December Food Horoscope: Dinner Ideas That Are Written In The Stars

2018 has been the year of retrogrades (when planets decide to take annoying backward turns to teach us life lessons). Whether you believe in the ancient practice of astrology or not, it’s safe to say that it’s been a rollercoaster year of triggering food moments. With e.coli polluting our romaine lettuce, Snoop Dogg writing cookbooks, and the loss of culinary rockstars, it’s been a confusing food world to navigate. At this point in the year some astrological food forecasts are just what we need to welcome the holiday season. Wondering if December will be sour or sweet? We’ve got you covered.

This month the universe is sending signals to slow down and enjoy the blessings. As much as everyone is ready to jump into 2019, the planets say different. The food gods want you to enjoy this holiday season the best you can. Take time to enjoy Jupiter expanding realms of abundance and full bellies. You will definitely feel a shift this December so give your star sign the nourishment it needs to finish the year as its best you. Ever seen your reflection in a pizza or felt a special connection to an avocado? Same.

'Tis the season for festive abundance, kicking back, and cooking with friends.

Scroll to see what your better food half looks like from the cosmos.

Sagittarius: You Can Have It All

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Happy Birthday Sag’! It’s been a long time coming and if anyone deserves to spoil themselves this year it’s you. This could be your best month ever. It’s your favorite time of the year and for good reason. With the holidays and your birthday packed in one month you know better than anyone that Sagittarius season is the best season for food. As exciting as the energy is for you during this time, it’s important to stay grounded. Don’t be excessive but definitely expect the best and get ready to celebrate! Believe in your optimism, but stay realistic. Stay present with a full belly.

23 Sagittarius Dinner: Lamb Chops With Rosemary & Grapes

via Food and Wine

Nobody goes all out like you do. This birthday spoil yourself with grilled lamb chops seasoned with grounding rosemary and fruity grapes. You're allowed to be as extra as you want this holiday season.  No one is judging you for back to back partying or adding garlic when the recipe doesn't call for it.  You're loved for being the life of the party. So we knew Food and Wine had it right when we saw wine as an ingredient.  Add an extra splash if you want.

22 Capricorn: No Need To Rush

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Take your to do list and slice it in half this month. Bogging yourself down with how to have the perfect holiday will only stress you out more. It’s a great time to spend time alone and figure out what your needs are. Take things slow so you can prepare for more you time as your birthday approaches. Cut the to-do list in half. Cut the stress in half.  Slow living isn't just for the Danish and their hygge aesthetics.  See how good it feels to put something in the crock pot and have it fill your room with the aroma of self love.

21 Capricorn Dinner: Slow Cooker Chili Mac N' Cheese

Via www.slowcookergourmet.net

You’re always working so hard. This is the ultimate comfort food that will force you to slow down. Slow Cooker Gourmet which is a great resource for you in times like these blew our minds when they did the impossible and brought together two star crossed lovers - chili and mac n' cheese.  You're going to love it so much that slowing down won't feel like a failure.  Look into investing in a crock pot or slow cooker just for future standby during stressful times. Remember, perfection doesn’t exist except in cheese.

20 Aquarius: Unexpected Dinners

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December is the month of surprises for you dear water bearer. You may be presented with lots of decisions or opportunities but don’t rush into anything too fast. Wait until after the 12th to plan Christmas dinner details. This holiday season the universe wants you to evaluate your work life balance more than anything else. Even with all the holiday cakes circling 'round, you're determined to stay focused.  No one is saying you can't have a little fun though Aquarius! Be open to new opportunities and new pie flavors. If you're focused and flexible when it comes to work and health, your wishes might get granted.

19 Aquarius Dinner: Chickpea Stuffed Sweet Potato

Via www.wellandgood.com

A twist on the classic baked potato this dish is as quirky as you are and will align that body, mind, and soul connection that you’re all about. With such focus this month on getting that body right Well & Good is shining the spotlight on the heavenly sweet potato.  If you can't tell by the current sweet potato fry movement, the white potato has lost its crown. Stuffed with paprika garlic chickpeas, and topped with coconut yogurt (gasp), both you and your Instagram are going to love this.

18 Pisces: Go Get Seconds

via Hello Magazine

All green lights are go this month Pisces! December is all about new beginnings and going for it. You just need to trust yourself. There's no need to skimp out or even care about your waistline this holiday season.  This is a month where it's all about you.  When's the last time you ate everything you wanted for a month straight? As long as you keep an eye on your future goals the universe has your back. Show off and show out, but keep those long term dreams in mind. Put in the work now and you will reap the benefits in 2019.

