Dallas Restaurant Twisted Trompo Is Offering $1 Tacos To Government Employees During The Shutdown

No matter how long the partial government shutdown lasts, the Twisted Trompo will sell tacos for only $1 to federal employees in Dallas. Due to tension over Trump’s border wall funding, the government has partially ceased functioning—meaning many people who work for the government or government-funded institutions either have not been able to work or are expected to work without pay. This has left over 800,000 employees worried over their income. Even though it is a small gesture, places like the Twisted Trompo are truly helping out their fellow Americans who need some light in this dark situation.

Via: WBAP.com

Since the shutdown began on the 22nd of December, residents of the Dallas area have been feeling the effects: some mortgages aren’t closing, national parks are unkept, and air traffic controllers are working long hours without pay. Other than the money, morale among government employees is starting to wane. If this continues, vital services like air traffic control could be in danger of becoming understaffed. It may seem insignificant, but a $1 taco for a frustrated federal employee could help keep them going until the shutdown is over.

The Twisted Trompo is a fairly new restaurant (opened last September), but they are making a big statement. Their spokesperson has stated that they will continue this promotion for federal employees “until the M.F. shutdown ends.” This means that government employees will be able to buy a $1 taco made with a choice of protein, corn tortillas, onions, and cilantro. As long as you have federal identification, you can benefit from this promotion.

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Via: Fox 5 DC

Other places across the country are also offering similar promotions to help the federal employees in their area. Restaurants in the bay area are also offering free food or cheap deals to those who can provide federal identification: free pastrami sandwiches at Solomon’s Delicatessen and free slices of pizza at Jules Thin Crust, just to name a few. With a free hot meal and the support of their fellow citizens, perhaps government workers can power through this shutdown.

In January, federal food assistance programs could also be at risk of losing funding. Perhaps the next step for these restaurants is to also assist with the meals of those who can’t afford to eat everyday. During these frustrating times, it’s good to have a solid support system to get you through to the next day. With restaurants like the Twisted Trompo helping out their fellow Americans, getting through the shutdown whole appears to be more possible.

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