Nacho Average Snack: Doritos Flavors Ranked, From 20th To 1st

When you're reaching for something in the snack aisle, thinking about how you want something satisfying and delicious, what do you reach for? A bag of Lays? No way. Pretzels? Come on, now. Maybe a bag of cheesy popcorn? Close, but these choices are all wrong. You obviously pick up a bag of your favorite flavor of Doritos. Why? It's obvious: Doritos are possibly the greatest snack ever conceived. Born in the early 1960s at Disneyland in Anaheim, Doritos became an instant hit almost as soon as they were created. What started as a way for a restaurant owner to use up unsold tortillas quickly became one of the most popular snack foods on the planet.

Now, Doritos are sold in 37 countries worldwide. That means that there have been a lot of flavors throughout the snack's storied history, but how many of those flavors are actually good? Some Doritos flavors are based more in their Tex Mex roots, others are so out there you might wonder where exactly the idea came from or if they actually taste close to what they're supposed to be. Either way, everybody has a favourite Doritos flavor, one they will fervently defend against other flavors as being the best. Still, there are some Doritos that most people would agree are not really the best tasting, and aren't entirely worthy of the Doritos name. We put together this list of 20 Doritos flavors and ranked them from worst to best. You might feel differently about some of them, or this list might inspire you to try new flavors.

20 Simply Doritos White Cheddar

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At the bottom of the list are these "organic" white cheddar Doritos. Now, we can all admit that when we reach for a bag of these triangular snacks, we're not exactly worrying about whether the ingredients are organic or not, are we? So what exactly happens when you make an "organic" version of Doritos? Essentially, you're left with a flavorless, boring chip that does nothing to excite your senses or leave you wanting more. For Doritos, that's enough to sink a flavor and put it directly at the bottom of this list. If you want to eat Doritos, then just go for it. don't pretend you're being healthy by eating these. That can only end in disappointment.

19 Guacamole

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On top of the fact that these Doritos have a sickly green color to them, there is no way that the guacamole flavor powder tastes anything even close to actual guacamole. See, guacamole is a series of not only flavors, but also textures. Not only that, but it is usually only good when it's freshly made. Trying to capture that flavor in a Dorito is a fool's errand. Basically, if you want to have some guacamole, then eat some guacamole. don't try to fool your mouth with these imposter chips. They are nowhere close to the actual experience of eating fresh, delicious guacamole.

18 Intense Dill Pickle

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This flavor of Doritos was sold exclusively in Canada, where dill pickle flavor is immensely popular when it comes to snacks. Dill pickle lays are probably one of the best chip flavors available in the Great white North. However, trying to apply that tangy, vinegary flavor to Doritos was nothing but a failed experiment. It was something about the texture of a corn chip and the dill pickle flavor that just didn't work together. Maybe it's because the expectation of a Dorito is a more nacho themed flavor, and less something you would get with a deli sandwich. Still, it's likely that there are pickle lovers who stand by this flavor. More power to them.

17 Ketchup

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Here's another flavor that is sold exclusively in Canada during limited time periods. As the name suggests, these Doritos are seasoned to taste like ketchup, and like ketchup potato chips, these are an acquired taste.

While they may have Ketchup in the name, the actual chip flavoring tastes more like tomato than actual ketchup.

Not to mention the fact that the ketchup dust can really mess up your fingers. While that's part of the appeal of Doritos, this is not your average flavour dust. It can really build up. If you're the kind of person who loves ketchup flavor, these may be right for you, but like the dill pickle Doritos, the flavor and texture just seem unmatched.

16 Toasted Corn

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Did you know that there are plain Doritos in the world? It's true, and the flavor is called "toasted corn." These were actually the very first flavor of Doritos ever produced upon their initial release into the America's marketplace in 1966. If you were to eat these plain, you might be underwhelmed. After all, Doritos are known for their bold flavors, but these are just a regular corn chip. However, paired with a nice salsa or thick guacamole, these can actually be a very good snacking choice. They are slightly thicker and therefore more rigid than the average corn chip, making them ideal for dips and nacho plates.

15 Doritos Collisions Hot Wings and Blue Cheese

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Doritos should be given credit for at least one thing: experimenting with flavors. They are notorious for trying out almost anything and seeing what sticks. In this case, the chip company decided to try putting two flavors in one bag: hot wings and blue cheese. Now, on their own, these flavors probably wouldn't do that well, but together... They weren't that great either.