17 Pisces Dinner: Spiced Lemon Paella

Via www.againstallgrain.com

Soak it up Pisces. Spice and lemon is just the motivation you need to feel yourself growing this month. It only gets better from here! You should be feeling sexier and more confident. To compliment your new found zest for life, have an intimate paella night with friends or a lover because things are definitely heating up for you. Recipes Plus suggests using spices like paprika, chili pepper, and saffron in your toasted rice.  With shrimp, mussels, and chorizo, this is going to hit the spot for days.

16 Aries: Slow and Spicy Wins The Race

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Fiery Aries we know how badly you want to fast forward into 2019, but for now take some time to pause and reflect as the year comes to an end. Ask yourself how can you be more consistent and rest this month? What areas of your life can you devote more time to? In fact, how often do you make yourself a slow cooked meal as spicy as you are? The food gods are asking you to take it easy and spoil yourself this December.  There’s plenty of time for action come January.

15 Aries Dinner: Slow Cooker Orange Chicken

via dinneratthezoo.com

Going slow doesn’t have to be boring, fire ram. See what Chinese take-out looks like made at home and adjust your spice level accordingly.  Dinner At The Zoo has a slow cooked orange chicken recipe that goes in your trusty crock pot (the one you never use).  Honestly is there anything better than fried chicken over a bowl of rice? This one is tossed in zesty orange sauce and bakes in its own juices like its at the sauna.  This has your name written all over it.

14 Taurus: Dinner For Two?

Via www.people.com

You’re usually not in a hurry for much, Taurus. This month enjoy down time connecting with others and have some fun! Go with the flow and don’t be so stubborn if old flames come back (you know how you can be). Just wait until after the 9th to be sure. The possibilities are endless. Even someone at work or a friend is wanting to be more. Say yes to dinner and see where things end up.  Whether you realize it or not, someone has a crush on you and you've got nothing but time these holidays. Take a good look at all your relationships and be inspired the value they bring to your life. Be open to receiving in December and ride the wave of possibility.

13 Taurus: Grilled Flank Steak With Cherry Pecan Rice

via myrecipes.com

Make time for date night or celebrate you with a dish that is both romantic and healthy (two things you’re great at). It feels like so many admirers are wanting to spoil and nurture you this month. Let 'em! This is a great time to take self care seriously and make that romantic steak dinner you've been thinking about. My Recipes has a grilled flank steak recipe with cherries as sweet as life is right about now. Show your crush you're the thoughtful hopeless romantic they thought you were. Don't make them fall too fast with your chef skills though. This is a playful energy of possibility, not for tying knots.

12 Gemini: Clarity Is Coming

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If things have been feeling foggy Gem’ be assured that your optimism will clear the way (as it always does). Stay out of that Christmas party work drama and bring in a dish instead that will chill everyone out. You’ll notice that the more you focus on you, the more clarity you’ll receive. Sometimes you can get caught up in the illusionary so it's important to find your grounding this month (and you will). The universe will be giving you gifts in waves especially after the 12th. You may notice it with new partnerships and romance. Don’t force anything though. See where that independent intellect takes you (and your stomach). There is a huge reset coming in the New Year for you. Look at the things you can heal and complete for now.

11 Gemini Dinner: Bucatini With Lemony Carbonara

via Ted Cavanaugh / Epicurious

If anyone likes venturing outside their comfort zone, it’s you twin Gem'. Put down the spaghetti and see the light with a bright and filling carbonara instead.  One thing is for sure, the first bite of Epicurious' Carbonara recipe will give you the inner peace you've had within you all along. Briny lemon is going to help awaken that break through you're so close to. Also, there's bacon. HELLO! Remember your social and playful self this holiday season. Leave the work stress at work. You've accomplished so much. Look how far you've come! I think you deserve to double the bacon serving on this one (like you weren't going to do it anyways).

10 Cancer: Intuitive Eating Is A Thing

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Here come the revelations Cancer. This month your intuition is shining light on just about everything. You should be feeling more creative, inspired, and even serendipitous. Don’t overthink your feelings. Pour them into your food and your relationships. Go with whatever your gut is telling you this month and treat it kindly by giving it what it wants. Since when have your instincts failed you? This is a wonderful time to eat, heal, and repair.  We know family is important to you, but we're giving you the green light to be just a little selfish this month. In December you're going to be happiest creating that new self and boy is it going to pay off.

9 Cancer Dinner: Pork Saltimbocca

Via www.billyparisi.com

Don’t let the name intimidate you. These Italian pork chops have just the upgrade you need to experiment with your next level creativity while remaining cozy and nourished.  This is the time to be brave and do it big. Billy Parisi's pork chops covered in prosciutto, sage, and buffalo mozzarella are definitely going to give you the nourishment you need while following that inner star.  Indulge all you want and take time to reflect in those dreamy waters if you find yourself nearing a food coma. When's the last time you felt this full and happy? Eat it up baby Cancer.

