Food Mastery: Top 25 Doritos Flavors, Officially Ranked By In-House Gamers

Doritos deserve consideration towards the top of the food-snacking world. A delicious bag of the tortilla chips is all many of us need to have a quick bite on a fun night. The brand of Doritos has various flavors of the chips in almost every retail store that sells food and snacks. Doritos are ideal for many different scenarios where one wants to enjoy a snack. They're a great party snack to have in a large bowl for everyone to enjoy. Some people like to get a bag when watching a fun movie. It's a fun snack to have on your own at any random time.

Video games have become a part of the Doritos culture as many gamers love to have the various flavors of chips as their ideal snack in between gaming. We'll look at some of the best flavors to ever get created by the Doritos decision makers. They range from obvious favorites that have been around forever to those that recently made an impact to a few fun ones that were limited-edition items. Each flavor has a different taste meant to appeal to different taste buds, but there are some that just receive more love due to more people wanting to get more of them. Find out which flavors are at the top of the list. These are the official rankings of the twenty-five best Doritos flavors.

25 Toasted Corn

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The reputation of the Toasted Corn Doritos flavor is very hit or miss to the fans of Doritos. Many people despise this flavor, considering there’s not much to it. Most Doritos flavors have a strong and unique taste that you associate with it right away.

The Toasted Corn Doritos is basically just a slightly different version of standard chips. Most people need dipping sauces with them to enjoy these chips. It's a fun one to dip if you're one of the people prefer eating all chips with dip. However, most of us want our Doritos to taste great out of the bag.

24 Flamas

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The Flamas-flavored Doritos are one of the many spicy options available. Various peppers are used in the creation process to get this flavor, and the name clearly shows you how intense the heat can be. This version of Doritos is clearly only for those who love spicy foods.

The flames on the bag declare that the Flamas flavor will bring the heat. It would rank higher, but some of the other spicy Doritos flavors just hold more prestige. This could rise through the years as it becomes more popular or if Doritos starts making small changes to improve it.

23 Simply Organic White Cheddar

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Doritos tried to create a special blend when coming up with the Simply Organic White Cheddar chips. It features a combination of the white cheddar flavor along with spicy blend. The organic cheddar chips are a bit healthier, but they don’t seem to have the same appeal.

It just doesn’t have a taste that stands out and leaves you craving more like the other Doritos flavors out there. Those of you looking to give a new flavor a chance should probably skip out on the Simply Organic White Cheddar chips unless organic is a huge positive for your choice in chips.

22 Black Pepper Jack

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Many delicious Doritos flavors have been discontinued throughout the years. The bad news is you can’t find them at stores. However, there's good news that most flavors can be purchased online, as people seem to have everything available on the internet.

Black Pepper Jack was a former flavor that many people enjoyed. The combination of black pepper and pepper jack cheese led to a flavor that was unlike the others. It didn't achieve enough success to remain in stores, but at least it left an impact on those who like this combination.

21 Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch

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The unique name of Blazin’ Buffalo & Ranch likely already has informed you what this flavor is all about. Doritos has experimented with many flavors that featured two unique tastes blending together. This one went with the theme of buffalo and ranch sauces having their tastes together for one flavor.

Fans of ranch and spicy foods each found a perfect middle ground with this chip. However, many others complained that it doesn't have a special taste. The chances are likely that you already know if you’ll like this flavor or not based on the name.

20 Taco

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Doritos went with a unique idea to deliver the Taco flavor to their chips, and a retro bag design compared to the other Doritos flavors meant to provide a throwback feeling. The chips were made with the intent of providing the similar taste of a traditional taco.

There are mixed results regarding how much it actually does taste like tacos with each bite. Regardless, it does have the same appeal as most Doritos since you likely won’t be able to put them down. The Taco Doritos are good enough to get you to continue dipping into the bag for more.

19 Sour Cream and Onion

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The Sour Cream and Onion flavor is often among the most popular and beloved potato chip from most brands. Doritos tried to find the same success with the tortilla chips made in the same flavor, and it was considered a hit by those who tried it and loved it.

However, the sales apparently weren’t strong enough to keep them in stores. Sour Cream and Onion Doritos were available for only a limited time in 2013 before getting pulled. The only way to find these are to purchase them online and hope the expiration date has yet to hit.