The hot wings chips basically just tasted like a generic hot sauce and the blue cheese were a slightly tangier version of cool ranch.

Not only that, but to really get the full effect of these chips, you'd have to eat two at once, a practice that may be frowned upon in your friend group (although it could be done on a solo snacking venture).

14 Doritos Locos Tacos

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The Doritos Locos Taco launched at Taco Bell in 2012 and was immediately a giant hit. After all, the idea of having a taco in a Dorito flavored taco shell had long been the dream of Taco Bell fans, and now they were able to enjoy it in real life. So what came next for this fast food innovation? Well if the taco tasted like Doritos, why not make Doritos that taste like tacos... that taste like Doritos? Yes, this is a thing that actually happened. Like the collisions Doritos, the Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos each had two flavors in the bag: crunchy taco, and either nacho cheese or cool ranch. Somehow, this redundancy of snacking did not collapse into a singularity of flavor.

13 Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger

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The late night line of Doritos was launched in 2007 and included a cheeseburger flavor that started its life as mystery flavor X13D. That flavor ended up being repurposed as the late night all nighter cheeseburger flavor. These Doritos, as noted by people who have tried them, tasted almost exactly like a McDonald's cheeseburger. However, that has to be a fairly unsettling flavor experience. After all, one of the biggest components of tasting something is the texture, and its hard to imagine really feeling like your getting an authentic cheeseburger experience while eating a crunchy corn chip. These chips were eventually taken off he market, but some fans are still clamouring to get them back.

12 Late Night Fully Loaded Nachos

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The idea of making Doritos that taste like a big, cheesy plate of nachos is almost so obvious that it's weird it took this long for it to happen. Introduced in September of 2018, this new line of late night Doritos promises to taste like nachos, but unfortunately falls short of that goal. They are slightly too salty, but the biggest problem with them is that they tend to taste more juts like taco seasoning. That wouldn't be a bad thing if these Doritos promised taco flavor, but they are called "fully loaded nacho," so you should begetting notes of salsa, cheddar, jalapeno, and maybe even some green onion. These Doritos aren't bad, but they definitely don't meet their stated goal.

11 Late Night Tacos at Midnight

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Yet another addition to the late night line of Doritos, the "tacos at midnight" flavor is actually very similar to the fully loaded nacho flavor. This might lead you to believe that they are the exact same, just put in a different packaging. While no one can say for sure if that's what happened here, We have to give the higher spot to these Doritos because they came first. These Doritos, like the "fully loaded nacho" flavor that came after them, essentially taste like Doritos dusted with a pre-made taco seasoning, much like the kind you find at a supermarket. IF that's the kind of flavor you like, then have at these.

10 Taco

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While doritos have now been permanently associated with nacho cheese flavor, they actually started out with a different flavor coating altogether: taco. Introduced in 1966, "taco" was the second flavor of Doritos ever produced, and instantly became a huge hit with consumers. While the flavor was eventually discontinued after the rising popularity of the "nacho cheese" flavor, it was brought back as a sort of retro throwback to the Doritos of old. However, it seemed like the taco flavor had changed slightly in the intervening years, and didn't quite hit the nostalgia factor that was being sought after. The original taco flavor is still incredibly similar to pre-made taco seasoning, although it does seem to lean more on the flavor of cumin than anything else.

9 Bold BBQ

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If you're looking for a barbecue flavored chip, you could do a lot worse than the bold bbq Doritos, a flavor sold exclusively in Canada. These Doritos offer a much smokier and slightly spicier version of the barbecue chip flavor that most people might be used to. While these are tasty, they are somewhat of an acquired taste, especially for Dorito lovers. The barbecue flavor is certainly intense, but it lacks that kind of defining characteristic that Doritos flavors usually possess. There's nothing really all that special about this flavor, nothing that makes it stand out among the competition. It's a fine, serviceable Dorito, but not the one that most people would reach for first.

