Dough Whaaaat: 22 Doughnut Flavors That Will Baffle Even Hardcore Foodies

Coffee and donuts go together like peanut butter and jelly, but although you enjoy a cup of this hot beverage every day, you might not eat donuts quite so often. They are definitely more of an indulgence and something that you choose when you're treating yourself.

We're living in a time that is all about food trends. Menu items at restaurants and bakeries tend to be as wild and crazy as possible, and so many things seem made for the gram since you always want to take a photo of it. You can still get a plain chocolate-glazed donut or one with rainbow sprinkles, but that's pretty boring, right? Why order such a dull baked good when the sky is the limit when it comes to flavor possibilities?

Although there are lots of donut flavors that are delicious, there are even more that are the opposite. People have done some pretty crazy things to donuts and no matter how big your sweet tooth is, these aren't flavors that you want to try. Read on to find out about 22 donut flavors that will baffle even hardcore foodies. After seeing some of these weird flavors, you might not find that chocolate-glazed to be so boring after all...

22 Pulled Pork

via Yelp

Pulled pork shouldn't be a donut flavor. It just shouldn't. When you think about pulled pork, you think about barbecue restaurants and all of the epic food that you can order. Brisket, smoked chicken, fries, collard greens (hopefully with bacon), Brussel sprouts, onion rings, and the list goes on and on. These are all good.

Pulled pork is a truly weird donut flavor. There's creativity... and then there's confusing.

Even a hardcore foodie would take one look at this donut and think, "Nope, not for me, I'll stick to something else." It just doesn't seem right to combine these things.

21 Mac And Cheese

via Reddit

How you feel about a Mac and Cheese donut is probably how you feel about deep-fried mac and cheese.

Chances are, you think that this is too rich and almost too indulgent. The thing is that mac and cheese is already rich enough, right? When you want to treat yourself to some cheesy pasta, then sure, this is the route that you go down, and if you eat too much of it you definitely feel kind of gross. Putting mac and cheese flavors into a donut seems like too much of a delicious thing. It would probably get old after the first bite and you would wish that you had ordered something else.

20 Bone Marrow Chocolate

via The Doughnut Project

The Doughnut Project has a donut flavor called Chocolate Bone Marrow. And, oh yes, this is the bone marrow that you're thinking about.

As My Recipes explains about this donut flavor, "The bone marrow version was so popular that the shop kept making in, in conjunction with nearby butchers Hudson & Charles. It's stuffed with marrow that's been infused into a chocolate pastry cream, which gives it a sweet-and-salty bite. Convinced yet?" We're sure that this is an acquired taste for a lot of people since not everyone is going to eat bone marrow. Okay, most people aren't, that's for sure.

19 Kimchi

via The Daily Meal

Kimchi is cool and everything, and it can be a really wonderful tangy addition to many meals, but a kimchi-flavored donut?

We think that we're going to pass on this donut flavor and just eat the real stuff out of the jar or spooned onto our plates if that's what we're craving. The thing about kimchi is that it's a very strong flavor and it has a real tang to it. While sweet and sour flavors do work well together sometimes, this doesn't seem like it would be one of those times because the sugary donut would probably contrast too much with the kimchi.

18 Chicken And Waffles

via Reddit

Look, lots of people love chicken and waffles. Brunch or dinner rolls around and this is a great thing to order at a restaurant. Putting these things on a donut? Why would you do that? Why not just go for the real thing?

People might be thinking that since chicken and waffles is already a dish that combines savory and sweet flavors, then this would work as a donut flavor. But it really feels like these things wouldn't go together. It's too many carbs, for one thing. You don't need to eat a waffle and a donut. (Sorry. Carbs are amazing. But it's true.)

17 Pickle

via Dough Boy Doughnuts / Twitter

Now this is something that even hardcore foodies would look at and wonder why it exists. This is seriously a pickle-flavored donut. It's tough to even comprehend this.

In fact, this is a Pickle Cheesecake donut, which sounds even more out there. According to Bustle, Delish.com explained it as “stuffed with a pickle cheesecake filling, dipped in vanilla icing, sprinkled with dried dill, and then topped with pickle juice cubes that are basically the texture of Jell-O.” If you would rather eat your pickles out of the jar or on hot dogs or on the side of a burger, no worries. That makes sense.

