10 Disney Park Foods That Are Awesome (And 10 That Look Unappealing)

Disney parks are commonly considered some of the most magical places in the world to visit. They deliver experiences for the entire family to enjoy. Younger kids love the colorful world of their favorite characters coming to life with experiences designed for their biggest joys. Older demographics have fun as well thanks to the ability to relive their childhood along with a few attractions aimed towards them. One aspect of the Disney park experience that is the same for all folks visiting are the food options. Each Disney park has a unique menu meant to tempt you into having a bite to eat there. The parks are so large that having a full meal or snacks is likely going to happen since it will be a few hours spent between meals elsewhere.

There are many themed foods that are meant to tie into various Disney references. It tempts children especially, but people of all ages enjoy them. Some of the meals are just standard choices meant to give you a great dining experience outside of the Disney connection. Unfortunately, not all foods will reach the enjoyment the customer has when ordering or what the creator had in mind when coming up with it. We will look at both sides of the eating experience when dining. These are ten Disney park foods that are awesome and ten that just look unappealing.

20 Awesome: Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake

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Milkshakes are always a fun option on menus at restaurants. It only makes sense that Disney’s Hollywood Studios would have a couple of tremendous milkshake features available to choose from. 50’s Prime Time Café is the home of the milkshake that stands out among the rest as the top choice.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake is a food item that just seems like something you must try at least once. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a popular food item for young kids and a guilty pleasure for older folks. The unique milkshake looks great and has positive reviews as a great Disney park food.

19 Unappealing: Lobster Roll

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Magic Kingdom is the Disney park that is home to this unappealing food option. There are just some foods that don’t seem like a good idea to try at a theme park. Lobster is a favorite dish for seafood enthusiasts, but it is not something one can feel safe trying at any place.

As great as lobster can be, it can get you sick or just taste terrible if not prepared correctly. Columbia Harbor House at Magic Kingdom is not the place that seems like the ideal home of a lobster roll. Pictures of the roll look unappealing in general and it is not a meal most of us would want to try in between rides.

18 Awesome: Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

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One of the fun aspects of food at Disney theme parks is the fact that many items play into the characters. Mickey Mouse is the most popular character at all the parks and quite a few food items are shaped like him or have some sort of correlations.

Multiple Disney theme parks have a popular ice cream bar shaped after the head and ears of Mickey. The outside is coated with chocolate while the inside is full of ice cream. It seems simple based on years of ice cream truck items, but it has strong reviews. Many people enjoy indulging in the Mickey themed snack with an ice cream bar that does taste great.

17 Unappealing: Giant Turkey Legs

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The most polarizing food at Disney parks is the giant turkey leg. Many people enjoy buying the giant leg of turkey and eating it while walking through the park. However, it is a food that leads to many complaints as well and just does not seem like an appealing park food choice.

The stats show the turkey legs are among the unhealthiest foods available at the park.

It is also a process to carry it around and eat the turkey leg in public since it’s sloppier than most other foods. The turkey leg is probably not the best choice for your ideal park experience.

16 Awesome: Baked Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork

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Baked macaroni and cheese is a nearly flawless food item to make. Any experimenting with different additions to the macaroni and cheese with still end up okay. Flame Tree Barbeque at Animal Kingdom found success with the combination of pulled pork with the baked mac and cheese.

It is a perfect combination of two beloved foods. The barbeque pulled pork merges well with the baked mac and cheese for an overall pleasant meal. You get a meal that’s both tasty and filling. It is out of the ordinary enough to enjoy at a park while not too far out there to worry about concerns.

15 Unappealing: Caramel Apple-Stuffed Toast

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Cinderella’s Royal Table is the restaurant of choice at Magic Kingdom for the next unappealing food item. It features a unique form of toast. The popular sweet breakfast item seems a twist of the toast being filled with a caramel apple stuffing.