18 Blaze

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The name "Blaze" should give you an idea of just how hot these Doritos are. Unlike the Flamas chips, these have already found success for Doritos among their spicy flavors. The pepper truly does add a flare for those who prefer the spicier flavors.

Doritos hopes to continue finding success with the Blaze chips rising to the top of the sales for the spicy options out there. This is one that will always be hit or miss due to some people not being able to handle hot foods, but that’s the point of it. Blaze isn't meant for everyone, but it's loved by those who do enjoy it.

17 Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese

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The experiment of the Collisions of Doritos led to a few flavors finding success at the stores. One of the interesting ideas featured Doritos creating the Doritos Collisions Hot Wings Blue Cheese chips. These were clearly meant to appeal to the buffalo wing lovers out there.

Both the spicy taste from the hot wings and the blue cheese dressing usually served with them blended together for this Doritos flavor. It's no longer in stores, but enough people liked it enough for the flavor to become a cult hit. If you have any bags of these in stock, Ebay buyers pay a decent price for them.

16 Dinamita Chile Limon

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The Dinamita version of the Doritos chips featured a different version altogether. These were shaped in a distinct manner that led to a new appeal for fans of Doritos out there. Not everyone liked them, as the tortilla chips clearly hold a soft spot in our hearts.

However, many people with open minds loved the Dinamita Chile Limon Doritos, and it was a favorite in its own right. The Chile Limon blended a few unique tastes together for the spicy and sour tastes. These are definitely worth a try for unsure Doritos fans.

15 Blaze & Ultimate Cheddar Collisions

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One of the Collisions flavors to find success for Doritos was an obvious choice. The Blaze flavor is considered as arguably the best spicy one. Doritos has also found great success with a couple of cheddar flavors.

A combination of both would see the Blaze & Ultimate Cheddar Collisions become a hit for Doritos. Most people like their Doritos to either be very cheesy or very spicy. Anyone to love both of these tastes will have a great time enjoying the Blaze & Ultimate Cheddar Collisions flavor.

14 Jumpin’ Jack Cheese

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The cheesy goodness of the Jumpin’ Jack Cheese Doritos flavors made it a popular flavor. There’s a little hint of spice in the pepper jack cheese addition to the flavor here. The overall enjoyment of these depends on how much you enjoy pepper jack cheese.

If one doesn’t absolutely despise pepper jack, the Jumpin’ Jack Cheese Doritos will likely be a home run. The flavor is unique enough to stand out on its own as a favorite to quite a few people. The name is also a lot of fun to say, which always adds bonus points.

13 Pizza Supreme

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The word "pizza" being used in a Doritos flavor already likely adds intrigue to those that have never tried these before. Pizza Supreme was a limited-edition flavor of Doritos meant to give the best of both worlds for those of us that love pizza and tortilla chips.

Given the success of pizza flavors for Pringles and a few other brands of chips, Doritos tried their hand at it. The Pizza Supreme was a favorite for many of the Doritos diehard fans out there. Sadly, the only way to get them now is online.

12 Dinamita Fiery Habanero

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This is the second Dinamita flavor shown here that was advertised as being hot as dynamite. This one is significantly hotter than the Chile Limon, and the name alone should give you a clue.

Fiery Habanero describes the taste of the chips, which have a flavor inspired from the extremely hot habanero pepper. The item is definitely unique in terms of the Dinamita brand and the very spicy flavor. However, they do provide a great taste for those that like these things. It's a nice change of pace from the average Doritos, but it's not Top 10-worthy.

11 X-13D Flavor Experiment

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The X-13D Flavor Experiment was one of the coolest ideas from Doritos in recent memory. It featured a bag of chips in a black bag with no description of the actual flavor. The unknown flavor was meant to get people guessing back in 2007.

Many people loved the taste and wanted to get more of it. Despite never being officially confirmed, most agreed the taste resembled a cheeseburger. We can only hope Doritos comes back with another mystery flavor to get us guessing. It must be good, though, or the experiment will be a failure.

10 Tapatío

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The Tapatío flavor of Doritos is a tremendous one for those that like the spicy chips. For those that aren’t aware of the name, Tapatío is a very popular brand of hot sauce. Many people already loved adding some of the hot sauce on Doritos before this even existed.

It led to the merging of two food favorites as Tapatío and Doritos worked together to deliver this unique flavor. The incredible hot sauce truly added a different appeal from the other spicy ones. A few are better, but Tapatío Doritos deserves credit for the originality.

