22 Delicious Things To Do With Oreos That Aren't Eating Them Straight Out Of The Package

A chocolate sandwich cookie with cream in the middle, also known as an "Oreo," is loved by many as a tasty treat in over 100 countries. Created in 1912 by National Biscuit Company, also known as "Nabisco," the Oreo has a distinctive cookie-to-cream ratio that creates its signature look.

No one Oreo tastes the same. Chances are, Oreos will taste different in many (not all) countries. Some Oreos may be sweeter or a take on a more bitter flavor, but no matter the difference, it's still an Oreo. The flavor change isn’t a coincidence because the Oreo formula is different in some countries to appeal to the consumer base effectively.

Nevertheless, the beauty of this cookie is that it's packaged and ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Oreos are convenient, durable, and iconic. What’s not to like? There are mega-stuffed, thin, bite-sized Oreos. There are fudge-dipped, birthday cake, mint, and vanilla flavors. In China, there are even green tea ice cream Oreos and in Argentina, there are dulce de leche and banana Oreos.

Despite this, people tend to only eat them directly out of the package and never do anything different with them. It’s a shame because there’s so much more you can do with Oreos. The options available are as vast as the Oreo flavors around the world. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of Oreos and explore 22 Delicious Things To Do With Oreos That Aren't Eating Them Straight Out Of The Package.

22 Triple Decker Brownies

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Brownies are some of the best-tasting sweet treats. Premade or homemade, the fudgy quality of brownies is what makes people come back for more. If you like fudgy brownies, this recipe is for you.

However, if regular Oreos aren’t enough, then there are also Oreo mint brownies that, if done correctly, will be a perfect balance between the chocolate and the mint. The ratio between chocolate and mint honestly depends on the baker in question. Some bakers love mint, and for others, a little goes a long way. Some recipes use mint Oreos as the flavoring, or using the cream itself is fine, and even using mint extract will produce the desired results.

21 Oreo Funnel Cake

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Funnel cake is a staple for state and county fairs. Funnel cakes get their distinctive crusty, golden-brown outer shell and soft inside from pouring batter into hot cooking oil in an overlapping pattern. The "funnel cake" name came from using a funnel, but nowadays, some places employ a pitcher with a funnel attached for maximum control. Here’s a simple recipe for an Oreo funnel cake.

When creating a funnel cake from scratch, there are many kinds of batter that could be used, but some of the best funnel cake is made using choux dough (a light dough that's a combination of flour, eggs, water, and butter) because it stays light and airy.

20 Oreo Pancakes/Waffles

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Regular pancakes are tried and true, but sometimes, the regular pancake just doesn’t cut it and there’s a desire for something a little more excessive. There’s a chocolate pancake base with Oreo cream version, and then, there’s the regular pancake batter option with Oreos mixed inside and with Oreo glaze. There are many possibilities for pancake recipes, and if nutrition is a concern, using a better brand of pancake batter or simply making a homemade pancake batter should do the trick. If pancakes aren’t your thing, here’s an Oreo waffle recipe to save the day. FYI, the pancake recipes can be used for waffles as well.

19 Baked Oreo Cake

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The options are endless for Oreo cake because there are so many varieties. Some recipes call for a chocolate cake base and tons of Oreo icing, and others call for a yellow cake base with Oreo cookies inside, chocolate frosting, and Oreo cookies on top. No matter the recipe, Oreo cake can take a cookie obsession to the next level.

If there’s a desire to eat an even more intense Oreo cake, there's also an Oreo “cookies and cream” cake that calls for white chocolate to achieve the taste of the equally delicious Hershey’s Oreo Cookies and Cream candy bar.

18 Oreo Krispie Treats

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A simple dessert that's easy and quick for everyone to enjoy, Oreo Krispie treats take a spin on the classic rice krispie and adds Oreos and tons of marshmallows for a sweet snack.

This homemade version is better than store bought and uses the Rice Krispie cereal to achieve the final product. Some variations call for white chocolate, and others keep it simple. Some ambitious cooks like to make their own marshmallow fluff, and then there are others who prefer to use packaged marshmallows to save time. Either is fine, and once everything is melted, combined, and cooled, it's ready to eat.

17 Cupcakes

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These small individual cakes, also known as cupcakes, give bakers the option to produce many assortments of Oreo flavors. The great thing about creating Oreo cupcakes rather than one large cake is that with one batter and a little ingenuity, one bake can have multiple choices to serve all at once. To create standard Oreo cupcakes, this is a great recipe.

Some of the more creative options for Oreo cupcakes are matcha cupcakes with green tea Oreos and red velvet Oreo cupcakes. If there’s a way to get coconut delight Oreos, lemon ice Oreos, and other international flavors, then there are even more cupcake creations just waiting to be made.

