Costa Coffee Will Stop Serving Caffeine To Customers Under 16

The Costa Coffee chain is beginning to implement measures to stop customers who are under 16-years-old from buying caffeinated drinks. The widely successful London-based chain is aiming to start a movement of becoming more morally conscious one one’s impact. Caffeine is still considered a stimulant drug, so should cafes ask for customers’ IDs when they buy them, just like if they order alcohol?

Coffee is a part of the daily routine: either have a cup in the morning or whenever you feel like you need to be more awake. This makes sense for any busy adult with a lot to do and have places to be. However, kids are supposed to be learning and growing, and caffeine isn’t necessarily an essential part to this process. Perhaps Costa Coffee is taking the right steps towards a more socially conscious environment.

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The rule isn’t a strict ban, but executives of the company are not encouraging the sale of caffeine to young customers. This announcement came after a store refused to sell a 12-year-old customer an iced coffee, and her father complained about the interaction. He stated that it was his daughter’s intention to buy an iced coffee as a treat rather than a regular drink, so it wouldn’t have hurt her to have one. Even though a company spokes-person has stated that they do not encourage the sale of coffee to customers under the age of 16, Costa Coffee will leave the decision with individual stores if they wish to follow their advice.

It’s unclear as to whether or not the rule will be strictly implemented across all Costa Coffee stores. While the company wishes to be more responsible with their products, it is important to note that customers need to have consistency. If Costa Coffee wants to stop the sale of caffeine to young customers, then it has to be a consistent rule throughout all their stores.

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Younger customers still have the option of buying non-caffeinated drinks or getting a decaf if they really want the coffee taste. It is possible for them to still have access to the products of Costa Coffee without the caffeine. Kids should enjoy the natural energy they get from being young because once they’re older, they might not get through the day without at least one cup of caffeine.

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