Disgusting Food Museum Opens In Sweden And Spicy Rabbit Heads Are On The Menu

3Frog smoothie, spicy rabbit head, canned pork brains with milk gravy, sheep eyeball juice, bull testicles, maggot-infested cheese—absolutely disgusting, right? Well, they should be as they are exposed at The Disgusting Food Museum in the Swedish city of Malmö.

The temporary museum opened last Wednesday and it’s collection includes some of the strangest and most universally stomach-churning foods collected from cultures around the world, all under one roof. Tickets to this 0ne-of-a-kind viewing took the form of vomit bags, as revolted visitors are expected to gag at the foods on display.

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Curator Samuel West said the exhibition is meant to entertain, but also to convey the  message that what is considered appetizing or repulsive is learned and can change. He hopes visitors will be encouraged to try more sustainable food products like insects and lab-grown meat.

"Disgust is one of the six fundamental human emotions, and the evolutionary function of disgust is to help us to avoid foods that might be dangerous, that are contaminated, toxic, gone off," West said. He adds that "disgust is hardwired as an emotion but what we find disgusting is culturally learned" and the "exhibition asks visitors to challenge their notions of what is disgusting and what is delicious". He wants to visitors to keep an open mind and open their taste buds to new dishes and cultures, according to CNN.

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The food items include a bull's penis, frog smoothies from Peru, a wine made of baby mice (shown below) that is consumed in China and Korea, and the infamously putrid 'surstromming', Sweden's fermented herring. Also on display is the dish called "balut", partially developed duck fetuses that are boiled inside the egg and eaten straight from the shell in the Philippines, as well as "casu marzu," a Sardinian pecorino cheese infested by maggots.

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American foods at the museum include Jell-O salad, made of gelatin and typically fruit; canned pork brains with milk gravy; and root beer, a sweet soft drink which Swedes say tastes like toothpaste.

While most of the exhibits are real food, some are replicas and others are displayed as video. The real foods can be smelt, like Thailand's durian fruit- universally acknowledged to be the world's smelliest fruit - while a few others are available for tasting, should any visitor dare. Some items even come with tasting instructions-- a warning for the 'casu marzu' reads: “Diners need to protect their eyes from jumping larvae, and eating live maggots is risky, as they can survive inside their new host and can bore through intestinal walls.”

The Disgusting Food Museum is scheduled to run until January 27, 2019, at the Slagthuset MMX in Malmö. Bon appétit!

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