16 Macarons

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One of the most decadent and fulfilling desserts is macarons. Not to be confused with macaroons (the coconut cookie), macarons are French desserts that have two meringues sandwiched with a buttercream, ganache, jam, or cream. This recipe looks (and probably tastes) simply beautiful.

The Oreo version of the infamous macaron is just as great as the others. The issue with macarons is not the prep but the consistency of the bake. So, overwhipping the meringue, for example, will give bakers a hollow shell, and hand-measuring instead of using a scale (get one) may result in a terrible bake. If done well, Oreo macrons will taste and look good.

15 Truffles

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A chocolate truffle is made with ganache, (usually but not always) a chocolate center, and then coated with more chocolate or toasted nuts, cocoa powder, matcha, candy-like peppermint, and ginger as well as freeze-dried fruit. It’s important to do the research about the kind of truffle you’re looking for because there are international versions that may suit your tastes.

A few ideas for a truffle rather than just the standard Oreo flavor, a banana Oreo truffle sounds like a great way to get Oreo and banana flavor together. Feeling festive? Peppermint Oreo truffles is also a nice choice or eggnog truffles covered in powdered Oreos can fulfill dessert needs.

14 Pudding

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Nabisco already has an Oreo pudding mix available for purchase, but if there are bakers interested in making a homemade Oreo pudding, then there are cooked and non-cooked options available. The non-cooked version of this pudding features cream cheese, confectioners’ sugar, cool whip butter, milk, and vanilla pudding all combined to make a simple dessert.

If making pudding from scratch is the goal, then prepare for a workout. It's vital that when making homemade pudding that the temperature is just right for the milk and that the sugar, cornstarch, and salt are perfectly incorporated into the liquid to create a thick consistency. From there, just add Oreos into the pudding to finish the dessert.

13 No-Bake Oreo Cake

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A no-bake Oreo cake is simple and tasty. This recipe is great for the summer and is the epitome of cookies and cream. A dessert with only four required ingredients, this cake is whipped and layered; then, it goes right in the refrigerator and out comes a pan of Oreo goodness for sharing.

For this cake to work, patience is important because, without this, the dessert will be soft and will melt once it comes into contact with the heat. The best consistency is stiff and cool whipped cream. To make this no-bake cake resemble a “cake,” the whipped cream needs time to soak into the Oreos to make a sponge-like cake layer.

12 Cheesecake Bites

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There are many versions of cheesecake bites, and this Oreo version is just another good choice among the others. Cheesecake bites are the best for those who like cheesecake but don’t want to be bloated by a larger dessert. They pop in your mouth, and they're smooth, creamy, and all-around delicious.

There are a couple of cheesecake bite recipes online, and depending on the baker’s purpose, some recipes are better than others. The one from Kraft (the parent company of Nabisco), has a pretty easy recipe to follow, but if that isn’t a good option based on nutritional interests, there are other tasty recipes like this one that'll deliver the result as desired.

11 Baked/Fried Oreo Doughnuts

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Another dough-based dessert on this list, Oreo doughnuts are simple to make and pack an Oreo-fueled punch. First up, baked Oreo doughnuts are easy and can have a chocolate base that uses a doughnut tin and is usually done within a span of ten minutes. Some bakers don’t like baked doughnuts because the consistency can be like a cake.

Yeast doughnuts take a little more time to complete but are just as good. Unlike baked doughnuts, yeast doughnuts typically have a light, airy, and fluffy texture, and with this Oreo recipe, your doughnuts will be perfectly fried and flavored with Oreos.

10 Oreo Dip

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This recipe for an Oreo dip is great. If you love Oreos but don’t want it to be the center of the dessert and would like the essence of Oreo as an accompaniment to other ingredients, then this is the right kind of dessert for you. Sweet dips are a great change to the typical desserts, and this Oreo dip doesn’t disappoint because it's still recognizable to anyone who tries this dish.

Ingredients you can dip in this treat are fruit, like strawberries and apples. Other ingredients include pretzels, wafers, stroopwafels, graham crackers, mini doughnuts, and other cookies to complement the dip.

9 Stuffed Cookies

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There’s already a store-bought version of Oreo cream in a chocolate chip cookie from Nabisco, but the taste of a homemade chocolate chip cookie with a whole Oreo inside is even more delicious. Yes, this recipe is overindulgent because it's a cookie inside a cookie, but that’s what makes it great.

Typically, Oreos are stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie, but bakers can also get creative by using other kinds of cookie dough as the base of the dessert, like double chocolate, snickerdoodle, gingerbread, and sugar. With as many variations of cookies as there are Oreos, the stuffed cookie combinations are limitless.

