome for the most part. But, there are some downsides to them. One example is that these will obviously melt quicker than an Oreo will, which is definitely not a good thing. Furthermore, they can be a bit tough to take a bite out of.

3 Better: Snackwell’s Devil’s Food Cookie Cakes

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These are definitely one of the best cookies, and that is true for a few reasons. One of them is that these cookies are rich with a chocolate flavor, but they are not sweet to the point of being nauseating, like some other cookies are.

Furthermore, you do not just get cookies when you purchase a pack of these. They are small like a cookie is, but upon biting into them, one can definitely feel and taste the thick texture that is similar to a cake. These have more offer the taste buds than Oreos do, so they are certainly better.

2 Inferior: Nabisco Ginger Snaps

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There are some people who like these, just as there are some people who enjoy truly terrible movies. Nabisco does sell some good cookies, but to be honest, these ginger snaps are not in that category at all. Let’s just say if these cookies were movies, they’d be winning a Golden Raspberry Award (also known as “razzies”).

These cookies are pretty tasteless. They are very thin, flat, and bland. There is not a redeeming quality about them, except that they can occasionally be good to use as a baking ingredient. But on their own, these are just not good.

1 Better: Newman O’s Hint-O-Mint

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The sandwich cookie is definitely an interesting and innovative concept. Some evidence to prove this is how many cookies there are that appear to be very similar to Oreos in not only their look, but their taste as well.

However, that means that there is plenty of competition for Oreo cookies. One of the sandwich cookies that can definitely hold its’ own against Oreos is Newman O’s Hint-O-Mint cookies. Not only do they offer the chocolate disks that are very similar to Oreos, they also add to the good taste by having a more prominent flavor in the filling, as well as the outer cookies.

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