9 Guacamole

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Guacamole is already associated with tortilla chips as a perfect combination most people love to use together. Doritos tried their best to deliver a chip already flavored with the beloved guacamole taste.

The chip didn't do well enough in stores to become a full-time addition to the Doritos lineup. However, those to enjoy it truly did love the unique brand of the chips. Guacamole-flavored Doritos are a popular flavor online for those that miss the perk of purchasing them in stores when they were out.

8 Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings

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The Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings flavor of Doritos does sound like some of the other flavors, but it reaches another level. This version of the tortilla chips features a combination of the spicy flavor associated with hot wings along with the beloved ranch dressing.

Many people have enjoyed pairing these bad boys with buffalo wings at parties or events that require fun snacks. The tastes blend together better than most of the other combinations of this ilk. If the flavors already interest you, then the Jacked Ranch Dipped Hot Wings are one you’ll enjoy.

7 Supreme Cheddar

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The Supreme Cheddar flavor of Doritos already lets you know that there’s a ridiculous amount of cheddar cheese in the process here, and some people love to double down on the cheese aspect of the Doritos.

Supreme Cheddar gives you as much cheese as you can handle. The strong taste of a sharp cheddar can be detected in the flavor here. Doritos fans that enjoy cheddar cheese owe it to themselves to find this flavor and give it a chance. The Supreme Cheddar flavor certainly earned its spot in the top ten Doritos.

6 Poppin Jalapeno

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Another spicy one finds its way high on the list with the Poppin Jalapeno flavor. Doritos wanted to add the spice of jalapeno peppers to their variety of hotter flavors of chips. The Poppin Jalapeno is meant to appeal to the spicy food fanatics along with the chips currently still in stores.

Doritos have certainly found success with this flavor since it’s been around for a few years now. Most flavors get removed within its first year or two if it doesn’t look like a hit. Snack lovers enjoy the Poppin Jalapeno flavor, and it’s a must-try for the spicy food fans out there.

5 Spicy Nacho

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The Spicy Nacho flavor of Doritos is a middle ground for those who like the traditional nacho cheese and want to expand just a little. Despite the term "spicy" existing in the name, it's not that hot compared to the other spicy flavors.

This one's meant to just add a little flair to the traditional Doritos by adding a slight hint of spice for fun. Even people with tame taste buds enjoy the Spicy Nacho Doritos. You may be disappointed if you're expecting very hot chips, but you do have many other options available.

4 Salsa Verde

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A much spicier Doritos flavor is the extremely popular Salsa Verde. This one's a flavor meant to appeal to the true spicy food lovers. There’s a scorching hot spice that'll get to you if you have a weak tongue, so try to eat them all without any cold drinks nearby.

The Salsa Verde Doritos have found great success, as they still are in most food and retail stores today. Some people even enjoy the fun of crushing these chips and sprinkling them on their tacos or burrito bowls for the crispy texture and spicy flavor.

3 Spicy Sweet Chili

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The combination of sweet and spicy are blended together for the next beloved flavor on the list. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos have been successful for many years now, thanks to a great recipe providing a unique taste compared to the others.

The taste is more sweet than spicy, and that's likely for the best. There are many spicy flavors available, but only a few have that hint of sweetness. Spicy Sweet Chili gives you the best of both worlds as long as you're not expecting a very hot spice.

2 Cool Ranch

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The extremely popular Cool Ranch flavor has been among the most popular flavors for Doritos and other brands of chips. There's a cool taste that lives up to the name. It doesn't taste entirely like ranch, but you can taste the hint of it with each bite.

Cool Ranch is a unique flavor that only works to perfection with Doritos. In contrast to the way certain popular flavors for other brands didn’t work for Doritos, this one didn't work for anyone else. Cool Ranch is one of the only two absolute guarantees on the Mount Rushmore of Doritos, as the other two spots are debatable.

1 Nacho Cheese

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We couldn’t even try to get cute when deciphering what else could have the top spot. The traditional Nacho Cheese flavor of Doritos is the most popular for a reason. Doritos found major success as a brand, solely thanks to Nacho Cheese, with the other flavors just adding more appeal as time went on.

The perfect blend of cheesiness leads to Nacho Cheese Doritos being the most popular flavor in stores. Doritos would still be a thriving business if they stopped selling every other flavor. Nacho Cheese is clearly the greatest of all time when you compare all Doritos flavors.

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