16 Foie Gras

via Flickr

The middle of this donut has both foie gras and jelly. Let that sink in for a few. Foie gras. And jelly.

Are people really so bored of a classic jelly doughnut that something truly disgusting had to be added to it? That would be no. Jelly donuts are amazing. They are classic but they're one of those classic foods that aren't boring at all. You could definitely eat one any time of day and be happy. Foie gras just doesn't need to go anywhere near a donut... or any baked good. Or anything, really. Let's just not eat foie gras at all. Okay. Good.

15 Everything Bagel

via Brit + Co

You knew that this was coming, right?! You have the everything bagel which is super popular, so of course someone came up with the Everything Donut.

When you eat an everything bagel, you don't wish that it was sweet, do you? No, probably not. You definitely put savory things on top of this bagel, like cream cheese and smoked salmon and maybe some onion. Sugar doesn't need to be part of this carb party. This donut flavor has cream cheese frosting and all of the seeds that are part of the bagel. We're not into it, and we really want to just eat a bagel instead.

14 Sushi

via Us Weekly

A sushi donut is made of rice and there is also crab meat and avocado on it. Again, if we want to eat a certain food, why wouldn't we just go for it and eat the actual thing? Why do people feel the need to always reinvent classic food flavors and add something else?

It doesn't seem like there would be a way to create a sushi donut that would be good. It's always going to be fishy-tasting, which is not what you want when you've got a serious craving for a donut (or two). This just seems like a more creative way to eat sushi and, honestly, there is no reason for it.

13 Dry Pork And Seaweed

via LK A Mark Maker. Life. Travels. Thoughts. - WordPress.com

On the subject of fishy-tasting donuts... Here we are with the next weird and gross donut flavor: Dry Pork and Seaweed.

This not only sounds truly disgusting but it looks pretty bad, too. It looks like the dry pork is on top of it and it looks like breadcrumbs or something like that. Just no. No way. Why would pork and seaweed need to be two flavors that would be added to a donut? What's even more confusing is the fact that these two things really have nothing to do with each other. They're not complementary to each other at all. This would definitely be a very bitter-tasting donut, and we want something sweet when it comes to this dessert.

12 Bubble Gum

via Flickr

A bubble gum flavored donut actually exists, although it might not seem like this flavor would even be possible. You may or may not love the idea of bubblegum flavored ice cream, but even if you do like that, you probably think that a donut flavor is a step too far. Even if just the icing tastes like gum and the rest of the donut is a traditional vanilla cake flavored donut, it's too much.

Even foodies will take a pass on this donut flavor because it honestly seems like it would taste pretty strange. Do you really want a donut to taste like gum? No, no you do not.

11 Spaghetti

via Reddit

As far as novelty donuts go, the Spaghetti Donut seems like something that is a total fad, but who knows? This could totally catch on and we could be seeing these everywhere.

We kind of hope not though because we don't want to eat dried out pasta stuck to a donut. That's what it looks like from this picture, anyway. Talk about appetizing. Our stomachs are rumbling...

Just like pizza and donuts should never, ever under any circumstances be together, pasta needs to stay far away as well. We'll eat our spaghetti with tomato sauce or meatballs like everyone else.

10 Wasabi Cheese

via Flickr

Wasabi Cheese is another strange donut flavor that is too much for even hardcore foodies. First of all, wasabi isn't a flavor that works for everyone. In fact, only a few people really love it because it's so spicy (like crazy spicy) and such a strong taste. And second of all, the combo of wasabi and cheese is just plain confusing.

We don't even want a cheese-flavored donut, as we just talked about previously, so why would we want a spicy donut that also has a cheese flavor? Exactly. We wouldn't, and we would take literally any other donut flavor over this one.

9 Kobe Beef Chili-Filled

via Popsugar

You can order this donut flavor at a restaurant, but after learning what's in it (and on it) you probably will want to go for a sweeter flavor instead. Onions, pickles, and cheese are on top of this donut, and chili Kobe beef is in the middle.

These sound like ingredients that should be sandwich toppings. Why are they on a donut? What's going on here? Foodies want to try anything (at least most of the time) but even foodies might have a tough time wrapping their heads around this particular donut flavor. Sure, Kobe beef is sophisticated and everything, but just eat the beef and forget the other stuff.