One look at the picture shows just how generic the food looks and the reviews live up to that assumption. Many people complain about it being too dry and not having a flavor expected for such a treat. To make matters worse, the apple flavor does not taste like fresh apples but rather a fake filling. Don’t make the mistake of trying the caramel apple-stuffed toast.

14 Awesome: Chocolate Toffee Cupcake

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Cupcakes are generally a great snack to choose when needing a quick bite at a Disney park. The Trolley Car Café at Hollywood Studios is home to some of the best cupcakes you’ll ever taste at a park in general. One of the most popular flavors is the Chocolate Toffee Cupcake.

Many people enjoying the park love the convenience of purchasing a cupcake and eating while walking from destination to destination. The chocolate toffee cupcake provides excitement of a fun flavor that’s not easy to find while still seeming like a relatively safe choice. It is worth checking out at Hollywood Studios.

13 Unappealing: Chicken Fingers

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No one wants a plain or ordinary meal at a place like Walt Disney World when in need of a bite to eat. The food will always be overpriced, but we expect either some fun additions or better tasting ingredients. Chicken fingers at the Liberty Inn prove that the worst of all worlds can blend together.

The idea of chicken fingers at Disney World is already disappointing enough, but the reviews state that it is very dry and lacks any unique seasoning. These chicken fingers are no different from the ones you can purchase in the frozen section of your grocery store.

12 Awesome: The Beef Brewat Rolls

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Epcot is home to many unique meals with the internationally themes for the different parts of the park. The Restaurant Marrakesh is home to Moroccan food and quite a few beloved dishes that people try for the first time before falling in love with them.

One favorite dish that you won’t find just anywhere else is the Beef Brewat Rolls. It is considered a hidden gem and a top underrated food choice at any Disney parks. Epcot is a fun place to visit in general, but the rolls are a good enough reason to try something new at dinner. You get a new food experience prepared by great cooks on a day at a Disney park.

11 Unappealing: Carrot Cake Cookie

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A risky idea saw Disney go with the Carrot Cake Cookie as a snack option at Hollywood Studios. The cookie used to be served at the Writer’s Room store, but that location no longer exists. They kept the cookie around with the Sweet Spells location as the current home of the food item.

Many reviews are negative for the unique cookie being too sweet and too sticky to enjoy eating. It also has an acquired taste as carrot cake is already polarizing on its own. The cake being made into a cookie seems like a tough one to make work. There are folks that like it, but the average person will be disappointed with the Carrot Cake Cookie.

10 Awesome: Funnel Cake with a Brick of Ice Cream

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The idea of “pigging out” is very tempting and often welcomed when eating during a day at a park. Epcot is no different as trying to have as much fun as possible during a vacation day seems like part of the process. Funnel cake is one popular food associated with theme parks and fun days out.

Epcot offers a few incredible versions of the funnel cake at the snack cart.

One that stands out features a “brick” of ice cream served with it. The combination of the deep-fried dough coated with sugar, chocolate, syrups, an Oreo cookie and the giant serving of ice cream is the perfect meal if you’re not watching your calories.

9 Unappealing: Cheesesteak Sandwich

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Most people would already be skeptical of trying a cheesesteak sandwich outside of Philadelphia, but the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World takes it to another level.

The meal is considered one of the worst food options by Disney park veterans that have tried a lot of the items available.

A complaint is that the sandwich has all the grease of a normal Philly cheesesteak sandwich without the good parts. The steak and cheese are mediocre at best and the overall sandwich suffers. There’s so much better food available at Walt Disney World than this awful cheesesteak sandwich at Pop Century.

8 Awesome: Onion Soup

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Soup is likely not the first choice most Disney park fans would think of when deciding on a great meal. However, sometimes a meal tastes too good to pass up on. The Onion Soup available at Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom gets strong reviews from those lucky enough to have it.