8 Leo: Love Upgrades

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This month things are heating up for you fire Lion.  Someone has definitely got the hots for you (don't act like you didn't notice). With all the pouring in of love you can feel yourself upgrading, but do you know where you're headed? As much as you love the spotlight, this is a good month to remember that you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to. Returning home for the holidays and cooking with family is a great way to remember what is important for you. What family dish helps you to remember who you are?  Take time to soak up the love and admire how far you've come this year. You're at the end of a cycle and on the brink of something new so get rid of anything that’s holding you back. You're going to feel a huge shift come January. What a great time to be you.

7 Leo Dinner: Roasted Beef with Slow Cooked Tomatoes

Via www.realsimple.com

When is the last time you had Roast Beef? This play on a classic by Real Simple looks so divine that you’ll be making everyone wait while you snag pictures before serving. Ask your butcher for a boneless rump or rib roast and get ready to roast that sucker for a couple hours.  With all the ardent cherries it has all the loving it needs just like you’re surrounded with deep affection this holiday season. Get back to basics and celebrate the holidays with loved ones who will help you remember where you’re going. Don’t be stingy when they want seconds either. You know you love the attention.

6 Virgo: Eat At Home

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Virgo, we love you for organizing our spices and sorting the silverware, but when was the last time you gave yourself a break from helping everyone else? You need you (and your cooking) more than anyone this month. Focus on your strength by preserving your energy especially the first three weeks of the month.  You can still be productive during down time. How you nourish you is so important. Luckily, having a full belly can help that. Go home, close the doors, and give yourself some good ol' quiet time. Overthinking relationships and arguing with people who don't want to listen is a waste of time.  Purge anything that isn't working for you and give yourself some lovin' in the kitchen.  If you take care of yourself in the beginning of the month, you'll see the benefits start to materialize around week three.

5 Virgo Dinner: Chile Lime Pork Tacos With Papaya Avocado Salsa

Via www.cleaneating.com

Only a Virgo can appreciate the effort that goes into a taco. Something magical happens when you mix pork, chili, and lime.  Throw in papaya salsa and we're officially swooning.  Clean Eating knew exactly what it was doing when it threw this mix on corn tortillas. I think we found your happy ending dear Virgo. Spend time reflecting on how perfect these bad boys look after you pack and garnish them with your special touch. This is self care. Take all the steps you need to evaluate the new opportunities that are coming your way.  Practicing on layered tacos is good exercise.

4 Libra: You Don't Even Have To Try

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You love to have a good time Libra socialite and you have everything to cook up a good time in December. You are a force of nature this month. Just remember to keep your balance. Make time for your well-being in the midst of the turbulent holidays because let’s face it you’re going to have fun anyways. We just don't want you over-eating and over-drinking into a tummy ache. Own your power, but don't bull doze your way into the new year. Sit back and watch as your success unfolds on its own. December is your happy place.

3 Libra: Angel Hair Pasta With Peas and Pancetta

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Roll in the pasta dough this December with angel hair as delicate as you paired with sinful pancetta. You are begging for the good stuff this month and we want you to have it, but we've balanced you out a bit with green veggies (we know how you can be). Delish pairs sweet peas with pancetta wrapped around angel hair reminding you of how heavenly and harmonic December is turning out to be. We give you full permission to be blissfully lazy this holiday season with cream sauce and bacon. Everything seems to be going your way anyways.

2 Scorpio: Trust Your Gut

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You of all people know how to follow an intuition. This month you’re taking a step back to get a better view of things (and an aerial shot of those food pics). You're seeing the bigger picture and feeling wiser than ever. Who cares if you get caught daydreaming at work? You might just think up a new money project. Just wait until after the 10th to get things rolling. Venus is guiding you through love and abundance so you can believe what you feel. If you’re feeling an amazing connection with someone then know that it’s real. Trust what you know. Trust in yourself and trust in pizza.

1 Scorpio: Margherita Pizza

Via www.abeautifulplate.com

You are not with the drama this December. If there’s anything you can rely on (besides that Scorpion instinct), it’s pizza. Nothing and no one can push your buttons when you've got a slice of heaven in your hand. This holiday season try this homemade margherita pizza by A Beautiful Plate. You're feeling so unbothered why don't you give yourself a few extra drizzles of olive oil. You can benefit from following your creative self expression as well though, so challenge yourself to add a personal touch to this classic. See where your imagination takes you.

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