8 Pizza

via Foodbeast

The problem with a pizza-flavored donut is that you're taking something that is savory and adding it to a sweet baked good. And that doesn't always work out well.

Pizza is a tough sell when it comes to trying to create something that is a hybrid. Take a pizza bagel, for example. They're not that good even though you would expect them to be because they can taste stale and gross. We should just stick to eating pizza. No cheese, pepperoni, or assorted toppings need to be harmed in the making of creative donuts. Sure, we'll eat some pizza for dinner and a donut for dessert, but that's the only way that we want this to go.

7 Cereal

via Milk And Cereal Dougnuts / YouTube

Finally, here we are at the most baffling donut flavor of all, and this involves cereal.

Many people love cereal, and it's a popular breakfast and has been since forever. And yet... why add cereal to donuts?! The problem with this donut flavor is that it seems like it would create a bit of a confusing and strange texture. You would bite into a cake donut and think, "Okay, so far so good" but then the cereal would be weirdly crunchy and maybe even taste kind of dried out. While we're all for creative baked goods, we're thinking that there are some flavors that don't belong in donuts.

6 Sweet Corn And Blueberry

via Pinterest

While a blueberry donut sounds totally delicious, a blueberry and corn flavored donut does not. It's hard to picture these two flavors matching one another.

Even a corn-flavored donut might appeal to some people but be too much of a stretch for others. Sure, corn is an ice cream flavor and a lot of people love it since they think that corn is already so sweet that it works out. For the rest of us, well, just call us donut purists. We don't mind leaving corn where it belongs (on the cob, for one thing) or eating blueberries in actual fruit form.

5 Grilled Cheese

via The San Diego Union-Tribune

You can definitely get a grilled cheese where instead of two slices of bread, there are two sugary donuts, and as it turns out, a Grilled Cheese donut is also a thing.

Why? That's really the only word here, right? Why would this be a thing?

Sure, grilled cheese is amazing and all, but you can seriously just make this at home and forget about the whole donut thing. Donuts don't need to be part of this epic cheesy sandwich. Sometimes mixing savory and sweet can be good, but not in this case. We're going to pass on this flavor.

4 Pineapple Basil

via Yelp

A pineapple donut might be okay... heavy on the "might be." That's because this is such a sour fruit and a sour donut doesn't sound like the greatest idea. If it was too sweet, though, we wouldn't love that, either. We know, we're high-maintenance.

A pineapple basil donut is too savory for us. We really aren't interested in herbs being added to a beloved sweet carb like a donut. Why would that need to happen? It just doesn't. Basil is great in tomato sauce and in other savory applications, but it truly has no place in a donut, and we're going to stand by that belief.

3 Chorizo Cheddar

via Consuming LA

Again, a cheese-flavored donut seems like a bad idea since literally anything else that has cheese in it would taste better than that. Cheese doesn't need to be in desserts. Sure, go ahead and have a cheese plate after dinner, but that's about it.

A cheese and chorizo donut is adding way too many savory ingredients to a sweet baked good. At this point, you're basically creating a savory bread, so go ahead and make a puff pastry or something that has cheese and chorizo. But there's no reason that donuts need to be involved here. These are things that should be in a dessert.

2 Rosemary And Olive Oil

via Reddit

People are making donuts that have rosemary and olive oil, and we're not convinced about this at all. Even hardcore foodies would probably think that these flavors are too strong, too bitter, or just not sweet enough for something like a donut.

Making any kind of baked good with olive oil is kind of a hard sell. It has to be a really fruity-flavored, high-quality olive oil in order for the dessert to actually taste good. Otherwise, it might taste kind of grassy, and that's just not cool. If you don't like the idea of adding herbs to donuts, then you won't like this flavor at all.

1 Black Licorice

via Beano

There are some people who do actually like the taste of black licorice, but it seems like this donut flavor would be a big stretch for even them.

Why create a donut flavor that is honestly really bitter? It doesn't even seem like this donut would be fun to try because immediately, you would remember that you hate the taste of black licorice and that you want this donut to taste like pretty much anything else. It seems like there are so many other types of candy that would make awesome donuts, like Sour Patch Kids or Sour Keys or literally anything else. Why can't those be a thing?!

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