8 Milkshake

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Like many of the other desserts on this list, an Oreo milkshake can take many forms. With a good store-bought ice cream or gelato, a milkshake can be jazzed up to become something special. If homemade ice cream or gelato piques your interest, then creating your own ice cream will elevate your milkshake as well as help manage the level of sweetness between the ice cream and Oreo mixture.

From a vanilla milkshake with original Oreos, a strawberry milkshake with strawberry Oreos, a chocolate milkshake with chocolate Oreos, and a dozen other combinations, a milkshake can satisfy any Oreo craving.

7 Chocolate-Covered Oreos

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Yes, chocolate covered Oreos already exist from Nabisco themselves, but creating homemade chocolate-covered Oreos is easy and simple to make. The fun part about making chocolate-covered Oreos is that the kinds of chocolate used to cover the Oreos are boundless. The chocolate can be from anywhere around the world, as cheap or expensive as desired, and as dark or white as needed.

Chocolate-covered Oreos must have tempered chocolate, however, because without tempering the chocolate, the Oreo cookie base will get soft and may melt if left in warm temperatures (unless that’s desired). Otherwise, without tempered chocolate, leave the dessert in the refrigerator for safekeeping.

6 Oreo "Cookies and Cream" Cookies

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Oreo cookies transformed into a cookie and cream cookie are a genius idea. Repurposing the Oreo cookie or using Oreo flavoring and creating a brand-new cookie isn't only simple but also still results in a treat that tastes like an Oreo. Here’s a great recipe to help you get started.

There are many recipes for transforming Oreos into a different cookie. Many use white chocolate and crushed Oreos as the key to ensuring well-made and flavorful bites, but if a soft and chewy texture is what the result is supposed to be, then using Oreo pudding mix like this recipe will elevate the flavor and give the texture of a chewy, well-baked cookie.

5 Oreo Banana Cream Pie

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Banana cream pies are wonderful, but they can take a lot of Oreos, so be prepared. The easy method to create an Oreo banana cream pie is to make the pie crust using Oreos. Using this recipe will require golden Oreos as the base of the dessert and will ensure that Oreos are used in it effectively and that bananas are the focal point of the dessert.

However, if an Oreo crust isn’t your style, a typical pie crust like this recipe works, and then, the filling can have banana cream and Oreo chunks throughout the pie. In order to get the best out of this recipe, a no-bake pie and effectively making the crust is key.

4 Oreo Fudge

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Fudge doesn’t take much work, and it's easy to finish. Not all fudge recipes are created equal, though, and some recipes take a lot of technical skill to get right. Made with sugar, butter, and cream, fudge is a great candy to eat, but depending on the recipe involved, temperature is a beast you’ll need to conquer to have a great-tasting dessert.

However, a lot of simple recipes call for sweetened condensed milk, chopped-up Oreos, and a chocolate of your choice (white or chocolate). If sweetened condensed milk is too sweet, then there are some recipes for Oreo fudge that call for marshmallow fluff and evaporated milk to get the fudge look and taste.

3 Oreo Parfait

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A parfait is a dessert that has several layers of cream, cake, fruit, and other ingredients. An Oreo parfait is all about chocolate layers of decadence, and for even more indulgence, making the parfait chocolate on chocolate is key. One recipe for an Oreo parfait calls for Oreo crumbs, marshmallows, chocolate cheesecake, homemade Oreo fluff, and whipped cream, all topped with an Oreo.

A simpler version of this dessert consists of a no-bake recipe that has Oreo cookies, a no-bake cheesecake mixture, and heavy whipping cream. Like any no-bake dessert, time is of the essence, and it's important to give it time to chill in the refrigerator to set.

2 Fried Oreos

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Usually found at state and county fairs, fried Oreos are a staple of fried food fun. Fried Oreos are usually made with pancake batter and considered a junk food but are also great if done correctly. Using a frying oil that’s light and will fry the Oreos crispy is the crucial component to a good fried Oreo. Here’s a recipe explaining the process.

The best way to get the fried pancake dough to coat the Oreos and stay on them is high heat and a deep fryer because the oil will hold the temperature, and after they’re done cooking, sugar, confectioners’ sugar, cinnamon, or having a dipping sauce is a great way to eat this Oreo dessert.

1 Churros

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Churros are a fried dough, usually a choux dough. These delicious treats are eaten everywhere where they’re fried. They're eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are an overall scrumptious snack. Nabisco already created their Oreo version of the churro, but for a fluffier, controlled consistency, then this homemade recipe may be the better choice.

For the best churros, creating the batter and letting it freeze will help the churros hold their shape, and to get the churro look, using a star tip nozzle is the key. From there, either pipe the Oreo churros with a cream or dip them.

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