8 Black Pepper Jack

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Doritos used to run a lot of contests where they wanted consumers to name their newest flavor, and black pepper jack is one of the flavors to come out of such a contest. Although they have now been discontinued, black pepper jack were a solid addition to the Dorito family for a time. The flavor of them was almost reminiscent of cream cheese, but they had a peppery kick that boosted the flavor profile to another degree. They were tangy and flavorful without being too spicy, making it very easy to put away an entire bag of them. The flavor might never hit store shelves again, but it will live on in the memories of Doritos fans forever.

7 Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Popper

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Of all the late night Doritos, these are the cream (cheese) of the crop. The flavor of these chips is very close to actually eating a jalapeno popper, with the spice and flavor profile of the pepper accented by the tangy yet mild taste of cream cheese. While it was said previously that the problem with chips that are supposed to taste like actual food is that they can never really match the flavor profile, the taste of a jalepeno popper is actually almost made to go on a Dorito. The only issue with this flavor is that it is no longer available, but hopefully it will come back around in the near future.

6 Cool Ranch

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This entry is probably going to get a few visceral reactions from people. After all, "cool ranch" is one of the most divisive Doritos flavors out there. It seems like people either love it or hate it, and there is no in between. However you may feel about this flavor, it's hard to deny that they do indeed hit all the note of ranch flavor: creaminess, tanginess, and just the right amount of seasoning. This flavor, introduced in 1986, seemed to catch people off guard. After all, Doritos were known as a cheesy snack, and now there was a ranch flavor? Still, it maintains its popularity to this day, even becoming one of the flavors used in Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Tacos.

5 Zesty Cheese

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Here is yet another flavor of Doritos that is only available in Canada, but if anyone else ever manages to get their hands on some, they should consider themselves lucky. The "zesty cheese" Doritos are really something special. They taste fairly similar to the regular "nacho cheese" Doritos, but with a slightly tangy zing to them. However, that is not what makes them special. What really makes them taste so good is the fact that they almost seem to have extra cheesy coating on them. More than any other kind of Dorito, these will leave a thick layer of cheese on your fingers, but will also delight your tastebuds with the additional flavor powder in every bite.

4 Sweet Chili Heat

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If ever there was a Dorito flavor that could be described as "complex," it would have to be "sweet chili heat" (also known as "spicy sweet chili" in the US). These chips take on the flavor profile of a sweet chili sauce, but with a little more kick than you might expect. The thing about these Doritos is that they start out sweet, with a mild chili flavor that balances out nicely, but the more you eat, the more that chili spiciness builds, until the heat just can't be ignored. Like all other Doritos, these are highly addictive, and the spice can majorly build up over time, meaning that you may want to eat this slowly, with plenty of sips of a cold drink in between.

3 Jalapeno Cheddar

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Yet another flavor that is only available in Canada, "jalapeno and cheddar" Doritos are absolutely delicious. They are the perfect blend of spicy (but not too spicy) jalapeno and a balanced cheddar flavor that isn't too overpowering. The taste is almost like having nacho chips dipped in a nice, mildly spicy queso. While they never achieved the kind of fame and notoriety as some of the other flavors on this list, "jalapeno and cheddar" Doritos deserve some respect. They fly under the radar, but deliver in every single way. If you manage to get your hands on a bag of these savory and subtly spicy chips, consider yourself lucky, and make sure to appreciate every delicious bite.

2 Nacho Cheese

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How could any other flavor make it this far up the list? Obviously "nacho cheese," the flavor that almost everyone associates with Doritos is almost taking the top spot. These are the chip that started it all. While they were introduced in 1972, years after the original taco flavor, "nacho cheese" Doritos soon became the standard for the snack. They are the perfect balance of cheese, tangy, and salty, delivering the kind of snack satisfaction that it's hard to get from anything else. "Nacho cheese," could almost take the top spot, and for some people it might be hard to believe that they couldn't, but there's only one flavor that could really top these.

1 Spicy Nacho

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That's right: "spicy nacho" takes the top spot for best Dorito flavor. Why? Because it takes the classic nacho cheese flavor, and amps up the spice factor, creating a more well-rounded flavor experience. While some folks may find these particular Doritos too spicy, they are actually well-balanced and deliver an extra kick of flavor on top of the nacho cheese taste that almost everyone loves. This may be a controversial choice for the number one spot, but the spicy nacho Doritos have everything a seasoned snacker is looking for: cheesiness, spiciness, and that classic Doritos crunch. As far as snacks go, these are practically the king.

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