Be Our Guest is a popular sit-down restaurant spot in Magic Kingdom. It takes reservations in advance to get a table at this spot. The Onion Soup stands out as among the best tasting soups many visitors have ever had in their life and were shocked to find it as a Disney park.

7 Unappealing: Fish and Chips

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The picture of this selection shows just how mundane and disappointing the Fish and Chips combination is at the ABC Commissary located at Walt Disney World. It seems like a safe choice as it’s hard to do a poor job with fish and fries as the entire meal.

The eating experience of the Fish and Chips platter often leaves visitors unfulfilled. Many complaints claim the price is way too high at almost $15 for dry fish that lacks seasoning and fries that are soggy. If you’re craving fish and fries for some reason, find literally any other place that serves it after leaving the park.

6 Awesome: Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

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One of the top guilty pleasure at various Disney parks is the various Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches available. The simple process of using two cookies as the bread for a sandwich of ice cream finds its greatest success at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor located in Walt Disney World.

Even healthy eaters find themselves getting tempted to try the sweet treat as a cheat snack. Other Disney parks have other versions of the ice cream sandwiches that also get a lot of love, but the one at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor stands out as being on another level. This is one food item to treat yourself by getting.

5 Unappealing: Ahi Tuna Nachos

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The Ahi Tuna Nachos stand out as a polarizing food item available at the Yak & Yeti Restaurant located in Animal Kingdom. It does not actually feature nachos as they are replaced with fried wontons as the chips. Toppings of sushi grade ahi tuna, Asian slaw and wasabi aioli cover the wontons.

This is one of the unhealthiest dishes offered at Animal Kingdom.

The reviews of the taste vary between each consumer, but there have been some reports of people getting sick after eating them. Ahi Tuna Nachos are clearly a risky meal choice that may not be worth trying at your first Disney park experience.

4 Awesome: School Bread

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Walt Disney World visitors fall in love with the School Bread snack when visiting Epcot. The Norway restaurant Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe makes this special treat that features a sweet bread roll full of custard before covered with toasted coconut flakes and a sweet icing.

It is hard to find School Bread as a treat given the Norwegian background of the dish. Finding such a unique and delicious food at a Disney park is too good to pass up. Epcot gives you many great meal options, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better dessert option at the park above School Bread.

3 Unappealing: Pizza at Tomorrowland

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Pizza often seems like the safest meal you can get at any location. There’s almost no way to ruin pizza and the worst experience will be at least okay. However, Tomorrowland at Disney’s Magic Kingdom sells some terrible pizza that leaves customers more than upset.

Most people love visiting Tomorrowland in general for the fun rides, but the food leaves a lot to be desired. The pizza is considered as bad as frozen pizza and below the worst pizza chains. Some people have referred to this pizza as tasting like cardboard with extra grease. These are not the terms that should ever be associated with any food, let alone pizza.

2 Awesome: Chocolate Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich

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Magic Kingdom is home to one of the most unique and delicious food items available at any Disney park. The Chocolate Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich stands out visually as something that catches your attention right away for good reason. It is found at the Liberty Square location for those wanting to try it out.

The sandwich features a large waffle as bread with chocolate Nutella inside along with strawberries, blueberries and banana. You can’t go wrong with any of those items and they clearly blend well together. The Chocolate Hazelnut Waffle Sandwich is one treat that is worth trying during a trip to Magic Kingdom.

1 Unappealing: Whole-Fried Sustainable Fish

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One unique dish stands out as unappealing visually when taking one glance at it. Tiffins at Magic Kingdom is the place that serves the Whole-Fried Sustainable Fish. While the fish is sustainably sourced, the entire thing being fried makes it extremely unhealthy which takes away from a benefit of choosing fish.

The look of the fish scares many people away from enjoying it.

There’s also the odd experience of attempting to eat the entire thing. Some reviews state it surprised them, but the Whole-Fried Sustainable Fish is not an enticing meal to try when visiting Magic Kingdom and needing to cure your hunger.

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